Welcome to Snapolitics News and Political Opinions. The gravity of what is transpiring in the United States cannot
be more severe as the nation’s iron shield protecting its Democratic inner
self and values begins to fracture both Democrats and Republicans who were
elected to office by the people of the United States are obligated to adhere to
their sacred oath and only work for the people as they have been chosen by it is
the responsibility of each and every person serving in public office to first
secondly and thirdly find common ground and protect the Constitution those who
seek to distract divide and light to the people who depend on their honor and
honesty are simply nothing more than provocateurs and agents of disharmony
destruction and evil sadly the once great and honorable Republican Party has
acquired a taste for the spilled blood of their political rivals truth respect
and honor has been replaced with the adolescent games of the competition the
competitive plane the Republicans now seem to live on leaves no space for
reason for compromise or unity it has simply become a large group of
fabricators deceivers their sound has transformed and now resembles the
blackened blood of a mutated animal dripping on the soil of what was once
lands of hope and prosperity I speak of what lies within because that
place deep in the center of your body and what rests atop it is the only way
to prevent this fractured Shield of becoming broken you all are simply not
prepared to handle your existence if and when your civilization breaks
the answer to all of your problems has always been in the hands of the people
of the United States if you don’t like being lied to by your politicians say so
remember this the United States of America belongs to you and your elected
officials are meant to serve you your wield more power than you will ever know
perhaps it’s time for you to use it thank you for tuning in please like and
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One thought on “DEMOCRACY ON THE BRINK OF BEING DESTROYED | Politcal Opinion

  1. System and lack ideology nowadays is founded for politicians like this. You are true in that idea itself but nobody will listen you. Politicians have no respect for people.People are debating and protest all over the world long time. Now its time for war,only way.
    Sorry about grammar.

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