CULTURE SHOCK for JAPANESE! What shocked them when traveling ABROAD and meeting FOREIGNERS?

CULTURE SHOCK for JAPANESE! What shocked them when traveling ABROAD and meeting FOREIGNERS?

They approach you so forcefully. That force made me give in a little. There were all… just so huge. The way they look out for others is different than in Japan. Hey YouTube it’s CathyCat, many people when they come to Japan they experience a culture shock. However Japanese people get the same culture shock when they go abroad Or when they interact with foreigners who have come to Japan. This time we are gonna go and Ask Japanese what gave them a culture shock When they dealt with foreigners. Look out for things that you should not do when you come to Japan. Let’s ask Japanese. Have you been abroad before? I have never been abroad. I have been to China. I went to Shanghai and such. Did you go abroad? I’ve never been outside Japan yet. Where would you like to go to?
– The UK! What part of the UK do you want to go to? I like Harry Potter that’s why I want to go. UK and… I want to go to Taiwan, even though it’s close to Japan. There is a model place for the movie “Sento Chihiro” from Ghibli. When you went abroad, what surprised you? When I went abroad, I realized how much better Japanese food is. Especially the rice. I thought how much more I like our rice. In other countries, the rice is so dry and that’s very different. Different from what you imagined?
– Yes a bit. Was there any cultural difference that surprised you? The way they catch. If you go to a tourist or souvenir shop, without mercy they approach you quite forcefully That force made me give in a little. Would you say that was scary? It’s super scary! I got captured alone. Even though the goods are cheap they try to sell it for a high price. Made me realize how different our public safety is too. You said you wanted to go to the UK, what cultural difference is there? Japanese food is so good, so maybe the food in the UK is not good… I heard about that… My recommend would be to ask a local about which place is good and tasty. I see. Well then I really wanna go.
– Please do. I love the UK. Well so you said Thailand. My family went to Thailand before. Even though they went for only one week they gained 7 kilo. So I thought, the food must be just as good as in Japan then. Tasty but maybe a bit too oily for them? Probably. They had a bit too much food there. Have you ever been abroad? I have. America and Italy. America… well actually Saipan Tropical island?
– Yes that’s it. – I have never been abroad.
– You will soon. Where do you wanna go? America … or Germany? Wow that makes me happy. Why Germany? Sexy Zone’s Marius comes from there. There is a Japanese idol group called Sexy Zone and member Marius Yo is from Germany. A German is inside a Japanese idol group? He is half Japanese. I really like him. Made me want to visit his country. Since you’ve been abroad, what has surprised you when you went there? What surprised me…. they were all so huge. – I admire that.
– You prefer that? I admire that a lot. What has surprised you about abroad? Rather than culture, I think they gesticulate in really big motions. So when they talk, they use a lot of gestures? It surprised me how big really. Food portions there are so big. I looked at the pictures my Sis took abroad. The drinks at all the fast food stores were so big. Could you eat all of that? Impossible! Have you ever been abroad?
– I have! Guam. – Why there?
– End of year trip. That sounds like a rich kids school. Yeah that was our graduation trip. You haven’t been so where do you wanna go? I want to see Australia. Why so? When I went to primary school, my favorite teacher was from Australia. And since then I always wanted to visit. He left a good impression then.
– Yeah. When you went to Guam did you have culture shock moment? Counting up the money was really hard. There was also a gun range. A place where you could pay money to try shooting a real gun. That was a surprise. I almost didn’t believe it. Can you buy it there too?
– Not buy I think… But you can try to shoot a gun there. A shooting trial then. Were you good or bad at it? I sucked a little at it. What things are different from abroad compared to Japan? Japanese people are holding back a lot with people they meet the first time. We keep our distance. But foreigners look out differently for others who they meet the first time. Because they are more friendly, the other person will find it easier to open up. I think it’s a total opposite to how Japanese people deal with new people. But if people are friendly at the start, I would be happy to visit other countries. Are Japanese people surprised when strangers are instantly nice to them? Yes some are. Also I heard from my friends who went abroad that the culture is so different that I need to actually experience it once. Have you ever been abroad
– We have. Where did you go?
