Conservative Hero Took Welfare, Now Bashes It

Conservative Hero Took Welfare, Now Bashes It

doctor ben Carson who is the new right-wing obsession is gonna go on the
view here and spread some serious misinformation
about welfare recipients and listen know whoopi goldberg bossed him up after I just want to say I a new system but I i agree with that
giving able-bodied people handles rather than requiring that they work for pay is every bit as cool as activities
practice my races on the past Adeyemi you know do you believe that if
the weather system is racist well let me put it this way when you rob someone there and center to go out there and improve themselves
you’re not doing him any favors when you stake somebody in pat them on
the head and say they’re they’re you poor little thing I’m gonna give you food stand trying to
be a hacer mechanistic yeah I okay let me give you housing
subsidy that may give you free health care and because you can’t do that and is
those people over there this cause I have your bro got my we didn’t have to do a quick
scare well wraps okay so what would be much more
empowering is to use our intellect and our
resources to give those people away up and out commands yeah okay okay while her mother very few people want to
be on welfare very few wanted to walk with their kids and take food stamps in
there most people would rather work now I
don’t feel bad about being a welfare mother because I contribute as an
american that’s what we do whoopi is only one zillion percent right I mean the idea
that everybody on welfare is living the good
life and they wanna be on welfare that is a total myth okay most social safety net programs are of
you know this they have time limits on them or
requirements attached to them so their geared and structured towards limiting any kind of abuse and by the way of abuse did exist the
fraud rates in the programs would be through the
roof but as we discussed discussed on this show many times before according to USDA study the food stamp
fraud rate which is just one example is only one percent so it’s a myth that
you know all others are rampant abuse and people are just taking advantage of the system cuz
although they live the good life when they got a couple 100 blocks up month from the government
to live their entire life me what a joke as if that’s something
that I aspire to do that very very few people actually say fuckin I’m gonna try to do that for
the rest of my life but Carson is full of shit anyway
because as he’s passionately arguing against having a social safety
net quote course in in his book tells how his
grades improved tremendously when a government
program provided him with 3 I glasses because he could barely see he says quote by the time I reached
ninth-grade mother had made such strides that she
received nothing but food stamps she couldn’t have provided for us and
kept up the house without that subsidy whoa so your mother took food stamps you praised food stamps as
allowing you to get by when times were rough and now you
want to take it away from other people on believable so how does he do that has a demon is a
program to help him in his mother doesn’t make sense right Crooks and Liars explains quote Carson
has an excuse as to why the situation with his mother is completely different from the
situation with everyone else currently on welfare
he says quote the culture was different then I think there was a time when people
were not proud of taking handouts there were mothers there were more poor
there were more people who didn’t have that drive and determination you do what you have to do so in other
words you understand what is organised nah nah nah nah nah no I’m special she’s special where different where not
like everybody else use on the social safety net programs don’t you get it their parasites their
moochers they’re lazy it’s the culture they’re bad people but me well I took it when my mother
took it honor know we were good people we will not see our and this this is the
thinking right here man this is the thinking they can only come
out at the conservative Republicans head is the idea that we are above it all that we are the good people by
definition so if we me to rely on the government for a brief period of time well it’s totally justified it makes
perfect sense but if somebody else needs to do it how dare you here some fuckin bootstraps
pull yourself up by then get your shit together on be leave a bowl hypocrisy and this is
why I have no respect for the right today
because the right wing in the United States during a joke it’s not like you know all there just a
difference of opinion in week 8 hash it out if we were living in Britain yet maybe
the you have a conversation with the right winger you know maybe they’re more reasonable
because they’re not totally up their own ass they believe in science they believe
in fax right conservatives and certain nations are like that certain places in Europe
specifically maybe Canada to a launcher but in the US
inner know the right wing is just a whole fuckin other thing like not even worth having a
conversation with them their fuckin liars they’re fuckin hypocrites and just the the FAC it the point that
he says well look giving them handouts as a opposed to a
hand up that’s messed up man that date one can
argue that even racist book what about the fact that there’s no
jobs see don’t even a comedy for stuff like
that like little facts like that like of these guys should just get a job but
they can’t get a job which is why we need the social safety net programs you do know that there’s but three
people for every one job opening right treated in a perfect world everybody
welcome to want a nominal work as hard as I can gosh golly there would still be unemployed people
and we would still be a social safety net they’re just so stupid

100 thoughts on “Conservative Hero Took Welfare, Now Bashes It

  1. Exactly fucking THIS! Carson can go to hell. And you're exactly right, all right-wingers are special. It's true about government benefits like farm subsidies and health care, it's true about abortion–remember the anti-choice Congressman doctor that got his mistress to get an abortion? It's true about everything. Most of the Republican position is only possible because of hypocrisy. 

