Climate scientist: The challenge ahead signals “new chapter” of human civilization

Climate scientist: The challenge ahead signals “new chapter” of human civilization

A city like Bombay, a population of almost
20 million, and the greater Bombay area, large parts of which will be underwater according to this report by 2050, that area includes where two nuclear installations are housed. Oh, there’s a tremendous amount of infrastructure right by the coast everywhere including nuclear facilities, hazardous waste sites of every
kind. If the ocean rises to submerge those areas, all kinds of nuclear waste or toxins and other noxious material can be spread around. So we have an enormous cleanup—or better, a defense effort—in front of us. This is an entirely new problem in the course of human civilization. We really don’t have the institutions or
the precedent to deal with the loss of land. And I hope that with adequate warning, decades of warning, we have some chance of finding and investing resources to defend the places that we are able. But there is a great inequity of resources
around the world. It is going to be very expensive. And some places, just by their geography,
may be prohibitive to defense. So yes, this really is a new chapter. Everything points to the unsustainable development model that we have created that continues to exploit nature, whether it is about extraction of water at unsustainable levels and man-made crisis or climate change that we have caused. I think we need to look at how we treat development. What is our definition of development? And who is causing that destruction? Some of these fundamental questions we need to ask. The whole orientation towards GDP growth and completely ignoring what we are doing to environment has to change. Environment now has to be at the center of everything that we are doing, how we’re using our natural resources, how we are building our homes, how we are using water. All of that has to change. And that thinking is not yet there despite
some of these challenges that we are seeing and look at the kind of actions we are now forced to take. But our political leaders are still stuck
with that thinking that corporations are going to solve the problems, and we are seeing privatization and not really rebooting the development model that we have created, which is responsible for all the crisis that we are facing in this world today.

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  1. first of all, global warming, climate change ? communism, terrorism ? what do those term have in common ?
    main stream media fear porn. they cant call it pollution or controlled opposition. why, would they want you to know, or for you to question who, is polluting the planet, when they can blame you for using their products.
    the earth goes though cycles which we have no influence, nor control. if that were so, we must have caused the last ice age ?? call the polluters out, don’t use their terms, call it what it is. POLLUTION…..
    did we cause the last ice age ? did we make it recede ?nothing we have done or can do will stop the earths cycles. Wars are the biggest threat to the earth and humanity

  2. Because the ocean is rising so say you gobble warmest, no climit Chang just in case it gets colder you covered. Maybe you could give me a nice little house in south Florida cause it will be gone anyway im11.5 years or is it 20 does it matter? No bank would give out a lone for20years if the ocean I'd rising In 11.5 or is it still 12.?gobble warming is a religion. Science is cause and effect..

  3. Have any of you ever thought that it's God's judgment for killing our babies because it says that hurricanes and earthquakes will intensify at the end times?I believe God not scientist.

  4. Debunked fake science.
    Real science: The main drivers of weather change over time: The sun, and Plate Tectonics/Geological changes much more net land would be livable/farmable if the temp increased 1c? 2c?
    Why not 4th gen Nuclear power?….it's safe

  5. Mr. Singh is right. It is like with a very sick patient, who still holds on to smoking and other damaging behaviors… we have to wake up soon and change our priorities from economic growth to helping the planet heal. But it will be possible only with a voluntary self-restriction… to convice people of this necessity there must be a greater vision of mankind working together…

  6. End of the 21st century- Perhaps Bombay, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Kolkata, Malaga, Bankok would be remembered as 'Atlantis' myths.

    PS. no amount of donations will save us (or them)

  7. Species diverge, especially when you practice thousands of years of animal husbandry on them. Why is it so very hard for you pets to realize that you are not humans. You are the domesticated variety there of.

    A new era is coming for humanity, one where we finally take back our planet from a pervasive pest we created called you.

  8. If interested in climate change issues check out Cowspiracy on Netflix, a documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

  9. How about listening to a REAL climate scientist, Judith Curry: “It’s time to be scientific about global warming”

    March 7, 2019

    Global warming is a conspiracy started by the nuclear industry and picked up by NASA!

  10. It’s 2019 those nuclear plans will be underwater in less than thirty years is the claim . What is India doing now? Am I expected to pay for it? Sounds like Blackmail..still no mention of population control as a means to address “climate change.”

  11. Just think of all of the fear mongering politicians (Al Gore, Barack Obama, etc. to name just two) who endlessly, nauseatingly, and hypocritically subscribe to this "THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!" absolute eco-nonsense, who now have taken up residence in sprawling, monstrous "carbon footprint", coastal mansions. "It's the sweetest of opportunities, to pass laws for thee, but not for me…"

  12. Human “civilization” produced the Anthropocene, 6th mass biodiversity extinction, untenable industrial, pesticide, and nuclear contamination, and the climate catastrophe. Astrobiology describes civilization as a species becoming successful reproducing itself while using an energy source to exploit resources. Evolutionary biology identifies that this astrobiological definition of civilization is consistent with natural selection, which designs “success” through the ability of a species to achieve genetic and environmental hegemony through sexual reproduction and violence while competing with other species for finite and limiting natural resources in any given environment.

    Human tribalism reflects these biological imperatives through a growth-model mandate, which prioritizes the institution of militarism through imperialism, colonialism, and Lifecycle Empire, including through growth-model economics, where economic growth and population growth demonstrates direct association sufficient to cause the future of capitalism concern that the limits of economic growth are directly connected to the limits of population growth on Earth.

    The distribution of property determined by private capital and private ownership is not consistent with environmentally sustainable distributions and applications of property. Neither are the developments of urban and suburban sprawl, including the capital cultivation of emerging developing nations, in manners that produce artificially inflated populations that could not be sustained locally at desirable standards of living practicing safe and humane agriculture.

    The question is, what would be required to objectify these influences, spanning the biological imperatives of natural selection, the process of civilization, the biological phenomenon of human tribalism, and the institutions of human tribalism, and bring them into sustainable unification with physics that governs anthropogenic climate change? Such an effort might logically require the near opposite of what caused Homo sapiens imminent premature extinction, through the systemic transformational change of science-based systems-based steady-state egalitarian eco-socialism.

  13. The planets final solution for neanderthal leftovers AKA all non-black people from the 1st. culling.
    Mother nature don't like ugly, and white people are hideous.

  14. I remember hearing this kind of nonsense in 1979. It had a different label back then, but the product is the same. Fear porn. None of the predictions then came about, obviously.

  15. I have to laugh every time I hear anyone say we have to do this and if we just start now, etc, etc. The future is clear—we’re not going to change anything, civilizational collapse is assured. The only thing we’ll do is sit around and talk about it the same way we spend countless hours sitting in front of television sets

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