Constantine — Great, But for Whom?

Constantine — Great, But for Whom?

Constantine. Many people know the name. Wasn’t Constantine the emperor who legalized Christianity and made it the official religion of the Roman Empire? Well actually no, that isn’t exactly true. The emperor who legalized Christianity was a pagan implacably opposed to Christianity: the emperor Galerius. His edict making Christianity a legal religion was issued in the year 311, two years before Constantine reissued a similar edict from Milan. Nor did Constantine make Christianity the official religion. What be Edict of Milan proclaimed was the freedom of all Romans to honor the deities any way they wished. But Constantine himself favored the Christians, rewarded them, and gave them privileges, all of which made it more attractive for ambitious Romans to switch from a pagan god to a Christian one. You may have heard the famous story. In the year 312, Constantine marched on Rome. On the eve of the decisive battle at the Milvian bridge, he had a vision. A cross appeared in the sky with the exultation “By this sign, conquer.” Ordering that the cross be inscribed on the shields of his soldiers, Constantine drove his rival’s forces into the water, took Rome, converted to Christianity, united the empire, and the happy story of a Christian world began. Unfortunately, none of this is exactly true either. For one thing, Constantine’s vision was in fact a supposed dream he had had, and reported to his secretary, several years later. Even then, there was no mention of a sign of the cross, which wasn’t to become a Christian symbol for several centuries. The symbolism that Constantine did adopt was the Chi-Rho, the first two letters of the word “Christos.” Imperial standards were very important to the Roman army. The guardian spirit of each legion, cohort and century resided in its standard, and it was kept in a chapel Treasury in the center of every camp, and was an object of ritual and veneration. Now Constantine gave his elite units a new standard—the Lebarum so-called— incorporating portraits of himself, and the Chi-Rho. By so doing, Constantine, like every other Roman general, hoped to invoke the support of the greatest god. But he was far from sure which god that was. Now his mother, a barmaid called Helena, was a Christian, and may have influenced his choice. But earlier in his career, his patron deity was the Sun God, for whom he took the name Invictus, or unconquerable. His coinage continued to show Sol Invictus for years, and the Victory Arch of Constantine, still standing in Rome, in fact shows the Sun god Apollo, and refers to all the gods. The point here is that we are not talking of religious conversion or conviction, but rather of simply invoking the most powerful lucky charm. And as it happens, Constantine was a lucky general, fighting and murdering his way to absolute power. He remained a deeply superstitious pagan all his life, and accepted Christian baptism only on his deathbed. By then, the Christian bishops had been elevated from obscurity to a privileged place in the imperial court, rewarded with salaries from the state, and housed in palaces. The bishops showed their gratitude to Constantine by hailing him as a 13th apostle, chosen by God, his heirs and descendants destined to rule the empire. The bishops became the mouthpieces for the ruling dynasty, regimenting their flocks into compliant and passive recipients of an officially determined truth. But it wasn’t truth. It wasn’t history. It was astounding rubbish from the New Testament!

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  1. The main reason I can believe what Ken Humphreys tell us is from what I see from current Christians today. They lie and distort anything that happens in the world today. Any natural happening is abused for their God. Their agenda is paramount. Challenge them and you will be struck by their venom.
    So it is easy to imagine the earlier christians making up myths to advance the christian agenda.

  2. Google "Roman good luck charms". The erect phallus was a popular amulet, that, it was supposed, protected the wearer from evil. Just like Jesus on his cross really 🙂

  3. Ironic how the Romans gave the christians equal rights (and freedom of religion), but the christians nowadays don't want to return the favour to anyone else! Were the ancient Romans more civilized and tolerant than current christians?

    Also funny, is how christians blame non-christians for moral decline and the end of civilization, when it is they that slowly bled Rome to death by turning it into a theocracy, leading into thousands of years of depravity, corruption and murder in the Papacy.

  4. Ya, their moral superiority led to the loss of many of Rome's great civic advances, leaving us to 'rediscover' them centuries later. Oh how those christians sure helped things along.

