Communism vs. Socialism: What’s The Difference? | NowThis World

Communism vs. Socialism: What’s The Difference? | NowThis World

This might come as a surprise, But in the history of the modern world, there has never been a communist country. While a number of countries have
Described themselves as communist, for example China and North Korea. By definition, there has never been a true communist country. So what exactly is communism, and how does it relate to socialism? Well it may be easier to explain what the two have in common. Both ideologies originate from a desire to limit worker exploitation And lower or eliminate the influence of economic classes in society. There are dozens of variations on both communism and socialism. Based on the different ways these ideologies are implemented in different countries. There’re Stalinism, Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism and others which are essentially all versions of Marxism. Couple with various styles of revolution. Karl Marx was an economist and philosopher who co-wrote the communist manifesto. Among other foundational books on communism. In short, his theory centered around the idea that as Europe transitioned from centralized monarchies to quasi-democratic capitalist economies Workers were being exploited by those who owned the means of production. So if you work in a factory or on a farm as many at the time did Whoever owns the factory or farm is getting more out of the worker than they’re putting in. This creates an inherent inequality giving the owners whom Marx called the Bourgeoisie, power over the workers called the proletariat. In Marxism, to fix this inequality, society must shift towards a model, where the proletariat hold this power instead by collectively controlling the means of production. That’s where socialism and communism come into play. According to Marx, Socialism is a precursor to communism and the next logical step after capitalism. In Socialism, a democratic state controls the means of production rather than having private companies hold ownership. Instead of competing with each other as in a capitalist society, socialism has workers contribute as much as they can to the greater good, and then they all share equally in that good. Variations of this idea are already popular within capitalist societies in the form of universal health care or social services like fire departments and schools funded by taxes. While the use of these services is unequal and Everyone Is equally responsible for contributing to them based on their ability or level of income. So that’s socialism. But once the state controls all the means of production, the next step is total collective ownership. Not just of production, But all aspects of society and economy, including private property. The intention of abolishing private property is a classless, moneyless and stateless society where everyone works towards the same collective goal of being healthy happy and free. Everybody does what they can to contribute and takes only what they need in return. As I said before, there are no true communist countries and there never have been. Every so-called communist country is actually a socialist country, with the state controlling employment and economy to some degree. Even the widely referred to communist Russia was actually called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In short, Socialism and Communism are not altogether different. Rather most schools of economics consider- Socialism to be a precursor to communism once the state has enough control over society and economy. But this total control is a major reason that socialist countries struggle to reach this ideal. Corruption is rampant in countries like the former USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam and North Korea Largely people due to people in power, abusing that power instead of using it to help the society they control. And refusing to give up that power to the people Nonetheless, Socialist ideals have seen incredible success when paired with capitalism. In countries like Sweden and Canada The human hurdle of overcoming power and greed and government is the biggest reason we’ve never seen a true communist country. So which countries have been labeled communist? And how do they actually live up to their reputations? Find out in this video to the right. Thanks for watching NowThis World! don’t forget to Like and subscribe for more videos like this every week.

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  1. The state cannot transition society to communism, and capitalism cannot implement socialism. The way to communism is collectivization of the means of production through worker cooperatives, complete and total democratization of the workplace and abolition of the capitalist class. It is not rulers who will lead us to a future where all are free, but the dictatorship of the proletariat. All historical nations that claimed to champion communism were not socialist societies, but command economies. Communism will only arise when we democratize the whole of society. Currently, no democratic society exists.

  2. "When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why they are poor, they call me a communist." – Archbishop Hélder

  3. By your definition, the programs that exist and are proposed in this country, are not Socialism.
    Socialism seizes the means of production. At no point do any of these programs do that. They affect the MARKET by consolidating buying power under a single entity. That's not Socialism. In fact, that's a hallmark of Capitalism. Buying power is a critical part of the supply/demand dynamic. The actual production aspects of all the programs are left in private hands. The work crews repaving our roads and repairing our bridges are not government employees; they're employed by private companies that have been contracted to do the work.
    The closest thing we have to that definition would be the USPS, but that only has one company of many being government-owned, and it has to compete with all of the private companies.

  4. As you listen to what this guy is saying, it all sounds utopian and great until it doesn't work the way it's supposed to. This has been proven time and time again throughout history. "Everybody" contributes (until they don't) and "everybody" shares what they create (until they don't) and only takes what they need (until they don't).

  5. There’s never been a sufficiently uncontradictory communist manifesto; besides, there’ve only been two fully proven communists. One jocundy in the wrong, the other gerrymanderingly yet well-disposedly in the right.

  6. The day after the Bernie Sanders 60 minutes interview …

    Youtube: Do you want to hear the difference Communism & Socialism.

    Me: Yea sure.

