Constantine and Christianity

Constantine and Christianity

The story of early Christianity is a story
of struggle, persecution and martyrdom, often at the hands of the ruling government. Yet, less than 300 years after the founding
of the Church, Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as the official religion of the
most powerful empire the world had ever known. Who was Constantine and why did he claim to
be a Christian? At the dawn of the fourth century Constantine
began his ascent in both power and prestige. He was proclaimed Emperor in AD 306. By AD 324 he had solidified control over the
entire Roman Empire and in the following year he called the First Council of Nicaea. This council formally established a number
of doctrinal changes that had been adopted in practise over the previous two centuries. The nature of God and the celebration of Easter
were two key items on the agenda. It was Constantine’s prior signing of the
Edict of Milan that eventually brought peace after more than two centuries of religious
persecution. To understand the scope of this change in
philosophy, we must first look back to the beginning in the first century. The persecution of Christian’s by the Roman
Empire started under the rule of Emperor Nero. More than two hundred years later, by the
end of the third century, rank persecution of Christians had become commonplace throughout
the empire. Christian’s who refused to recant their faith
and worship both the emperor and Roman pagan gods were tortured and killed. In the mid-third century, under the rule of
Decius, an edict was issued that forced those claiming to be Christians to either worship
Roman gods or face execution. Decius’s religious campaign was intended to
restore the empire to its former glory by uniting everyone under their ancestral religion. How then did Roman society’s opinion of Christianity
change so significantly to culminate in Constantine adopting the religion? The answer to this lies in the vast changes
that took place in Christian practises between the first and fourth century. Overtime the leaders of the church began accepting
or at least tolerating new doctrine. In the second century, Clement of Alexandria
left a vast body of work that, according to Justo L. Gonzalez in Volume I of The Story
of Christianity, “Clement uses the [Greek doctrine of Logos] to call Christians to be
open to truth in philosophy.” The second century Bishop of Rome, later known
as Pope Victor I, is well known for the ‘Quartodeciman Controversy’ where he pushed for the excommunication
of Christians who kept Passover as opposed to the adopted pagan fertility festival held
on Sunday, later known as Easter. Victor sent out a letter to be distributed
among all the Christian churches where he warned that “…the Lord’s resurrection from
the dead should be celebrated on no other day than on Sunday…” In response to this instruction, Polycrates
the bishop of Smyrna, wrote that he kept the Passover “…on the fourteenth of the month
according to the Gospel, without deviating from, but following the rule of faith. …threats do not frighten me; for greater
ones than I have said: God must be obeyed rather than men.” Tertullian of Carthage was an early Christian
author around the turn of the third century. He was influenced by Stoic philosophy and
it was his writings on the concept of God being a trinity “that eventually became the
hallmark of orthodoxy.” The Christian faith underwent a dramatic transformation
adopting pagan practises and symbolism, such as that of the ancient Egyptian symbol of
life which was used to picture the cross. The religion had changed so much that by the
time Constantine ordered his soldiers to use this symbol on their shield on the eve of
battle of Milvian Bridge in AD 312, Christianity had become fully immersed in pagan practises
and traditions. Having been raised as a pagan devotee of the
Unconquered Sun, Constantine’s adoption of the transformed Christian faith effectively
blended his ancestral pagan religion with what Christianity had become. “Constantine seems to have thought that the
Unconquered Sun and the Christian God were compatible-perhaps two views of the same Supreme
Deity.” On March 7th 321 AD Constantine declared that
“On the venerable Day of the Sun let the magistrates and people residing in cities rest, and let
all workshops be closed.” Sunday worship, as opposed to Sabbath day
observance was later canonised by the Council of Laodicea in AD 363. It was Constantine who gave the stamp of approval
for all the transformation that took place between the first and fourth centuries. Unlike Decius who sought to unite the empire
under paganism, Constantine managed to unite the empire under the guise of Christianity. He effectively set the stage for all the faux
Christian practises you see emanating from Rome today. Dr. William Durant wrote in volume three of
The Story of Civilisation, “Christianity did not destroy paganism; it adopted it. …From Egypt came the ideas of a divine trinity…personal
immortality of reward and punishment…the adoration of Mother and Child…Christianity
was the last great creation of the ancient pagan world…” If you have ever wondered why the Catholic
church and the Protestant offshoots observe religious events and practises that are not
found in the Bible, then you only need to look to Constantine and the steady adoption
of pagan idolatry to find the source. I am Jonathan Riley for Tomorrow’s
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48 thoughts on “Constantine and Christianity

  1. Exactly!! Amen. Talk about all those holydays that all of them descend from pagans. Nobody mentions the passover these days. It is sad. But THEY did this to us to shame us. To use us as an exemple for THEIR childrens even to this day. Look at all the Satanist practices and symboles all over america for exemple. THEY have them in front of us. To scuff at us.

