Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Netherlands

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Netherlands

Queen Wilhelmina leads the Netherlands in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. She was the longest reigning Dutch monarch and continues to be fondly remembered today. Through two world wars and fifty eight years of rule, she remained charming, graceful, and prudent. The Netherlands’ unique ability is “Grote Rivieren.” Building Campuses, Theater Squares, and Industrial Zones next to a river awards major adjacency bonuses. Also, completing a Harbor grabs adjacent, available tiles. The Netherlands’ unique improvement is the Polder. These improvements, placed on water tiles with sufficient adjacent coastline, provide Food, Production, and a bit of Housing. Polders gain additional bonuses with later Civics and Technologies. Their unique unit is De Zeven Provinciën. This war ship has increased Ranged and Combat Strength, and receives an additional bonus when attacking defensible districts. Queen Wilhelmina’s unique ability is “Radio Oranje.” Trade Routes to her own cities strengthen the Loyalty of the starting city. Trade Routes to or from foreign cities provide her with Culture. Dutch ingenuity means coastal tiles are just a Polder away from vast, bountiful fields – no longer are you locked to the land you’ve been given. Cultivate a rich trade empire and watch your kingdom flourish – but always keep your war ships at hand to protect your shores. Will your trade network turn foe to friend? How will you lead the Netherlands in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

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    What do you like most about The Netherlands? How will you use this new civ in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

  2. Guys… That is not how you pronounce grooter riviere… I'm actually quite shocked that the game developing company would not do the research on how to correctly pronounce this…. I mean this is the trailer for the expansion is it not? First impressions and all of that…

  3. Omg does this mean realtime terrain edits is possible?
    PLEASE introduce natural stuff like growing forests, added hill tiles from volcano eruptions, etc.
    Or at least make it moddable.

  4. With the Zeven Provincies in the game, Michiel de Ruyther better be a great admiral for the dutch and Johan de Wit better be a governor.

  5. goof shit now we just need to fill out eruope with this, catherine alt leader for russia, sweedish empire plz(it was a thing), venice, sadinia and corsica, portugal, belgium, byzantine,austria, bulgaria? i mean you added georgia, maybe yugoslavia an italian alt for rome, if scotland becomes independent put that shit in there also armenia would be cool but might make caucasus too crowded also WTF Ottomans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. She has to be one of the worst leader choices ever. that being said i think their abilities and bonus are very good choices

  7. Why is she so sickly obese? real Wilhelmina God Be With Her was quite slender and beautiful in her early years and only put on some weight during later years as leadership took its toll. She was though never this obese.

  8. It's the one famous historical person..the one we all know and remember.. and uh.. was important..for some reason..remember that one famous old lady, guys??

  9. Although we Dutch obviously remember her fondly, if you look closer at history and at our collective minds. Prince Maurits of Orange would've been a better choice for the sheer amount of skills he posessed, Frederik Hendrik posessed this too but isn't remembered as much as his predecessor.
    Bottom line: Maurits was a better choice.

  10. One major problem: that logo, the horn. That has literally nothing to do with the Netherlands. That is the CoA of Oranje. I’m just saying, it’s as if you put the fleur de lis as the English symbol, sure it has been on their CoA for a while but it has nothing to do with England.

  11. Why do the Dutch always look so damned happy all the time? They must have access to some really good shit (if you get my meaning *cough cough*)

  12. You ruined the Australia color scheme…. That green+black makes no sense for Australia and is pretty fucking ugly.

  13. She really was not the jolly old grandma she is portrayed as here: yeah in her earlier years she was very charming but in later life she became a very unpleasant old crone who wanted to terminate the democracy in favour of the monarchy. But then I'm sure the developers would have been afraid to offend us the Dutch if they portrayed her like that.

  14. Oh the horror, that's not even close to the correct pronunciation of Zeven Provincien en Oranje. Might want to find yourself someone who natively speaks Nederlands next time ;).

  15. I like this choice of leader BUT Korea’s Leader didn’t do good militarily. Plus, Seondeok is really unknown.


  17. i am my self from the Netherlands, i love the game but tere is one problem. i can't get the Netherlands on ge phone game, i don't see any thing close to rise and fall, i am hoping that i will able to play wilhelmina on iOS.

  18. Radio Oranje, you sure pronounced that perfectly. As a Dutchie, I think the model isn't quite accurate though

  19. why wilhelmina? She hasnt done shit for our country, it should have been Johan de Witt, he deserves that honour after being betrayed by the Nassaus. He was the greatest politician of the Dutch golden age.

  20. As a dutch guy, i like to see the comments trying to understand dutch, it’s awfully funny!
    No offense, but it’s just F U N N Y

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