Climate Change Could End Human Civilization By 2050

Climate Change Could End Human Civilization By 2050

So I was reading the headline this morning. I didn’t read the entire article because the
headline was self explanatory. And you’ll understand in a moment. I was reading the headline about Donald Trump’s
visit to the UK and it said that the, uh, the Prince Prince Charles spent an entire
hour alone with Donald Trump trying to convince him that client climate change was real and
that climate science was real and, uh, and was a genuine threat to civilization. And Donald Trump’s response was simply that,
you know, don’t blame America for climate change. Now I want you to take a moment and go with
me is I juxtapose that idiocy with this article that the, uh, that ABC News reported this
morning saying that climate change could end human civilization by 20. I want to read a couple of quotes from the
article quoting the paper published by the Australian think tank last week gives one
scenario in which by 2050 accelerating climate change impacts pose large negative consequences
which might not be undone for centuries. And went on to say there is broad scientific
acceptance that tipping points for the West Antarctic ice sheet and the uh, seat ice free
Arctic summer, we’ll pass well before one point, uh, well before 1.5 degrees Celsius
of warming. According to the report, the Greenland ice
sheet will melt well before two degrees Celsius of warming. And then widespread permafrost laws and large
scale drought in the Amazon will occur by 2.5 degrees of warming. And, and not to just read the entire article,
but I, I really, I really want to take a moment and put it into context. Um, but you, you, you have to this next, this
next line is important. Listen, quote, even with two degrees Celsius
of warming, there’s a high likelihood of human civilization coming to an end according to
the report. Um, the only thing, the only thing in this
article that, that really sticks out to me is the, is the fact that there is broad scientific
acceptance as well as consensus that this is happening. And yet we have one half of our two party
system that is completely dedicated to undermining the science and doing so for not only political
purposes, but primarily for economic purposes, uh, serving their real constituents, which
is the energy sector. I’m not wanting to make any moves that would
damage the oil industry or the auto industry or any industries, uh, or, or, or, or the,
um, big meat industry, right? Uh, any industry that is remotely connected
to a, exacerbating the problems of climate change, they don’t want to do anything on
those because they’re getting donations from those industries. It’s really that simple. But it’s also that said that we are facing
this, this existential crisis that we have clear understanding over that we see happening. We see, we see ships in our climate happening
now. We see wild swings in weather happening right
now. More tornadoes recorded in the last 30 days. Uh, a record number of tornadoes recorded
in the last 30 days. It’s, they’re just, it’s not only the scientific
fact that, that we see it coming, it’s the fact that we can, it, it’s starting to occur,
but you end compound that you add insult to injury when you have so much of our political
system committed to undermining this one thing. And it’s like, you know, out of all the things
that we could argue about that are, you know, important. Yes. But they’re not, they’re not going to be,
it’s not going to be the end of civilization if we don’t get medicare for all right. Or if we politicize medicare for all for the
next 30 years, you know, don’t get me wrong. I need, and we want Medicare for all, but
it’s not an existential crisis for human civilization. So I get the political Kabuki theater, the
games that we play around some political issues. Uh, it’s a horse race. It’s a game, but there’s certain, I mean,
if there’s a meteor coming to the planet, you know, and we see it coming and there’s
something that we could do about it. You know, there’s no, there’s no politicization
of that. And if anybody actually wants to politicize
that, then we need to drag them out into the streets and, um, you know, have a conversation
with them about politics. You know, I, I gotta, I gotta remember this
is all this actually public radio. So, uh, but, but you get the point, right? There’s some things that we could play with. There’s some things that we can argue about
and play with is not the right phrase, but argue over. But, but the, the, an existential crisis that
could be the end of human civilization and to, I mean, I, I mean, we don’t even have
to dramaticized this, right? It’s happening. We see it happening. The data shows is happening. But there’s a level of frustration when you’re
looking at a person who knows good and well that, that the science is saying that climate
change is occurring and that we’re getting close to a tipping point, a point of no return. And now this latest report is saying that
it could end, that it could end civilization by 2050. And this is, let me read one more paragraph,
one more paragraph, because I think you can understand why this, why this is not so much
hyperbole. They said, quote, the warming will also bring
more than 20 days annually of lethal heat conditions beyond the threshold of human survivability. Scientists report deadly. He conditions will persist for more than 100
days a year in west Africa, tropical South America, the Middle East and South Asia, which
would displace more than a billion people from those areas. So we’re not talking about necessarily a,
an existential crisis. And in terms of like a movie, you know, people
are going to dismiss this video and so many other, in so many other conversations, because
they try to, uh, they, they basically Straw manual. I’m like, oh, there’s not going to be a wave
that comes in, destroys everybody in civilization is over. No. So the way this works is that when you have
1 billion displaced people, you have a situation that undermines the stability of every government,
of every institution, every supply chain, every food chain. I mean, everything that makes our system work. When you have 1 billion people strategically
placed, not the correct word, but you understand what I’m saying, like, like placed in every
region of the globe. There’s not going to be a place on the face
of the planet that has not affected by this displacement of 1 billion people. And there’s not really a place on the planet
that can absorb that number of people and still have a sustainable model. And so when we say the end of civilization,
we’re not talking about mass extinction yet. We’re talking about the fact that our systems
and our institutions will not be able to handle the mass displacement of billions of people
occurring at the same time because of the conditions that we joke about today, that
we, that the Republicans think is a game that, that they blame and say, ah, they blamed God
up for it and they say, Oh God, we’ll take it, you know, all the stupid things that are
said to undermine the, uh, the fight against climate change. Um, it’s a level of seriousness, especially
when you have kids like, you know, 2050, I’ll be 70, 70 years old. Um, so maybe I’ll still be here, but you know,
hopefully my kids will be young still. But I digress.

