36 thoughts on “Cliven Bundy denies being a ‘welfare queen’

  1. Bundy is profiting off taxpayer owned land.  The taxpayers deserve a portion of his profits, but Bundy would rather be a freeloader.

  2. Cliven, you are a welfare king. Not to mention he's not a poor man. It is not as though he cannot pay the money he owes. Of course, this makes it worse, when you can pay and you flat out refuse to do so. 

  3. Yeah he is diffidently a welfare queen in a cowboy hat. For over a decade Bundy has been using federal property to graze which cost more to the federal government to maintain then what they would receive in payment. He hates big ol' bad govement but won't blink twice when he is receiving a subsidy.

  4. interesting point, how can the Federal government own land? seems we have overlooked something, the only land the government could own would be District of Columbia… ? 

  5. State governments are real , the US Federal Government Incorporated is a contractor. A company, a corporation , any land acquired after 1933 is illegal..

  6. Because public land comes from God, not the government, doofus! The government shouldn't be charging fees to any of these ranchers so their cattle can eat grass! The government doesn't own the grass! All this was given to us by God. These are natural rights that are expressed in the U.S. Constitution. But CNN wouldn't know anything about that, they have rejected the Constitution. They want a communist dictatorship!

  7. "but this land has been federal since we "GOT" it from mexico in 1848"    oh america you and you're getting things. 🙂

  8. Bill Weir should have said tht Bundy does NOT put red meat on your table for free & that he sells his cattle for profit & that he federal government spends quite a lot of your tax money to maintain the land Bundy mooches on for free.

  9. Tell the bastard to pay Nevada then BTW it would cost like 15x as much if it were state land.  This guy belongs in Jail

  10. Welfare queen??? He's a hard fucking worker that provides BEEF for our fat asses and those who are on welfare!! You think Beef magically appears in supermarkets!!!??

  11. For two decades, Bundy's cattle have fed off government-owned land without paying grazing fees like thousands of other ranchers. He claims he won't do business with the federal government because, in his view, the Constitution doesn't say Americans can't use land owned by the federal government. He said he'd be willing to talk with state and local authorities..
    "I'll be damned if this is the property of the United States. They have no business here," 

  12. N.R.S. 568.355 “Open range” defined. As used in N.R.S. 568.360 and 568.370, unless the context otherwise requires, “open range” means all unenclosed land outside of cities and towns upon which cattle, sheep or other domestic animals by custom, license, lease or permit are grazed or permitted to roam.

  13. Why Bundy would even subject himself to O'Bama's media stooges is beyond me.
    CNN is nothing but mindless big government gutless hand puppets.

  14. How come this is a huge story but they don't interrogate politicians and their families who collect farm subsidies for acres of land they don't even use for farming?

  15. The laws were created in the 1930's but Bundy has been there since 1890's therefore Bundy is in the right. Bundy is a hero for standing up for state rights.

  16. Black child selling candy bars to make a few dollars
    White people: “I’m calling the police! You can’t sell that without a permit! It’s the law!”
    Old white man grazes his cattle on land without paying while making millions
    White people: “These unjust laws are oppressing this man! How can he be treated so poorly by the left?! White genocide!”

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