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  1. First of all, congrats on a great video. Cyplops eat either the juvinile daphnia or the molted cases with the eggs inside them. Compete and eat is their motto. That's why you have less! I lived in Ireland and I could find Daphnia in a local pond. Here in Canada, it took a while to find some. I have a few goldfish in green water and I made a little round tank beside it, and a few inches higher and airlifted fish water into it in a failed attempt to settle out solids. BUT it was a total success at clearing the green water, the overflow or return (at maybe 1 or 2 liters of water per minute) sends excess daphnia back to my fish. The neat thing is that the daphnia is both the filter and the fish food. The splashing of the airlifted water means that the mosquito larvae cannot detect the outflow and they get sucked down to be eaten by fish too. Maybe this can work in one of your systems too. Neat that you have all these together. I have some little shrimp too but they did not last in the system linked to the fish, maybe they got curious and went through the outlet. I still have some in another pond in the greenhouse. Thanks again for your video. Very helpful. Brian

  2. Do you have any idea how to quarantine wild daphnia? I have a growing Creek Chub I'd like to keep, and feeding it Daphnia seems like a good idea for just a 1-1.5 inch Chub. Also, I did catch in the wild, thinking it was just a regular minnow, which is why I would like to feed it daphnia.

  3. old video i know but one of the better ones… just wondering, if you have a container outside how do daphnia get into that container to start with? can find them almost anywhere in the "wild" so to speak, but if you have an open container thats not linked to a water source, how would they get there as the life cycle unlike mosquitos doesnt have a flight path.

  4. I hope that you make a new video on this topic. 🙂
    No offense but you're videos today have a much better quality than this one. Haha.
    I've watched a few Daphnia culture vids but this one has got to be the biggest container I have seen used.
    Anyways, thanks for the videos!

  5. Please check out for me if the video I took is of daphnia? https://youtu.be/KAyfW0pOB6E I have a concrete pond outside that rain water has filled and been sitting there for the last few months, I added some water lettuce and they have bloomed and I noticed thousands of these little specks darting around They must have come in with the water lettuce I took from my pond.

  6. Hello,
    Has anyone tried fishmeal as daphnia food? I have seen a number of videos including this one. One inconsistency I always find is about how fast they reproduce. Just two days ago I have set up a tank with capacity of 160 liters. I put a cup of ground fishmeal and a little starter culture of red daphnia. Within 48 hours it is like a billion baby dahphia in my tank already, very dense. Is it not way too many daphnias than what is usually told in these videos?

  7. Hi Corey, I have a setup I'm building where I'll have a guppy tank sharing circulation with a small open bin pond (pond is like 5-10 gallons and a 20 gallon glass tank), and a home made filter. I was thinking the little pond could maybe house a daphnia colony, there would be a bit (not a lot) of flow in the pond. Do you think this is viable? what about having a daphnia colony with a betta? Do you think this will just result in him eating till he dies or all the daphnia are gone?

  8. that sound quality!! so cool to see how far you've come. you deserve it! hope much bigger things headed you way. keep up the amazing work

  9. How quickly do they reproduce? I have to do a science project (for biology at school) at some point. I want to do mine on daphnia, seeing how they reproduce in different environments.

  10. Very interesting, i have a 1000 litre tank daphnia are the daphnia need air aeration or not ? Or he can live without air stone aeration ?

  11. Has anyone ever had luck getting wild daphnia. Im in ontario and I cant seem to find any local resources.

  12. JW, why don't you keep live plants? They help keep water quality stable and provide cover/a food source..I'm going to start keeping Daphnia soon so I'm wondering what's best for them.

  13. hi could you supply a link or something for me to see where i can buy it and can it be shipped in a shippment for more then a few days?

  14. I love your knowledge and the tests you make on your own, you don't take for granted what everybody says. Thank you for
    sharing I'll do it exactly as you're showing us. I'm already subscribed.

  15. Hi Cory! So I have been through 3 different cultures of daphnia that I purchased from eBay. I have a 20 gallon long tank with a sponge filter and a heater that keeps the tank at about 82 degrees. I use cycled water out of my Silver Dollar tank. I feed spirulina powder and activated yeast. Anything else you can think of that would keep them alive? My last culture didn't last more than 5 or 6 days.

  16. Cory, I'm considering culturing green water to feed to my daphnia that I plan to feed to my fish in my planted tank. Is it possible to create a green water issue in my planted tank through cross contamination?

  17. May be a weird question but i scrolled through and couldn't find an answer for it…if I were to set up a 10 gal indoors would there be any foul smells????

  18. What a rough video 😄 you've come such a long way! Thank you for teaching us how to properly care for our aquatic friends. Thanks to you I've learned so much and can successfully care for my pets. ❤️ Keep up the good work! 😊

  19. Thanks for this – the biggest draw to the hobby for me after 20 years has become the invertebrates and plants. As avid aquarists I think it's our responsibility to replicate the food chain so that we don't have to rely on manufactured food for our animals. And they are every bit as interesting as the fish!

  20. It seems like every time I get interested in doing something, up pops you with a video about what I want. Just Loving it! I have learned so much from you. THANK YOU!!!!

  21. Could you send me a cup full so I can start a culture? Actually all my tanks are freezing up now so I would have to start it in the house.  Yes I would be willing to pay shipping and what you think is fair for a cup or so…

  22. This is how I culture daphnia…
    Beside green water I use chicken manure with fermentated between molases and ex rice wash water…
    I've waited for about two days before putting in daphnia to it.
    the result is amazing…


  23. I have question. in my daphnia tank there are lot of white thing (seem looks like daphnia) at the bottom of the tank and they are not moving. Some of them are sticking on the wall. the daphnia also create some mucus/slime at the water surface. is it normal or should i remove the white thing or should i make new colony?.

  24. Hey I've been watching your videos for 3 year and it looks like you have come a long way keep up with a the videos

  25. Any tip on how to get rid of bacteria and parasites that might come with wild caught daphnia?
    I took some samples from nearby ponds. They also contain copepods and ostracods (seed shrimp) and I'd like to start a culture that doesn't kill the fish.
    Thank you!

  26. It would be nice to know where your getting those tubs. Costs of your setup would also be helpful. Thanks again Cory!

  27. I use 44 gallon trash plastic trash cans with no oxygen now and I have great success, a few aquatic plants added like hornwort and duckweed along with some dead leaves and other decaying plant matter. I've been able to scoop out good amounts of them. I do use a small LED grow light over the cans, they are attracted to the light.

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