Demi Lovato Best.Cover.Ever. – Episode 1

The biggest stars in music… choose aspiring artists
for a life-changing
opportunity… The new series exclusively
on YouTube. Create your own
amazing cover. All you gotta do
is make it dope. …from thousands of submissions
from across the globe.Only the top two
will go head-to-head
in a surprise audition. You’re gonna
be performing for us, – live.
– ( all gasp ) The winners will get to
collaborate with a superstar. Do you want
to sing with me? Would you guys
do a cover with me? Would you mind collaborating
with me today? – One, two, three.
– All: “Best Cover Ever”! And make an exclusive
video on YouTubewith a music icon…It’s a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity. That is the only way
you can describe it. The idea that I might
be here one day. Just wanted that shot, man. Ludacris:
With a little help
from our friends
along the way.
Just take a deep breath
and let your magic happen. – I’m just as nervous as you.
– ( laughter ) – Ludacris:Welcome to the…
– All: “Best Cover Ever”!( music playing )What’s going on?
I go by the name of Ludacris and today I’m here with my
long-lost cousin, Demi Lovato. She’s a stone-cold winner.
How you feeling today? – I’m feeling good, how are you?
– I’m feeling damn good, but you know what? Today,
we gonna have a lot of fun, because one lucky cover artist
is gonna get a chance to perform and collaborate
live with you. – How you feel?
– It feels exciting. Let’s do the best cover ever.
Let’s go.( music playing )Ludacris:So Demi,
“Cool For The Summer,”
your song, has over
275 million YouTube views. How do you feel just about,
you know, like, cover artists
and people doing covers? Well, I’ve covered
a couple songs too. Like, I used to cover
Lil’ Wayne’s “How to Love.” – And now I cover…
– Oh, that’s dope. “Natural Woman”
by Aretha Franklin. See, stuff like this
is perfect because now you can kind of
put yourself in the shoes of all these different people
that put submissions, like, for your song,
“Confident.”♪ Uh huh uh,
what’s wrong with being ♪
♪ What’s wrong with being ♪♪ What’s wrong
with being confident? ♪
♪ Uh huh huh ♪Woman: ♪ What’s wrong
with being ♪ ♪ What’s wrong with being ♪ Man: ♪ What’s wrong
with being confident? ♪ – ♪ Uh huh huh ♪
– ♪ What’s wrong with being ♪ Man and woman:
♪ What’s wrong with being ♪ ♪ What’s wrong
with being confident? ♪ ♪ Uh huh huh ♪ All these different people
that added these submissions, I’m just curious to know
which one stood out
the most for you? The artists that have
stood out the most to me has been Ahmir. – ( man beatboxing )
♪ So you say I’m complicated ♪♪ That I must be
out of my mind ♪
– So soulful.
– ♪ But you had me underrated ♪ – ♪ Underrated ♪
– Demi:It takes it to
a totally different place.
It’s so beautiful
that you feel it in your bones.
♪ Wrong with
being confident ♪ – ♪ Said I gotta be ♪
– I’m KC and I’m 39. I’m Sing-Sing.
I’m ageless and timeless. – Big Mike.
– I’m Leon Jones, and we are Ahmir. Why didn’t you
give us the pause? Men, together:
“And we are… Ahmir.” My bad, my bad. ♪ It’s time for me
to take it ♪ ♪ I’m the boss right now ♪ – ♪ Not gonna fake it ♪
– We are huge fans
of Demi Lovato.To actually work
to collaborate together,
that’s just amazing.
It’s like,
400-something million people
that have watched her videos,
so just to have
those people see us
alongside Demi Lovato,that’s just taking us
to a whole ‘nother level.
♪ Uh huh huh ♪ We actually formed the group
about 14 years ago. Sing-Sing:
We’ve been to just about
every major record label
trying to go
that traditional route.
We’re gonna get this bar
rolling, and then nothing. Working a full-time job
pays the bills, but music is the dream. I mean, I love these guys.
