Culture in Greece (English)

Culture in Greece (English)

We like Greek history, I studied Ancient Greek at school This is the birth of Western Civilisation Democracy first developed in Greece I came because I was studying Mediterranean Archaeology and Ancient Greek language We live the Culture in Greece and we live the History I like the language; I think the language is very special You have such a great history heritage We enjoy the fact that people are proud of that culture Greek people are very proud of their history so their Sites are always good I like visiting old Ancient Sites because its very important for me
because at school I’ve learnt a lot about Greek philosophy People should visit Greece because you have a combination
of you know the ancient runes you know the old culture the new culture Culture life here in Greece; people are going a lot to concerts,
a lot in the theaters, to the cinema
much more than in Germany for example The Churches that we have been able to walk into have been just stunning Gorgeous building, the landscape, the sea Loved it, loved it its fantastic you’ve got lots
of culture, all the mythology and the history Some of my friends are history buffs, so
they would love to come to Greece We wanted to see the culture and the history
and also get to go to the beach Life changes all the time now, that’s why its interesting to look back
to see what’s happened and what the future is gonna bring
for all of us We’re still trying to learn all the mythology; I bought
a book so that I can start reading up His middle name is Pericles, what more do you want? We like everything there’s really nothing we don’t like The newer museum is brilliant; I think they’ve done such a good job Its a wonderful experience, its a great place

21 thoughts on “Culture in Greece (English)

  1. Its not only tha culture of this beautiful and proud country…I have been to many other countries of Europe and this is the only country I met people..real people,with feelings….

  2. This is NOTHING compared to being there yourselves. Believe me – if you spend time there, you will be given a new lease of life and your soul will feel as if it has truly grown. You have to go, if you like breathing and thinking and feeling and loving

  3. This country is truly the lands of the GODS.
    From MAKEDONIA to the PELOPONNES and of course the magnificent GREEK ISLANDS, this country is truly blessed😎😁😊😎🤣😃

  4. Lovely video of sites and people but I think it’s edited to quickly. Like the cultural slant of this, it I’d like a short pause to the study what I could be seeing and take mental note.

  5. Μόνο εμείς δεν ξέρουμε ποιοι είμαστε. Μένουμε σε μία κούφια περηφάνια χωρίς να έχουμε διαβάσει Επίκουρο, Ισοκράτη, Πλάτωνα-Σωκράτη, Αριστοτέλη,τους Στωικούς, τους Κυνικούς κλπ. Δεν τους μαθαίνουμε στο σχολείο άρα δεν παίρνουμε Ελληνική Παιδεία.

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