  2. Stand in front of a camera in a bad suit, do the most basic google search and post it on YouTube and suddenly your an expert !, NOT.

  3. I'm quite sure that comments that I made on to of the ones below are going to get a lot of flak headed back at me. So far the one made by the gentleman directly below this comment is the only one that seems to have any kind of intelligence to it. Again I recommend to anybody who wishes to dispute this particular video to read Diarmid McCullough's book, THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF CHRISTIANITY, partake the EFM seminar at an Episcopal Church near you that offers at before you go cracking down the road stating that I'm a heretic and that the gentleman who made this video is a heretic. We are not. Constantine did not get baptized until he was on his Deathbed he was a follower of Mithras until right before the very end. He made sure that the Council of Nicea set up the Roman Catholic Church with Doctrine that he had to approve before it was passed. If you want to see the Roman Empire in action today look at how the Roman Catholic church and their hierarchy is set up. And then go back and double-check how the Roman Empire was set up and you will see a direct parallel. At the time it made sense because that's what Constantine understood. So any one who wishes to ask why does the Roman Catholic Church do things the way they do nowadays it's because that's how the Roman Empire did it. There may be minor variations of this theme but for the most part go read your history; you will see that I am correct . And in conclusion for any of you who wish to declare me a heretic so be it because it's going to ultimately be up to God and Jesus Christ to determine how good of a Christian I have been in this life NOT YOU!!!

  4. These videos are not made by anyone familiar with Holy Scriptures nor of the History of Christianity: see "Eusebius Church History" a history of early martyrs requested by Constantine the Great for the annals of the Orthodox Christian Church – called "orthodox" during Nicene Council onward. Also, see our own videos of the Ancient, yet ever-new Orthodox Christian Church from Pentecost even until today, in various languages and cultures but ONE Faith in Christ Jesus. The so-called paganism is really the reverse: Christian feasts were often placed OVER the pagan celebrations to REMOVE them from the culture. Pagan celebrations were accompanied by profligacy, vestal virgins, and drunkenness, all of which tempted the Christian people. This is also the major reason Constantine the Great MOVED the seat of Roman Empire EASTWARD to his new Rome, Constantinople. The pagan ambiance of Old Rome was not suitable for the Christian believers of his empire, along with the libraries, schools of law (later migrating westward to inform our own laws with Justinian's Code of Law). See also scholarly work of Dr. JS Romanides "" under Contents for history of the interloper "church" of Franks which conquered southward from Aachen to finally take Old Rome's bishopric by force in 10th century. The appearance of nymphs and pagan gods on the walls of the Vatican are a sign of pagans living within. Before this, Orthodox Christianity had reigned from time of the Apostles in Europe.
    Also Papal- Frankish Warriors in the Crusades, with their "soldier-bishops" fought and killed anyone not converting; another indication of a prodigal institution disguised as "church" – begun by Charlemagne and founded in Augustine of Hippo's pagan philosophy. As St. Boniface wrote about these "German Latins", "they kill Christian (Orthodox) along with pagans" – and were profligate drunkards.These are brutal, but clear, historical roots which continue in the Papacy today.

  5. FOR JUDITH IRENE MATTA: The following sentence in itself is ABSOLUTE PROOF that feminist women are the most mentally twisted and deranged experts in depraved reasonings in all of human world history… ''The SO-CALLED PAGANISM (oh! it is REAL paganism believe you me!) is really THE REVERSE. Christian feasts (Christmas and Easter were NEVER Christian feasts but DELIBERATELY INVENTED COUNTERFEITED FEASTS to replace THE REAL FEASTS OF GOD in the Bible!) were often placed OVER the pagan celebrations to REMOVE them from the culture'' HAHA! It that a JOKE or what? WHAT CHRISTIAN FEASTS were placed over WHAT pagan celebrations to REMOVE WHICH PAGAN CELEBRATIONS from the culture? Are Christmas and Easter Christian feasts instead of pagan feasts that were created to remove their pagan origins? Insane! You don't worship God and Christ anyway you choose to but the way that THEY tell you to, not the reverse! … And the following sentence… ''These videos are not made by anyone familiar with Holy Scriptures (where Christmas and Easter are NONEXISTENT by the way!) nor of the history of Christianity''… You know where else I find such similarly depraved satanic twisted reasoning? When a feminist comes along to tell the world with a straight face that we are not born male or female no matter what our physical bodies, but it is decided later in life whether you really are a man or a woman! This is called mental insanity to flee like the plague and you ought to be interned in your local sanatorium to prevent you from polluting the world with your insane reasonings!… and Constantine (Mister PAGANISM in person by the way!) moved the seat of the Roman Empire EASTWARD in Rome (where Satan's world headquarters are located by the way, the seat of THE GREAT WHORE OR SLUT OF REVELATION!) supposedly to protect real Christians from the pagan ambiance of the decadent west! Frankly, one wouldn't expect SATAN IN PERSON to speak any better and go to hell!…

