Could Madam Picquery Be a Member of a Secret Society in Fantastic Beasts?

Hello. Welcome back to Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic
Beasts. I’m Susan Şipal. I was recently rewatching the Thunderbird
scene in Fantastic Beasts and noticed something peculiar about Madam Picquery’s jacket. It made me have a flashback to Order of the
Phoenix, and I’d like to see what you think. I covered many theories like this in my book,
Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts, and hope you’ll check it out. The video I have for you today is more of
a question than a theory. I’d like your help in exploring a curiosity
I haven’t been able to find anything about online. I want to show you a couple of images for
Seraphina Picquery. First look at her dress in the Pentagram scene. Notice the decorative motif on the front. Now look at the back of her jacket in the
Thunderbird scene. Notice the emblem on the back. Both of these decorations are Thunderbird
symbols. In The Case of Beasts by Mark Salisbury, the
emblem on the dress for the Pentagram scene is specifically called a Thunderbird. And the image on the back of her jacket in
the subway scene greatly resembles other representations of Thunderbirds, like this one (link below). Why would Madam Picquery make a habit of wearing
a Thunderbird? My first thought was that it could be an emblem
for MACUSA. But when you look at the Great Seal of MACUSA
and its description on Pottermore, the bird is described as a phoenix. Not a Thunderbird. You’ll notice that none of the other MACUSA
officers have a Thunderbird on their backs. Then I thought perhaps it could be house pride. But no, she was in the Horned Serpent at Ilvermorny. And it can’t relate to her wand core. That came from a Rougarou. Perhaps it’s a personal statement from Madam
Picquery. Could it have something to do with her family
heritage? Or maybe it’s an academic society. We know she was highly esteemed at school. Or maybe I’m just over analyzing everything
and there’s nothing to it at all. The only connection I can make between a Thunderbird
and Madam Picquery is in the number of wings. As we discussed in a prior video on Seraphina’s
possible relationship to Credence Barebone, her first name is from Seraphim, one of the
highest order of angels. These angels, who were often depicted as the
closest and most faithful to God, are known for having six wings. I got to view one of these when I was in Turkey
recently at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. You can see its six wings here. The Thunderbird, as shown in the film, also
had six wings. It’s a slim connection, admittedly, but
one that may have important symbolic links. In the Christian Apocalyptic Book of Revelation,
there are four living creatures that guard the Throne of God – a lion, an ox, a man,
and an eagle. All have six wings and are covered with eyes. These living beings are linked contextually
and symbolically to the seraphim. While their meaning is debated among theologians,
they definitely seem to present a loyal, inner circle guard. When I was writing my cluebook, Fantastic
Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts, I found many apocalyptic allusions hidden within the movie. But this was one I missed. Could these Thunderbirds Madam Picquery wears
be merely another nod towards the apocalyptic theme of these films? Or, might they be hinting at a secret organization
drawn together to protect something sacred, or someone powerful, from the apocalyptic
forces at work? Could we be seeing hints of an earlier version
of the Order of the Phoenix? It would not be at all surprising to find
a secret resistance organization in a story surrounding World War II. It would seem weird to so advertise a secret
society as to wear it on her clothes, so maybe it’s not so secret. But there are many brotherhoods or societies
that, while doing good works in public, protect secret knowledge. Masons wear their Masonic rings with pride
but are not supposed to divulge all the rituals within their lodge. And note the emphasis from the Masons on Faith,
Hope, and Charity. Isn’t that interesting? Likewise, in antiquity, the Pythagorean Brotherhood
were well known for their secrecy, but made their presence known to other Brothers with
the Pentacle they wore. (But I’ll get more into the Pythagoreans
in my next video). One more link between Seraphina and Thunderbirds
– she made them a protected species in 1927, the year in which our next film begins. The biggest downside to all this speculation
is that we don’t even know if Seraphina will return. Carmen Ejogo has not been announced in the
cast list for Fantastic Beasts 2. Still, upheaval within MACUSA has been hinted
at with the return of Abernathy. We may yet see Seraphina again in a future
film, even if not the next one. Before we finish, I’d like to direct you
to a new fan theory video uploaded by a member of this community. She’s publishing under the name Bestiary,
and she’s got a great video furthering the discussion on what those symbols in the Pentagram
office might mean. Bestiary also explores what we might expect
to see of Durmstrang in the coming films, and if there might be a link with the two
Icelandic actors. As Bestiary is from Finland, she provides
an informed perspective of the Durmstrang region, and I recommend you check it out. I’ve linked to her video above and in the
description below. What do you make of this connection? Is it possible we’ll see Madam Picquery
again, or, a Fantastic Beast version of the Order of the Phoenix? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to check the description box below
for any links I cited and videos mentioned. And please subscribe for future theories. Also, don’t forget to check out my Fantastic
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