– Australia. I never went. Guam and Hawaii. If you never went abroad where do you wanna go?
– Hawaii! Hawaii! I want to swim in the ocean of Hawaii. I really want to swim there. Where do you wanna go?
– Hawaii and America. Now those who went abroad. What culture shock did you get? There were barely any traffic lights. So cars and many people were using the same road. In Sydney, Australia. A place with many shops. There were so many people and no traffic lights, I was really shocked to see that. Juice tasted so different that I could absolutely not drink it. Why not?
– It didn’t like the taste at all. Was it too sweet?
– Way too sweet. So people who have not been abroad. What stories from abroad surprised you? How friendly foreign people like you are. I am friendly? Glad to hear that! Foreigners don’t take off their shoes. (to sneaky picture person) PLEASE NOT NOOO Well that surprised me. Their eye colors. Foreigners have different eye colors! Those were our questions, thank you! Ok culture shock. We asked about Culture Shock in Japan. Japanese people what culture shock they got. I would like to ask a couple of culture shock things that foreigners do IN JAPAN that kind of surprised or shocked me a little bit. Not what surprised me in Japan because we talked about that before actually things that foreigners do here that you shouldn’t really do here I was surprised about it. Let me list this down. One thing: Take pictures without asking. It’s kind of rude and really shocking. Generally Japanese people will always ask you before you take a picture because it’s actually kind of illegal to just take pictures of people without asking them. There is actually a law against that. Some tourists think “Hey I am in this country now, I’m gonna take it all without asking” Don’t do that. Always ask when you take pictures of people. It’s very much their privacy. Even when we are shooting out on the streets for TV or Ask Japanese, there are many people who will cover their faces when they even go past the camera. Because they don’t wanna be in shots they really protect their privacy so don’t go take pictures of people It’s so rude! I am sorry I don’t use the word “hate” much but I hate that, it’s so rude. Next thing: Cutting in line. I am shocked to find some people think they can cut in line just because that person comes from a different country. OMG never ever do that. It will not only make YOU look bad, it will make ALL foreigners look bad. People will look at this, and thing “foreigners they all do that. They cut in line.” Even if you try to be the best person, you will look bad if someone else does the same. So please don’t cut in line! This is one of the foundations that Tokyo is build on. If everyone was going and cutting in line … Tokyo would not work. It wouldn’t function. There couldn’t be a Tokyo like it is now. Haggling for a bargain. You don’t really see that. You see elderly ladies … I’ve actually never seen anyone trying to haggle for a price. Sometimes you see elderly ladies who try to get away with something but generally don’t haggle. And I’ve seen it a couple of times when foreigners tried to haggle with the shop staff to get the price lower for something… and there is a massive cue behind and… everyone just thinks “You are not cool.” You … insert swearword here. Because everyone is waiting, you can’t really haggle and the staff is even sometimes not allowed to give you a discount so Don’t haggle. It just makes you look bad. And everyone is gonna think that people from your country are all like that. The next thing is kind of connected. It’s a very touchy thing. I know in some countries you have less large personal space. In Japan you have moments when you are squished against strangers, that’s fine generally there is a certain amount of personal space after that. Unless you are riding the train in Japan which apparently overrides every law. Try and value people’s personal space. Don’t go too close to people. Also when people take pictures, people dressed in Harajuku fashion and ask, love that. Some people just go and put their arm around you or around your waist. You don’t touch people in Japan, so if you take a picture with a Japanese person that is not your friend and you start touching them… They will feel very uncomfortable and to be honest I feel uncomfortable when people just randomly go “Hey can I take a picture?” I am like “Yes” and they suddenly touch me and I am just like “Whoa!” Whoa what’S going on? So that’s a culture shock I get Obviously in Western Societies it’s ok but it shocks me a little bit. Just a couple of things to look out for when you come to Japan. I hope that helps you. Let me know the culture shock that you get Maybe with foreigners who come to your country. Try to be nice to each other. And… why is there a pumpkin in the picture? So let us know about your culture shock. Anyways, have a nice day guys. See you soon on Ask Japanese!

