Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – New Features Explained (Full Details)

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – New Features Explained (Full Details)

In this upcoming expansion for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, the stakes are higher than ever! Inspire the loyalty of your people as you lead them into a Golden Age and hold fast when confronted with Dark Ages. In Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, you become a leader for the ages. GREAT AGES Your choices have consequences, and decisions made in one era will carry through to the next. Successful leadership can send you into a prosperous Golden Age, but falling behind may usher in a Dark Age. With every era transition, you will make a Dedication – a choice of which direction your empire will go in the next era. Will your people focus on expanding your military or pious worship? Earning a high Era Score will usher in a Golden Age of prosperity for your people. The citizens rejoice in your empire, and the Loyalty of your cities – and nearby foreign cities – will be increased in your favor. Dedications during Golden Ages also provide you a powerful edge during the era. But Dark Ages are difficult periods of time for your people as your cities may revolt or declare their independence. But with adversity comes opportunity! Special Dark Age Policies could impact your rise to greatness but also, it becomes easier to enter a Golden Age when coming out of a Dark Age, and if you do you’ll enter a Heroic Age: a Golden Age with additional bonuses. Keep your Era Score high to ensure that you rise into a Golden Age. As you progress through the ages, you will encounter moments of greatness: these contribute to your Era Score. Maybe you will be the first to clear a Barbarian Camp close to your borders, discover a Natural Wonder, or found a Religion. These moments also make up the history of your civilization, and you can review them in the Timeline at any time. LOYALTY But your civilization is more than a collection of moments – the loyalty of your people is what gives your empire life. As your Loyalty rises and falls, you will find yourself facing the trials and tribulations of world leadership, and the borders of the map will change. Encourage the Loyalty of your citizens to keep your yields high and your borders intact. Allow your loyalty to fall too low, and you will be faced with a revolt, and may lose your city entirely. A city that leaves an empire becomes its own entity as a Free City. These cities desire their independence, but may be brought into an empire that raises their Loyalty. Will it be yours? GOVERNORS Governors are invaluable to impacting the Loyalty in your empire, but they also bend the rules of gameplay in other areas of the game. There are seven Governors, and each has their own unique abilities and promotions. For example, Liang, the Surveyor, lets a city create unique tile improvements that cannot be unlocked elsewhere. But don’t expect to unlock every governor and promotion in a single game – these opportunities are limited, primarily unlocked in the civics tree. Will you recruit new Governors for each city? Or increase the power of another by giving them a Promotion? ENHANCED ALLIANCES Diplomatic Alliances have also changed in Rise and Fall. The longer an alliance lasts, the greater the benefits granted. For example, a Level 1 Research Alliance grants science bonuses to trade routes between the two allies. EMERGENCIES Occasionally, civilizations must band together out of necessity. Certain actions, like conquering a City-state or launching a nuclear attack, can prompt Emergencies. When this happens, non-allies of the offending nation are prompted to join into an Emergency – a temporary way to band together in a time of crisis. When an Emergency is declared, participating civilizations receive a goal they need to accomplish within a certain time limit and a bonus to help their efforts. Rewards are given to all participating members of the alliance if the goal is complete, or the nation on the other side if it is not. NEW LEADERS AND CIVILIZATIONS Civilization VI: Rise and Fall also adds new leaders and civilizations to the mix. The terrifying warmonger Genghis Khan returns to Civilization with superior cavalry units to defeat his foes. New to the series are the Cree, a North American First Nation led by Poundmaker, who receive considerable bonuses from trade routes. The longest running monarch in Dutch history, Queen Wilhelmina, also makes an appearance, with trade routes that can boost her cities’ Loyalty. NEW WONDERS New Natural and World Wonders are featured in Rise & Fall as well, like the Matterhorn, Eye of the Sahara, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and The Statue of Liberty – each with its own gameplay uses. NEW UNITS In addition to civilization-specific unique units, the tech tree has been filled out with some additional global units throughout the different eras of the game. These include Drones, the Supply Convoy, Spec Ops, and the Pike and Shot. With Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise & Fall, the path to victory is more dramatic than ever before. If you rise into a Golden Age, rivals can challenge you and pressure you to fall. But even if you fall into a Dark Age, you can rally into a Heroic Age and come out on top. How will your empire be remembered in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

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  1. I don't see any particularly great advancements. The Golden Era thing is sort of interesting but overall it seems a bit lackluster, to be honest. I feel more inspired to ho-humness than to greatness. They've torqued all the life out of the game and now it's just sort of plodding along and pushing your pieces through the motions. I used to really look forward to one more turn. Nowadays it seems more like a drudgery.

