Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Mongolia

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Mongolia

Genghis Khan leads Mongolia in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. He united the Mongolian steppe and invaded Eurasia to create the largest contiguous empire in history. Although he conquered many people, he also tolerated their religions and cultures and is credited for unifying the Silk Road. Mongolia’s unique ability is called “Örtöö.” Starting a Trade route immediately creates a trading post in the destination city, which also increases your level of diplomatic visibility with its owner. Mongolian units also gain combat strength against their opponents for each level of this Visibility. Mongolia’s unique building is the Ordu, which replaces the Stable. All cavalry class units trained in a city with this building receive extra movement. Their unique unit is the Keshig. This ranged cavalry class unit is excellent at outranging enemy forces, and allows any unit in formation with it to share its movement speed. Genghis’s unique ability is “Mongol Horde.” All of your cavalry class units are stronger, and have a chance to capture defeated cavalry class units to further bolster your army. Mongolia is a horse-powered war machine, so be sure to aim for Horseback Riding and Stirrups technologies as well as a source of horses as soon as possible. Remember to establish trade routes with your neighbors. It will help fund your troops and give you an advantage when taking enemy cities with a trading post. Can you forge an empire to trample your enemies? How will you lead Mongolia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

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    What do you like most about Mongolia? How will you use this new civ in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

  2. How about Tamerlane/Timur?Western world suprisingly doesnt know about this mighty conqueror.He deserves respect no less than Genghis or Alexander.He can Raze cities and make his capital more powerful(samarkand)/or first 4 cities he built.Also Give huge great people point after sacking/razing.I hope Civ 6 will show some love for Timur one of my favorite warlords of all times.Also considering his grandson's builded Taj Mahal the new wonder.

  3. The comments has one side complaining about the surge of irrelevant leaders (in terms of history) being added who happen to be females and the other side who turns everything to gender and has nasty personalities calling the former people names like man-babies an all that. I think we can see the true sexists here.

  4. i want a fucking turkic leader
    gokturks, ottomans, kipchak or whatever
    i dont give a fuck which leader just give me a fucking TURK

  5. As if online cavalry rushes weren't irritating enough, imagine Tomyris and Genghis coming at you from both sides in a 2v2v2.

  6. Fun fact (something unrelated to othe other retarded comments) : the "ordu" mentioned is actually the initial word that gave spawned the word "horde" because it means "a settlement, a gathering of people, housings"

  7. Thankyou for not trying to pick some obscure oddball character as the leader, I'm relieved to see Genghis surviving after some interesting and at times unpalatable choices with other standard leaders.

  8. So I purchase the special edition that gave me all the dlc civs for free. Does that mean I will be given the expansion for free as well? Seems like a lot of cool civs are coming with it.

  9. Genghis Khan tolerated cultures? He razed cities, raped women and burned books. How is that tolerant? Talk about overselling a historical figure to sell your game.

  10. Hope they add the Timurids as well.. Timur Lenk is one of the most overlooked personalities in human history and was so important and infliuenced Asia so much in the XIV/XV century.

  11. Funny how they add Gengis Khan , and maybe Mao but Hitler for Germany : Oh no no no sir.. we cant… Cause you know Genghis Khan Genocide Ottoman Genocide Insert Alejandro Magno Genocide but IS OKAY my dude… But Hit…. Nononon my dude

  12. you know if khan was the director for you guys, you be all beheaded but becuase THERE IS NO WORLD BUILDER!!! , khan is the khan and he is law!!!

  13. Just a heads up, you can get Civ 6 + 2 DLC (Australia and Vikings pack) for 12$ right now on Humble Bundle.

  14. They should make it so that you need one horse and one iron in order to build the knights in any city. I thought it was always strange that you’d need horse for horsemen but not knights.

  15. よりユーラシアの世界帝国っぽいアビリティーになったな。モンゴルシナリオも楽しみだ

  16. He looks like a Klingon, I know it's the other way around but it's funny, it even looks like he's wearing some space suit.

  17. "Although he conquered many people, he also tolerated their religions and cultures and is credited for unifying the Silk Road."

    Looking forward to the DLC for Hitler: lover of dogs, builder of highways, and a pretty okay painter.

  18. Hmm the Mongolians… A civilization that welcomes other religions, formed no major religion of their own just like… Oh yeah Kongo yet they can form their own religion in the game.

    How very inconsistent compared to the BS answer you gave for why Kongo could not form one in game.

  19. Everything else about this civ is great, but… Why include Genghis Kahn? He’s probably my least favorite historical figure, what with all the atrocities he committed, so…

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