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  1. The most annoying thing about these interviews is when asians try to say western serving sizes are too big and that they “cant finish it.” On the contrary, have you ever seen asians hotpot? They NEVER STOP eating. I often wonder how it all physically fits in their stomachs. A little hypocritical, yeah?

  2. I don't think any of the things you listed are OK here either…there are just certain types of people who do it anyway.

    I may just be strange, but I very much don't like people I'm not super close with touching me (other than a handshake or fist bump or high five or something).

  3. My culture shock in America when I lived there with a year was how they do't care much about clubs and associations. Most dread going to them and will never even speak of them.

  4. Lol at ppl saying Americans are friendly they've never been to a Hispanic country then! We actually consider Americans cold

  5. Is she some kind of minor celebrity or does she appear on tv or anything, cause she complains a lot about having photos taken without her permission and this time it even got captured on camera.

  6. Actually, I don't know anyone that walks around in their shoes in their home. The only exception is when they are in a hurry and forget something…… I live in Europe so is it more of an American thing maybe?

  7. Cathyさん日本語めっちゃ上手いけど本当にドイツ出身ですか。もしかしてハーフですか。動画が面白いです 😉

  8. i always see this foreigners don't take off their shoes and i want to know in which country does that happen in? xd
    i mean if someone walks into my room with shoes on they'll leave without hair xDDD jk, just don't do that plz :'D

  9. In northern europe people also take off their shoes when they go inside someones apartment or house. It's just common sense not to want all that dirt from outside inside on your floor.

  10. I like the food in Toronto, it's very multicultural so when I'm bored of sushi, I'll eat pasta, and when I'm bored of that I'll eat kimchi pancake – Japan also doesn't have a lot of western-style brunch places

  11. In Australia, taking a photo of someone is legal, but there are many who don't like it.
    If someone takes a photo of me, I'd gladly break their camera, which is illegal.

  12. I've always thought that Japan shares many cultural similarities with England. E.G. Not cutting in line, not haggling, not tipping, privacy (you wouldn't just take pictures of someone randomly without asking), fear of embarrassment & so on. I suppose the reserved nature. That's why the English drink so much – in order to let loose.

  13. KathyKat, I work in public education in the U.S. As late 5th grade (age 10 to 11), we were talking about keeping hands to one's self. Admitted, I work with Special Ed, but it's a common refrain in most American classrooms.

  14. The Japanese remind me of my cats: very food-driven. Visit America to see the many sights that the country offers? "No, I miss my rice rolls!"

  15. One person can make everyone else look bad? Um what? Surely people know that you can't fit a group of people into one box. That has to be common sense right?

  16. Oh man oh man! These kids would flip if they had come to the ghettos of California…I come from one and it's a complete shithole. Lol And we had a Japanese family living in my hood and man they were as crazy as us lol

  17. In a lot of culture videos like this i see a lot of commenters complaining about how obvious it is to not cut in line, but if you haven't visited japan, be advised– the issue doesn't come from people not understanding the concept of a line (they do.) The issue is people in japan queue for things that people in the west usually don't (or, they queue differently). SO, when you are in japan it is important to be hyper vigilant, take a beat and search the crowd for a line before just blowing into some place. I think that can be difficult for some people, especially those experiencing tokyo for the first time, because there's just so many people and so much over-stimulation, you tend to just float around in a daze the first few days. I remember like the first week i was in japan i made this mistake a few times, but you learn pretty quickly.