  2. When playing with Australia, follow this steps:
    1-Leave a City spot for another civ close to your empire.
    2-After they create a city at that spot, wait until this city starts a rebelion
    3 – Liberate that city and earn a 100% production bonus
    4 – Wait till the city Start another rebelion and you can keep liberating it for the production bonus for the rest of the game.

  3. The creators of total war, civilization, hearts of iron, they should all come together and make the all-in-one best history simulation game ever.

  4. Hey help me . I assigned every governors on my city. But game Said me you have one more governors tittle And i cant use next turn about that problem

  5. Your cities can straight up just become independent? Great,just what I fucking need for those pricks who cry out for amneties while I'm waiting for 230 more turns for the entertainment district to finish building since those assholes can't get anything done.

  6. join in on an emergency, kinda like when bush illegally invaded iraq on a lie and britain france and most of europe joined him, on his promise take their oil. not exactly a relic, but ya we got ya.

  7. does this update address problems like when a nation sends dozens of religious pieces into your area and you cannot even navigate in your own borders? you cannot force those units to move and your units cannot occupy the same space so you can move there, you cannot develop it, i have had foreign religious units sit on one spot for dozens of turns. this is just one problem but it is one of the most annoying. religious units should be limited.

    or when you do something it can offend and anger the other nations but there is no way for them to know if you are annoyed with them so they can kiss your butt for a change. there ought to be a function so you can set how you feel about each nation and this feeling by you it taken into account by them.

    You ought to be able to warn a nation before they do something. Like if you see them moving a settler to an area you are trying to develop, you can warn them not to settle near your borders BEFORE they actually settle. by then, its too late. So many other issues like this need to be fixed.

  8. Once Civ V players start saying this game as finally become at least equal to Civ V, I will come back to this game I already bought. With this new expansion, I hope it makes things better, but as one top comment mentioned, "Best feature not included. Make the AI competent in military matters."
    Combat is definitely a big factor in these type of games and something I had hoped Civ VI would have improved on. Definitely looking for more competent AI, but more so than challenging – fun! If the enemy wants to stage a beach assault, let's see a staunch navy positioned off of your coast as waves of ground troops deploy on the beachhead. If there's an air raid, let's see aircraft formations flying in on your position. Are several nations allies? Then let's see them actually coordinate an offensive together e.g. Britain is renown for their navy, so they contribute naval operations, America is renown for its airforce, so it'll contribute its air force; that would be really cool to see. Although it might seem like a difficult coding task no doubt, I think in the era of 2018 gaming, it should be far from impossible.
    Fun & Engaging is what we should be aiming for above all. There's much other existing factors that of course should be refined, such as diplomacy not being as joke, balancing Eureka system, refining build times; so I hope all those factors are taken care of in future updates and expansions – and if not, perhaps one day we'll get a modder to kindly do at least some of these things for us!

  9. Great, a governor who obstructs spies. Just what was needed in a civilization game where the enemy doesn't use spies against you.

  10. Where is my Jager( I know it's dumb but let's be honest. Who doesn't want a giant city eating gundam to crush that player= Satan, who is the devil.)

  11. In my very first game of civ 6 rise and fall
    I was about to win a culture victory until nubias tourism began to skyrocket
    So i launched a invasion and caused a betryal emergency(i was alliew with her before)
    But it failed badly
    Then after that alexander conquered americas capital so emergency happened again (the betreyal emergency is still happening)
    I managed to liberate the city (but it rebelled back to the macedonians
    After a few turns came my relations with nubia improved until they declared a surprise war to me
    I thought id loose cuz all of his allies are there but then another emergency happened wich is to conquer the capital of nubia
    So i gladly accepted it and all my war enemies declared peace immediately and i managed to conquer most of nubia
    Finally i won a culture victory
    Would recommend

  12. My map doesnt show up unless I use the strategic map,can some one please help?

  13. The revolt and independence was one thing I've been suggesting for a while, it'd be cool to say if you were conquered, you could still attempt to gain freedom sometime when your conquerers were not doing too good. You could get back in the game, same with AI. Maybe conquered city-states could get that feature instead. I also suggested making only parts of lands being taken, not just cities during treaties as well as better looking borders? Borders in real life can be crazy and cool shaped. Still, I feel like the game can expand and become better and hopefully more of my suggestions will be installed.

  14. bought the DLC the day it came out, 6 months later finally get to play. This video did a great job summing it all up for me!

