CLC, YEEUN is the future and YEEUN is the welfare! [business of my members]

CLC, YEEUN is the future and YEEUN is the welfare! [business of my members]

Business of My Members CrystaL Clear! Hello we are CLC [SY] Today YenShow has prepared a video, right? [YE] You’re wrong It is not the video that I prepared but it’s The Show made me do it You don’t know what is The Show Contact? [EB] I know I know I have done that too (Laughs as soon as it played) (Pretty handsome Yeeun) (Sorn-nim is not paused) [YE] Isn’t it too embarassing? (Kid who imitates EungJjang) (Can’t hide to laugh) [SY] Why you only rap until ‘naega’? (Kid who imitates SeungMong) [YE] If I drink this, will you go out with me? [EK} What is that? [YE] Cola! [SH] How many times did you take this? [EK] You drink it prettily [EK] You should film a commercial (What is that..?) (JjangYe shy) [YE] What’s wrong? [YJ] But the feels between you here and there is really different [YE] What is the difference? Tell me [YJ] Now you are like refreshing youthful On there too you are refreshing youthful [SY] Huh?
[YJ] A different refreshing youhful! [SY] Ah so the different kind of feel of refreshing youthful [YE] The feels is different, right? [S] The eyes is the different [YE] I think that The Show is my second self [SY] So is there YenShow’s feels? [EB] Like petit feels
[CLC] Yeah [SH] We always watch YenShow since episode 1 [YE] Don’t lie! You don’t watch [CLC] We do!
[SH] You posted on instagram too [SH] It feels like The Show and YenShow are one [YE] The Show and YenShow are one [YE] I drank cola and said ‘if i drink this will you go out with me?’ [YE] Sorn unnie will do it cooly [SY] I’m sorry but the mic goes in her nostrils Are you okay? (Devil’s next main character is…?) [YE] The member’s perfect eyes and expression when singing her part Our Seunghee unnie! [SH] Ah seriously but my part is… (Quickly cheering up) [SH] YenShow daebak! YenShow is so cool How do I do this? [EB] Pro! Pro Seunghee [YE] We have watched Business of My Members How do you feel about my business? [CLC] You worked really hard and do well You are so pretty [YE] Thank you I am doing the Business of My Members, not Eunbin but this is my first time Next time when CLC members come to do The Show Contact We will do aegyo Acting too and also singing (CLC can’t do anything about it)
It would be very fun

52 thoughts on “CLC, YEEUN is the future and YEEUN is the welfare! [business of my members]

  1. guys please collect points on Starplay and Idolchamp, to vote for our girls please, so that we could get the 3rd win💕😈👑

  2. just got interested about them today especially yeeun. i NEVER expect her to be that cute based on her raps lmao kdjdjjdkd i love her already

  3. Did Yeeun do a commercial for some Cola drink at some point?
    Also, Seunghee proving why she's the main vocalist with her beautiful singing.

  4. I love CLC so much. They are one of my ultimate favorite groups. Yeeun has amazing duality. She is fierce onstage and cute offstage. 😊

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