  18. One tip when interacting with Japanese: Today in a department store I was looking for the exit and asked (in Japanese), "Which way to the exit by the alcoholic beverage retail outlet?"
    People don't listen properly, probably freaked by the western face. "Oh, you want to buy booze?" I should have just said. "Yes", but persevered. The trick is to play to the gallery. The person you approached will not understand you, but her colleague who is not being addressed, will. Because she's not under stress. I have often experienced directly and as an observer.
    This is what the study Japanese class will not tell you. Because a Japanese teacher has never experienced this. So phrase of the day: "I wasted my time studying Japanese."
    "How do you say "retarded" in Japanese?"
    "You can't say that. You can't say that."
    "But I'm taking about Yamada Denki."
    "Oh, well that's all right then."
    Jack, the Japan Alps Brit

  19. 100% agree. Once you buy a Tiger/Zojirushi rice cooker you can never go back…and you'll stop liking long-grain as much if you start eating medium grain.
    I guess what I'm saying is: Don't make my mistakes

  20. For a moment i thought my right earphone was dying. it's just the video =)

    As for the food in Europe, appart from Italy, Greece, France, the rest is quite shitty.

    It surprised me very much the thinking process of most of them in the video.
    They think so simple and small. Also they seem so VERY impressionable, and some times even opinionless.
    Why you wanna go there? Because that one movie.. because that one singer… that one teacher of mine was from there…
    …whatever he said..what she said…yes what he said, yes.
    wth? Like listening to 10yo girls.

  21. But when you are taking pictures of some sights etc. it is hard to take them without getting people in the picture, especially in Japan when in many tourist spots there are so many people. I have been to Japan for just a little bit over two months and I can't even count how many times I have been cut in line by Japanese people. That's happened so many times. I have never been cut in line by a foreigner here but by Japanese people.

  22. Idk why but I find it really weird that they all how when they say goodbye. I know that's their culture but it's just weird..

  23. I noticed she said "us Japanese" a couple times, but Japanese kept referring to her as a foreigner. Is she just including herself or does she have Japanese blood?

  24. In Japan there are only 2 nations: “Japan” and “The Nation of Not Japan.” I love how “abroad” or 外国人 are almost like singular concept or places in conversation.

  25. Oh look. 3 stupid women acting like idiot little girls with their stupid hand gestures. Pedophile culture Japan.

  26. i would be really interested in what Japanese people on the street think about homosexuality and lgbt+ in general. i guess it is not something they would just freely discuss, but i am quite curious as to what they would say. it is not a topic that doesn't concern japan, after all.
    (sorry for my clumsy phrasing, I know a personal and very real topic like that shouldn't be treated as a fun and quirky thing to discuss and see who thinks lgbt+ people have rights and who doesn't. It can hurt quite a lot. I am talking more about personal experiences or acquaintances they might have.)

  27. Sorry, CC. It's perfectly legal for someone to take a photo of someone in a public space without permission in Japan. The need for permission only comes in when the image is being published regardless of the format. And this includes vlogging. (Since you obviously know that you have written release from everyone on your show I'm only mentioning it for anyone reading this) But it's a civil law matter and if you're unhappy with it you have to lawyer up. Only the perv shots are illegal and require the cops.

    I realize this is a year old video but I've seen this statement a couple of times going through the Ask Japanese archives recently and "It's illegal" is incorrect.

  28. I've been randomly touched by Asian women in a mall in America. This girl clearly couldn't tell any other of the American girls in the shop by their face or back of their head. She when she leaned on my shoulder after asking me for the third time if I needed help, I actually asked is she was ok? She seemed REALLY stressed so I forgave her at that pint

  29. Seeing how most of them have not been abroad or very little it really makes me appreciate it so much more. As a dutch person my family doesn;t travel that much(once a year) but i have been to countless countries alraedy compared to them. I hope all of these people will also get to see more of the world 🙂

  30. Funny, Japanese tourists have a stereotype of taking pictures of EVERYTHING. I was skiing as a teenager on Mt. Hood and a whole horde of tourists stopped to take my picture for no particular reason. This was in the days of film cameras too, hope my pic was worth the development costs x10 cameras.