    Youtube video: Well all Communism countries started out Socialist countries until they went down the tube …

    Me: o_O. And Bernie Sanders is running as a Democratic Socialist ? ….

  7. Just looked up the definition of communism, and yea, it has been around for centuries. If communism didn't exist, what was the colonials running from when they formed America?? WAITE!!… before you answer that question….whats the difference??

  8. True,socialism is the next step of society but I recognise some capitalism pared with socialism is needed for a great and equal society

  9. Open up a history book!
    More than 200, 000, 000 people were killed/starved/murdered by socialism/communism.
    Do not rationalize a personal piggy bank for a select group of bullies just because you are unhappy with a bunch of lying Dummocrats.
    None were successful! All failed!
    Fat, stupid, lazy multiple-colored hair children throwing temper tantrums will not work in any society.

  10. "socialist ideals have greatest success when paired with capitalism" What? There's no such thing as a social-capitalist system 🤣

  11. My dad lived in a socialist/communist Soviet union for much of his life. He worked as a machinist in large factorie/s and says one of the reasons the idea doesn't work is because people are lazy. Nobody wants to work. You get paid the same if you slack or hustle. People had basically no motivation

  12. Communism is a kick in the nuts and a yoke on the neck. Socialism is all flowers and smiles and kindness and love let's all become Communists I mean Socialists!

  13. Solialist Corny Capitalism especially in North Korea later United Korean Kingdom with Kim jong un as King…..Alhamduallah Inshallah……

  14. Thanks for making it crystal clear Socialism is just as bad as real Communism.
    Only the ignorant and naive will vote for Bernie in 2020, and history will repeat itself.

  15. Hold up.
    If these communist countries weren't "really" communist, then they HAVE to be socialist correct?

    So then you would have to agree then that socialism has killed over 100 million people, with it's terrible ideas

  16. Ask Swedish economists. Sweden is not socialist. It is predominantly a free market society. “The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

  17. This video’s explanation & comparison is skewed.

    DEMOCRACY is one of the key components of Socialism. You are way off in correlating the importance of capitalism to successful socialism.

    All these “-isms” are ideologies and no one country has ever showcased an unadulterated execution of any of them.

    Even the US which is now the favorite example of FAILED Capitalism… has social programs, public roads, schools, etc. —which are socialist.

    Leonard Roy Frank (20th Century Epigrammist):

    Democracy + Private Ownership = Capitalism

    Democracy + Public Ownership = Socialism

    Dictatorship + Private Ownership = Fascism

    Dictatorship + Public Ownership = Communism

  18. Communism is impossible because of human nature: greed. The problem is socialism, which would deny you opportunity and incentive to to further your economic freedom by assuming the risk of attaining that success but then would blame your success for why other who didn't risk for not having your success. Greed and corruption always thrive under socialism. Remember Lenin said the purpose of socialism is communism. But socialism is always gamed by the few to attain and sustain hegemony over the masses. Look no further than the Soviet Union in the past of this, China, Cuba, Vietnam, and now Venezuela.

  19. I’m from Russia and I can tell you that this guy doesn’t what he is talking about , it’s one thing to lay it out mechanically from the books you studied and another thing to live and implement it in real life , the moment you eliminate the ability for an individual the be able to own property or company that’s when you destroy economy, there is no such a thing as all the same , a human being should always have the freedom to compete ,that’s how a society innovates and prospects , that’s the reason why socialism never worked and will never work because it’s an ideology that goes against human nature.

  20. Also ..Ones the state takes control of all aspects of human life that’s when it becomes tyranic and communist! Exactly how it was implemented in the former Soviet Union. In other words once The people who take control of the socialist model abuses it for power and control it Automatically becomes a totalitarian regime!which is communism and that’s exactly what happened in the Soviet Union , China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and practically all the rest of them. So he is very wrong on the fact that they were no communist countries they practically all become communist states regimes once they apply the socialist economical model.

  21. A true "Communist" state has existed. The "Third Party" in the Spanish Civil War which was deliberately and incorrectly labelled "The Anarchists" by Winston Churchill, due to his fear of its immediate success. True Communism requires the abolition of ALL LEADERS & MONEY !
    As they refused to be involved in the fighting, they were simply swept aside, and many perished despite their short lived success (Agricultural production rocketed 150%, & industry 100% in just 6 months). Bartering was used to trade with France, while the "people" were guided by the Intellectuals, in accordance with Karl Marx's original book.

  22. The difference is Communism put Trump into office whilst the Democratic Socialist will of the people will put Bernie in the White House…

  23. Since we know human nature is corrupt and we know there is less opportunity in socialism for individual success , what system do you think might provide better chances for a better life and good will for many more.

  24. communism works if your an ant. If your human then a worker controlled democratic market socialist economy is the way to go.

