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  1. It's not hibernation, but probably induced coma. Thus some people will not recover. Earth is our prison and paradise. Unless we force and a planetoid to change drastically so we can live there. Also, why not creat a giant spacecraft to orbit, say, Jupitor in a certain region of it's orbit. We would find the same gravitational pull and live there

  2. The problem is, does hibernation slow down the aging process? If it doesn't, humanity is screwed for long flights. What is the point of hibernation if it doesn't slow aging?! More importantly, to hibernate, wouldn't you have to genetically alter humans to be able to do it?

  3. Imagine waking up half way through hibernation and just being stuck in your pod to go crazy. There better be an emergency release on that door…

  4. Well I want to know why time flies when you are sleeping? You go to sleep and sometimes it feels like you’re asleep for 2 hours in reality you were asleep for 8?!?

  5. I never thought they were hibernating the sci-fi movies. I always assumed it was stasis where their vitals and metabolism are completely paused.

  6. Maybe they won't have to do that. Maybe D.N.A. technology will advance so far that they'll be able to modify cells to last forever through means of gene modification.

  7. haha, we already do that on earth: because we do not pay attention to everything that happens under the sun. it is winter and the son has not yet entered in our hearts, because we love the night more than the day. sela

  8. Call me when they make this reality by using Cripr modifying modern human to commit suspended animation or cool hibernation. I'll sign up

  9. Many things are possible we just havent developed the means for it yet. It's all magic or unbelievable until we create the way. Millions of people around the world are connected instantly over the internet. Imagine going back in time with a flashlight or rock music. You'd be burned for witchcraft lol

  10. would there be a headache every time i awake? because i'm expecting a headache every time. I hope they give me water and a snack when I do wake like those bears.

  11. And what would be the advantage to having scientists in space hibernating instead of doing science other than requiring less food (which can be grown in space) and water (which is pretty much fully recycled in space)?

  12. Many times I wish I should go to sleep and wake up after 10 years…
    And I would probably still ask for "just five more minutes".

  13. Humans a couple of hundred years in hibernation, they'd have to bring a lot more to the research table than the bear hibernation process. Also a bear's wintersleep isn't true hibernation, it's called torpor (relatively high bodytemperature, refuted in multiple studies). This is as far as we (and NASA) go at the moment. NASA's funding of SpaceWork Engineering on their hibernation chambers.
    @wired, this was hot news in 2013 (1st stage) and again in 2016 (2nd stage). Little late on the topic?

  14. How about cryogenic sleep?
    It's a bit more complex than hibernation sleep cuz we still don't know how to freeze humans then revive them by unfreezing them. But its possible maybe.
    We just gotta find a way to freeze human where their flesh won't be damage by the freezing and also a way to revive the brain and the heart after the cryogenic sleep.

  15. I like the approach to thinking about hibernation as just a deeper state of sleep. I wonder if there's a connection to the Kleine-Levin Syndrome in humans. Perhaps a mutation to put humans on the path to hibernation?

  16. The answer is yes.. it is written in Quran in surah Al Kahfi where 7 youth sleep in cave for over 300 years.. i believe it is also known among Christian as the Seven Sleepers ..

  17. What like aliens, you mean aliens, it’s always aliens. Guess what ALIENS. I ❤️ aliens by the way, my all time favorite 🎥.

  18. it will be way easier to create a time bubble compartment on a spacecraft in order to slow down time on a trans luminal or transdimentional travel. research electrogravitics.

  19. I always find it funny when people miss use a word or term. Hibernation is a prime example, yes many animals do go into hibernation but bears do not! they go into torpor, a state that is similar but yet different than true hibernation. What is even more funny is seeing a major periodical miss use such a term, it means to me both the author and editor did not do their due diligence. What is most surprising though is the expert they have did not correct the misunderstanding. Just my two pence.

  20. Yep and soon after this we will get jellyfish DNA sorted. Then we can Benjamin button ourselves while we hibernate. We can get there younger than when we left!

  21. So basically, Bears have perfected the art of being lazy by finding out a way to not have the need to get up and go to the fridge every few hours.

  22. Regarding colony ships, is perhaps better to send frozen embryos and wake them mature them up 20 years before arrival. Case closed.

  23. When this video started I would have bet my house that it was Lauren Goode, it was Lauren’s voice!!! But hey it seems Arielle Pardes is the new Lauren !!

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