97 thoughts on “Democratic socialist wants new carbon tax

  1. carbon taxes pollute more and hurt small business. Carbon tax gets passed off to third parties who have additional unused credits. Additional shipping and handling to continue business to meet demands is polluting significantly more. As if literally 5000+ per engine isn't enough of an increase due to emission regulations.

    Regulations burn more energy… it is like adding resistance to your body with weight and then reinhale the same air you just let out. Don't forget the millions of sensors made up by 1000s driving to work and factories and mining equipment used for materials and assembly of goods related to all emission regulations, just forget that and know the parts save the environment polluting less per gallon, but need to burn more fuel to go further due to restrictive regulations.

    Extras always take MORE ENERGY.

  2. Carbon tax? pffffttttt. I'm waiting for Dems to implant sensors in all of us so they can monitor our physiologic reactions so they'll be able to tax every orgasm (alone or with another). It'll be a part of their new health-care system. Ocasio, keep your sticky little fingers out of my pockets…unless you're reaching for "something" in my pants other than my money.

  3. I may be wrong but it seems as if Cortez is a being used as a scare tactic to us (r) to get us out and vote and let me tell you it’s working , no way could this be the hope of the left …


  5. cortez is gonna be VERY generous with your money….she wants to give your hard earned money to every lazy out of work welfare taking link card holding illegal alien welfare queen felonious piece of shit their is……

  6. Socialists are angels of death. They make promises that require people to surrender their power to a small group of people who ALWAYS abuse it as this is human nature. Think about the unspoken horrors in Venezuela right now, for example. Power is ALWAYs better in the hands of the people.

  7. This report is not true just like most of the crap that Fox produces. This is complete BS in order to put down the opposition

  8. She's a idiot !! And that's a under statement where's she from mars Jupiter oh yeah a third world country whatever her parents put in her head like when you get to America any American citizen you see you marry trap that man that'll make you a american lol

  9. democratic socialism ?

    i didnt know socialism can be democratic … democratic = capitalist …

    socialism is not democratic . it can not be .

  10. This broad has about as many brains as a shoe.
    But its what people voted for whats that tell ya??
    The laughing stock of the world…

  11. I've read great awesome comments here. However, there is only one, just one way to prevent the grossly moronic Ocasio-Cortezs and demoncrats from implementing their insane God-forsaken agendas….We all must get out and vote Nov 6, or by early voting. I wonder how many of you who made these great comments will get out and actually vote and how many of you won't. Do it!! Please, do it, and continue to make America great again.

  12. The greens in Australia want 50% luxury car tax on cars above $66000aud , we already have 13% -51% tax on cars . The left party Labor Kevin Krudd brought In Carbon tax in late 2000 cars cost more to buy he also pushed up luxury car tax to 33% , Under right party new cars are $8000-$40000 cheaper to buy . Keep left party out of office like Australia has 5 yrs win win for consumers .

  13. Tax on a Entry level Bmw m3 pure in Australia $43,000 . $97000aud shipped + 10% gst = $108,000 aud + 5% tariffs = $114,000aud + luxury car tax 33% = $130,000aud + 3% stamp duty with orc = $140,000aud

  14. Communists (Democrats) will tax you to hell and back and Not give a Damn for you.
    They are "self proven" mental retards.
    Don't know anything.
    For the sake and survival of America, vote OUT more Communists (Democrats)!!!!!😐

  15. Carbon tax…going outside tax..eating tax ….traveling tax…tax every one that goes to Starbucks..after you pay off your cellphone..then we will have owner tax on your cell phone..just giving socialist some idea's on how to rise money..

  16. this Cortez woman is a communist so if you want her to be in charge then vote democrats. She will introduce so many taxes it will send the USA bankrupt. She has no idea at all. Vote red and for a while you may maintain your freedom, but the dems will go down screaming again!!!!!

