Denise’s story: Learning disability benefits and welfare

Denise’s story: Learning disability benefits and welfare

I’m Denise I’m 37 years old I live with
me mom and little boy I ring up and I saw, “Oh I’ve got a learning disability”, it’s like “oh, we’ll keep you on the notes and we’ll ring you
back if we want you”, and then you know like, it’s a no-go, because I have told them that I’ve got learning disability and they don’t they haven’t got the patience or the
time. To claim job seeker’s allowance, you have to pick seven you have to pick 20
jobs I think it was before I got down to seven because I went to see me advisor
and I was having quite a lot of problems picking the 20 jobs, so now it’s just seven
jobs a week, however now, and you know I can’t always pick em, like, cos I’ve
picked everything. Phone is just like well what else do I write? I used to get the full rate but
then they halved it and I had Karl to dress and whatever and look after than that. I was sanctioned because I kept on picking the same jobs every time, and they says, “well, look, you’ve picked this one before Denise.” And I says “yeah, I had to because I’m
restricted to where I can go, because I’ve got Kyle at school. If they want you,
you’ve got be there like fast. You can’t say “we’ll be there in about an hour” or
something. I don’t want to be sanctioned again and
I need a job because I’m getting that bored. Doing the same stuff at home
and working the charity shops for like nothing. Once I’m working that I’m a good
worker you know I don’t slack or anything I’m a good worker when I start
working. We should be treated the same as all the other people, not just like “oh
she’s got a disability, she’s no good” or something. They won’t like give us a try and just listen to us, cos you know we got all the right haven’t we?

2 thoughts on “Denise’s story: Learning disability benefits and welfare

  1. The issue is why would you employ people with a disability when you have millions of non disabled people . I'm classed as Paraplegic I can walk but with great difficulty and I will fall over,  I do so two or three times a  day. Yet the jobs they offered me were painting houses, or bricklaying or cleaning windows after  an hour I return to a wheelchair because my legs and my back become so seriously painfull, I then  take Morphine and yet they said you can do it.

    Then ATOS gave me the medical said I was fit to work, I was then told by the DWP they had reviewed my case and said that in fact I could not work, so did not need to look, but I'm desperate to work.

    I've written over 2,000 application to companies in four years and had no replies so the job center said do not tell them your disabled and I wrote ten more application and was offered an interview and jobs, one company said can you start Monday and then I said I use a wheelchair and I was told forget it.

    The simple fact people have choices employers can now pick from a lot of unemployed or Immigrants why would they take on the sick or the disabled.

  2. i do not trust mencap,… they said they express " help and empowering " people with disability ,.. however they do not ,.. they a do not listen or RESPECT their adults clients ,.. they go over there heads ,..and they do not try to understand ,, mencap are like protocol robots without feelings ,… for the disbilty they treat their adult disability clients like children,..of talking down to them , patronizing,. betrays their trust ,.. to their clients ……mencap act in their so called best interests when they should just respect their adult clients lives … they do not seem to take their clients interested or them seriously true professional advocacy would ever do this .no matter what .. !!!! Medcap need to respect and listen to there adults clients needs and not what they think they should do ,.. narcissism much ??

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