  2. People do not want to be on Welfare and it actually Makes them feel Ashamed of themselves!, While a Few don't care, Most do!,they need Financial help and Assistance to move Forward!

  3. Of course, in the right-wing paradise they are pining for, welfare recipients would be forced to work 14 hour a day factory jobs for their meager $300 a month. That way, even more wealth can be sucked from the American middle class and go straight to the 1%. 

  4. what's up with terry crews agreeing with ben carson though first he defends Donald sterling now he's agreeing with this clown smh

  5. Its not only conservatives who USED to take welfare, what about all the conservatives who STILL take welfare in subsides, industry protections, tax breaks etc. Conservatives rely on the government more than your average poor person in the cost to taxpayers.

  6. they do not limit abuse it gets easier and easier to get gov subsidies and ive seen people with food stamp driving a mercades and yea woopie goldburg put back in but how many woopie goldberg and dr dres are there out there compared to the life time welfare recipient and the wait times are a joke what was it 2 years unemployment and welfare they set a time schedule depending so i dont think thats fixed timing but you can get back on in what a month or 2 sure they dont wanna be on unemployment so why not do something like put that welfare money in job programs give tax cuts for business who open in poor neborhoods and employ at least 70 percent in the neborhood and make them run out after some peroid of  time start on the margins and get people who will be easier to take off welfare so instead of putting money down on them there paying in and more money to stretch the margin real fiscal republican ideas that liberals just wont listen to

  7. The thing welfare needs, is a tiered system. As it currently stands, it's a literal cliff. "You get this much, so long as you don't make this much. After you make this much, you get nothing."

    It should be tiered to help people ween off of it, while still keeping a standard of living along the way, so that a mere raise or minor position change doesn't boost them slightly above the line and get them literally kicked off of the cliff. I think that would help more than the way it currently does, where reaching a certain, relatively low point of pay, means loss of benefits which likely amounted to more than what slightly above minimum wage offers.

  8.   His republitard party was vehemently opposed to Food Stamps and welfare when he and his mother were taking advantage of these so-called "handouts"! People in need are the same regardless the time-frame!

  9. Who was the dumb fuck at the right side of the table? How can a black say "we should require people to work?" Maybe he never watched Roots, but if he goes back a little way on the family tree he might be surprised to find family members who were "required to work" — back then it was called slavery! With regard to the fool in the middle, there are no programs that lift people out of poverty, and if there were, he wouldn't support them because they would be more expensive than welfare.

  10. Without putting too fine a point on it, what Carson is saying is the he and his mother were special because they were more like white people than black people. Carson is another GOP treat from Nabisco.

  11. Black Conservatives are minting money. Hannity is desperate to have a few black faces on his show, and he no doubt pays top dollar for it.  As do Fox, as do right-wing politicians, etc. They are well paid to spout this BS.

  12. In a country like the U.S. do you really think it possible for cities to just go bankrupt?
    Ethnic cleansing of major hueman populous across the nation.
    Another destroy their monuments and temples move. Closing of neighborhood schools, stores, shopping centers and malls, entertainment venues, community centers, playgrounds, a total turn around from the communities I grew up in.
    Economic sanctions in play.

  13. I agree with the point of this video, but the title should be changed. His mother took welfare, not him. Secondly, the problem with the conservative solution, its kind of a Nancy Reagan just say "no" thing. I am sure that EVERYONE agrees its better to have a job and an education than a "check". However, when in office, their policies don't give everyone jobs or education. Their policies allow the rich to run roughshod over everyone else and PRAY a job trickles out of it.