  17. Democrats should say – We want zero taxes.. Lets put ALL the debt on our Children… The Right loves to say Dem's want to raise taxes…I thought Dem's were just takers?…Don't they want free stuff and not pay for it? .. I'm confused


  18. socialist governments have murdered 94 million of its own citizens ,that they promised to take care of

    apparently the socialist beast is wanting more blood and bodies

    29 socialist governments have gone bankrupt and where replaced

    so come on people lets give socialism one more try

  19. Yea they rioting in Paris over this shit and stupid ass Democrats wants it here.ur supose to be for the people not against them

  20. The babbling idiot Cortez representing NY so well they are so proud of her. This is what a college education gets u in NY.

  21. The overwhelming hipocracy of leftists….Just amazing…. Bernie talking and attacking the wealthy……but not from the porch of his fourth mansion with a private jet at bekon call.. Alex cortez calling for fairness wearing a 2500 dollar louis Vitton dress and 120 dollar lipstick on… WAKE UP SOCIALISTS !


  23. The dems are running on hate! Hate for Trump! Look at the immigration issue. The dems say we want to reform but not delivering any solution. Comprehensive immigration reform means nothing! It’s empty words where are their ideas?

  24. This is what happens when you elect someone that never had to earn a paycheck the hard way. 70% tax, and I hope she keeps talking. The Democrats are going to be seen for the crazy shit they talk about. Notice she only talks about this and not all the other issues the country has to face. Treat others as you would want to be treated. ….Golden rule. Let's tax everyone at 70%. Oh….wait you don't think that's fair. Too BAD!!!! That is socialism for any moron out there who doesn't get it.

  25. Give it 6 months. She will be charging Americans a 15% tax for every 1% of carbon dioxide we exhale. Which is approximately 4 to 5 % carbon dioxide each exhale. By taking the average exhales in a 24 hour period. She will come up with some insane number we have to pay in taxes just for living and breathing. To think there are morons out there who think this nitwit is great. Hahahaha. Wait till everyone who voted for her sees how much their paychecks are hit with all her taxes. Even then, there will still be those who stand beside her and support her. More than likely they do not work and collect welfare.

    A law I would like to see. If a person is on welfare for longer than a year and a half. They are not allowed to vote till they are off welfare. Until, they are working pulling their own weight in paying taxes. They do not vote.

  26. they had carbon tax in Australia when I lived there and then the electric bills went through the roof. They ended up repealing the carbon tax.

  27. The subduction zones at the edge of continental plates are taking 3 times as much water as initially thought. The earth is just soaking it up and no one knows why. The alarmists who strike fear over such change, only seek to line their pockets through confiscatory means (theft). Redistributing wealth (essentially economic productivity) to those who have not created it and with out their consent, is essentially that. Taxation is theft. Ocasio-Cortez want to legalize her brand of it. Just say no America to any form of cleptocratic rule.

  28. Hmmm, carbon tax huh? Read on… Her proposed electric vehicles are far from "green". Mining & manufacturing technology does not exist to extract the components to make the batteries without using "fossil fuel" powered heavy equipment. Mining is ALWAYS destructive, and the refining & fabrication of the battery components is not exactly a "clean" process.

    Then you have a few more little problems – like the tires that are currently produced to go on those electric vehicles. The tread compounds of a conventional tire contain about 28 percent natural rubber, which comes from latex sap, 28 percent synthetic rubber, which is made from oil, and 28 percent carbon black filler—a sootlike reinforcing agent that is produced by partially burning fossil fuels.

    Then you have all the refining for plastics, the mined metals, and on, and on, and on…

  29. This was a really weird video clip from Fox News where AOC was taken out of context and claims about her were made which are not true. We did not even get to here one word that AOC said. This is lame.

  30. More tax on those who already live pay check to pay check- The larger the Govt. gets the smaller our pay checks get- FACT.

  31. I believe that A.O.C. likes the idea of socialism because she’s so ignorant nobody will “socialize” with her! We’re talking about someone who has just discovered the Garbage Disposal, & claims that cultivation of CAULIFLOWER is racist! She possibly & probably really doesn’t understand what socialism really means! I’d wager that she’s got an I.Q. of NEGATIVE 150!

