Constantine The Great | Episode 1 | Lineage

Constantine The Great | Episode 1 | Lineage

As we trace back our spiritual lineage to the early centuries, we find the Christian Church a maligned religion. It was not popular. Many of the Christians in the early centuries
paid the ultimate price for their faith with their lives. The Colosseum in Rome stands today
as a testament of this fact. Under Pagan Rome
the Christian Church struggled along, but one thing was sure. The intensity of the persecution kept the church free from nominal and lukewarm Christians. If you were a Christian, you had to be all in, there was no middle ground. But in the fourth century an event would come along
that would change all of that dramatically. The conversion of Constantine changed the course of history
for the whole of Christendom, and the roots of that come down here to York, England. [music] In 306 AD, Constantine was declared Emperor here. His father Constantinus was in Britain from 305-306 AD and Constantine was with him until his death. He was then declared Emperor, but it was not to be a smooth sailing. There were counterclaims to the Emperorship
from Licinius and Maxentius. And it was before a battle with Maxentius that Constantine felt he needed more help
than just the soldiers he had, and so he sought the help of God. He believed he saw a cross in the sky and heard the words, ‘By this sign you shall conquer’. He took this as a sign to convert to Christianity, and a major switch began to take place. Rome would go from being pagan to papal, from paganism to professed Christianity. Many historians debate
the authenticity of Constantine’s conversion. Was it a deep-rooted biblical conviction, or was it a political ploy to keep a divided empire together? One thing is sure though, that after his conversion, practices crept into the church
that previously had no place there. Temples that were pagan were changed to Christian. The Pantheon in Rome
was changed into a Christian Church and the names of gods
were changed to Christian saints. For example, Jupiter became St Peter, and the list goes on. [music] While some were happy for these changes and welcomed the lack of persecution
and their new found status, there were many Christians all over Europe
who resisted these changes. For them the persecution continued, as they stayed out of line with the ‘mother church’. These were Christians
who were maintaining the pure Apostolic faith that was handed down to them over the years. There were scattered groups of people all over Europe. In northern Italy, in southern France, the Celtic Church here in Britain, and in various other places. The Bible refers to them
as the ‘Church in the Wilderness’ in Revelation chapter 12, verses 6 and 14. They were not always the biggest, they were not always the largest, but God would always have a people that were true to Him and that were faithful to His word. And so from this point on, two branches of the church would emerge. The recognized, the mainstream,
but the compromised church, and then the persecuted, often the smaller,
but the pure church. The question for us today is, which one of these two are we are part of? May we never compromise truth for popularity. May we be faithful to God and to His word
no matter what the situation is.

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  1. great job and accuracy. so many "christians" today worship on Sunday not knowing that is a pagan day established by Constantine and not by the bible.

  2. french subtitles now available for this episode here
    épisode disponible en VOSTFR ici

  3. Praise God for those faithful men and women who stood for Jesus. Thank you for this compilation of the church history. Can't wait to show this to my Pathfinders as part of the church history requirement. God bless you

  4. Impressive! Thanks for that important and blessed initiative! My wife does not speak english, could you provide CC in portuguese? Brazilian thanks, Lineage Journey!

  5. This is awesome. We need to learn our history so that we can prepare for the final days. Jesus is love.

  6. Awesome and quick historical overview.  Thank you so much for providing this!!  God bless and strengthen us in our protestant faith!

  7. Excellent work! To God be the Glory! May He use this series to open the eyes of many, bringing the knowledge of Biblical truth to the forefront while portraying the true history of the church through the ages. We would also like to encourage you to check out our videos at:

  8. The original Christian teaching was an oral tradition plus what Jesus said, but it was not written, as the Bible writes. And the second source of faith is the Scripture, or the Bible. If heretics, even part of the first church, taught delusions that only the Bible is Christianity, Rome persecuted them. It is necessary to realize that the Church is still the only one. The Church of Christ, Catholic. It is not the concept of the first church, nor of today's Catholic Church. The Church is the mystical body of Christ, as well as the institutions of the people and all their members here on Earth. The Bible from all the books and writings it contains is the work of the Church. The Church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, decided what the Bible would be, what all Jesus taught outside of it. This is what God and the Church know about, because Jesus commissioned apostles, they gave you the teachings to bishops and bishops. Of course, it is a matter of faith. It is impossible to prove directly the existence of God. Do not even deny it. However, I follow the faith with reason and seek truthful information, not as atheists, Protestants and Satan distort them.

  9. First saw these clips on First Light tv station, Auckland, NZ. Now following on Youtube. Excellent mini doco's! Thanks. God bless

  10. To find out more information read our extended article on Constatine on our website.

  11. Constantine never became a Christine. He was a typical lost Roman that killed Christians and built the Catholic church to control them and real Christians left the "church" and was hunted down killed as heretics.

  12. Give me a break! Constantine was no Christian! The "cross" that he saw as a "divine sign from God", was in the form of an Egyptian ankh. The top piece of the cross that he saw was almost perfectly round, which proves that it wasn't a Christian cross. Satan had deluded Constantine into following a false sign, and later on, Satan duped Constantine into a false religion. He became the first Pope of the Roman Catholic Institution. Under the Catholic Institution's rule, millions upon millions that have placed their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, and that would not recant Jesus, and join the Roman Catholic Institution's, were slaughtered for their faith in Jesus Christ! The Roman Catholic Institution is completely Satanic! She is the Whore of Revelation 17! Come out of her, in order that you do not receive any of the Biblical plagues that will fall on her! Even the Anti-Christ will give the order for her to be destroyed, and she will be completely blotted out forevermore!!!

  13. You got a great research Soo much information in it . I think you been famous soon continue your get more interesting about Christianity I have to Know more do more videos

  14. Amen! I am willing to die for Gods truth! Jesus said the kingdom of God is at hand. It was not in the future it was then and now and forever! Come out. Of her my people.

  15. EVERY organized religion falls under THE CATHOLIC CHURCH–Pope!
    Plz DO NOT hold Christian and Church as SYNONYMOUS… THEY'RE NOT!!!!!
    Church is holding the testimony of the Messiah, and Keep YAH'S LAW.

  16. I feel as long as we worship on God's Holy Sabbath and keep it extra special from the other days we will be doing fine, but most of all, pleasing God. 🌄

  17. I will never compromise the truth for popularity. I am on God's side and not man's fabricated lies. I stand for Yeshua

  18. I truly enjoy watching your very informative videos on 3ABN and Am,azing Facts tv. I pray that God would continue to bless this ministry to bring the lost and hurting to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  19. What I have trouble understanding is how educated Protestant Christians continue to worship on the day chosen to worship Apollo the SUN god!

  20. I find a calming and beautiful truth to Lineage. Thank you for your time devoted and volunteer work all involved. My life and my children's life have been blessed by these productions. May God continue to bless your work!

  21. This is a good video but it does not mean the Seventh day Adventist religious organization is God's remnant. His true remnant people are found in different denominations and house churches, etc.

  22. Sadly to say, persecution will come again in the future according to Revelation 13 before the return of Jesus to this earth. God will truly know who will surrender all to HIM because they love HIM more than the world and themselves. Lord , please help us to stand in the faith of you as those who gave their life because they love you unmeasureable.

  23. Though I do not personally know any of the many many persons involved in the creation of this massive & glorious project, I love with all my heart every single one of you. Thank you & bless you each & every one.

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