  31. how can you say you hate people taking pictures i don't see blurs over all the people in the background of your videos.did you get there consent hypocrite.

  32. I have a adopted cousin, who was born in I believe Japan. Anyways, he moved back to Japan, and got engaged. And I was invited to Japan to attend his wedding.

    I went and lemme tell you it was very different. I was very fascinated with the architecture, it was very unique. I was also terrified.

    My cousin spoke both Japanese and English, so for like a week I just stuck by him, using him as a translator. This is what I get for picking Latin over Japanese…

  33. I am german and I had a big culture shock coming to thailand. I have blonde hair and green eyes and somehow every girl started staring at me and I started winking and they blushed and I had so much fun doing that😂 but also just the traditional stuff is so amazing and different. It is so weired to replace a knife with a spoon 😛

  34. I mean it’s not really a Japanese thing to feel uncomfortable when someone just grabs you to take a picture… It just depends on the person really. Japanese people might have a very unique culture, but reactions like that are certainly not just seen in Japan. Really how I see Japanese people is they just have more respect (sometimes a little too much which can be argued as something good or bad depending on many points of view) than western cultures. At the end of the day, whenever you visit a foreign country, don’t be obnoxious and just be a decent human being, it’s a universal thing 🙂

  35. At 1:40 he should try Mexican cooked rice. Tastes amazing and if definitely not dry. I like eating my rice with avocado, tomato, and cooked onion.

  36. I though japanese people will travel much more…they have a lot miss conception. I'm surprise that a lot of interviewed people gave not left Japan even once.

  37. In Brazil, if you take a picture without permission, especially of a child, you can be sure the family will come after you and make you suffer the wrath of their ancestors.

  38. Some Japanese people take pictures of foreigners without permission. If you are taking pictures of an area with a lot of people, just take them. Someone crossing the road doesn't have the right not to be in the background of one of your photos. If you are taking a picture of the drunk ojisan in his suit covered in vomit, make sure he knows that you are taking a picture and wait until he reaches out to try and stop you. The hand extended out towards the camera makes for a much more dynamic shot.

    You can haggle in some places- for example when buying large appliances. if you want to try and haggle elsewhere, go for it- it is your right to ask for a lower price any time you buy something anywhere in the world, but most prices are set in Japan, and most staff don't have the right to offer you a discount, even if they want to.

  39. Most of things I understand but we live in a modern age of technology, they need to get over themselves with pictures. People take them.

  40. Hey! UK food is perfectly fine! Stupid stereotypes, only one that is true is that we all hate the french but that's more of like a sibling rivalry scenario. Also the uk is always associated with not cutting in lines and as really stuck up about it, but it's the same in japan? Does this mean America is the minority in doing this or something? Also haggling is really uncommon in common marketplace like supermarkets and is only ever seen in what is the equivalent of yard sales, I hear this is a HUGE thing in china and it is basically what you do (this links in with that dudes experience with high prices as they charge high trying to catch you out but you are meant to haggle) Also the Japanese complain about personal space? The trains there look abysmal, literally people in full body contact just jammed in, is this less common than it seems in films and media?

  41. Ooh, sandal wearing dude on a cloud.

    I thought weeaboo's went extinct back in 08, but here's a survivor presenting this show irl xD.

  42. …….Cutting in line is not done in America… is a huge no- no…..I can't even remember the last time I saw someone do it, it is THAT rare….

  43. So does everyone here in the comments speak fluent Japanese or something? I’m struggling with no subtitles😂

  44. As a Czech person I can tell you that we also always have a culture shock when foreigners don't take off their shoes when they enter a home 😀

  45. Regarding taking pictures, is it also illegal to take pictures from above like shibuya crossing where there is a lot of people?

  46. OUIoui wow LOVE ❤️ Ici ROCK ISLAND USA 🇺🇸 HONDA PLANE to Chicago Baseball ⚾️ FroM Chicago BRING HONDA Fast TRAIN Fly QCA I would to see JAPAN some DAY

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