  32. They just keep lying about social programs being free… Everyone pays into them one way or another. Also just consider this…. if we had Medicare for all along with private insurance if someone opted to go that route imagin the burden that would be lifted from employers…

  33. Take your carbon tax and shove it!!!! Historically, capitalism tempered by an extensive welfare state has been called “social democracy,” while “democratic socialism” has referred to a more decisive break with capitalism. For most democratic socialists, the goal is not just relative equality and generous social spending, but a radical, democratic, and participatory reorganization of economic control. The most instructive evidence about socialist transformation has emerged from Latin America. There, in what has been called the “pink tide,” many countries have been governed by parties of the left. It divided the region’s left-wing governments into “social democrats” (especially Brazil, Chile, Uruguay) and “democratic socialists” (Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and sometimes Argentina), though some of them have been more democratic than others. While the left retains formal power across much of the region, the high-water mark of the “pink tide” was reached by 2015—when the left lost presidential elections in Argentina and parliamentary votes in Venezuela. Weak economic performance across the region made the expansion of social programs all but impossible. AND FINALLY JUST LOOK WHO IS AT OUR BORDERS NOW, BROKE, AND LOOKING FOR HANDOUTS. LATIN/SOUTH AMERICANS. So, bring it on socialists, we know what your intent is, suck our economy dry like you did your own, while you sat on your butts sucking up free this and that, and let socialists take over. Now South Americans have nothing and they deserve it, because they did not stand up for themselves. And you, socialists and South Americans, will not take us down for your benefit, so that in 10 years, you can ruin this country too. Go home and fix your own mess and keep those democratic socialists in power and you are done, down for the count and we will not bail you out. We have had enough of this attack on our sovereignty from your entitled hands out peoples. Showed Americans no respect and now you will get none in return. GO HOME!!!!!

  34. Tax, tax, tax, tax, tax…..that is all these idiots know……and it has never once worked.  If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you've always got.  For dumbascraps, that would be failure after failure on massive levels.  America should just completely ignore dumbascraps, they are worthless, lying criminals with their own interests not that of the REAL American people.  RID AMERICA OF ALL DUMBASCRAPS.

  35. AOC is dumber than dirt. She should realize that people are just surviving and now she wants to slap another new tax on the American people. What ever happened to cannon logic?? Everything that comes out of her mouth is crazy stupid!!

  36. When people hear that Republicans deny climate change you guys make up Americans look like idiots climate change is here it's bad and we need to act the carbon tax and the green New Deal needs to be put again forwarded because we are basically not doing anything for the environment Donald Trump past the Lost lowering certain rice the EPA has to monitor our mother earth, I used to be a hard-core Republican until I find out that you guys are idiots and retards and believe anything a republican says to you do some research about what's going on with time and change and why you there stop advocating for the 1% they don't give a fuk about you guys that aren't rich

  37. Let anyone who wants to pay carbon tax pay carbon tax!.
    with that money lets drop fuel tax for those who are are sensitive to paying fuel tax!.

  38. AOC has the freedom to lie to the people for the political agenda. She has the freedom to mislead people. She has the freedom to scare the people with the sky is falling in 12 years. She has the freedom to be mostly wrong because she thinks her fuzzy logic is better than the facts. She has the freedom to hate white and rich people and encourage others to join her. She has the freedom to encourage large companies to move to another town and then state the misconception of using the tax breaks to create jobs. She has the freedom to cause trouble in border holding facilities and spread a lie without any real proof. She has the freedom to cause a divide in her own party. And we the taxpayers are paying for her to do all this. She has the backing of the leftwing Presidental candidates. She may be free and have all these freedoms but come next election that freedom should not be paid by us.

  39. Dems feel China's money is being spent throughout Dem party this money was given to Biden for Dem party Tulsi has ties to Russia money campaines ect

  40. The Billionaire's an millionaires are living off government welfare and Tax cut's ! Welfare King Warren buffet pay's less taxes than his secretary and receive $2 billions in government subsidies payment's handouts for the Greedy Gluttonous bastard's !
    Need to Tax the welfare socialism Billionaire's !

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