    Look at Romney, a 1%er who supposedly deserves low tax rates because he's a job creater. Exactly what company did Romney create with his hundreds of millions after he left Bain? Who did he give jobs to? His gardener in La Jolla? The car elevator repairman at his house? If someone hires a ton of people, I have no problem giving THEM a tax break. Giving them one and hoping they provide jobs is like a city building a sports stadium w/no stipulation that the team actually hangs around for years after its built.

  14. Thank you Whoopi, you are the reason of sanity for that day. Only a very few people aspire to be the welfare queens like multibillion dollar corporations. When you become a conservative, your script flips just to make the majority look like shitty people. You people [the right] disgusts me to the point of physical sickness.

  15. Wow…Unbelievable-Carson can buy and do anything he wants now-hell, he's "retired" but is a regular Fox "News" pundit and is a guest on all these other shows but this is what he's preaching.  Get it on your own (even though jobs for most people are scarce) and if you can't get it on your own and pull up by your own "boot straps" then you're SOL.  Pathetic and Terry Crews can go to hell too.  I haven't seen one of his movies and if his commercials are any indicator I'm glad I didn't. 

  16. Boy, the FOX/GOP/TEA/NRA Party sure has a great stable of "superheroes!" There is Clivan Bundy, Paul Ryan, this guy and a number of others who have used or abused the welfare system because it should only be for "the right people," meaning people like them.  You should make a complete list and publish it.  Meanwhile, keep up the good work.

  17. I call this my-shit-don't-stink syndrome: If other people are on unemployment, they're freeloading socialists asking for handouts. Those lazy bums need to get off their asses and get a job. If I lose my job and get on unemployment, I deserve that money because I've been paying into it my whole life, so that's different. I'm not like these other people. I'm special.

  18. the problem is that a $7 an hour job is the same as a welfare check. you make the same on welfare as you would on a $7 an hour job minus the food stamps and medical card. so what incentive is there to leave a $400 welfare check for a $400 paycheck? raise low wage jobs to $10.10 and people will have an incentive to get a job. 

  19. How about people that ARE WORKING, but don't earn enough of a living wage, and still need to get assistance from the government, to which the GOP doesn't want to raise the MW, so people can get off of Welfare. It is the same thing with abortion. They force you to have a kid, but in the same breath take away any help for the kid once it is born.

  20. His argument would make a lot more sense in a nation with full employment, or if the government had a jobs program.

    GET A JOB!

    But there are no jobs.


    But there are no jobs.


    They're completely unreasonable and irrational. 

  21. It really gets on my nerves that people who call Black people who are sellouts, "Uncle Toms".

    Has anyone even read "Uncle Tom's Cabin?" I mean What the fuck people?!?!

  22. I don't respect Republicans because they hate me and my community they are always making policies that hurt latinos, blacks, Women, Gays, and the poor it's bad enough that they are racist but also their hypocrisy is unbelievable. 

  23. What we need to do is create more jobs. Jobs that will actually give people skills and allow them to better themselves and teach people the skills of how to get people ahead in the workforce. And not everybody want to work.

  24. Right wingers and libertarians tend to be hypocritical assholes. Their hero Ayn Rand was a "taker". 

  25. My mom talks about how she was on welfare when she was younger but it was only for a short period of time and then she got off of it. She's always been a working woman that provides for herself and family (along with my dad).

    That said, aside from my mom, everyone that I know that is on welfare takes advantage of it. My cousin who has never worked a day in her life and just sits up and pops out babies all the time is on welfare and loves it. She also receives other benefits from the state. I try my best not to judge her, but I can't help it. All three of her sisters are the same way.  I also know several other people like this.

    I'm not saying that everyone that is on welfare is lazy, but from my perspective it just doesn't look good.  

    I don't know the rules for welfare, but I really wish that it was truly just for a limited time. Of course, I'm all liberal and I do want people that need help to really get help. But these people that just stay on welfare for years and years, they really shouldn't be able to do it unless they have some sort of mental illness that prevents them working.

  26. And just because he was welfare does not mean he should not criticize it. Well the welfare system mean well there some people that can abuse it in the UK I know people that had babies so that there can have free housing benefits. Don't be naive.