100 thoughts on “Climate Change Could End Human Civilization By 2050

  1. The Poor

    Because of the "climate change" scam prevent the poor especially in Africa from getting reliable, affordable energy that would improve their lives.

    Prince Charles – another "climate expert"

  2. While the Yanks are said and led by Big Business we may as well all throw one last party.
    It will last for half of one lifetime but let's have fun while we can.
    Big business doesn't give a damn and they have Bought the majority of Republican and Democratic Politicians.
    Oh! and by the way – no more kids.
    It would be heartless selfishness on the part of parents to have kids from now on.

  3. From my understanding, we are well past the tipping points, it is very unlikely we can prevent some form of a global extinction of some scale without total dedication of the human race.
    The problem will resolve itself IF we can start to mitigate the negatives effects today, like buy an electric car and power your home/business from clean sources (Wind, geothermal, Solar, Fission/Fusion, Hydro) Just those two steps would be enough to prevent a mass extinction from the cloudless desert scenario, (viable for the next 10-15 year)
    Assuming that happens we do have GMO's for the new environment to come, so crops that can crow in the new climate are already ready.

    If we don't we end up in one of two scenarios Cloudless desert where all large land animals die off and most of the vegetation globally. so sea life, desert plants in the previous tropic zones, and bugs on land. This should start in about 20-25 years from now, a slow slide as the planet mostly no longer creates clouds, planet wide is projected about 100 years out or so.
    Carbon dioxide toxicity levels reach past tolerable levels, the old and infants would go first and quickly and the rest would follow a few weeks or months later, this would be the sudden, but most complete die out. we were sitting at 220 ppm and we are at 410 ppm today once it reaches around 1000 ppm we will see the mass die out so at pace we will get there by 2090
    The debate is really which will happen first and if instead of 100 years it more like 200 years(due human intervention). But there is not a debate going on as to if it will happen.
    2,000-30,000 years later everything would return to normal as sea life flushes and returns the planet to normal. Land animals returning and supporting larger size and vegetation would again spread across the earth.

  4. What's going to happen is the rich countries are going to mass murder people from poor countries to alleviate the migration crowding. There will be a new level of war and killing like the world has never seen. Walls will be built across Europe and Asia, and machine gun nests will be made, and it's going to be crazy. I'm not saying I support this, but it's going to happen.

  5. The poor will all die by 2050 and the rich will be on their space colonies under the leadership of lord

  6. Human population growth and capitalist consumerism are the primary drivers of anthropogenic mass extinction.

  7. 0:10 "…trying to convince him that climate change was real, and that climate science was real, and was a genuine threat to civilization."

    OF COURSE climate change is real. It's been changing for real for billions of years.

    OF COURSE climate science is real. Real people are studying climate.

    "…and was a genuine threat to civilization."

    Real people studying climate is a genuine threat to civilization? How so?

    Why do climate alarmists phrase their argument in such an inaccurate and silly manner?