These guys are my brothers. You know, and I will
never forget the timethat we’ve had together.But we’re older now.
We have families.
I love the music,
but I think we’re
at a point where
we need something to happen.Congratulations, guys,
you’re heading to Los Angeles.
( all exclaiming ) I can do this. ‘Bout to do this!Our opportunity here
on “Best Cover Ever”
can be very instrumental
for our future success.
With this opportunity,
it’s a life-changer.
And then I also loved
Anthem Lights. – Anthem Lights.
– ♪ What’s wrong with being ♪ ♪ What’s wrong with being ♪ What I loved
about Anthem Lights is they kind of sound
like The Fray. – ( all vocalizing )
– ( piano playing ) Demi:
They completely
changed the arrangement,
which I thought was
really unique and beautiful,
and they all have
really great voices.
♪ What’s wrong with being ♪ – I’m Joey Stamper.
– I’m Spencer Kane. – I’m Caleb Grimm.
– I’m Chad Graham. And we are Anthem Lights. – Man: Excellent work.
– Thank you. – Whew!
– We’ve been
practicing all day. – Yo, Demi.
– Anthem Lights here. – How you doing, girl?
– We’re gonna be “Best
Cover Ever” champions! – We’re like a family.
I mean–
– Yeah. Best friends, brothers. Except Spencer.
Nobody likes Spencer. ( laughter ) I’m sorry.
Sorry, bro. ♪ It’s time for me to take it,
I’m the boss right now ♪We all came from faith-based,
church backgrounds,
all grew up singing
in the church
and we moved to Nashville
to do a Christian record deal.
Quickly we realized
that we were just kind of
doing the wrong genre. – All: ♪ …confident ♪
– ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ After shifting
from Christian music,
faith-based stuff to pop stuff on YouTube, it’s just been such
a better fit for us.We want you to come to LA
and sing for Demi’s producers.
– What?
– No way! No way!
What? Demi Lovato is incredible,
one of the best singers
I’ve ever heard. She empowers
a lot of young people, men and women both
to really feel confident
in themselves, really strive
after their dreams. – What’s wrong
with being confident?
– Yeah. ( laughter ) We’ll just see
ourselves out. Ludacris:
Those two groups are the final two, so we flew them
in here today, right? – Mm-hmm.
– They think they’re, like, one of a hundred different
artists that are here, right? And they think they’re
auditioning for your producers. – Okay.
– Little do they know
that you are here, and they’re gonna
be performing for you. Wow, that’s awesome. Sing-Sing:
Our opportunity here
on “Best Cover Ever”
can be very instrumental
for our future success. We’ve constantly been
on this roller coaster.We’re just hoping
that this becomes
the biggest peak
we’ve had.
– Hey guys, good to see you.
– Hey, how’s it going? – How you doing?
– All right, chilling. So they have no idea
that any of this is happening? They have absolutely no idea
that any of this is happening. I feel like we’re
on “Hunger Games.” ( laughter ) – I love surprising people.
– You do? Okay, well, we gonna
have some fun, so you’re gonna
surprise them. – Let me take you
to where you’re going.
– Okay, let’s go. Man: How excited
would you guys be to actually be able
to perform with Demi? – Go, go, go.
– It would be such
a huge opportunity to be able to perform
with Demi. We would just be
so honored to be able
to share a song with her. It’d be amazing, man. – Hi, guys.
– ( all reacting ) Oh, my God,
are you kidding me?
Shut up! Hi, how are you? – Oh, my goodness.
– Oh, my word. Hello.
How’s it going? I’m just asking
where the bathroom is. ( laughter ) Well, I actually have
a surprise for you guys. – You two are the finalists.
– What? – Wow.
– Yeah. You’re not here to perform
for my producers. You’re gonna perform for me. – All right.
– Awesome. – No!
– Demi: And I can’t
wait to see it. Go to your dressing rooms,
get settled, do what you
need to do. – And I’ll see you
in a few minutes.
– Awesome. Let’s do it. – See you later.
