Congressman Proves Medicare For All Is Cheaper!

Congressman Proves Medicare For All Is Cheaper!

Congressman Ro Khanna dropped by our program today and laid out the case for Medicare For All. And it’s brilliant the way he puts it all together. Check it out. Leave your comments, ding the bell share it with your friends. And please subscribe to our Channel. CALLER: Hi Thom, Hi Congressman Khanna. I’d like to bring up the facts about the debate where Bernie and Elizabeth brought up about the candidates taking corporate money, but they didn’t say much about it. It was kind of quick but it was a fact that should be brought out more and Kamala Harris bugged out of her head. This is terrible, people. I got to know in a democracy what these people are about and what they really do and it’s hidden, hidden in America people what these corporate Democrats actually do. They take money and then they go against the American people And in the end it’s not brought out at all hardly anywhere and a corporate media will not bring it out. I’d like to hear from you, please. RO KHANNA: Well, I agree with you when it comes to the private insurance company. so there are two things that were said in that debate that need to be responded to.
A first one Vice President. Biden says that Medicare for All is going to cost 30 trillion dollars. The next sentence should we, will the current system cost 49 trillion dollars I mean obviously, health care costs money, we know that. The point is what is going to be cheaper and all of the economists say that Medicare for All is going to be cheaper and that’s common sense. Because you’re taking out the excessive insurance profits. You’re allowing Medicare to negotiate with the hospitals. You’re taking out the big pharma profits. The second thing is when Pete Buttigieg is accusing Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders of raising taxes, failing to point out that his own plan of having people buy-in, is going to cost people four or five thousand dollars. That’s actually the cost Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are not going to be charging the money to working-class folks. They’re going to have corporations employers in the wealthy pay for it and it’s going to mean lower deductibles. In fact, no deductibles. It’s going to mean lower drug prices and it’s going to mean having to pay four or five thousand dollar premium. So the economics I mean there’s a reason Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, Robert Rush, all of the economists have looked at this think that a single-payer makes economic sense with lower costs and provide good benefits. There’s a reason given that consensus that people aren’t embracing it and that’s because of the power of the pharmaceutical lobby and the insurance lobby.

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  1. Medications are roughly 50% of our healthcare costs. Meanwhile it costs less than 100$ to produce a month's worth of most meds.
    Furthermore? Most meds are mostly developed by the government.
    Drug companies spend more on marketing drugs than on development!
    Medicare for all would give us the ability to drive down those costs.

  2. Maybe people went to trump because corporate Democrats sieged the party? Maybe they saw how bernie won and read Wikileaks cables? Maybe the Democrats are just military industrial complex puppets and people want the non establishment people? Or yeah maybe russia made em do it lmfao

  3. I don’t believe the “economists.” Theory does not prove reality. Costs and taxes will skyrocket and services will plummet and be decided by noncompetitive government boards. I want to choose my healthcare, sorry. We can now shop around and must be informed of costs beforehand, which will spur competition. Competition always helps to keep costs down. Looks at your gas stations, where prices are posted. If one posted a much higher price, due to greed, it would go out of business. They have a right to make a profit for the services offered. That’s the American way. Government can help, but control always ends up hurting the people. If company does badly I can choose to leave. If government does badly, I am stuck. No thanks!!

  4. I am sure it has to be cheaper when cutting out the middleman, excessive testing, big criminal pharma, etc. And yes how can We not know that Congress withholds information, provides disinformation, obfuscation and are just plain shills….it's despicable! It's in our faces everyday what they don't do and well as do for themselves.

  5. Taking corporate money is being given the privilege of not doing the work you promised. They know they can’t get elected without corporate money so instead of being brave and facing the public, you take big money and ignore people.

  6. How you know when something is good for the average person is when main stream media and other so called centrists fight against it.

  7. Yes, let's all sit at home and let someone else pay for our lives. Everywhere this has been tried it always works out so well!!!!! What idiots.

  8. The real problem is going to be what to do with all the leeches who will be ut of jobs in the fear based insurance industry.
    What kind of jobs will they be qualified to do besides taking people's money and trying hard not to give it back?

  9. A NO BRAINER . All other countries have socialized medicine. Add all the cost of insurance company expenses and profit. Take out all that money spent on lobbyists spent on donating to the GOP and DNC to block Medicare for all. Think about the influence the media has on the public and there sponsors who buy air time. Private healthcare is a CON.

