Culture in Danger (Culture en Péril, with subtitles)

Culture in Danger (Culture en Péril, with subtitles)

Stephen Harper’s government decided to cut funding in culture… …while promising a new program to finance cultural projects. What kind of program? Ok, so, briefly, I represent a small music festival… …and we are paired with another small music festival… …to get our music known… in France. So basically, we need some help to finance the project. What my colleague is trying to excrement… to explain… hum…is that the…hum… governmoo… …has a new pregame for the patrimounial culture… …to promototate Canada outside the clowntry… …and I think we are, hum, really sassy, sunny, sundin… …yeah, it’s very… sucky. Suck the Canada! Trust me, trust me not, somewhere in Alaska… ….there’s a seal, that is utterly bored… What’s wrong? No, no, I didn’t say “fuck”… No, excuse me, I didn’t say “fuck”…. I said “phoque”, but not “fuck”, not… I was referring to the animal, the seal! Okay, I’ll change my song… …hum, Sea Lion! Ok, sometimes we change a few little things… I never said “tits”! I was saying little, little things! I didn’t say “tits”! I NEVER SAID “TITS”!!! No, no, small things, a small affair… No, no, no I never…not affairs with women… Every dollar invested in the cultural industry… …brings 11 times more in direct or indirect benefits.

30 thoughts on “Culture in Danger (Culture en Péril, with subtitles)

  1. Oh Im sure there are valid reasons for the US to impose an embargo in Québec. After all we did allow the Soviets here during the cold war right?

    Oh wait, we didn't?

    I'm still sure it makes a whole lot of sense to impose en embargo that will also hurt the north-east states!

    Thrilling how a small nation seeking autonomy grinds your gears so much. As an american and one of the worse kind from what I read, you are certainly not in any position to call anyone narcissistic.

  2. JP,

    Alors que le Parti Conservateur propose une réforme de la Chambre des Communes qui affaiblit le Québec, tout ce que les députés Conservateurs Québécois ont trouvé à faire, c'est d'appuyer le projet pour rester dans les lignes du partis.

    Choisir l'affaiblissement du pouvoir décisionnel du Québec, c'est ça défendre le Québec selon eux (toi)?

    Dire qu'il y en a encore pour voter PCC lorsqu'il est clair que ce parti n'a d'allégeance que pour l'ouest Canadien.

  3. Cependant, le "Bloc qui ne fait rien" est la raison pour laquelle ce genre de réforme ne passera pas finalement, parce que le Bloc possède la balance du pouvoir et qu'il lui est possible de mettre son véto.

    Dans un gouvernement minoritaire, le Bloc a beaucoup d'impact, il lui est permit de choisir pour le Québec, chose que très clairement, le PCC ne fait jamais.

  4. Si les Québécois avaient élu des Conservateurs au lieu de Bloquistes, nous aurions déjà aujourd'hui une représentation en chambre affaiblie. C'est dans ce genre de situations que le Bloc est utile.

    Maintenant, il est temps que tu m'énumères les bons points du Parti Conservateur en ce qui a trait au Québec.

  5. Actually, in France, they giggle whenever they hear Quebecois French. My colleague, who is from France, thinks it's funny.

  6. I love this video, its a pretty good representation of the English and French speaking relations in Canada.
    As much as we'd like to think that things are fine. It is getting harder and harder to prevent their society from being absorbed and lost forever.

    It's a legitimate problem. And one that still has no clear solution yet. (aside from seperation, which obviously I'm against living in NS)
    Honestly though, I favorited this because it's funny. Thanks for the subtitles!

  7. Bravo pour cette vidéo! je comprends maintenant pourquoi les déferlentes francophones de Capbreton n'ont pas eu lieu! Quel Dommage ! Maurice nous dit : "A l'an prochain!" …Inquiétude+++.

  8. False!
    In 2008 Quebec tax payers contributed for 20% of all taxes collected in Canada (about 32 billions NET after removing the transfers) wich means you probably would get a tax increase in Canada shortly after… Unless you cut in the military budgets, close some ambassies, ect…. Ontario receives 60% of all transfers in research… and they only contribute 39% of the taxes… The all powerfull ontario a welfare state by youre logic…

  9. Ok, I care about the arts and I am upset at cuts to art & culture, but is this video about supporting the arts, or is it an excuse to mock anglophones? It's not a french/english issue, they cut funding for everybody, not just francophones. It's an attack on arts, not on Quebec, and many people outside Quebec are just as upset by it.

  10. @Bacardi4206 "You guys contribute nothing to Canada except all that whining, you are a thorn in Canada's side. "
    Quebec is a milk cow to Canada. This is why federal government doesn't want us out.
    When you will start to learn math seriously in the rest of Canada, you'll be able to count money and see how it really works.
    And maybe you'll stop believing everything TV ads tell you in the process.

    What do you give to Canada if you give so much?

  11. @Babinful Alors, ca mon cher ou ma chere Babinful3 c'est ton opionion. Certains vont penser que l'anglais est plus doux a l'oreille d'autres aimeront le francais d'avantage. Personnelement, j'aime ces deux langues. Je crois sutout que la beaute d'une langue depand beaucoup de la personne qui l'utilise. Partout dans le monde il y a des gens qui font ressortir la beaute ou la laideur de leur langues.

  12. @Babinful Everything you talked about here is prononciation… Of course a new or 'foreign' language is going to sound a bit odd if you spent all your childhood learning the correct way of prononciating words/letter in your language. Now let me ask you one simple question : WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO DECIDE FOR EVERYONE ELSE WHAT IS BEAUTIFUL AND WHAT ISN'T???

  13. In Canada this debate has been going on for decades and nothing seems to get resolved. As an anglophone who likes french and cultural diversity, I would like to see Quebec remain in Canada, and keep their "distinct nation" status. There have been many compromises towards Quebec with the goal of allowing french language and Quebecois culture to thrive. It is difficult for an anglophone to see what Quebec would gain from separation.

  14. @TheBienpro
    Haha… I mean come on! Be a country with your own money, army and mail service and try to stay «rich»… Other countries have more than one official language and we dont hear about those kinda things, becoming a country. Even if im francophone and in agreement with this commercial, i dont understand why quebecors think they're so much better then anybody else and need to be separate of this amazing country that we're living in.U r not the only one who speak french in this country

  15. @TheBienpro But you are already recognize as a different nation, a beautiful one. You have your province and your official language. And nation doesnt need to have physical borders, it refer to a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, history. What's annoying me in this is that qubecors sometimes forgot there are other francophones in the country who also survive without all that you have .Think about the acadiens, franco-ontarien, franco albertin.

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