– All right. I’m not–
I’m nervous now. – Center yourself.
– Okay, I didn’t expect
that at all. I got a kiss.
I got a kiss! – ( all reacting )
– I got a kiss. – Ludacris: My guy, Rudy.
– Yo. – What’s going on, man?
– How are you? Now for those
that don’t know, this guy’s been
killing the YouTube game
for years. I’m talking about
has over 3 million
subscribers, am I right? One of the best cover artists
and musicians that I know. Now I’m gonna be honest
with you man, now listen. All of the finalists
is going crazy. – Yep.
– The competition
is heating up. I need you to play us
out of this act.
Can you do that for me? – You know I got you.
– My guy. – My man.
– Love. ( guitar playing ) ( guitar and bass
playing on loop ) ♪ Just something
that we want to try ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you and I
( you and I ) ♪ ♪ We’re cool for the summer ♪ ♪ We’re cool for the summer ♪ – Dude!
– ( laughs ) No, no, it kinda
just got real for me. Actually seeing her in the
flesh, he just said it. It just got real. – I think I’m excited, yeah.
– Excited, really. – Really, really excited.
– Really excited that she’s getting to hear it,
and we get to see her hear it. So today is gonna be
kind of a big day, because they’re gonna perform
live in front of you today and you’re going
to have to choose one. She’s gonna be hanging
on every word, every note,
and we gotta nail it, man. – Man: What up?
– Here we go.
What up, man? – It’s Tricky Minor.
– Tricky Minor. ( laughter ) Like, so– so what’s
your first thing on that? Group:
♪ Take me down ♪ Yeah, just watch out
for the cut-offs, and the unison stuff. Now I’m
much more nervous. – I’m trying not to be.
– ‘Cause they look really cool. – They’re dressed really well.
– Yeah. They look like
they sound amazing. So are you ready for today?
‘Cause this is a big day. – I’m ready for today.
– All right. Ahmir and Anthem Lights,
come on in. – Oh, yeah.
– ( chuckles ) Ludacris: I want to know
how you guys felt when she just literally
surprised you guys. You had no idea
she was here, right? – Whoo!
– Crazy. Total shock.
Total shock. All I heard was
“click, clack,
click, clack.” I turned around.
I was like, “Whoa! Demi, there you go!” Ludacris:
There you go. Well, here’s the thing, man. She looked at so many
different submissions, and you guys
were the best ones. – That’s amazing.
– Whoa. – Thank you.
– That’s an honor. That means
that between you two, you guys are gonna
perform here live today. – Wow.
– Demi: Yes. No pressure. Ludacris:
And whoever is the best is going to be the ones
that get to collaborate and perform live with her
at the end of the day. – So excited, man!
– Ready, ready. I feel like
the stakes went up
like a thousand times, in like five minutes. Anthem Lights, you guys
are going up first. So Ahmir, you guys
can have a seat over here. – Good luck, my man.
– Hey, thanks. – Good luck, guys.
– Hey, thanks, man. – Yes sir, yes sir.
– Appreciate you. – Thanks, bro.
– Yes, sir. Get to it. – Fresh blood in the water.
– You smell blood in the water. Gotta go get ’em. You guys got this. – Well, we’ll see.
– Love it.I feel so many emotions
right now, I don’t know.
I’m nervous, I’m excited.We’ve been singing these songs
over and over again
and now it actually matters
when we sing them.
– ( inhales, exhales )
– All right, Anthem Lights. You guys, I think you used
to be a Christian group – or something like that?
– Mm-hmm. So how strong
is your faith when you have to split
the money four ways? We’re still together
somehow, so… Why did you choose
my song to cover? We’re big fans of you. I’ve always respected
what you do,
what you stand for. Obviously one of
the best voices
I’ve ever heard. Oh, thank you. We just–
we love your work, so… – Thank you.
