Conan Gray “Crush Culture” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Conan Gray “Crush Culture” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I’m 19 years old and I still haven’t had
my first kiss yet which isn’t the coolest thing in the world to admit. I just haven’t had my first kiss yet. I don’t know why. If someone wants to kiss me, they can. I’m down. But yeah. My friends were all dating tons of people
in high school and watching them be so in love and like so mushy gushy in the hallways
and everywhere we go just made me a really bitter person over time. Because of that, I think when I see couples,
I kind of just want to punch them in the face which isn’t a good thing. You should be happy for them. Love is good. It’s just not good when you’re not in
it. So that’s why I wrote “Crush Culture.” It’s a song that I wrote for people who
just, when they see love, they kind of just want to throw up everywhere. I started songwriting when I was 12 years
old. Then I just kept writing and writing and writing
and now it’s been like 7 years of writing. I write everything myself so it’s kind of
hard for me to not be personal. When I have a song idea, I record it into
my phone and then I just end up having like hundreds and hundreds of voice notes. I write the rest of the song usually on the
guitar just cause guitar is easy. You know like 4 guitar chords and you can
write thousands and thousands of songs so… No excuses for not songwriting. Do it. I’m constantly checking my phone. It’s actually miserable. My screen time on my phone is like 9 hours
a day. Especially if I’m like waiting for a text
from someone that I really want to be texting me. I just check my phone over and over and over. I’m a mess. Whenever anyone like looks at me in the street,
I just like melt. I’m not love proof at all. This song is like a ton of sarcasm. It’s all just like me trying to seem like
I know what’s going on, like I seem like I’m cool but I really am not at all. With the suffocating line, I was really trying
to make it seem like, “Oh yeah, I got plenty of people.” Like, get off me, I don’t even need you. Too many people. I definitely am not suffocating in love. I could use love. I think we all could use a little bit more
love. Sometimes, it’s good to be sad and lonely. Like just leave me alone. I’m just gonna have my little sad boy hours
and just like… Let me be. The definition of crush culture is all of
the flurry that happens around love. People who are in love texting each other. All these people flirting with you and all
these people talking to you but then all these people ignoring you and not wanting to talk
to you. It’s just like the whole mess of it. I am definitely the type of person who falls
in love with strangers every day. I’ll go to a cafe, see someone and like
all of a sudden, I’m fantasizing about marrying them. I don’t know why but when I’m like talking
to people who I like, I can’t function at all. It’s horrible. It’s so bad. I fumble my words, I can barely look them
in the eyes. I’m like looking at the ground and shaking. I feel like I’m dying. Like I feel like I’m just going to melt
right there. If someone’s like feeding me all these compliments,
I’m like, “What do you want from me?” “What are you hiding?” There’s a lot of players out there. I can usually tell when someone’s being
no good. I do this thing when I’m embarrassed around
people that I like. I don’t know why but I punch them. More of a fight than a flight response. So yeah I don’t hide in bathrooms. I usually just punch people. There’s a lot of like pressure I think on
younger people, like… “Get all those kisses in while you’re young.” But I never really cared growing up. I was like really focused on making it out
of my small town and like working on classes and stuff. I’ll figure it out. Eventually. But for now… If anyone wants to kiss me, let me know.

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  1. THANK YOU! It really helps to see another person who hasn't had their first kiss yet.
    I feel like for queer people it's even harder because the chance that you meet another queer person is lower than for straights to meet other straights. It's a fact.

  2. How can everyone not notice Conan is bi? Like, seriously, the striped button up shirt uh… Jean jacket. Most immediately,,, T-H-E CUFFED JEANSSS

  3. If every single thing he said in this entire video ain’t 100% accurate to my life
    I love when Conan talks about stuff so much


  5. i texted my crush and confessed to him while listening to this song to make me feel better in case i would get rejected by him lol

    surprisingly he didnt and he's my boyfriend now

  6. He's so open and I love it 😂

    Also omg he is like the only one whos on genius and can actially sing without music or auto tune.

  7. Conan: if anyone wants to kiss me I’m down


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