Dangerous Roadside Zoo Rescue

Dangerous Roadside Zoo Rescue

we ask for your blessings on this operation today, most of all the safety of everyone concerned and help us to be professional in our manner and Lord most of all for everybody to come back safe and sound Amen the gate is breeched team 3 is going in for a sweep through the compound this is one of the most dangerous
rescues that we’ve done we have initiated a notice of seizure and a search warrant here at the Collins Zoo This all started because of a undercover investigation done by the Humane Society of the United States they had an undercover investigator that was here for several months and documented lot of problems they do not have the proper permits or the conditions that the animals are in is very deplorable Doctor Aguilar was saying, they were thinking that you should do the tiger, the male first because he’s so nervous the fact that he’s obese he’s pretty excited already, that makes it difficult for us we’re probably going to have to cut the chain to get him out of there Looks like he went through that door when he was a lot smaller one of the owners is attempting to get an injunction to prevent us from moving the animals so we’re trying to get as many of the animals off as we can we’re rescuing two black leopards and a cougar and then we’ll be assisting in any way that we can with the rest of the knockdowns that have to be taken place today Mississippi Department of Wildlife
fisheries and parks have been working with this zoo situation for at least a couple of years They’re gonna be in such a better place then they are now and it makes me happy that they’re not going to be living in these so this is a good day today that they’re finally going to get these animals out of here about two and a half months ago we went into action, bought cages and started the construction so we’ve been going
round the clock in preperation for this it’s a wonderful day to finally have them here and have this project done and have them safe here and on the way to rehabilitation I mean this has been a long road for many of the folks at the Humane Society who have been working on this case and it’s extremely rewarding to get to
see them here they’re out, they’re in their enclosures, they’re relaxed, they’re on grass they have logs to climb on, logs to claw they have proper food, they’ll be getting medical attention I mean it’s it’s really wonderful to see
this happening

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  1. I’m happy to see them out of the roadside zoo and that they were rescued from horrible places like that. Unfortunately, seeing them in just a little larger cage I guess is the best they could do. Big Cat Rescue and other accredited scanctuaries provide about 1500 sq. ft. For a big cat with a swimming pool for tigers and every two months they are provided 2 weeks to roam 2 1/2 acres of grass and small swamp. Btw any place that you pay to play with cubs is not a sanctuary but a horrible scheme to exploit the animal until they get too big and then sold to these horrible places like roadside zoos or worse canned hunts. Best to stay away from places like that.

  2. Black Beauty is a world class place. They take such good care of the animals. I think when they first get there they are kept in a smaller cage but as soon as they are settled in and assessed then they go to much larger cages. If they are lucky they also have a place for them to get into water since tigers like to swim. They don't stay in those smaller cages.

  3. Thank God for the HSotUS, your heart and care for all animals inspires me to do as much as I can for them too. I've been a long time supporter of this organization, and clips like this are exactly why. God put us here on earth to care for the animals, not abuse them. Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers the world over who do dangerous, but oh so necessary, work like this.

  4. Originally they were free and ate grass but since they are now wild like us they must be restrained by parks that allow some freedom. Jesus sets us free by his being the truth and our believing on him

  5. Glad those animals were taken out of there… don’t get me wrong I’m not one of these save the animal freaks… I’m a hunter and an trapper but locking a big animal in a tiny cage for life doesn’t sit well with me.. that. Ring said the only reason MDWFP was involved was because there was money to be made somewhere… you can bet on it

  6. Glad those animals were taken out of there… don’t get me wrong I’m not one of these save the animal freaks… I’m a hunter and an trapper but locking a big animal in a tiny cage for life doesn’t sit well with me.. that being said the only reason MDWFP was involved was because there was money to be made somewhere… you can bet on it

  7. From one cage to another. Looks like a robbery by the big boys to me just because they can afford a bigger yard than the later tbh.

  8. Zoo in sa pietermaritzburg needs help..the animals are ill treated the tigers are in small cages with no food and water ..they dont even have energy to stand they all just lay all day and night coz i personaly feel they are injecting them all day…yet they charge so much entrance fee but animals are crying for help…

  9. This is why I like the humane society. They actually do something to save these animals in like peta who just show gore and do nothing.

  10. I’ve watched about 3 vids of this channel now and after the first 1 I thought I want to do this job. It’s just to see those animals it breaks my heart and I thought I need to do this. P.S. I’m only 9 so I’ve got a long way until I can participate.🤦‍♀️

  11. My heart goes out to ever single one of these animals rescued and the people who rescued them, I am not religious but I pray that all of the animals live their lives to the best that they can now that they are rescued!💜💜

  12. When I saw those wolves I was so heartbroken I love dogs and wolves but if they are treated like this god protect the person who is doing it

  13. Someone needs to kick the “ owner’s “ ass! I would love to hit him in the head with a brick and ask him WTF? He needs to be in prison!!!

  14. This is the world we live in, guys. A world that neglects animals to the point were the wind scares a tiger. Donate to these causes to stop animal abuse because it is really heartbreaking.

    ! Heres your warning for a story !

