14 thoughts on “Deaf Culture Webisode #1: Things That Hearing People Do…

  1. Thank you! As someone hearing new to Deaf Culture, I have a lot to learn. Thank you for the insights, the new words I picked up, and your captivating presentation! I too, can't stand it when a person snaps to get my attention.

  2. HAHA this is awesome, you are hilarious! I am an interpreting student and I LOVE ASL, love you too!!

  3. thanks for the great webisodes, in ASL2 and damn i gotta practice on reading finger spelling cuz damn that was fast but everything was still interesting thank you ^^

  4. kill me now plz i just keep seeing how i use to be when i cant here people talking to me…im going deaf….!!!

  5. So, I just started learning ASL about two days ago, and I watched 3:53 over and over, because the fingerspelling was just so quick.

    …when I finally understood what you were spelling, I had to pause the video to laugh and cry for a full minute. Thank you.

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