Dave Rubin’s Brain Fails On Tucker Carlson

Dave Rubin’s Brain Fails On Tucker Carlson

>>As wildfires rage in the state of California,
Dave Rubin has decided that as a person currently residing in the state, he is gonna go on Tucker
Carlson’s Fox show and show everyone that he can make anything about identity politics.>>PG&E strikes me as almost a metaphor for
the destruction of the state. So here’s the utility, which doesn’t really
know anything about its own infrastructure, but knows everything about the race of its
employees. How did we get there?>>Yeah, the problem right now is that everything,
everything, from academia to public utilities to politics. Everything that goes woke, that buys into
this ridiculous, progressive ideology that cares about what contractors are LGBT, or
how many black firemen we have, or white this, or Asian that. Everything that goes that road eventually
breaks down.>>That’s true.>>It is not real freedom is supposed to operate. What it’s supposed to happen, Tucker, imagine
if your house was on fire, would you care what the public utility, or what the fire
company, what contractor they brought in, what gender, or sexuality, or any of those
things he or she was? I mean, it’s just absolutely ridiculous.>>Who would care about something like that?>>And right now we’ve got-
>>Well, we’ve got a situation, of course you wouldn’t care.>>The fires in California have nothing to
do with diversity. Like the fact that he has made this tragedy
into some identity politics issue is beyond me. In reality, PG&E is a private company with
investors. And whenever you have a private company with
investors, what is the most important thing? What is the objective for those investors? Return on investment, right? The profit motive. And so they have not upgraded the power grid. They have not done what was necessary to ensure
that the power lines were secure, that they were safe. And as a result, they have gone bankrupt several
times, several times. Because they have been blamed, rightfully
so for a number of these wildfires. And so as a result of that liability and as
a result of the settlements that they’ve had to pay, they’ve had to go bankrupt. This has nothing to do with diversity. And I’m gonna go into the actual numbers,
and the details, and the facts in just a minute.>>So that’s a great point Anna. I just last night on The Conversation, which
is in the third hour of the Young Turks, I talked to Greg Palast exactly about this. And how poorly the utilities are run in Northern
California, because they’re private and nonpublic. And so you should check that interview out
at youtube.com/TYTconversation. Bu that’s the major point in terms of the
substance of the fires, and obviously climate change, which I’m gonna get to in a second. But in terms of the main point about this
appearance, do you see what they’re doing? Okay, so they always get somebody from that
group to attack itself, right? So Dave happens to check off a couple of boxes
here, but the most relevant one is at the end. So yes, he’s from California, he hilariously
pretends to be some sort of liberal. He says classic liberal.>>I’m a classical liberal.>>I’m a classical liberal.>>And I don’t know what that means and I
can’t answer any questions about it, but I’m gonna ahead and say I’m a classical liberal.>>I’m the Diet Coke of liberals. Okay, whatever you are dude, of coure you’re
not a liberal. It’s hilarious and preposterous. But the main reason he’s brought on is, if
you notice the first group he attacked was LGBT people. And Dave’s gay, so Tucker Carlson and Fox
News goes, get me a gay puppet, someone with no soul at all, who will betray the people,
the group that he’s in. Dave Rubin, perfect. What are we having him on for? We’re gonna blame the fires on gay people.>>No, it’s amazing, it is amazing. And for all the accusations that they lodge
toward the left regarding how they make every issue about identity and identity politics. In reality, the only person who I’ve seen
in the media who consistently relies on this identity politics argument, is Dave Rubin. It’s all he ever talks about. He talks about the fact that he’s gay married
over and over again. No one cares, Dave, right? What I do care about is, if you’re gonna go
on national television to do your little grifting maneuver, I mean in the very least, read something,
read something. How many times is this guy gonna go on national
television and embarrass himself by showing the entire world how unknowledgeable he is?>>But guys, did you, I mean, did you catch
the other part? He literally blamed black firefighters. No, it wasn’t climate change that has the
planet burning, all across the planet. The Siberian forest is on fire, the winter
forest of Alaska was on fire. We’ve had this top 16 hottest years in the
last 17 years. The whole planet is on fire, but Dave Rubin
and Tucker Carlson think that’s the fault of black firefighters.>>People who are literally putting their
lives at risk to fight these wildfires, right? They’re the ones that they’re gonna point
fingers at and blame. It’s just disgusting. It’s also disgusting to exploit a real tragedy
like this. I mean, so many people have lost their homes. In the case of the fire in Paradise, California,
about 85 people died. I mean, this is a serious issue. And whenever it comes to private industry,
something that Naomi Klein says and Cenk says it a lot on the show as well is, they will
privatize the gains, socialize the losses. And that’s exactly what’s happening in the
state of California right now. In fact, Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed
something that I completely disagree with. It is essentially a way of bailing out companies
like PG&E who refuse to spend their earnings on updating the power grid, and have decided
to pad their pockets with that money instead. So for instance, Gavin Newsom is proposing
a multibillion dollar wildfire fund to help California’s utilities, private utilities
specifically, cover mounting fire related liability costs that have threatened their
financial health.>>Is their financial health in trouble?>>No, this is-
>>What happened to capitalism?>>No, you guys, Gavin Newsom, I think this
is a terrible proposal, and he should be called out on it. Why are we bailing them out? Why should the California taxpayer bail out
