Denying Your History | Armenian Genocide

Denying Your History | Armenian Genocide

In every friend group, there’s that one
person that doesn’t quite belong – nobody really likes them but nobody hates them enough
to kick them out. Their presence is just sort of tolerated. They have some dirty laundry, maybe they cheat
on their wife or sell drugs on the side – things you genuinely disagree with. But not enough to actually do anything about
it. They provide some sort of benefit to the group
– maybe they can get you into exclusive clubs or they’re the only ones with access
to a car. Something that makes everyone look past the
bones in their closet. Which is an open secret by the way, everyone
knows, but nobody brings it up because they want access to whatever they provide. Turkey is that friend to the United States
and NATO. And just like any other friend group, the
longer we ignore that one friend’s less awesome qualities, the more likely they are
to keep doing it. This video was brought to you by Skillshare. Most Americans tend to look at history through
the lens of American history. Which is fine, we all need a reference point. After World War 2 was the Cold War, before
that was the Depression and World War 1. But before that? Reconstruction, the Civil War, Manifest Destiny…
all internal history. The rest of the world still existed you know. The American version of World War 1 is that
Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated, and a complicated system of military alliances led
to the first global war. Which is mostly true. But it’s not like Europe was sitting there
with these overlapping defense treaties waiting for something to set it off. The main cause of World War 1 was nationalism. Nationalism is like toxic patriotism, it’s
fine to be proud of your country but when that pride leads to excluding anyone you don’t
view as being part of it – you’ve got a problem. And that’s what was going on in Europe in
the lead up to World War 1. Archduke Ferdinand wasn’t just assassinated
for kicks, the guy who killed him was a member of Young Bosnia – a Yugoslav and Serbian
nationalist group fighting for a unified Balkan region. He was also a member of the Black Hand, a
Serbian nationalist group. Late 1800s Europe was a mess of nationalist,
independence, and separatist movements, on top of all of the conventional wars and changing
borders common to the region. A few of these movements are important to
the story I’m about to tell. The Russo-Turkish War occurred between 1877
and 1878, historians aren’t the most creative when it comes to naming things. Especially things they consider to be minor. It ended with the Russian occupation of eastern
Turkey in order to address the “Armenian Question” – I really wish I was joking. That’s what they called it during the Congress
of Berlin in 1878. You see, the European powers were concerned
with how the Muslim Ottoman Turks were treating Christians living in their empire, they were
basically second-class citizens. With forced conversions and higher taxes and
such. Europe was also concerned with giving Russia
too much influence though, so the occupation was essentially toothless and eventually ended. Leaving the Armenian Question to the Turks. In 1890, the Ottoman Sultan created the…. Hamidiye? Hamidiye, a paramilitary group tasked with…
answering the question. They were sort of like the Turkish Black and
Tans – only, thirty years before the actual Black and Tans. I suppose this is as good a time as any to
tell you that the Turks really don’t like the Armenians, seeing them as untrustworthy
and disloyal. They did just cause a Russian occupation after
all. The Hamidiye would intentionally incite Armenian
rebellions within the empire for the sole purpose of putting them down. Get them to fight you, so you can claim self-defense. These are known as the Hamidian Massacres
and they killed anywhere from 100,000-300,000 Armenians between 1894 and 1896. That is already more than Nanking and the
actual event hasn’t started yet. In 1908 a group called the Young Turks overthrew
the Sultan and reinstated the Ottoman constitution and parliament. While they were progressive and technically
liberal, they were also a nationalist group. The Ottoman Empire was the best and anyone
saying otherwise was an enemy and asking a foreign power to intervene in internal politics
was downright blasphemous. Those pesky Armenians asking for… equality. The Young Turks envisioned a homogenous state
in Anatolia, run by Turks for Turks… Turkey belongs to the Turks. And Skyrim belongs to the Nords. They didn’t like minorities in power or
the fact that Armenians ran all the banks and were overrepresented in business and law. I swear I’ve heard that before… except
later in history. Yes, this is where the Young Turks news show
gets their name, but I’m sure they were more focused on the revolutionary history
rather than the nationalist stuff. In 1909 there was a counter-coup against the
Young Turks and the constitution, which just spilled over to killing anyone perceived to
not support the Sultan. Which led to the deaths of 15,000-30,000 Armenians. The counter-coup failed and the Young Turks
stayed in power, specifically a faction led by the Three Pashas known as the Committee
of Union and Progress or CUP. Which is the faction that remains in power
and carries out everything that follows. Then in 1912, the Balkan Wars occurred between