– Ludacris: All right,
Anthem Lights. Give me
your best cover ever for “Cool For The Summer.” All: ♪ Take me down
into your paradise ♪ ♪ Don’t be scared
’cause I’m your body type ♪ ♪ Tell me what you want,
what you like ♪ ♪ It’s okay ♪ ♪ I’m a little curious too ♪ ♪ Tell me if it’s wrong,
if it’s right ♪ ♪ I don’t care ♪ ♪ I can keep a secret,
could you? ♪ ♪ Got my mind on your body ♪ ♪ And your body on my mind ♪ ♪ Got my mind on your body ♪ ♪ Your body on my mind ♪ ♪ Don’t tell your mother ♪ ♪ Kiss one another ♪ ♪ Die for each other ♪ ♪ Cool for the summer ♪ – ( all vocalizing )
– ( Ludacris laughs ) That’s dope how
they flipping it right now. ( vocalizing continues ) ♪ Tell me if I won ♪ ♪ If I did,
what’s my prize? ♪ ♪ I just wanna
play with you, too ♪ ♪ Even if they judge it all,
do the time ♪ ♪ I just wanna
have some fun with you ♪ ♪ Got my mind on your body ♪ ♪ And your body on my mind ♪ ♪ Take me down ♪ ♪ Take me down
into your paradise ♪ ♪ Don’t be scared
’cause I’m your body type ♪ ♪ Just something
that we wanna try ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you and I ♪ ♪ We’re cool for the summer ♪ ( all vocalizing ) – Ludacris: All right.
– Awesome! – Demi: That was so great.
– Thank you guys so much. – Thank you.
– I was really excited to hear the arrangement
of the song. The “ohs” in the post-chorus
were really great. I thought that was beautiful
and really unique. – Thank you.
– I noticed, did you
feel uncomfortable singing some of the lyrics,
because… – Yeah.
– Demi: I noticed you
changed the words. We changed the pre
just a little bit. – Yeah.
– And what was that line again? “Got a taste for the cherry,
I just need to take a bite.” Okay, all right. Does it go back
to your faith days? Not so much that,
I think. We didn’t want it
to come across differently with men singing
that kind of line. – Demi: Oh.
– We didn’t want to have a perception kind
of come across a little
misogynistic. And I think it’s a different
perception and interpretation that we just didn’t,
I don’t think felt the most
comfortable with. I think that’s really awesome that you guys
stayed true to yourselves and my only notes were I noticed that at times
when you sang solo parts it was a little
too high for you. You know, doing
the soprano, man, that’s just a hard,
hard part to sing. I feel your confidence
and I know that you guys
are gonna go places. – ( overlapping thanks )
– Ludacris: Very, very
simple and plain. Ahmir, you guys
are up next, so you guys
can take the stage. Man:
I’m nervous, man. Ludacris: Now the nerves
get the best of you. Ludacris: Ahmir,
you guys are up next. ( sighs ) – My mind is blank.
– Don’t. Just relax.
After, you know, years
of being told no,coming to “Best Cover Ever,”this is really
a big moment for us.
You’ve been on YouTube
for a while now, right? ( all agreeing ) The OGs of YouTube, don’t forget
you consider yourselves that. Yes, definitely. Well, what made you
come up with Ahmir? Ahmir is Arabic
for “prince” ’cause we consider ourselves
the princes of R&B. – Ah, nice.
– Ha! All right. Ahmir, here’s the moment
of truth. Give me your best cover ever
of “Cool for the Summer.” ( music playing ) ♪ Take me down ♪ ( chuckles )
That’s dope. ♪ Don’t be scared ♪ ♪ Tell me what you want ♪ ♪ What you like, it’s okay ♪ ♪ I’m a little curious ♪ ♪ Tell me if it’s wrong ♪ ♪ If it’s right,
I don’t care ♪ ♪ I can keep a secret,
can you? ♪ ♪ Got my mind on your body ♪ ♪ Your body on my mind ♪ ♪ Taste for the cherry ♪ ♪ I just need to take a bite ♪ ♪ Don’t tell your mother ♪ ♪ Kiss one another ♪ ♪ Die for each other ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ We’re cool for the summer ♪ ♪ Take me down
into your paradise ♪ ♪ Don’t be scared ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I’m your body type ♪ ♪ Just something
that we wanna try ♪ ♪ Just you and I ♪ ( key change ):
♪ Ah ♪ ♪ Take me down ♪ ♪ I just want you
to take me down, down ♪ ♪ Don’t be scared ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you and I ♪ ♪ We’re cool for the summer. ♪ – Yeah.
