Dear Nicki – Why do the Scottish hate the English

Dear Nicki – Why do the Scottish hate the English

Ah the age old question
There are a few possibilities I’m going to run through One, you always make an issue about accepting
our money The whole legal tender debate when all we’re trying to do is buy a pint of milk while on
our caravan holiday in Torquay Two, you slag off our fitba teams, I don’t
know anything about fitba but STOP IT Three, you say that we talk too fast or that
you can’t understand us even though we’re speaking the same language.
We’re able to decipher the Scouse, Geordie Brummie and London accent but you can’t
understand us? Lot of shite! I bet you understand that Four, your comedians take the pish out the
Scottish at every opportunity Just wait till Kevin Bridges starts laying
into you Five, you think there’s no talent in Scotland
I beg to differ Still Game, Burnistoun, Billy Connolly, Limmy
and Kevin Bridges- again! We are fuckin hilarious! And that is five possible reasons that the Scottish hate the English Oh Flower of Scotland

100 thoughts on “Dear Nicki – Why do the Scottish hate the English

  1. After seeing everything everyone says about England I honestly hate being English. I feel hated by everyone else.

  2. Another Scottish person with talent is billy Gilmore Chelsea fc wonder kid. I’m English and the thing I like about the Scots that I’ve met is that they’ve always been so down to earth. Love from Newcastle.

  3. I’m a brazilian passionate about Scotland’s history and culture, I can speak English and understand the brits but I can poorly understand you, I don’t think that’s a bad thing it’s just different and requires kinds of studying

  4. Actually, I don't think it ever enters the head of most English to remotely dislike Scots. Sadly, I don't feel the reverse is true. In fact, it's always an issue if you're in Scotland, being English, you have to contend with on rare occasions. Personally, I find it sad, but I think it'll take generations to change, if ever. An inherent animosity and resentment seems present in some Scots towards the English, a Scot is rarely subjected anything similar south of the border.

  5. You think that everyone hates Scotland well your stupid because not everyone hats Scotland and I hate you now I don't like Scotland and I could barely understand you stupid and your ugly stupid

  6. hahaha! I can't even understand the bloody English men,,, damm even people from the Southern states are not comprehensible….. take that you English men

  7. Welp. I'm English, pretty much hate my own government, don't agree with barely anything they do – nor do alot of other people from my experience. I'd also like to say that I really like the rest of UK, I don't really blame people for not liking the English but I think it's more so the government that pisses everyone off, which is a shame because then alot of dislike is sometimes targetted at English people as a whole, despite the majority of the populations dislike of their own government.

  8. Because the English are nasty cunts and known world wide for their invasions & occupations of countries and their theft and for the mistreatment of people around the world throughout English history! Why would anyone NOT HATE the vile English SHOULD be the question! To the English: Check your vile history of world wide oppression & tyranny!!! Your just a nation of backward fascist cunts!

  9. Well I’m English and I love the Scottish and your country is amazing. PS I feel we we rip each other apart coz it’s fun.

  10. Response from an Englishman,
    1. I personally don’t have an issue with ur money, although it would be easier if we all used the same currency.

    2. I have no idea what you mean, hard for me to understand what you just said.

    3. Most of the time we can’t understand you, because with you’re thick accents with the addition of talking really fast, we can’t understand you, most english people can’t decifer each other’s accents. Also you guys have different slang.

    4. We make fun of you guys because it’s funny. There are just so many things you Scots do that us english just have a laugh about, plus we also make fun of other people not just Scots, like the french and the Americans we even make fun of eachother, so calm down. Also you said pesh 😂😂.

    5. Never heard of him
    Never heard of him
    Never heard of him
    Never heard of him
    Never heard of him.
    I think you guys have a lot of talent that we english need to learn. Like your politics.

  11. I'm from Indonesia, I love The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland n I love English, Scottish, Welsh and Nothern Irish very much. I love British n I love anything bout british. I love Dame Kate Winslet, Sir Sean Connery, Dame Catherine Zeta Johes, Sir Alex Ferguson, Kate Beckinsale, James Mcavoy, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Keira Knightley n more..
    But I dont know what happend in The UK, maybe Is it because of history, Scottish, Wales and Northern Ireland hates English people? I dont exactly.
    but u all of guys are one nation " UK". Don't remember if there is an Olympic match? you bring 1 country that is Great Britain.
    4 football, why are England, Scotland, Wales n Nothern Ireland together to become one team in World Cup? is it So Beautiful, isn't it..
    My big dream is I could go the UK..

  12. Because They think The English are Conservertives and what the scots hate more than anything else in the world is conservertives(tory party)

  13. FUCK THE english FURREVER,FREEEEÈDOM, wee should awe remember oor history and never furget wit they English fkwits did to Ooor country in the past ,if your a True SCOT YOU SHOULD STAND UP AGAINST english AUSTERITY AND VOTE YES FOR FREEDOM AT THE NEXT REFERENDUM. GOD BLESS SCOTLAND FOREVER.those who vote NAW ARE SASANACK TRAITORS.