  5. Excellent. Very well said and it is backed up with historical facts…So much for the ChristPsychosis infected theotards that have stagnated the intellect of mankind for over 1700 years….and they are still at it using Churches to convey the deluded GodPsychosis Crap..

  6. psychopaths. Not sure how long it could take to clean up the mess…the world should heal slowly..

  7. actually, I feel any invention is created with a goodness in mind, just that this one created by Constantine, went awfully wrong in execution..tough to play the blame game on anybody I guess..remember, by default, all are humans (pagans you call them, but the English word is humans)

  8. "…provided they do nothing contrary to good order." Even in 311, Christians were apparently disturbing the peace, and committing acts of terrorism, even if only against each other. Otherwise, why would Galerius include those words in his edict?

  9. Many nations used concentration camps before us British. A quick look at Wikipedia will tell you that.
    Try thinking before typing.

  10. >>making up myths to advance the christian agenda

    Which was, and still is, to make things better for themselves and worse for everyone else.

  11. Excellent point. For a good example just listen to any current christian pundit (Pat Robertson, etc..) for how much they lie for Gawd and try to subjugate everyone else.

  12. And the real problem is if we let religious people restrict rights for one group (gays or women), it restricts the rights of all of us. Thats something we cannot allow.

  13. I truly believe that this guy established the system which we know as the "ancien regime". Nicenism is a despicable ideology.

  14. Ironically the arch of Constantine was built with mostly reused stone from older Roman monuments. This was a common practice that continued well into the modern era. So many of those symbols are pagan ones created before Constantine's reign and perhaps altered slightly. Though it is true that Constantine was not much of a zealous Christian until later in his reign.

  15. Brilliant! As a passionate lifelong student of Roman History and collector of coins and antiquities, the discrepancies between what we are told about Constantine and the ascendancy of Christianity and the actual historical record as reflected in coins and artefacts have always fascinated me.
    By the way, I applaud your outstanding work in the struggle to liberate humanity from superstitious nonsense.

    Constantine was a mercenary, ruthless, psychopath and murderer and his support for Christianity had two primary aims: firstly he wanted to get his hands on the astronomical wealth that was held in the vaults of the great temples of the traditional, at Delphi, Delos, Ephesus and other sites of pilgrimage throughout the empire since the ancient temples functioned partly as investment banks of the ancient world and their wealth was legendary (it was customary for hopeful and thankful supplicants, believers and rulers to offer gold as tribute to the gods, and the greatest temples were so wealthy they could finance wars or provide loans to kings, states and cities).
    After a long, bloody and tumultuous civil war during which Constantine fought his way from West to East before deciding to base himself permanently in the East, the treasury was empty and the populace had already been taxed into virtual poverty.
    In addition the empire was still suffering from a serious economic crisis which Diocletian had attempted to ameliorate by introducing sweeping currency reforms and setting the values for various commodities, but these measures had not been terribly successful, since they mostly entailed the introduction of fiat currency to replace the precious metals of the silver denarius and the gold aureus. But nobody wanted the crappy silver-plated bronze and orichalcum tokens so precious metal coinage was hoarded and the economic crisis deepened.
    Thus Constantine, who had already had to strike various special issues to pay his armies, was facing the prospect of assuming control of a unified but bankrupt empire with an empty treasury.
    To fill his treasury, he manipulated his endorsement and favour of Christianity and seized the assets of the great temples.
    This sudden and massive influx of wealth enabled him to begin construction of his new capital and monument to himself – Constantinople.
    And reflecting on his own career must surely have given him cause to fear the threat of a regional uprising, so through Christianity, which was basically entirely overhauled for the purpose, he sought to introduce a centralised, hierarchical proselytising religion with a militant clergy that could unite the diverse ethnicities of the empire in obedience to the authority of the emperor.
    As to the rapid spread of Christianity I believe there are two factors: firstly the financial incentives, privileges and prestige accorded to new members of the clergy and secondly, the ceremonial of the new religion borrowed heavily from the only other empire-wide cult, the cult of Caesar, and I think Caretta describes this mechanism quite persuasively.
    Ammianus Marcellinus, Libanius, Emperor Julian II and others note the character of the new Christian clergy – they tended to be ambitious, mercenary and solely motivated by greed and gain, thus these positions attracted the lowest and most villainous of men, who were suddenly allowed to travel on the Imperial post, so that the carriages that travelled between cities carrying imperial functionaries were suddenly filled with ambitious newly-ordained priests who knew little to nothing about the religion they were meant to be promoting, but sought only the material advantages their positions gave them.
    And of course Constantine was famously refused admittance to the Eleusinian Mysteries because of his horrific and brutal murders of his wife Fausta and his eldest son Crispus.
    It is especially fascinating that Julian, who succeeded Constantius II (who was the only one of Constantine's three sons to survive after they turned on each other after dividing the empire) was the first Roman Emperor to be given a Christian education yet reviled Christianity and tried to restore the traditional gods.
    Ironically Julian II – who with his brother Constantius Gallus survived the wholesale massacre of Constantine's family by his three sons following his death) proved himself infinitely more tolerant and just than his "Christian" predecessors, all of whom were mass murderers, and the world would be a very different – and undoubtedly much better – place had he not died after a reign of only three years as Augustus.