  10. I'm an experienced engineer. Like 55% of the population I'm covered by employer health care.

    The job market for a senior engineer in the us is about $110k. I also speak german and studied as part of an exchange program in Germany. A senior engineer position in Germany is also about $110k.

    So tell me where are the savings? If a family premium in the us is $20k shouldn't the same job in Germany pay $130k?

    Shouldn't the pay reflect what the employer saves in healthcare?

  11. It should be pointed out here that the only candidate supporting Medicare for All is Bernie. Warren is a proponent of incremental change, a pathway to…blah blah blah. In the end, she is just like every other bought & sold politician.

  12. Thank you Tom and your guest is absolutely correct you have my attention.

    This has been going on for as long time

  13. It's merely an excuse to keep people buying into the fraud of insurance. Insurance is probably the biggest scam every American is a victim of one way or another. Call it whatever you want but anything that everyone needs should be available through the government and leave the shit that's optional to private companies and our own. Let's face it they only want to give you so much education because our government and most governments pray on the collective ignorance of its people. We should be asking ourselves why if we're the greatest country, why do we screw our own people so hard???

  14. A great point is made here. The politicians LOVE to talk about how much Medicare For All costs, but NEVER, EVER talk about how much our current system of health care costs. Without comparing the two, the argument is always going to be one sided.

  15. Millions are fleeing this 3rd world shit hole Nation to more modernized economies an higher wages and benefits with free health care system and free education with higher Retirement's pensions plan's ! Only in Mystery Babylon America is the Gluttonous Greedy Demon's bastard's who are keeping people in bondage an oppression of wages and Skyrocketed inflation Price's with Skyrocketed insurance premiums An deductibles ! With a Hijacked lawlessness an God less government Who has been taken over by the Common thieving scheming bastard's all enriching themselves on scheme's an scams and Fraud with the fraudster bankers looting and Robbing the Dumbass Americans blind on scheme's an scams and Fraud an getting rewarded with billions from the Goldman's sack's federal reserved bank of Crooks !
    God warns us to come out of the Greedy harlot Who're ! Coming judgments Revelation 17, 18

  16. Mystery Babylon America coming judgments Revelation 17,18
    millions are fleeing this 3rd world shit hole Nation, For God will destroy the harlot Who're with Fire !

  17. Here in Australia, we've had free universal public healthcare (Medicare) since 1984 and it's great! We love it and are very protective of it. I could never imagine going back to a private health insurance system… what a nightmare!

  18. I am expat living in Italy. Italy has a National Health Insurance Program which I use but as a retired Federal Employee, I also use private insurance through my Federal Health Benefits Program to supplement my health care that I receive through the Nation System. My concern with Medicare for all and elimination of all Private Plans is that it will leave me with no access to any type of Federal Health Benefits at all since Americans living overseas are not eligible for Medicare. For this reason, this is why I support a health program that allows people to retain their private insurance plans but also allows them to buy into Medicare if they want.

  19. Okay. Here's a joke for you:

    An European and an American walk into a bar.

    The European says: what! prices are over twice as high as it is in Europe.

    Bartender: Okay. You got me. I'll give you 50% off.

    American: But But how are we going to pay for it now?

  20. republcans and fox news will fight an all out war on medicare for all to protect their corporate donors–we must vote for bernie sanders for president and vote against every republican in 2020

  21. Why would anyone believe a single word that any of these crooks say? What should be said is the taxpayers will foot the bill, oh & don’t forget about that “free” college “education”.

  22. First of all I don't believe they really want Medicare for all since
    Current Medicare:
    Doesn't cover pregnancy or any other form of reproductive healthcare
    Has Medicare savings plan, but it's not mandatory
    Doesn't cover vision or dental
    Doesn't cover hearing aids
    MEDICARE DOES NOT PAY FOR SERVICES IT DOES NOT CONSIDER to be MEDICALLY NECESSARY, you can't even get a cane for a blind person out of Medicade, so trans care is completely out of the question.
    Includes copays with NO LIMIT on out of pocket expenses, thus defeating the entire purpose
    Relies on private insurance for plan D
    Providers only get a fixed amount and are not incentivized to perform preventitive tests, or any extra care, and it's actually non-medicare patients that make up most of the secondary care price.
    Almost 81% of people on Medicare still pay for supplemental insurance, because they NEED to.
    What they are calling Medicare for all is NOT Medicare, it's something completely different.

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