College of DuPage: Nahiris Bahamon Fernandez- What will your story be?

Since before medical school, I really,
really liked Pediatrics. For me, Pediatrics was just the combination
of a lot of things that I’m passionate about – things that I love. I love working with
kids, I love working with families, building relationships. I love the
advocacy part and the social justice part of Pediatrics and the science, right.
So it was just all together, so when I was in medical school, I kept
telling my classmates, oh I’m looking, ya know, if they can convince me otherwise
but I think I want to be a Pediatrician. And no other specialty pulled me that
way. My family and I had to move to the area to the DuPage, College of DuPage
area and we ended up in Naperville where we have family. And when we left Columbia
we kind of had to leave everything, we didn’t really have much, so we didn’t have
the resources for me to go to a University or College and I think our
family members are where there is that you know, we have College of DuPage here, is a Community College. I was introduced to the idea of Community College and how
much more affordable it was. They kept saying it’s great, it’s right here you
can just commute. So I started, I remember I start taking classes in the summer and
then I really liked it. I had a great experience.
I thanked my professors. The administration really, we were, I remember my brother and
I, we were, you know, basically foreign students because we just arrived
to the country recently. We received nothing but support and mentorship and
opportunities, so I’m really thankful. Dr. Jarman was my honors chemistry
professor. Chemistry’s a requirement for medical school, so I took two classes
with him. We develop a relationship because I think things that were easy
for my other classmates, like I don’t know, going to…I remember we had
visits to the Argonne, the lab and I wasn’t a citizen so it was like a whole, so he
just had to deal with a lot of that with me because I was a refugee. And I think he
kind of like recognizes, like oh there’s something, like this is not gonna be easy
for her. And then I think he just made it easier for me to be able to get this
opportunity, so I was able to do research at Illinois State University through a
special program that he introduced me to and kind of, like, wrote a letter of recommendation.
And he just really was a great advocate and a great believer of
my success. College of DuPage because of
its quality offers a really good
experience especially for your first two years of college when a lot of students
don’t necessarily know what they want to do, want to explore – I think that’s,
that’s a great option for someone like that at a cheaper price. So if you know
you want to be an engineer, more power to you, but if you all, you’re still
considering, you’re still trying to figure out what you want, College of DuPage
I think allows you, allows you to do that, while providing an
excellent education. [MUSIC]

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