    This issue is a passion of mine so please excuse the extreme length of this post – I could go on and on, but I had better conclude by saying that anyone with a brain ought to question the veracity of Christian history.
    I believe that Christianity as we know it was invented in the 4th century as a doctrine of political control for an absolute monarch and given a totally fabricated retrospective history by the evil Eusebius and countless religious scribes in the centuries that followed.
    The New Testament is so obviously a fake – full of non-existent made-up places and non-Jewish names (what kind of a Hebrew name is Iscariot?) and countless inaccuracies and contradictions that I find it hard to understand how anyone could take it seriously. I saw through all this garbage so clearly at the age of 11 when I was forced to take "Religious Studies"(Christian indoctrination) at school and it astounded me even then how absurd the entire thing is.
    I mean, just look at the synoptic gospels- they don't agree on anything and there are four totally different versions of the resurrection myth, each taking place at a different time of day witnessed by different people.
    And when I studied Ancient Greek I recall translating the earliest version of that fable which specifically states that Jesus died on a stake – a "Stauros" – not a cross.
    How can anyone take the New Testament – or Christianity as a whole – seriously?

  16. This man uses historical uncertainty (which exists in every single event that has ever taken place) to bend a story into one that favors his anti-Christian views. If he had any credible knowledge concerning Constantine, he would have known that establishing the Christian church for all people was not to force society to accept a lie, it was to allow the survival of the empire itself. Settling the conflict that ignited battles all over Rome over who Jesus really was would be the only way to allow the empire to survive. He established Christianity to resolve the greatest dispute that would end the empire, not to deceive the masses. He needed to put aside his Pagan views.

  17. France   November    2015.    The ''religiously educated visit the  joys of the religious ideology'' upon human society by SLAUGHTERING INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN, IN THE STREETS, IN SHOPS, AND MOVIE-HOUSES. 
    Let's hope that this is an isolated incident on behalf of our ''religiously educated brothers and sisters'' and has never happened before, and will never happen again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
    Or humanity would be showing  SHEER COWARDICE,  to not SHUT DOWN these BLOOD-SOAKED INSANE ASYLUMS masquerading as ''educational institutes of love ''    once and for all.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
    We all KNOW that it will HAPPEN AGAIN.                                                                                                                                                  Alternatively, we could keep showing FALSE RESPECT for these institutions, send more of humanities children to be '' religiously educated '', allow the ''religiously educated'' into our governments, military and police-forces, and give the ''religiously educated'' monetary aid in the form of tax concessions. 
    Should humanity go into deep denial of this clear and present and ongoing killing machine, and EMBRACE an ideology that is KILLING men women and children in the streets, shops, schools, and movie-houses ?
    Or stand-up bravely and rationally to be counted, and close the book on this primitive, barbaric and DELUSIONAL worldview and ideology ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Gee, wow, a hard decision. 
    But maybe the religious ideology will NOT kill again, and we can all conveniently  look the other way, and pretend that the SLAUGHTER in France November 2015 by '' the religiously educated and deluded '' was an isolated incident and will never happen again in the history of humanity ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         AS A THINKING REASONING HUMAN BEING WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE WILL HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE ?                                 
        ……… EVER    … ?