    A couple years back, when my sister still had braces, we were on our way back from an orthodontist appointment when my mom realized she didn't have her phone. We went back and once we got back to the place were my mom realized she forgot her phone, I saw a kitten right next to our car. We were next to the curb and the less than two-month-old kitten was about to step onto the blacktop of the road. I screamed as loud as I could so much my mom honked the car horn in surprise. My sister got out of our the car and scooped up the kitten. We have boxes with low walls so we put the kitten in there until I saw another next to an electric pole. I, yet again, screamed, me being the drama queen I was back then. The light was about to turn green, luckily we weren't all up in the intersection, but a couple yards away. My sister dashed to the electric pole and snatched the kitten up. Traffic was moving ahead of us, but we had to stay put. Cars went around us while my sister searched the rest of the area in case the mother or the rest of the litter was scattered around the grassy hill that lead to a shopping center. There were no other kittens or cats there, so we left. These kittens were so young and dirty. My god I can't even begin to explain how much dirt was stuck in their fur. When we got home, our dad was furious. Our parents never really trusted us to be "responsible" enough to take care of the kittens. We proved them wrong. The kittens were so cute and we took good care of them. The vet estimated they were about three months.
    T H R E E M O N T H S
    Only three months and they were just abandoned on the street like pieces of trash. We ended up having to give them away due to allergies which is still an unsolved mystery bc, BACKSTORY TIME, my sister and I used to ride horses and the farm owned five cats, neither of us were allergic to them. We let their new owners name them, but we keep in touch. They are happy, healthy, full-grown cats now.

  15. My mom when I was 12 found a litter of abandoned kittens in the back of her office and adopted one and gave the others to a local shelter

  16. Look how restless and aggressive those animals are. They most be so scared. Animals only act like that towards people when they have been treated so terribly

  17. I'm glad to see this place was shut down. When we lived in Mississippi for a few years, I stopped by this "zoo" out of curiosity. It was absolutely deplorable. The animals were not properly fed, sheltered or cared for by the owner. I reported it to the state. Thankfully enough evidence was finally made to ensure these animals were rescued.

  18. I hate zoo’s like this. My state has the one of the biggest zoos in the world and the animals there have wide open space.

  19. Ok I know this is great and all but its seems like they have just taken the animals out of one cage and put them in a better one. I dont know I just dont think that's the best way to help an animal who has been in captivity.

  20. Anyone wondering why they didn’t release them into the wild is because the animals are adapted to the wild therefore can not fend for themselves or hunt.

  21. I remember driving past this zoo as a child and now that I'm older Im so glad to see it gone… It's just so cruel and heartbreaking

  22. It seems at the end from one cage to the next😳😳 that grass is not going to be there next month. All trampled down from pacing by these animals 🤨 hope this is VERY temporary 😞

  23. I'm glad these animals are going to a better place i've made my choice once I graduate from college I wanna work here

  24. Thank you to every person who helped out with this this makes me believe that there are good people in the world thank you to keep doing what you're doing you're making a big change in the world

  25. Puppy mills I sorta get why ppl have the animals but what in God’s name gives someone the right to hoard wildlife on the side of the highway

  26. I will be very happy if federal laws outlawing trade in wild animals are passed in my lifetime..not likely, but I can hope. In sone states the trade in wild animals still takes place and the Amish are big players. Loathesome.

  27. I am also frustrated and angry that rescue organizations have to jump through so many hoops to save these creatures,

  28. The cages that they were put in after being rescued still look a bit too small but it’s way better than what they had before hopefully in the future they will try to make bigger enclosures for the animals

  29. Every one of you fell right into the trap the HSUS just laid. You see a 5 minute vid created by these liars and you jump right on the band wagon even though you had never even been there. This raid was based on lies and nothing else. I was there, I know what went on I personally paid for the feed and vet care for these animals. This "under cover investigator" was sent there to film abuse with the instructions that if there was no abuse, he was to create some. And that's exactly what he did. There's a longer vid of this shenanigan that shows a black leopard snarling at someone but it was a totally created scene. Those cats were good natured. So much so that the one you see here would come to me and I'd scratch her ears. I was there when he recorded it although I had no idea what his intentions were. He used a water hose, spraying them to agitate them so he could record the "abuse" he created. (we have it on the surveillance camera) He didn't know I had walked up. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was cleaning the cage. I asked him why the leopards were so wet. He said he accidentally sprayed them. That's the footage you see here.Those leopards came from a place that was using them to breed and sell baby leopards on the black market. I went to Kansas and got them myself. They were STARVING. Their heads looked to big for their bodies. They went to a facility in North Carolina to a huge benefactor of the HSUS. The snarling tiger came from a circus that went bankrupt. She had no teeth because she didn't get proper care when she was a baby. Yes, the enclosures were small. I searched for a way to get more property to expand them and had found some but the man that owned it died and his son wouldn't sell it. The rest is nothing but lies. And That prayer at the beginning, LOL That was worthy of a Hollywood Oscar.

  30. I wish all these animals could go to a reserve but I am happy they were saved .i think all wild life should be able to live free not in cages.

  31. i imagine some highly advanced race arguing about if its ok for them to take over the earth, and the group that argues that we deserve to be slaves as proof the show all the ways we have treated animals,imagine if that really happened we became slaves to an advanced race simply because of the way we treated the Earths other inhabitants, now thats iRONY

  32. I can't believe you have such idiotic stupid laws in some states that allowes peole to have these animals. Vomplete idiot legistalors

  33. So horrible how much pain and suffering is caused by monstrous worst-nightmare creatures/PEOPLE. It's impossible to call these persons HUMAN-beings.
    And several must have know about this since longer. It's not a one-man farm. I can't understand why you, by law, couldn't you take action to make an end to their pain an inhumane living earlier. The "zoo"-owners will probably not even go to prison as broke.
    The ones who can't and wouldn't even defend themselves are once again the victims. They once had a natural trust. Being neglected, locked up, wrong surrounding, malnourished and maybe abused there is a lot of fear (so aggression). Being closer to nature than us they will notice the enorm differences and thank you all with trust again soon. They almost forgive everything.❤️

  34. I'm so thankful for what these guys do I've seen some messed up zoos that treat animals porly and just seeing these animals in so much distress puts me in tears I hope you guys save more animals maby even all of them. I'm so thankful to you guys.

  35. But they are still in cages at the end, with no pond of water, not enough space for roaming or hiding. It’s a sad victory.

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