  6. Anoher historian will say your main asertions are falsified. Tomorrow´s world viewpoint will be different, your just promoting the postmodernist Constantine founder of Catholicism myth. More calumnies against the Church as the early times just as Christ himself prophesied.

  7. This video is moronic. The cross was real. It is described in Scripture. The Egyptian symbol of life is not the same thing. To conflate the two is an insult to one's intelligence.

  8. We all used to all pagan Christian practices 'since born'. Such a pity, only 21.813 people watched this important topic. I woke up just recently after over 30 years being born again Christian.
    Thank's ABBA in heaven, the HolySpirit guides me step by step to the truth. Constantine is one of this topic. Shalom

  9. Look. Its very deceptive and satanic to say and teach that Constantine accepted Christianity because it had became somewhat of a pagan religion by the time he came to power. THIS IS A LIE. Constantine was persecuting and killing TRUE believers in Christ during his reign and he became weary of it because the more the empire persecuted and killed them the more people began to convert to Christianity and forsake the pagan customs and lifestyles the empire depended on that kept them in power and in control of the masses. The greatest power you can have over a people is their fear of death. Once large numbers of people begin to not fear death you got no means to control or puppet them through vice. The point is Constantine was demonically inspired by satan to adopt Christianity so that he could deceive and undermine the precepts of the faith and steer believers back to pagan worship which ultimately meant satan worship. Get a clue my brothers and sisters. This guy on here is rewriting history to fit the narrative the devil wants out. Constantine couldn't beat the true Christians so he joined them then took over the a branch of the faith. Only weak Christians were conned to support this new order. What this guy teaching is blasphemy. As to take away the powerful meaning behind people willing to die in the name of Christ in vain. So No brother… Constantine adopting Christianity had all to do with satanic politics at play because satan finally realized you cant force a person to serve you through fear of death if they don't fear death because of their faith in Christ Jesus. Amen ShalomEli Yahson

  10. I just hate how this comment section is full of dumbass people getting mad over a video, it might be wrong but the man is just doing his job and if the video is so wrong why don't you people(if you can still walk because apparently most of them are old ass people) do one. Religion is the shittyes topic in the world and people get so triggered over it. I'm Christian and really don't care if the info from who knows when is right or wrong, however its just my opinion like yalls opinion. It's still fucked up that people get bothered over a vid with the only intention of teaching

  11. We hear from our Protestant Brethren that they are saved by Faith Alone. But the Bible says that we are Justified by a Faith Informed By Agape. We believe we are Justified by Grace through Faith, not Sola Fide.

    All Protestants are Goats ~ A look at the Protestant Doctrines of Assurance.


  13. But Sunday is the day on which we all hold our common assembly, because it is the first day on which God, having wrought a change in the darkness and matter, made the world; and Jesus Christ our Saviour on the same day rose from the dead.” The person who wrote this was Justin the Martyr. He died in 165 AD. About 150 yeras before Constantines edict. Sunday worship was not introduced in the Church whith Constantine, it existed long before that.

  14. It's a good thing that you realize that the Cross is a pagan symbol. I'm extremely that I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses. You should visit our website,

  15. The Cross is not adpted from the egyptian symbol of light, it symbolises the cross where Jesus was crucified ..

  16. Jesus and his followers were muslims, descendants of Jacob, and had to suffer at the hands of the pagan Rome.

  17. Modern Student s like twisted version of history. Rome is hellinistic, and Christianity judeo. There is very little evidence that rome is adjusting the believe.