– Yes. All right, all right. – Dang.
– Yeah. That was amazing. That was such a
beautiful arrangement of it. You guys blended so well
with your harmonies. It was just gorgeous. But I do want to say I feel like some of the runs could be a little sharper. Not pitch-wise, but just more controlled. Same with the vibrato
a little bit. And, Leon, I would love
for you to work on that just because, in the beginning,
you sounded a little nervous. Ludacris:
I would just say I’m sure that you guys
have worked a lot on pushing some
of those notes, and could just be maybe
a little more powerful. – Absolutely.
– But overall, I loved what you
guys did, man. I felt that soul,
you know. I felt it, too. – (laughs )
– I felt it, too. So here’s the thing, now we kind of
just have to talk amongst ourselves
and figure out who are gonna be
those individuals that’s gonna be able
to perform with her. So if guys would
just give us a moment, I need to chat with
my girl Demi for a second.( music playing )– Great job, man.
– Thank you. – Amazing.
– You guys killed it. I’d buy that.
Is that on iTunes? It’s about to be, hopefully. All right,
give me what you think. Ludacris:
Exactly. Come on, boys. Great freaking job. ( laughter ) I’m proud of y’all. All right, so, I know it’s
a hard decision. I’m curious to know
your thoughts. How did you feel about
Anthem Lights, first and foremost? I thought that they were
very commercial.Like they look great as a band,which is really important when you’re trying
to sell music.Their voices could use
a little more control together.
Their arrangement
you did like, though. I liked their arrangement
for sure. All right, what’d you
think about Ahmir? They made me feel it. And I had some… – some stank face
going on during it.
– ( laughs ) They felt the soul, and that’s what putting
the Ahmir on things is all about. But I feel like
they could sharpen their runs a little bit. And their vibrato. Got you. It’s not just criticism
at this point, it could be
the reason that we… don’t get the opportunity
that we’ve talking about
this whole time.And so, as a person who took
the brunt of the criticism,
that, obviously, makes me feel
like it’s my fault, so… Don’t do that. Yeah, don’t do that,
don’t do that. I just don’t think
that’s healthy. So here comes
the hard part because, at the end of the day,
one of us is gonna have
to break them the bad news. I hope they just see potential in us, you know? I don’t want it to be over,
you know? I don’t want to be
done yet. This could change everything. We know we got talent. Just wanted that shot, man.
( sniffs ) ( sighs )
Okay. We just been at it
for so long, man. ( music playing ) Moment of truth, man. Longest time of my life. For real, man.
( laughs ) – Sounded great, dude.
– Love you guys, man. I think we’re saying
pretty much the same thing. I think so, too. All right, bring
Anthem Lights inside. ( clears throat ) Ahmir, come on in. – Demi: Hello.
– All: Hello. So, man, we had
a chance to talk and soul is
a very powerful word. You have to feel it
in your soul. And I’ma be honest, man, both of us 100% felt it
in our soul. – Mm. Thank you.
– Thank you. I definitely want to say
that we agree that you guys, literally,
like, the look, and how you guys
present yourselves, it looks like
you’re ready. Demi:
Yeah, overall, I think the blend is really great.
Your voices together is beautiful and I think
you guys are very
commercial, you’re stars. – Thank you so much.