  8. I hope the world does burn. If Europeans can't have their nations back, then I hope the world burns. And all my friends feel the same and we pollute as much as we can.

  9. Right wingers are destroying civilization and they don't give a shit because they wanna punish the libs at any cost.

  10. To save ourselves we just have to give more power to the banks and corporations, who for some reason seem to back so many of the organizations……..

  11. I've been thinking for awhile now, that human existence will be having a bottle neck in the next few decades. Drastic measures will have to result in drastic results. We have been working on our drastic measures since the steamboat.

  12. Just for information: In germany we saw tornados only in US-movies. In the last 5-10 years, it starts with tornados in middle-europe. And every year we have more and more.

  13. At least the republicans are all for “Clean Coal”. Yep, doing their part!! Folks – We’re all to late. Don’t worry, the planet will be fine, WE’LL be screwed but the Earth-no worries.

  14. A billion people displaced? Looks like we better build walls on the east west and north as well! I think Trump will be president for a few more decades, no one else will push for those four walls. lol

  15. Climate change is the same as talking about a meteor heading towards Earth, but we don’t see it yet. Most Republicans would rather wait and see the meteor themselves before acting.

  16. They believe in God, but not Climate Change? These Republicans really are over the top with their heads. Why do they believe in God when they haven’t even seen what God is?

  17. Big money. When the amazon dies out we will have a hard time breathing. I guess the super rich will have oxygen generators for their houses. Fuck the rest of us. I live in Oklahoma city but I don’t really freak out when the tornado sirens go off. According to the net I have about one in a million of being killed by a tornado. Still they have been going off more this year. I lived in Moore, Ok when it was hit and I was in the path of that one but of course I got out of there and my apartment was hit so.

  18. People around the world live in different climates, different altitudes, and in different environments. Two degrees will not extinct humans. 20 degrees will.

  19. Do all the hookers and drugs you.can.before it's over. I'm hitting up the massage parlors more often now.

    Go out on top….of a woman 🙂

  20. If your government tells you you have 20 to 40 years you'll be dead in 2-7 go look up guy McPherson and then take a look at what's happening in the midwest with all the flooding and the fact that the department of agriculture just released a report staying weve only got 30% of the corn in the ground that we did last year

  21. If you think illegal immigrants and refugees are a problem now then you are in for a rough road ahead.

  22. Uh, 2030 is more like it. The exponential change in climate has just begun and will accelerate quickly. It's too late.

  23. Democracy is always slow to react but reacts properly when the time comes. Those that bash Trump and want to drag those into the street they disagree with like David wants to fail to realize that other countries do exactly the same thing Trump does and all his critics also fail to acknowledge the Dems in the USA and leftists across other countries also do nothing because the action needed is massive not token actions (Just look at the Yellow Jackets in France). The world already fails to live up to commitments on CO2 reductions made in the past. Whats coming is coming that is a fact anyone who truly believes should start prepping or not.

  24. The reasons we're doomed, is because we treat different opinions equally, even though different opinions are inherently unequal.

    Ie; Climate justice, and global equality thereof, requires sensible inequality. #FactBasedSuffrage

  25. You couldn't even be bothered to read the entire article?

    An Nbc article writen on a think tank report? Really? Thats the evidence your presenting right now?

  26. I have a feeling that we'll just have thanos those billion people fast and efficiently to preserve order and our stability

  27. Grant Shepherd wrote
    “and all his critics also fail to acknowledge the Dems in the USA
    and leftists across other countries
    also do nothing because the action needed is massive not token actions”
    Yeah, so pulling us out of the Paris Accords was really smart, huh Bubbles?

    Maybe you missed all the times Trump called climate change a hoax?
    A Chinese hoax?

    No you didn’t.
    You are just ignoring it because Republicans pull your strings.


  28. Grant Shepherd wrote
    “Those that bash Trump and want to drag those into the street they disagree with like David wants to fail to realize that other countries do exactly the same thing Trump does”
    No Shit-for-Brains.
    Trump pulling America out of the Paris Accords
    made us the ONLY country to do so.


  29. Grant Shepherd wrote
    “Democracy is always slow to react
    but reacts properly when the time comes.”
    What a stoooopid fucking claim.