    Yes   or    no      ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         So why are YOU still giving YOUR tacit and meek …APPROVAL… to this ideology and worldview rather than declaring your position to STAND AGAINST ''religiously educating'' innocent people ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Does your meek, tacit, unbending, unquestioning, head bowed,  ACCEPTENCE  of ''religious education'', not make you as guilty as the          ''religiously educated''     men that are holding the GUNS ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 And if not……… WHY not ?   Why is YOUR acceptance of an ideology that is killing people ……..  NOT   …… your responsibility ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Would it have anything to do with threats of  ''magical torture in the sky''  in your childhood, from people that you loved and looked up to, and thought as a child could  ……….    NEVER    …….    be wrong  ?                                                                            Especially when it comes to the question of completely unverified supernatural worlds, and their purported invisible offspring ?

  18. Constantine is one of the pagan who whose abomination has cause desolation even unto this day. he changed the Holy Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.

  19. "And I saw a beast rise up out of the Earth" Dragon King Constantine. He brings down the fire as in Greek Fire, and based his victories on the sign of the cross. 666 Mark of the beast is Jesus Crucified. Chi X Sigma, and Stigmata is the grievous sore.
    Constantine is claimed to have won his great battles with greek fire given to him by Angels.

  20. All these videos sound more as personal biases and opinions than history itself. On top of the author's extreme bias, he is blatantly "retelling" history on his own words.

  21. So where is Ken Hunphreys today? All the comments on all of his screeds are years old. Is he still doing this? If he had any balls, he'd give Islam the same treatment, but I don't see that happening, He sticks to what's safe, After all, Christians won't kill you for questioning their beliefs. Muslims will. But then, who would expect anyone with that annoying, whiny voice to have any balls?

  22. with God, all things are possible! Jesus is the Son of God. No matter how many books you read, how much knowledge you think you have, how perfected an accent you speak, you can never KNOW GOD unless He lets you. you haven't been invited and this is why you think like this. you are blind to the truth of God and you will never be able to figure it out, theorize through it, logically understand it, because you cannot read the white on the page! 
    but if you ever think you would like to know the mystery, the real one, not made up by you or people like this. who talk big words, puffed up, elephant talk, if you want to know (from a pure heart), then just ask for Jesus to show you the way!

  23. jesus christ came to earth suffered and died for our sins. well ive got half of that done my self. jesus was special really ? why do people suffer and die still ? spoiler alert. there is no god, no jesus, grow up. the devil is in the details they say. you must mean facts.. by the way no devil either. please grow up.

  24. It's amazing how much you can Show Religious People the Truth with Actual Facts. Yet they look past them as if looking through Glass… Religious Beliefs are DISGUSTING, and are still Murdering Innocent People today. Finest Example is Islam

  25. many are sorry they did change from Paganism it had fun in it. Ireland is enjoying Halloween again. the party for their own dead, not saints they never knew.

  26. The Emperorof p. commentator has got it down right–Constantine was nothing but a Roman warlord in the pagan tradition. Ch. advanced like Islam–by the sword. But remember, these ancient writings, like the gospels, were a mix of king worship, myth, legend, folktale. Eusebius wrote my-lord-flattering biogs., not history.

  27. This is all a lie…in 289 the Germans sent two big army's down against roam…by the year 300 they conquered all 32 leagans an all of Italy…. The end of the Roman empire.

  28. He made it easier for Romans to switch from one pagan god to three others.

    The Bible began c. 769 BCE when a Jewish queen feared that the rise of the northern kingdom would again lead to royal intermarriage that would displace her priestly family from royal favor. Monotheism was about ensuring that only one god could be worshipped and that only one priesthood could represent him and thus remain the national recipient of 10% of the wealth. That's what it was all about then and that is still what it is all about today. The Christian tithe didn't even exist before 585 CE. but money had been needed for the elaborate building projects of the church.

    False Messiah @LeoYohann

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