  15. New fratures of Civilization VI "Rise & Fall"

    Your character will don't know how to grow a bear 😂😂😂

  16. Civilization needs these added features:
    IMMIGRATION such as refugees, brain gains, and depending on how livable your country is compared to a neighbor country based on a scale—that way you won't have immigrants fleeing to you when you do slightly better than your neighbor. If your country is being effected by a change in societal values, religion, economics–you can either make for more multicultural social policies, or discourage by tight vetting, or take on a more radical approach to immigration that might have the UN frown upon you.
    HUMAN INDEX: basically you can decide where to put your discretionary funds into. You can put more in the education budget, or military, or infrastructure, and so forth. This would make the game more strategic and determine your nation's livability or increase your GDP if you make more domestic investments.
    MULTIPLE VICTORIES PER ERA: for each era, you can possibly win up to 5 types of victories, but other nations are competing for those 5 victories also which may mean there are multiple victors. At the end of the game your ultimate victory will be based on how much impact those victories you have won had on the future of mankind.
    INDEPENDENCE: when a nation breaks away from you, it becomes a city state that can basically function as another civilization.
    SMARTER AI: it would be great if the AI was actually strategic when they try to invade you. Having a swordsman get off a boat to attack my 21st century nation just takes the fun away.
    MIXED POLICY GOVERNMENTS: basically you can choose an affinity of Freedom, Order, Democracy, or you can just make your own up by selecting your own economic policies (based on real world economic policies/theories) and government policies.
    CULTURE VIRTUES: this would just be how your people define themselves. You can pick religious virtues (which would include secularism) for religion; capitalistic virtues for wealth; communal values for a more cooperative society (good for mitigating immigration impacts); aesthetics for culture; martial values for the army; and so forth. These would also work in favor of the governments agenda if you wanted to be a more nationalistic nation of few immigration, or a warmongering nation with the people's support, or a more diplomatic nation that practices detente and promotes harmony in some shape or form.

  17. We need an update that gives more units pr. stack to make warfare seem more serious and impressive. Also many people would love a DLC that makes a graphics-overhaul on realism. Making the game seem less cartoony. You could earn a massive ammount of money on such a dlc. It seems absolutely rediculous that you have chosen to put such a low number of soldiers in each stack, battles don´t seem exciting anymore.

  18. too complicated …. I liked V, but VI is just too much for me.
    Religion is still something that does to fully function correctly

  19. I dont get it… I have a FULL golden age. at least it looks completely filled, but nothing is happening.. Ive been thru multiple turns now with a full meter… and, nothing.

  20. I’d love to see the game designers work out a way to allow players to chain ranged and melee units together; e.g. swordsman and crossbowman with medics etc, so they can travel together as one unit…

  21. Expansions for a few things from Civ V – it will take years until this game is finished ( Civ V)

  22. need to get this, Civ 6 is already better than civ 5 with all expantions – love what you do with the game!

  23. Sid Meier's Civilization continues to evolve. With all its options, world leaders, technology , maps, etc, Civilization has become a timeless game. My only real criticism I have of the Civilization, it freezes and crashes too often. I hope the engineers one day can resolve this problem. I amazed no one has tried to create a game similar to Civilization.

  24. This seems like everything that was good in the old versions mixed with totally new interface now. Im really excited and this video convinced me to get the DLC.

  25. Guys, why in order to widen a civilization boards it is necessary to build more and more cities even in the highly uncomfortable terrain, why it can can't be widen by integration of border outpost?

  26. I know that the new leaders are part of the rise and fall expansion, but what about the new features? Are the new features also in the expansion or in the regular game too?

  27. The term dark age doesn’t actually refer to a depression or something bad at all. It actually refers to the time between the end of Roman literature and the beginning of medieval literature, where there were no written/recorded histories, only stories from word of mouth.

  28. I sadly can't help but think of mobile games when i look at civ 6, which for both myself and some others i know who like Civilization see us stay in civ 5

  29. I've friggin' loved playing with this expansion! 😀
    (Steam tells me I've put in 90+ hours these last 2 weeks since buying this expansion in the november sale)

  30. golden ages seem to much if its like in civ 3 where your doing well it'll be good but points and more great people to hire… I'm not sure.

  31. You guys need to provide giant Earth Map with true historical location rather than installing 3rd party mods which often breaks game in other aspects.

  32. Wait I'm confuse, if I buy the base game and gathering storm will I miss anything by not getting the rise and fall expansion pack?

  33. When they going come out with a pact he or update that you choose how far you want the age and tech to go!
    IE from stone – colonial or medieval times
    Stop at a point you choose.
    I hope that made sense, so any talk about this?

  34. Bought the game for the Switch in the Black Friday Nintendo eshop sale…… Then I read about how much the dlc adds and changes. I'm now not going to start the game until I have paid some more money and have the " complete" game. A bit annoyed really 😕

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