  14. South East of england, couldnt be happier, literally, absolute cream of the crop. Scots who harp on about english people are just big whiners. not to mention alot of them live and work in england. sour grapes them jocks, sour, sour grapes.

  15. Whatevers in the past is in the past. If in 2019 your someone is still bareing a grudge over English people you are very fucking sad.

  16. I don't know why the Scottish people hate the English But I must tell you that the nasty experience I ever had with someone was with a Scottish person. It is like they out of bed Angry at the world!

  17. The reason we and most of the world hate the English is that throughout our history the English have tried to murder our people, invade out lands and rape our women, as they have tried to do with most of the world.
    Even our union was based on fear as the English feared we would unite with France to destroy them (which I really wish we did)
    They used threats and unfair dealings to get us to agree to the union.
    I was really sad when people voted no for independence, Westminster lies won again.
    Scotland has never invaded a country in order to gain power.

  18. I'm American and understood Everything you said. It might be for the fact that we Americans have our own many dialects of English, so a Scottish or Irish dialect of English is easier for many of us to understand.

  19. Or/Also whose wars that happened, Political differences and the many attempts to wipe out scottish culture i.e but not limited to the clearances, banning tartan and bagpipes, and literal bribing map companies to erase Gaelic place names. I'm half english and even I can see that the english are often times absolute pricks.

  20. You should do a video on why the English hate the French or Americans. The English just look down on Scots, Welsh and Irish with insignificance. But hate France and USA.

  21. As an English person in surprised you didn't say Robert burns when you were talking about Scottish talent

  22. I’m sorry but my dads from Glasgow and I gotta say it takes a little bit of time to understand people with very very thick accents

  23. Ah it’s obviously because of our Thursday evening Scottish Sessions where we all sit round and just bitch about the Scottish

  24. I'm sorry but I kinda think your accent is funny but no disrespect, and I'm American just so you don't think it's an English person

  25. But most of all you hate us because we ruled the fucking world,
    Created the biggest super power.. 'America' and spawned Australia,
    Besides big advancements in modern business, technology, and taught the world Anglo English,
    Even 99% of Scot's speak it now,
    The thing is i don't hate the Scot's at all..
    Personally I think we should squash the 'BEEF' and join up because day by day there's millions of people flooding this island from the third world countries and in 2050 we will become Minority's as European's,
    Please think about this.

  26. Im Not British, im danish, but the english language is something most of us danes is in touch with on daily basis, and have been since we were very young. Thick scottish accent can be very tricky sometimes. I lived in a hostel in Brisbane in Australia, for some time and there were this scottish girl. In the beginning i constantly said "sorry what?", Can u repeat that?", "im sorry, but i need u to say that again!" xD So im sorry but it is kinda hard 😉 But hey i get u, as dane the norwegians and swedes always makes fun of our speech and say they can't understand us an shiit ;D

  27. Im American and cant stand any of the accents. Also, all your food sucks. English, Irish, Scottish cuisine is just shit

  28. Don't worry UK'ers you're not alone ( especially with Donald Trump as president right now! ) real bad regional divides in this country right now. Red State America ( Midwest region along the Mississippi River from the Great Lakes area between Canada and USA all the way down ( former Confederate States southerners….who never did completely forgive the Civil War or the 1960's black civil rights movement by Martin Luther King ) to the Gulf of Mexico vs the West Coast and the Northeast.

  29. Are the Scottish you wake up every morning spitting furries at us English, while we don't give a second thought about you

  30. Scottish people are a bunch of drunken haggis munching thugs and low-lifes with no manners. They don't deserve a cure for cancer.

  31. As a Irish unionist I find it sad that Scotland seems to blame England for everything nowadays. It seems to me that the SNP have kicked up this wild hatred of the English people and Westminster In a attempt to point score, most English people are decent honest hard working people and I feel bad for them that they are always under attack from Scottish, Irish and Welsh nationalists. Let's be clear here the United Kingdom is not the Soviet Union Scotland is a equal partner amongst all 4 nations and has done very well over the years from being a member of the U.K.

  32. I said today in a Chat i liked the Scottish, and i like their accent as well, the entire chat on the podcast suddenly had a problem with me, tried to convince me to dislike the Scottish based on ''Elite-related issues'' and threatened to ban me when i said that it isn't the Scottish Commoners fault for what ''Elites'' did in the past and something about Queen being Scottish…. I can understand you completely and i am Norwegian. They also attacked me for being related to Vikings, brought up slavery… English brought up slavery for something that happened 1300 years ago….. I don't understand this extreme need for division so i decided to look into it, if there was something deeper behind it then just the past.. It almost seems personal. They behave like damn agent's of chaos.-

  33. Can’t remember the last time I saw Scottish money I don’t mind the Scots think there quite funny love billy Connolly could listen to him all day he’s a great story teller loved the lead singer from wet wet wet and I’m a big fan of the footballer kenny miller

  34. The only true fact that was their was the accent differences yet some Scottish accents are so hard to understand yet the southern accent is more listenable and easier to understand so your only using your opinion

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