– Appreciate that. There’s a couple things
that you can work on. Your vocals could use
a little fine tuning. When you sang solo parts, it
was a little too high for you, and that’s very
important to work on whenever you’re
performing live. Here comes the part
that is the hard part because, from artist to artist,
it’s like, overall, we felt you guys
were great. It was so tough. Demi:
But, as great as
you guys did today, unfortunately, we’re not
choosing you to collaborate. I think that you guys are gonna
go far in your journey. We may not be
collaborating today, but you never know
what the future holds. It’s been an honor,
it’s been a pleasure. Look forward seeing you guys
on the TV screen. ( all thanking each other ) Appreciate it. – Thank you.
– Thank you, man. Yes, you won the best cover. ( cheering, laughter ) Demi:
Yay! That was good,
that was good… ( laughs ) ‘Cause they didn’t know
if they won or not. Hold on, Big Mike,
talk to me, brother, ’cause that’s what this is
all about, moments, man. ( exhales )
I mean… it’s been a long career for us. Come on, man. Like, seriously, so… Like, sometimes people
will see, like… I don’t know, people will see
something and they just think that it happened overnight. – Right.
– This is rough, you know? So it’s been…
an incredible journey. And to be standing in front
of two people that, you know, we admire so much, I can’t even believe I’m
talking to y’all right now. – This is crazy.
– It’s group hug time, man. Congratulations. Demi:
Congratulations, guys. – Thank you very much.
– Oh.( music playing )– Good job, boys.
– Yeah. – Did our best.
– Did all we could do. ( sighs )We’re top two and we should
feel proud of that,
but, uh, you always want to win and you always want
to go as far as you can, so it’s disappointing. Even though we aren’t
singing with Demi Lovato, we achieved and
proved to ourselves we can prepare and do
something like this and succeed at it, so… Ludacris:
Well, congratulations. We got to head
to the BCE stage. I’m feeling
good about this. ( all talking over each other ) Good, man?You know, to be able
to have this opportunity
to perform with Demi,it’s validation, man, you know? I’m not crazy. I know what we got. We got something special. We gonna Ahmir-icanize
that joint, you know what I’m saying?( music playing )Are you guys rolling up? Man:
Rolling. All right, so, Ahmir,
y’all got to tell me, is the pressure off now that
y’all won the competition or is it more on ’cause you
got to do a collab with Demi? It’s on now, man. It’s on and popping
right now. It’s all the way on? Well, this is what
I want to do for you guys. I want to introduce
you to our director, Sam Wrench right here. So these guys are gonna
help you arrange the song.
It’s “Stone Cold.” So I’ll leave
you guys to it. Thank you so much. So, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have you inside
this mirror box.The idea being that
it’s, like, super intimate.
So when you’re inside,
you’ll only see reflections
of yourselves but it’s a two-way mirror so
all the cameras on the outside will be able to see in.“Stone Cold” is a very
emotional song
about a heartbreak. And I understand that Ahmir has had their own struggles,and it’s something that
I can relate to, you know?
I think thatany time you struggle,
you can relate tosomebody else in the world,and I think it’s really specialthat I already have
a connection with them. The gig is to get you
closer to you, to the best you. Instinct has got you this
far, so just rely on that. Where you want to come in?
Maybe after somewhere… So I was thinking… “Stone cold, stone cold”… I forgot the lyrics. ( laughter ) ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Through ♪ ♪ If happy is her ♪ ♪ I’m happy for you. ♪ That’s beautiful. – That’s amazing,
I love that.
– Thank you. Yeah, of course. I love how it
starts off lower. Do you think I could
get in with that? Like, sing a little bit
with you guys? – Okay, yeah, sure.
– On the lower part? You’re asking us? ( laughter ) When I listen to them
perform my song, it changes it,it takes it to a totally
different place.
♪ Stone cold, stone cold ♪ ♪ I was your amber ♪ ♪ But now she’s
your shade of gold ♪ ♪ Stone cold ♪ ♪ Baby ♪ When she first… belted out that
first sweet note, it reminded me of… she’s our Mariah Carey,
we’re her Boyz II Men right now. – ( chuckling )
– You know what I mean?
It just felt like just so perfect. ♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ I’m happy for you. ♪ ( music playing )( music playing )Man:
14 years man.
