9 thoughts on “Community sounds off on high drug prices with Rep. Abigail Spanberger

  1. If we make cancer care for males illegal we can have healthcare for all (women).. also.a.90% patriarchy tax on all INCELS ( men who don't meet my income standard)

  2. Bernie Sander’s Medicare For All program would allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharma companies and it would cap the amount a person pays for prescription drugs at $200 a year. Vote Bernie 2020.

  3. Specifically how would the new legislation on transparency change the phenomenon of the same drug being sold by the same pharmacy to different patients at different prices based on hidden discounts? Without easily accessible pricing information, how can people shop around and what exactly does "competition" mean?

  4. This heartbreaking to hear. I live in Sweden and have a yearly cap on my medication of around $220. The government are negotiating the costs of medicine and a lot of my drugs are generics, so my yearly cost doesn’t reach the roof.

  5. Yes, it would be great to get Big Pharma to bring down prices, maybe after the initial year on the market, as they did spend several billions creating the drugs. BUT NOTHING IS FREE, THE BILL ALWAYS COMES DUE!

  6. <3 bankrupt all4profit medicalFake insurancePlans2replace with nonProfit MediCare4all or dieBankrupt 4 mafiaDon's multiMillionaires racketeering (Y)

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