    I hate to read the rest, but here goes …

  30. The freest of speech wrote
    “People around the world live in different climates,
    different altitudes, and in different environments.
    Two degrees will not extinct humans. 20 degrees will.
    (Sports Fans:
    Here’s another fucking Einstein, who thinks that because he watches
    Fox “News” he’s smarter than all the world’s scientists)


  31. firecloud77 wrote
    “OF COURSE climate change is real.
    It's been changing for real for billions of years.
    Why do climate alarmists phrase their argument
    in such an inaccurate and silly manner?”
    Let's see, whom should we believe?
    All of the world's scientists?
    a YouTube Ass Fuck, like you,
    who thinks he is smarter than all of them?

    Gee, that's a tough one …


  32. GEORGELET4 wrote
    “Because of the "climate change" scam prevent the poor especially in Africa from getting reliable, affordable energy that would improve their lives.”
    You science-deniers are hilarious.
    Everyone in the whole world is laughing at you bizzare little freaks.
    Nearly 200 countries made an agreement to work on a problem
    that you won't even admit exists.
    All because your egos won't let you admit
    that you were made fools of by the oil companies.


  33. Airhead Dude,
    You are confusing religion and science.
    Scientists didn’t say the world was ending.
    It’s religious nutjobs who say that shit every 5 years
    which is why you have to replace all the furniture you sold
    and refurnish your trailer every 5 years.


  34. Truckee Tahoe Triathlon wrote
    “I was alive in 1989 when the world was going to end in 15 years because of global warming. I was alive in 1996 when Gore said we had 10 years to save the world. Haha. You can’t always say the world is going to end and be wrong. No one should believe you guys now. No one.”
    (Sports Fans – do you think this guy ran maybe one too many races …
    without Gatorade?)

  35. Nick Smith wrote
    (Sports Fans:
    This little Ass Fuck is far too stupid to realize the reality
    because he is too busy pimping for the rich …
    while he sets himself on fire)

    YOU ARE PISSING ME OFF … BOY !!!!!!!!!!

  36. I purpose that those who survive climate change should build a giant statue entitled “To our ancestors, those who chose to do nothing.” The statue should just be a 100 foot tall man giving the middle finger.

  37. Religion convinces people that life on Earth is bad and only through death do you live eternally in bliss. To the extent that most people believe this they are enforcing their deathwish on the rest of mankind. Our only hope may be there is a yahweh type god who takes all the true believers away at once.

  38. You climate-deniers are the best entertainment in America right now.
    Rational people bust a gut when you try to push your oil company propaganda
    the same way we laugh at Creationists when they tell us that humans rode dinosaurs
    like the Flintstones or that the Moon landing was a hoax.

    "You people" are pure …

    ENTERTAINMENT GOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Ironically the energy industries may cause their own demise. But don't worry the current baby boomer generation will all be dead by then anyways. In the end mother nature is a bitch to those who are not prepared.

  40. Heat is not something that shows up one day, and levels a city. Heat does not fall from the sky and explode with the force of an atomic bomb. Heat is a boring apocalypse on the surface, it creeps in and kills silently, drives away those smart enough to move.

    The good news should have been that heat had warning signs. That people could have recognized it, seen it coming, fought it. But they ignored it to further their careers and fill their wallets. Now all that’s left to do is prepare.

  41. Guys, Ben, David or whoever runs the channel. The abc news link is broken.
    Here is also an article with link to report . So please correct it (or climate change opponents will again think it's all lies and fake news)


  43. climate change is a problem for us. not reading the article AND talking about the article is a problem for journalism.

    you analyze football tactics without ever seeing the game

  44. The simple fact is most people don’t get it, until it affects them personally or their loved ones.
    But by then it may be to late.

  45. 2050 will be roughly when the oil runs out and not the end of the world and if anyone is that interested get on to London busses and taxis, China, Tokyo, Rome and India where the main culprits are im from up north the air is clear and fresh

  46. We're PHUQUED ! we're gone..we just haven't left…….. yet. The lasting beauty of it all is that our "leaders" are going to be gone too….finally, we're done with them ! Pray they ROT in hell ! yeh !

  47. Densal Grant wrote
    “im from up north the air is clear and fresh”
    Reality doesn’t work that way Bubbles.
    There are no atmospheric fences.

    You seriously need to crack a science book.
    On second thought, forget the science book
    and first concentrate on getting that G.E.D.
    Then you can start working on the harder stuff …
    like thinking.


