Conversation Skills – How to END a conversation politely

Conversation Skills – How to END a conversation politely

Hi. My name is Rebecca from
In today’s lesson, I’m going to show you how to end a conversation. Now, many people know
how to start a conversation, but it’s not always clear exactly how you can end a conversation
politely. So I’m going to show you a three-step technique that you can use anytime you need
to leave or end a conversation with someone. So let’s have a look at the board. Basically, what you want to do is something
like this. You want to give a reason; you want to refer to the future; and then, you
want to say goodbye. So you could combine something from here,
here, and here. Let’s try it out. You could say, “Oh, look at the time. I’m
afraid I have another appointment. Let’s get together soon, okay? Bye for now. Take care.” So something from here, something from here,
something from here. Of course, a person might say something between, but even if you’re
saying these three things, it’s a very polite way to exit the conversation. Another way that you can use which we often
use to be polite to the other person is rather than indicating that you are in a hurry to
go, your turn around, and you say to them, “Well, I won’t keep you any longer. You’re
probably busy.” Or, “I’ll let you go.” Something like that. You could then add something from
here. “Let’s do lunch sometime”; or “I’ll give you a call next week”; and “All right.
See you. Bye for now.” Something like that. A little more formal situation. Let’s say
you’ve been to a meeting or a cocktail party or something like that. You could say, “It’s
been a pleasure talking to you.” We’re in a business situation, right? “It’s been a
pleasure talking to you.” “It’s been a pleasure meeting you.” “I’ll call you next week.”,
or “May I call you next week?” if you want to, all right? Here, you might skip this part because if
it’s a very formal situation, you might not be the one who calls them. You might say something
like, “I’ll look forward to hearing from you” if that’s relevant. Or you could just say,
“It’s been a pleasure talking to you. Thank you very much.” Because in a formal situation,
that might be enough. So by following this simple three-step rule,
you can exit any conversation in a polite way. If you’d like to do a little quiz on this,
please go to our website, and you can practice exactly how to do this so
you can do it easily in your own life. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to
my channel on YouTube as well. All right? Good luck with your English. Bye for now.

51 thoughts on “Conversation Skills – How to END a conversation politely

  1. azad slivany duhok kurdstan
    hi rebecca i listen to your vidios with pleasur really they are nice topics you teach us active dayly language.

  2. you are such a nice teacher ..i understand your teaching.and i"ve seen ur all videos…thanks rebecca .one thing i wanna say..can you make some videos about phrasel verbs …we have much problem when i use phrasel verb..thank you

  3. hy,hello,and Salam to all of you any body who want to speak english with me join me on skype      enjineerabdurrehman33

  4. I have a question. Should'nt you say "It's been a pleasure talking WITH you" instead of "TO you" ? Basically replacing the preposition "to" with "with". 

    Once someone told me that saying "it was nice talking to you" literally means that I was the one who spoke all the time and the other person just stood there and listened. Is that not right?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Thank you very much. I hopelessly can't find the way to end conversation with my customers for long.

  6. you are a life saver . now i know for sure that i was rude while ending a conversation 
    it was a neat lesson thank you very much

  7. i will definitely subscribe to you. 🙂 i'm a Filipino and you have been a really good English teacher. thank you so much.

  8. Hi Rebecca mam ,I need this related topics pronouns, conjunction, preposition, interjection etc plz make my vedio

  9. I came here looking for a solution. Today I did all 3 suggested things with someone and they totally ignored me and carried on with a new topic. I think the shock registered on my face: shock that someone could totally disregard what had just been said. I felt like asking the person if they were hard of hearing. I then tried saying, " well, like I said earlier 'Margaret' I had to go now or I'll be late for an appointment that I can't afford to miss, I turned to leave and she started talking again! I walked away this time, a few seconds later she called after me saying 'bye'. Crazy stuff. Incidentally, her whole conversation was about her life. I did the validation thing to let her know I was listening, and I have sympathy for the fact she may be lonely, but Jeeze…I think I end up feeling rude because of her inability to accept that I need to leave.

  10. Mam Rebecca, right? how about, how to end a conversation in a phone call with your boss. hope you reply. thanks.

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