Costco Doesn’t Want You To Know What’s Wrong With These Eggs

8 years ago Costco announced that it would go 100 percent cage free with its egg supply nearly a decade later the company has yet to fulfill that pledge
and it hasn’t sent any timeline for doing so the Humane Society of the United States
decided to take a look see what conditions are like for egg laying hens in the costco supply chain hundreds of thousands of animals live lives depravation and suffering birds crammed
into cages so tightly that they are unable even to
spread their wings caught the wires in their cages unable
to access water just inches away from it many birds die in their
cage and are left their to rot with the survivors living eating and laying eggs for human consumption on top of these mummified pancakes Costco not only allows this animal abuse
in its egg supply but it’s misleading consumers about that
abuse using imagery on egg cartons of chickens out in
green pastures when in reality their lives are spent
crammed inside of cages for each bird has less space than an iPad on which to live for her entire life suffering to produce caged eggs for
Costco these egg-laying hens present serious
food safety risk confining birds in cages has been shown repeatedly in study after study to increase the risk of salmonella compared to cage-free egg operations sadly animal abuse is the standard
practice this egg factory represents the norm not the exception in cage confinement facilities for egg laying hens the time is now for Costco to fulfill its
pledge and get the cage of cruelty out of its supply chain

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