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  1. thank you members of the US Congress and constituents of the US Senate the measurements for the US Senate judiciary with the US House Representatives thank you greetings I rise today is October 16th 2019 on respectfully request of the Clark County live stream at this Pacific standard time zone at 10:20 hundred hours would request of the Israeli the Star of David a house recorded vote whereas myself US president title US president 310 / us social security income Treasurer 310 it's my job as the US I mean the state minister of Nevada to endorse the organization that were becoming a pillar of the community by title a minister to practice that religion Ohio speaker of the madam speaker of the house we request a recorded vote that would Trent be transubstantiated hey and jump to the impartial law thanking you in advance calculus Vincent Vincent Whatley the fort. Also special note I'll Dept DN department f mr. Weekly mr. Jones have not been predisposed I am a solicitor general meeting a marriage tax credit you have to be sworn in if we keep asking you for what purpose I have a weekly as an adverb and Jones as a improper noun the it doesn't have a signature you don't have the bill was blocked we respectfully request predisposition mileage tax credit to swear you in is improper so please correct with great prejudice thank you.

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