36 thoughts on “Culture Shock USA! Asian Students in America

  1. i'm on here also to see what they got to say about us. i think if asian people were more open, than they would have a much easier time here. ummm also most of the time if you just say hi or smile, i don't think no one would mess with ya.

  2. 谢谢你们分享你们的个人经历。我是英文老师。现在我的学生们准备好去美国学习。要给他们看看

  3. What kills me is immigrants come here to America to get GOOD educations, yet, many Americans are living at or below poverty levels, and even middle class Americans as far as academic levels are below many other countries of the world. Singapore being number one, Asian countries seem to rule the field. Why? Self discipline. Americans started losing that at about the fifties, by the 60s it was in a wastebasket. Any country that prides the phrase "Sex, Drugs and RockandRoll, (nowdays hiphop) Cant claim self discipline. They still think the country is as it was in its past, it is not…..

  4. It's not necessarily illegal to drink under 21. It's illegal to buy alcohol in a retail establishment if you're not at least 21. You can possess and consume alcohol at 18 in some states on private property.

  5. As an American I have never understood the "how are you?" greeting. Even as a kid I would think, "why the fuck do you care?".

  6. When I was inChina, it's almost impossible to get anything but Chinese food. In the US, we normally eat many different cuisines.

  7. one of my favorite people in the whole world came to america from china – you cannot help but love this guy he is such a good human being. our cultures are a good fit for each other – we get along nicely – our governments are both crazy. I have never gotten over seeing construction workers in china living in cardboard boxes on site – it changed me – much love thanks for sharing.

  8. Naive. You are allowed there because you bring money. The moment you stop bringing money in – the hospitality will end.

  9. As an American, I can say we are fully aware that "Chinese food" here isn't actually Chinese, usually. There are Chinese restaurants here we go to for actual Chinese food. The fast food version are just fast food and we know it. Calling "Chinese food" is more like a nickname.

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