  48. If the human race continues pumping carbon and methane we risk heating the planet to the point that the large majority of evaporated water will be hot enough to reach the upper atmosphere at which point the solar winds will strip the hydrogen molecules off of the water leaving only oxygen. If this occurs enough all water on the surface of the planet will be gone. At that point welcome to Mars 2.0 courtesy of big oil. Just saying.

  49. THERE YOU GO ALT-RIGHT this is your moment. Huh? You don't understand. You have been preparing for this your whooole life! You know . . .? Don't you? SAVE WEStErn CivILIsaTIon!

  50. Come on the world won't end just because of climate change.

    worst case scenario will will lose around 10 to 15% of our current land mass (mostly beach area or flat ground/close to sea level, like most of Holland) and around 20% of area currently occupied by humans will be uninhabitable, fx most of Saudi Arabia, we will also see a spike in storm/hurricanes and extremely bad weather will become much more common, like ones in a century storms will be ones in a decade instead. Also places where we can grow crops will be reduced by ½ and the yield the crops will give us will be less and the quality will decline. (on a bright side of this is that areas where we can grow rice will increase)

    As a result there will be more than a billion people moving out of the middle east (and other "hot" spots) emigrating to colder areas, some parts of texas and navada might become uninhabitable but they can just move to other places in the US.

    we will also see drinkable water becoming scarce, so wars over drinkable water will be a thing in the future, but the USA is fine invading and murdering over oil, so doing the same over water won't be much different.

    at the very worst ½ of the human population will die because of climate change (and that if the countries close to the area's become inhabitable chose to refuse the immigrants and use their military to genocide them) and the average living age will decline and the % of babies dying will increase, humanity as a species will easily survive.

  51. Doug Acclaim Software wrote
    “I write as a scientist who has specialized in the study of
    atmospheric and sub-terrestrial physics”
    Your comment is proof that you chose the wrong field of study.
    And your “Appeal to Authority” has failed.

    But I hear Wal-Mart has openings in the toy section for people, like you,
    who imagine themselves geniuses.

    JUST TRYIN’ TO HELP THE GUY !!!!!!!!!!

  52. CO2=Y2Kx1984x666
    Al Gore is my shepherd, I shall not think.
    He maketh me lie down in Greenzi pastures:
    He leadeth me beside his still-freezing waters.
    He selleth my soul for CO2:
    He leadeth me in his path of his self-righteousness for his own sake.
    And yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of reason,
    I will fear all logic: for thou art with me and thinking for me;
    Thy Gore family oil fortune & thy 10,000 square Gorey foot mansion, they comfort me.
    Thou preparest a movie in the presence of contradictory evidence:
    Thou anointest mine head with nonsense; my mindless conformity runneth over.
    Surely blind faith and hysteria shall follow me all the days of the rest of my life
    & I will dwell in the house of ALGORE forever.
    -Paul Merrifield 1990

  53. Meme Mine
    Some friendly advice:
    Don't post when you are stoned.
    Get sober, change into a fresh diaper,
    and then when you get your hysterics under control …
    come back and play.


  54. David Pakman is full of shit. He is lying to all of you. Radiation GHE is a lie. Direct proof of this is on my channel. ANYONE who tells you that CO2 causes GMST surface temperature rising, is lying. They are a fraud.

  55. Geraint Hughes wrote
    “David Pakman is full of shit. He is lying to all of you. Radiation GHE is a lie. Direct proof of this is on my channel. ANYONE who tells you that CO2 causes GMST surface temperature rising, is lying. They are a fraud.”
    Let's see, whom should we believe?
    All of the world's scientists?
    a YouTube Ass Fuck, like you,
    who thinks he is smarter than all of them?

    Gee, that's a tough one …


  56. Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6, consummated the the marriage when she was 9.

    Karl Marx, blessings be upon him, started having intercourse with his maid when she was 9. She cleaned his house, did his financials for his entire life and he never paid her a dime. He impregnated her later on. His illegitimate children were not allowed to see him. Freddy had to use the back door to the kitchen to see his mother. They were peasants after all.

    Che Guevara was seen hanging out with boys for weeks before the boys were seen hanging. He obviously raped their bums and was afraid they would tell other people about it.

  57. Bush Ninja wrote
    “Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6, consummated the the marriage when she was 9. Karl Marx, blessings be upon him, started having intercourse with his maid when she was 9. She cleaned his house, did his financials for his entire life and he never paid her a dime.”
    Then Ninja wrote a bunch of jackoff nonsense
    and used his sock puppets to add 5 upvotes.