the Balkan states and the two major empires in the region. It’s very complicated and messy, so we won’t
get into it, but the important part is that the Ottoman Empire lost all of its holdings
in Europe. Nothing gets that nationalist blood boiling
quite like losing. The Balkan states also decided to take this
opportunity to expel every Muslim from the region. Sending 850,000 refugees into Anatolia. So the board is set, all the pieces are in
the right place – the Ottoman Empire has suffered numerous defeats, successful and
attempted coups, and is looking for someone to blame. Then a Serbian nationalist decides to assassinate
the leader of a foreign imperial power. The main goal of the Ottoman Empire during
World War 1 was to regain all of the territory it had lost since 1878. And also… answer the Armenian Question. The Ottomans were engaged on three fronts,
in Gallipoli against the British and French, in Mesopotamia and Persia against the British
and Russians, and the Caucasus against just the Russians. Where the Ottomans were losing… badly. The Turks tried to get the Armenians to fight
the Russians but they just wouldn’t, so after every loss, suspicions of a secret alliance
went around. Especially after the siege of Van. In April 1915, a Turkish general wanted to
conscript every man in the city of Van, primarily made up of Armenians. Who refused to join the Turkish army – suspecting
that it was actually just a ruse for mass execution. Which it was, just for the record. So the Turkish general decided to turn his
weapons on the town in retribution. That’s a Turkish general with a Turkish
army, laying siege to a Turkish town. The Armenians held the Turkish forces at bay
for a month until Russian forces arrived to save them. Thus reinforcing the Russian collusion narrative
in the minds of the Ottomans. Every time a country loses a war or the economy
is in the toilet, we look for someone to point the finger at as the cause of our troubles. Because of course, it can’t be us. So whether it’s protesting hippies, foreigners
taking your jobs, or a minority group who seems to be in charge of all the money and
present at every military loss… Someone’s to blame. So in the middle of the first global war in
history, the Ottoman Turks decided to get rid of anyone that they sensed to be a threat
to national security. Which in this case was anyone who wasn’t
an Ottoman Turk. The Ottomans just watched the Balkan states
expel every non-Christian from their land and Turkey is still dealing with almost a
million refugees. So Turkey felt justified in expelling every
non-Muslim. This event is known as the Armenian Genocide,
genocide being a somewhat important word, but just as the Holocaust wasn’t only Jewish
people… The Armenian Genocide wasn’t just Armenians. They were the largest group by far, which
is probably why it’s named that – 1.5 million Armenians lost their lives along with
750,000 Greeks and 350,000 Assyrians. But it didn’t start with the expressed goal
of killing them. In 1913, the Ottomans created the Special
Organization, tasked with the “relocation” of all ethnic minorities, they were kind of
like the Ottoman SS. But again, decades before the actual SS. During the siege of Van, the Special Organization
started relocating and deporting any non-Turkish citizens from Anatolia. The region we would later call Turkey – It
started in the capital of Istanbul, though it wasn’t actually Istanbul at the time,
it was still Constantinople. Istanbul was Constantinople. While you might think the Greeks would have
been pushed towards Greece, everyone was generally pushed in a southeasterly direction. Armenians and Assyrians were marched into
the Syrian desert, where it was expected that they would die. One of the common defenses Turkey uses against
the claim of genocide is that it was just a deportation, anyone who died along the way
was just accidental. That defense fell apart in 2017, when telegrams
were discovered showing that the Ottoman government ordered the killings. Most Armenians and Assyrians were force marched
under brutal conditions to Deir ez-Zor, in the middle of Syrian desert. With just enough supplies to make it there. People were expected to survive on just 150
grams of bread a day during the journey. Which is this much bread, by the way, I did
the math. Assuming they survived the journey, which
90% of them did not, once they arrived, they died – even if they tried to leave, they’d
die before they made it anywhere. From starvation, dehydration, and good old-fashioned
killing. This is near the beginning of World War 1,
methods of mass killing like chemical weapons weren’t available yet, so people were just
shot or beheaded, or any other conventional way you can think of. There were 25 concentration camps, five of
which were specifically death camps. Yes there is a difference. There were some mass graves with 60,000 people
in them, which… Do you know how big of a mass grave you’d
need to dig to fit that many people? If you were to perfectly stack every person,
minimizing empty space between them, you would need two Olympic sized swimming pools to fit
60,000 people. Yeah I did the math. 80,000 people were burned alive in the city
of Mus and 50,000 people were mass drowned. If you look at this map for longer than a
second, you’ll soon come across these dots to the north. Were people being deported across the Black
Sea to Russia? No, people were being deported… to the Black
Sea. 50,000 people were taken out to the middle