a company that has destroyed the lives of so many in the state? Why?>>And we also have to pay for the cost of
the fire. So we have to pay for the cost of the fire,
they don’t pay for that cost. So if you’re wondering why we’re blaming the
utility, I mean, first of all their mismanagement in terms of having to turn off massive areas
of California’s power over and over again. I remember that’s what I loved about this
country when I first came. I was eight years old and I couldn’t, and
I had come from Turkey where we would have the power go out all the time. And I was like the power never goes out in
America, it’s an amazing place. So now we’re in a third world country, not
because of the public utilities, but because of the private companies.>>That’s exactly right.>>And it’s not just that, the cause of fires
is cuz if you don’t upgrade your equipment, it keeps falling in the forest, and that’s
what causes the fire a lot of times.>>So let me give you some-
>>And climate change makes it worse because of the wind patterns etc.>>The wind patterns in California we had
the, drought->>And the dryness.>>Yes, exactly, so let me give you some more
details on what PG&E is guilty of. And again, the idea of bailing them out is
ridiculous. So PG&E sought bankruptcy protection in January
after its role in sparking wildfires created more than $30 billion in potential liabilities. So rightfully so, they get sued, because they
haven’t upgraded their equipment. And they have to pay out these settlements,
and then they end up going bankrupt. Concerns about massive wildfire-related liability
costs are also weighing on California’s two other major investor-owned utilities, Edison
International’s Southern California Edison and Sempra Energy’s San Diego Gas and Electric. So last year’s Camp Fire, California’s deadliest
ever, killed 85 people and destroyed the town of Paradise. State investigators in May concluded that
PG&E equipment sparked the fire. They’re privately owned utilities. And this is the reason why we’re having this
issue in California right now, in addition to climate change which exacerbates it. So for him to say that it’s about diversity
and black firefighters is disgusting.>>By the way, this is not how capitalism
is supposed to work at all, as Greg Palast pointed out last night in the interview. You don’t have a choice of which utility you
can use. It’s not like you’re like, you know what I’m
in Northern California, I’m not gonna use PG&E, I’ll use the other brand. There is no other brand. There’s only one line that you could use for
power. So where’s the free market? That’s why a lot of these utilities are turned
into public utilities, cuz this is not a market that has natural competition. And Adam Smith wrote about this and everyone
who’s ever studied economics knows about this. But it doesn’t matter, we have such wholesale
corruption in this country. They’re like, remember after during the Iraq
war, they did no bid contracts for almost the entirety of the war for a decade, they
did no bid contracts. What part of that is capitalist? No, it’s all an excuse to enrich the elite
and the powerful.>>I’m not even done yet, okay, because this
number is important. State investigators have tied PG&E equipment
to 19 wildfires in the past two years. And homeowners, businesses, cities, insurers,
and others are seeking compensation for billions in damages from the company, an issue that
will now be resolved as part of the bankruptcy process. So they are guilty of sparking numerous fires. And how is Governor Gavin Newsom going to
help bail them out? Our utility bills are gonna have an extra
surcharge. Okay, no, no, no, all of these utilities should
be public. And there’s no reason why we should bail a
company that has not only destroyed people’s lives, but destroyed businesses. I mean, these blackouts in Northern California
have really hurt businesses in the area. For instance, there’s a Halloween store that
hasn’t had power in the most important week of the year.>>We bring that up because the only thing
that Republicans ever care about is business. So look, you’re also hurting business. Look, one more thing from my perspective on
this, and I didn’t know this until the interview last night. Most of the power lines in a lot of places
are underneath the ground. But PG&E in Northern California doesn’t wanna
spend the money to put them underground, so they have them above ground. But a lot of the area they are above is the
woods. So when a power line falls, it falls in the
woods and starts a massive fire. Now, if they actually paid the money to put
it underground, we wouldn’t have as many fires. But then their shareholders wouldn’t make
as much money. And remember, they keep the profits. But when a giant fire starts, they put all
of the cost onto the taxpayer of putting out the fire, all the damage that’s caused. And then on top of that, they go, bail me
out now. On top of it, I want more money. So this is not remotely capitalism, it is
socialism for the rich, and we’re all sick of it. And in this case in California, it’s literally
killing us. And then they bring on clowns like Dave Rubin
and Tucker Carlson, to distract you with a circus and blame black and gay people for
the fires. Does it get any more despicable than that?>>I’m going to play some more of this video
in our members only post game show. You can become a member by going to TYT.com/join. Members help to make this show happen, so
thank you to them. And we will continue this conversation in
the post game.>>I can’t wait to see those videos. And Kyle Kulinski is gonna join us in that
post game, so there’ll be even more dunking on the Dave Rubin’s and the Tucker Carlson’s
of the world. TYT.com/join, don’t miss it.

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  37. California’s deadliest year of wildfires has been decades in the making, with overlapping environmental rules, both state and federal, making fuel load reductions in forests and coastal chaparral nearly impossible, while hostility towards commercial timber harvesting has allowed a massive build up in tree density and brush with a concurrent reduction of access roads and firebreaks.

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