    My guess?

    David must have hurt this guy real bad.
    David probably drilled the living shit
    out of Ninja’s voluptuous, but cerebrally-challenged, little sister
    and Ninja never forgave him for it.


  58. Call me an optimist but I think we're about to see what we're made of…..we'll be OK. It'll get rough, but we'll use our unique problem solving minds and overcome this. We've faced big challenges before now with a lot less by way of resources, knowledge, skills, infrastructure. I'm tipping massive Nuclear roll out, desalination, possibly atmos cleaning tech just around the corner.

  59. But 5G is more important thing… you´ve expressed yourself the way I think I would do it on the video. WE ALL HAVE TO STAND UP. NOW OR NEVER. WE HAVE TO CHANGE OUR MINDS BY USING SCIENTIFIC ENVIRONMENTAL KNOWLEDGE.

  60. No technology's exist that could refreeze the arctic sea ice on the scale necessary to save us. There is no saving us . Sad but true. Time to stop repeating that old platitude. Nothing that humans can do will stop the sea ice and glaciers from melting and the seas rising. Last summer the arctic suffered an almost blue water event. Fresh water is pouring into the seas right now and perma frost are melting at a rapid rate all over the world. The release of methane that comes with permafrost and sea bed melting will accelerate warming. Located within zones that will be severely damaged by seas rising are man's greatest folly, the nuclear power plant. Fuchushima has multiple meltdowns doing it's job to help heat the planet with cores burning hotter than the sun. Releasing man made radiation in volumes that dwarf the 2500 nuclear bomb test of the 1940s,50s,60s combined. We where exposed then and now. There are many things that could possibly happen to bring man to extinction. The fact is glacial and sea ice are rapidly melting right now. Humans are sick in ways never known before our biosphere was irreparably irradiated with man's folly. We are living in uncertain times for sure. There are things to be done now to alleviate suffering in the near future. Move away from the rising sea before you become a climate refugee. These are the things to be thought about now. There is no stopping or fixing this predicament. A mass human migration from the seaside now is the only hope. Humans changed the world for the worse now they need to change to keep from suffering from it. Food could be the next problem. might have to utilize caves and subways etc. to grow in a more controlled environment. Stop thinking about how we can fix it and start thinking about how we are going to live with it. Good Luck we might not can live with it. But what fun to try.

  61. Man-made climate change is a hoax, pushed by technocrats and socialists. I'm old enough to remember the gloom and doom as a a teen…nothing happened. We will all be sitting here in 20 years, and the new generation of idiots will be saying 'New York' will be under water in 10 years' blah blah blah….There is hard science contradicting 'man made' climate change. This is de-funded and down graded in the media. People, you are being played. Do some basic research. There has been climate change as long as the Earth has existed, starting before humans existed as a species. Climate change is natural and inevitable. Grow the fuck up.

  62. Climate change and research are real and, yes, climate change could end us. Trending climate change is a natural phenomenon. WE JUST LIVE HERE AND CANNOT CONTROL IT!!! WE WILL GO EXTINCT ONE DAY!!!! Humans account for only 1-3% of the warming phenomenon. Don’t be fooled.

  63. Well, 2019 is already tracking to be the hottest year on record by another 1deg C….whatcha gonna do about it??? A million man march on Washington MUST BE ORGANIZED! Quick everybody blow

  64. People, all over the world, it is truly time for prepping. This is all true, now, that the Amazonas Rain forest is in flames, more and more people understand that the chaos is near. People will start rioting soon , water is getting to become a luxurious product, students will riot, because the system dont teach them what they will need in the future. Surviving. Prepping is no longer a paranoia. Teach your children how to survive, tell them the truth what is happening . World leaders dont do anything 🙁
    I have a 6-year old daughter, I cant even tell how hurt I am to see her future is falling apart.

  65. Highly doubt it will end human civilization. More than likely its will cause a global change in temperature and displacement of hundreds of millions of people. Much hotter summers, more milder winters etc…mass poverty and uninhabitable places will increase across the planet.

  66. Hail Mother Nature! Shame on thou humans for thine greed, for ye shall witness the wrath of Mother Nature.

    And Woe be upon those who live a life of pleasure and hedonism, for their days are numbered, and no one shall be spared, save the elect that Mother Nature has called to protect her and live in harmony with the beasts of the earth.

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