  25. See, here's the thing. I wonder if Marx accounted for the fact that malintent is inherent in human nature. As brilliant as we, we are also a psychologically and spiritually ill species.

  26. Communism is the enforcement of socialism. It is against human nature to be socialist, workers will eventually come to the conclusion as to why should they give 100% and another worker give 50% yet remain equal. Then comes communism, since a floor sweeper makes the same as the person repairing the machinery, then everyone will want the floor sweeper's job, at that point the powers to be will assign people to do the harder work…..and then the corruption starts. A friend of the powers to be will get the easy job whilst a person not in favor will be forced to do the hard work or pay a price. Another difference is that in a socialist country's people are free to travel to and from their country, if the can afford said travel, communist people are not allowed to travel abroad. Lastly socialism has failed everywhere that socialism has been implemented, communism has endured for centuries.

  27. America is a socialistic country now and I'm happy as a lark about it…. I's really a combinations of socialism and capitalism and for decades the two worked quite well in harmony until the capitalist went nuts with greed…..
    Our entire military complex, all first responders, out educational system, our highways, street and expressway systems, our law enforcement, our judicial system, and yes, even our entire political system (including the cry baby government hating Republicans) in office is run under socialistic systems….
    All of it bought through the collection of taxes from one and all for the benefit of one and all……
    Take socialism out of America and we collapse over night…. There is nothing wrong with socialism and it is no way communism….

  28. i dont think many people would want to work a hard job when they are paid the same as people with much easier jobs.

  29. Everyone thinks it was a resent invention but its not true the idea of eliminating capitalism and monarchy power gors back to early greek times but it dixnt work and failled

  30. The timeline is Primitive Communism -> Slave Society -> Feudalism -> Capitalism -> Socialism -> Advanced Communism. The world has been stuck at the capitalist stage for centuries now. But advances in automation, impossible until recently, will result in a future where human labor is no longer needed. With Labor obsolete, the ground will finally be laid for the transition to Socialism and then to Communism.

  31. There should be 3 parties
    1. Republican conservative
    2. Democrat liberal
    3. Leftist socialism
    Should be seperate
    Socialism or call it democratic socialist

  32. In a small country that's poor I see that working not something as big as the u.s and how hard we've worked..making mistakes learning from our past etc

  33. The most loony thing from commy countries is the commy party claim themselves the representation of all working class therefore no need for another party and essentially prioritize to protect the one party system "of the working class". From there clusterfucks emerged like great giant leaps, Hugo Chavez's Venezuela and else

  34. You say that socialism wants the State to control the means of production, but it’s not like this, socialismo wants social ownership, that can be employee self-ownership and other forms INCLUDING state ownership

  35. Socialism – Communism = international democratic production for people needs. It is NOT a monetary/barter system. This is why we have not seen socialiism or communism. The last time we had this was in the sone age, and we did for a hundred thousand years or so.

  36. Um, you might add the US, UK, Japan, Australia, France, Italy, India, South Africa, and Germany to the list of countries where corruption is rampant 😉

  37. Funny how no true communist
    Russia , China, north Korea, Cuba they killed more people
    Under communism it sure wasn't socialism

  38. There is a true communist country. It is located in the communist's IMAGINATION
    while leaving millions starving and millions dead. Communism and Socialism is a failed experiment that ended in disaster.

  39. This is an extremely misinformative and irresponsible video. Communism is the natural culmination of Socialism, and although no country in this century has fit the true model of the word, neither did Hitler’s Germany fit the model that was put out for Fascism. There has no been no example in modern history of a successful experiment with Socialism, as it does not fit with the most basic need of economic growth – competitiveness. They nearly always result in brutal, totalitarian regimes as there is no other way of enforcing policies of conformity and regulation, and huge governments to cope with the enormous amount of control and intervention required.

    A socialist government in the USA would be an unmitigated disaster. Please read your history books and don’t listen to these false revisionists.

  40. 2:00 No. Socialism is MORE than JUST using public taxes for for public works like roads, and fire stations. It is this PLUS workers controlling the means of production and making decisions about sharing the profits. Otherwise if you went back in time and Spoke to Emperor Nero, Pharaoh Ramses, and King Hammurabi (basically any ruler in history who collected taxes and used them to build a road or public temple or garden) telling them they were “Socialist” they would say “No, I’m not a Socialist! I didn’t let my workers make the decisions about what to do with the temple or garden or road and share the profits” Just because you have a part of something doesn’t mean you have the whole thing. By the same logic you could say, “I have wheels, therefore I now have a car”

  41. Lenin Isn't socialism nor communism. That person can't edit The both ideologies like he founded them. The founder of The ideologies was Karl Marx. Lenin was the one who tried to apply it, His goals aren't the goals of communism.

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