The late nights practicing.We have some fire
that we are ready to release. This opportunity’s gonna
pull us up to a different placeand I’m just excited to see
where that place is and also…
you just have a new sense
of hope, you know?
Let’s get this popping. – Wow. What’s going on?
( chuckles )
– Hello. – How’s it going?
– Wow, you look awesome. – Demi: We all look great.
– Awesome, awesome. My advice would just to be
use all of your emotions. You guys have so much soul. So use it. Director:
All right, here we go. – Stand by.
– Ready to go, ready to go, man.Let’s go.Here we go, guys.
Thanks for your patience. In three, two…( music playing )♪ Stone cold, stone cold ♪ ♪ You see me standing ♪ ♪ But I’m dying on the floor ♪ ♪ Stone cold, stone cold ♪ ♪ Maybe if I don’t cry ♪ ♪ I won’t feel anymore ♪ ♪ Stone cold, baby ♪ ♪ God knows I tried to feel ♪ ♪ Happy for you ♪ ♪ You know that I am ♪ ♪ Even if I ♪ ♪ Can’t understand ♪ ♪ I’ll take the pain ♪ ♪ Give me the truth ♪ ♪ Me and my heart ♪ ♪ We’ll make it through ♪ ♪ If happy is her ♪ ♪ I’m happy for you ♪ Demi:
♪ Mm ♪ ♪ Stone cold, stone cold ♪ ♪ You’re dancing with her ♪ ♪ While I’m staring
at my phone ♪ ♪ Stone cold, stone cold ♪ ♪ I was your amber ♪ ♪ But now she’s
your shade of gold ♪ ♪ Stone cold, baby ♪ ♪ God knows I tried to feel ♪ ♪ Happy for you ♪ ♪ Know that I am ♪ ♪ Even if I ♪ ♪ Can’t understand ♪ ♪ If happy is her ♪ ♪ If happy is her ♪ ♪ I’m happy for you. ♪ ( cheering and applause ) Ludacris:
Man. Hold on, man, hold on. I felt that in my heart. Did y’all feel
that in your heart? ( all talking over each other ) To me, it feels like
this collaboration was long overdue, like this
was meant to be or something. It was long overdue. You complemented her. She complemented you guys. To me, that was amazing. You guys are so
extremely talented and I cannot wait to see
where your career takes you. To have someone like you, who is such an awesome artist,
to be a fan of us, is, like, crazy.It was a, uh, very important
person a long time ago
that told us that
Ahmir’s dream is over.
I’m glad we recognized
that as a lie,
and we kept doing what we do,and it led to this moment
right here.
No one else can determine
when our dream is dead.
Ahmir’s dream
is not over. It’s alive and well! So I’m gonna be
honest with you guys. To me… that was the best cover ever.( music playing )Bring it in for
a group hug, man. I want to be a part
of the group. Just put me in the group. Demi:
Me, too. – Me, too.
– (laughter ) See, now we told you we always got a bunch
of surprises here at “Best Cover Ever”,
so here’s another one. You ready? Ahmir, what’s going on? ( all yelling ) You know, I just got to call
and check on you guys. Y’all’s one of my favorites. Now, we got to
check in, right? True, true, true. We appreciate that
definitely, man. So, listen, we surprised you with Demi showing up
for your performance, right? We surprised you about
being finalists on the show. So by now, you should expect the
unexpected from us at all times, so I don’t see anything
wrong with another surprise. That’s right, it’s not over. Yeah, of course, of course. Spill the beans,
dude, spill it! I know, right?
( laughs ) Now we know that you guys
are working hard every day
at your day jobs. You all have families
to take care of. We also know how much
you guys are struggling to find the money
to finish your album. So listen close. Demi loves you so much and she believes in you so much that she wants to help you out. So she’s giving you… $10,000 to finish your album. ( all exclaiming ) Yo! That is so dope! We just want you to know that
Demi and “Best Cover Ever,” we believe in you. ( clamoring ) Love you, man. Thank y’all so much. Hey, everyone.
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