  27. i believe that the right wing in america are a bunch of idiots they take from programs that's suppose to help the needy they have no damned conscience they want a big mililtary and they don't want to pay taxes they want police and fire protection, they want good roads and good teachers, they don't want for needy people to have health protection, but yet they take social security and medicare and anything else that they can get their little grubbing hands on their damned religions is tax free some of the poorest people i know vote republican but if it wasn't for some of the programs they rely which were put in place by the democrats the assholes would be eating road kill and garbage  this country has gone to the republican dogs

  28. Liberals are included in the right-wing, because they like capitalism too.  You're not an actual leftist unless you're against capitalism.

  29. Conservatives in Canada would be viewed as socialists in the US. And older Conservatives in the US that were exposed to anti-socialist propaganda during the cold war would likely say that Conservatives in Canada are radical and communist. 

  30. I hate to say this but there are very few Welfare Queens and I believe that it should be regulated (maybe having their kids put up for immediate adoption to the family members that aren't on welfare. Keep in mind that there is a very small percentage of welfare fraud, along with the fact that there aren't that many jobs (at least the ones that have a wage to put you off of welfare) getting rid of welfare just because of very few households who make it a goal to stay on it will end in disaster. But I'll just have to say let the states respectively handle it, with all of this shit they are talking I'm willing to bet they won't lift a finger on what benefits the poor because most of the people who live in the most conservative states are on some type of welfare.

  31. Here's an idea….If you can't afford to feed yourself…don't have kids. Yes people I know that some have lost their jobs but quite a bit are already on public assistance and continue to get pregnant. I don't know, hmm maybe better your financial situation first before you continue having more children.

  32. That's the issue with some people who've risen from poverty or any other life crisis, once you're out of the problem you forget how bad it was because things are better and you start to criticize the other side. Ben Carson here is no exception.

  33. There is abuse however, if we try to fix the abuse we will end up taking handouts away from those who truly need it.  Also, these guys act the same way towards abortion.  They are completely against it, in all circumstances…well, except if their daughter gets pregnant or their mistress.  Then it's perfectly fine.

  34. If you watch the full video you will see Kyle took this way out of context. Ben Carson never said that he is against welfare. In the full video he says welfare traps people and doesn't provide them with a way out and he want's to improve that.

  35. Forget conservatives here in Luxembourg and in Germany too. They're mostly Christian democrats, so linked to religion…

  36. When corporations are allowed to pay wages that a person working 40 hours a week are still below the poverty line then perhaps less people would need social safety nets. These are not teenagers, the average age is 37.

  37. Right wingers LOVE to vilify those on welfare, portraying them as the reason for societies ills.  For fuck sake the milk of human kindness has turned sour in the belly of America.  Tax the 1%ers, tax the FUCK out of them, tax the religions, the real fucking parasites!

  38. 'Conservative Hero Took Welfare, Now Bashes It'. Interesting. 'Former Cocaine User Now Bashes Cocaine'. See how easy it was to pick apart this video.

  39. What the fuck is wrong with our society, that we can be one of the most prosperous nations in the history of humankind, yet deliberately vilify and further impoverish the poorest members of our society? I mean, does their level of greed know no bounds?
    For instance; I'm so sick of hearing the words "taker" or "bums" from people on the right. Most people who need assistance aren't lazy, and most of them work a full time job and still require that assistance just to get by.
    But even when it comes to the small percentage of people who really are lazy or "bums" and who don't do anything…..they still don't deserve to be homeless and starving, even if they're not contributing, or we don't like what they do, they're still human beings and still our fellow citizens. I mean what decent person gets off on the knowledge that people are starving and living on the streets?
    I'm barely middle class myself, and I bust my ass for everything I have, but even I am more than happy to have a portion of what I earn, used to keep people out of poverty, and if I can be selfless with my money, in the interest of improving the quality of life for the poorest members of our society…. Then billionaires and millionaires can sure as fuck do the same!

  40. I like 99% of your videos A LOT. As someone who emigrated from the US to Europe and who hopes to spend most of his career there, it would be interesting if you could read up and do a segment on the EU elections from Sunday. Holy shit some horrible people with horrible views now have seats in the EU Parliament. You might quickly recant your view that they are somehow more sane. 

  41. You lost it there saying you could perhaps have a reasonable 'debate' with the right wing here in the UK ….the right wing are just as bad here as they are in the US! 