  18. Christianity is a Hostile Violent Bloody Society.

    Christianity does not believe in our ancient Brother Jesus’s life and teaching. Judge not, Refrain from lies and deceit, love your enemies, resist not evil, have the same care for others as you would like to be cared for.

    No: Christianity recommends fighting and killing to your death for what you think is your rights.

    Our ancient Brother Jesus or the twelve that was with him did not fight and kill for what they thought were their rights.

    And Christianity go to war and kill their own Church Members in other nations. And they kill their own tiny little infants; calling it Women’s Rights.

    Christianity just claims that our Brother Jesus’s death was a legal license for their corruption and killing.

    That there is no need to live and teach the life and teaching that our ancient Brother Jesus lived and taught.

    It is all in the book of confusion that Christianity worships.

    This is just words to the honest and wise: honesty and understanding is the only true belief. Without honesty and understanding we do not know what to believe.

    To accept others opinion of the truth without proving it to yourself; it is being deceived it is not believing.

    We must understand to believe.

    There are many imaginary and mythical gods but just One and Only Great Creator of all existence.

    Some has doubts of the existence of Jesus; however, weather Jesus ever existed or not, has nothing to do with the life and teaching that is told about him.

    His life and teaching makes very good sense and is very logical and successful.

    In fact it is True Science.

    Just think what this world would be if all humanity understood the success of such a life. To create instead of killing and destroying.

    I do realize that the facts and truth is difficult for Christianity to face honestly.

    All Criticism is welcome, as thoughts of criticism are one of the processes of learning. True Criticism is presenting facts it is not name-calling and slander.

    Until Next time; Sweet Dreams: truth will solve all our problems before we create them; and ignore or reject the truth; problems will multiply all by themselves; those problems will need no help.

    Have a great and a meaningful life, if it is at all possible.

    Just whispers, of the Ghost of Reality

  19. The DECIPLES were FIRST Called Christian @ Antioch = ACTS 11:25-26
    ACTS 7:35 – 38 ISRAEL the CHURCH in the WILDERNESS.

  20. This is half rubbish. Anyone who quotes Will Durant with a straight face (the guy wrote in the 1930s – a lot of serious scholarship and archeology has taken place since) should be taken with a couple of tons of salt.

  21. Well said. It is as it really is, if only the church knows how had it was for the early Christians that still observed the Sabbath, feasts, festivals, and moons; and that they were a requirement.

  22. The cross is not a symbol of Christianity because it looks like the Egyptian symbol for life; it’s a symbol of Christianity because Jesus of Nazareth was killed when nailed to a cross, paying for the sins of humanity. Correlation is not causation.

  23. Nicea Council was also trying to tackle Arianism because they did not believe that Jesus was divine so many twist and turns in all of these YouTube videos

    What was East In the Bible

    Acts 12:4 King James Version (KJV)

    4 And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.

    Lords day Sunday

    Acts 20:7 King James Version (KJV)

    7 And upon the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow; and continued his speech until midnight.

    Matt. 28:1; Mark 16:2,9; John 20:1,19- the Gospel writers purposely reveal Jesus’ resurrection and appearances were on Sunday. This is because Sunday had now become the most important day in the life of the Churches

  24. Early Christians adopted a lot of pagan practices to avoid persecution. They had to practice in secret. There is no “faux” christianity emanating from Rome. It’s real authentic Christianity. Catholicism if we’re being more accurate.

  25. Somebody got it! Why the world don't except that the Apostles taught only Jesus out of the law of Moses and the prophets.

  26. Praise to the TMH the creater of heaven and the earth Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh.

    Greetings to you thank you.

    Christianity is pagan (apron paganism) have been for long time passed in generation only using terminology from bible.

    Have printed diffrent bible by translation, change word, vowels, separet books, hiden books so on.

    Those "old Christian" institution are biggest rogue.

    Roman vatican LUCIFERINEN.
    Ortodox Church.

    Mary as mediator.
    Virgin Mary doctrine.
    Trinity doctrin.
    Integrated satanic ritual "Chrismas ".
    Change HOLY Sabbath with is LAW and FOREVER to SUN- DAY.
    And teach gospel to confuse ppl many Christians can't ANSWER question by precept upon precept and are a prey to the enemy the don't have a foundation.

    That is on purpose.

    By that they opened up the gate to liars.
    Jehovah wittnes, Seven day adventis, Mormon, islam, all prosparity churchs world wide.

    They are not dumb they now thier god is Lucifer.

    All glory Christ everlasting king.

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