  42. Terry Crews lost me . Actors stay in your lane . Cause clearly you're out of touch seriously .

  43. kyle whyd you interrupt whoopi? she looked like she was on the warpath and it was cool.

    since when is providing food to those who need it something other than "giving them a way out and up"? these petty bourgeois people are a headache

  44. Carson was like the Next Big Thing in conservatism for awhile, but I think he's gonna have things like this that the repubs will see and he'll be done. You've gotta watch what you say your whole life and never say a thing on good government, except some lip service empty patriotic rhetoric about the troops, if you want to get in good with these clowns.

  45. Dr. Ben Carson has every right to voice his opinion and he speaks for a mass of people. As do you, but from the very start of your video I have more respect for Dr. Carson because even the way you spoke was very immature. This video epitomizes the narrowmindedness of the liberal mindset while showcasing how Whoopi Goldberg does the exact opposite of "Bust him up." 

  46. You are an idiot no wonder I never heard this show. You completely miss Carsons point. he was not saying welfare is bad its staying dependent on welfare that is bad for people in general. The focus should be on not just giving them welfare but giving them a way up. Have you not heard this saying: give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This is Carsons point.  Quit trying to construe his words because you don't like him.

  47. The problem with the welfare state is that the STATE has no money that he could give to people. He has to take it from someone else. And thats robbery, you can turn it how you want it will always come to the same point. 

  48. Conservatives are so intelligent. No help is the best help.  The rich need more in subsides (welfare) People are corporations and freedom of speech is cash the sky is a pop tart and the ocean made of skittles

  49. Well, if Carson's mother had progressed until she only had to accept food stamps, that must have meant that they were on welfare. You don't 'progress' to food stamps when you're working and earning a living.

  50. You're an idiot. Ben Carson's mother refused welfare. Also, at the end of the day, Ben Carson is a world famous neurosurgeon. You're merely a white Steve Urkel. I'm very upset that I stumbled upon this video and added to your views.

  51. So you're trying to say that a guy who once were an alcoholic now frowns upon alcohol and ask people to abstain from alcohol is some how hypocrite? 

  52. Almost every American could be employed if the Government wasn't feeding the Military Industrial Complex , giving Corporation Tax Breaks, and supplying Wall Street Bankers. Imagine if some of that trillions of dollars was spent in America, on Americans, who own that money by the way.

  53. Man this page is just full of idiots.  I get a kick out of reading the comments.  This "talk show host" is an even bigger idiot lol

  54. As a man of mixed race, this fucker is just another GOP window dressing and a Koch sucking sell out. the F'n Tea pricks are sell outs an hypocrites.

  55. he also preaches homophobic and racist views.
    he is the guy right wing trot out wen some rich white ass needs a lickin.

  56. Unh Unh, I live in Bed-Stuy Bklyn, and those motherfuckers LOVE their food stamps, they don't do SHIT all day but sit on the stoop, and I know this because I don't do shit all day long either, only difference is I'm white and mooch off my parents not the Gov.. Blacks have the fucking LOCKDOWN of free shit from the Govmnt, they pass that shit down each generation.

  57. Carson, like most Republicans, is a HYPOCRITE.  HE got government help just like conservative Republican Congressman and former VP candidate Paul Ryan did. But they are both so self-centered and selfish they would try to deny that same crucial aid to other people!  Ayn Rand, indeed.  Shaking my head.

  58. that douche ben doesn't realize fucking health care and food stamps are the way up and out. you need to be healthy to work and you can't work if you fucking pass out from fucking hunger!!

  59. Hey conservatives. If you feel this way and agree with this backwards bullshit. How about instead of handing other people bootstraps to pull themselves up by. How about you do the world a favor and just hang yourself with those bootstraps. It will do this country and the world as a whole a great deal more good than your bullshit rhetoric ever will.

  60. Yes Whoopi. We need this kind of aggressive approach to win elections. Be assertive and confident and it will be overwhelmingly clear that liberals are on the side of the people.

  61. I know this is old, but a way up and out would be college….which they can't fucking afford in the first place. And not everyone can receive a scholarship. #FreeCollege

  62. What world are you living in. You are spreading lies. People are taking advantage of the Welfare system. Come to the inner city my man

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