of the water and thrown off the boat. There were other features that we’ve come
to expect from genocides, like medical experimentation, property destruction, and… rapes. So many rapes. Which I don’t understand in this context
– or any context, really – you hate a people so much that you’re marching them
out of your country, you want to kill them, they’re inferior and subhuman. But you’re willing to look past that for
a few minutes? Accounting for inflation, almost 55 billion
dollars worth of property was destroyed or confiscated, 2000 churches were destroyed,
and millions of people had been displaced or killed. Most of this happened during the summer of
1915, but it continued throughout the war. Teddy Roosevelt would go on to say that this
was the greatest crime of the war, it was reported on almost daily, and the US wasn’t
even in the war yet. And much like Nanking, there are dozens of
foreign accounts of the events. The Turks know … that the Christian nations
are too busy to take care of Armenians, so they take advantage of the times to destroy
their “enemies” … it is quite obvious that the purpose of their departure is the extermination
of the Armenian people. After the war, those responsible for the genocide,
including the Three Pashas, were charged with war crimes and the CUP was dissolved. But that fell apart at the same time as the
Ottoman Empire. Their Middle Eastern holdings were divided
between the British and the French, and the Caucasus were given to the Russians. The Turkish people abolished the monarchy,
consolidated themselves into Anatolia, renamed it Turkey, and renamed the capital Istanbul. Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople. There was significant internal political strife,
as you can imagine. But they still found time to continue fighting
the newly re-established Republic of Armenia in the Turkish-Armenian War. Where another 100,000 Armenians died. While also having to fight Azerbaijan in the
Armenian-Azerbaijani War. These names are really uncreative. How did Azerbaijan get involved in all of
this? When the Armenians fled Turkey, were they
encroaching on ancestral Azeri lands? No, in fact Azerbaijan didn’t exist until
1918. It became a country the same day as Armenia
actually, though Armenia existed for over a thousand years before the Ottomans took
it over – it’s where Noah’s Ark landed after all. Azerbaijan has no previous history. The answer is that the people who live in
Azerbaijan are Azeri Turks – just another group of Turks. Turks are an ethnic group. Just like Arabs or Slavs, they are a separate
group, containing several other groups, like the Ottomans and the Azeris within it. All Turks hate Armenians. So the Azeri Turks joined the Turk Turks in
fighting the Armenians until the Soviets took over in 1920. The Soviets somehow managed to keep the peace. In a region that like the Balkans, is very
messy… I mean, part of Azerbaijan is on the other
side of Armenia, and the disputed state of Nagorno-Karabakh lies entirely within Azerbaijan. Not to mention Chechnya and the South Ossetian
independence movement from Georgia. But once the Soviet Union started to fall
apart in the late 80s and early 90s, things in the Caucasus started to fall apart too
and the Armenians and Azeris have been fighting each other in the streets on and off ever
since. The Soviet Union is actually a big part of
the problem here. You see, I just told you about the Armenian
Genocide – it’s a true historical event that happened. You would think it would be that simple. But only a handful of countries recognize
it – the United States federal government does not, but 49 individual states do. It’s Mississippi, before you pause the video
to google it. Here’s a map of all the countries and states
that will openly agree that a thing happened… there are some notable absences here including
the US, the UK, Israel, and of course, Turkey. The current Turkish government does not recognize
the Armenian Genocide and anyone who does risks losing their diplomatic ties. Erdogan just denounced the Pope for calling
it a genocide. Instead, Turkey calls it “the events of
1915.” Their defense is as shaky as you would expect
– it didn’t happen, and if it did happen, it wasn’t deliberate, so it wasn’t a genocide. But it didn’t happen. It definitely did happen, the evidence is
overwhelming and with the newly discovered telegrams, it’s impossible to say that it
wasn’t deliberate. It was the Ottoman Empire, not Turkey. This is the only one I can actually maybe
give them some credit for because it’s true. The Ottoman Empire ceased to exist in 1922. Unlike Japan, who is another genocide denier,
it’s not the same government that perpetrated the crime. However, you’d still have to admit there
was a crime. Changing your name doesn’t really wipe away
your responsibility, it’s a step in the right direction, but only if you take responsibility…
like the Germans did after they changed governments. More Turks died in the war than Armenians. Firstly, that isn’t true, secondly, I don’t
know where this number argument came from, I see it all over the place, even for things
like the Holocaust and Native Americans. There is no number requirement for a genocide. Genocide wasn’t a crime in 1915, it didn’t
even exist as a concept for decades afterwards. You can’t charge someone with a crime before
it was a crime. That’s true, the term genocide was coined
in 1943 and first published in 1944 to describe what Hitler was doing in Europe. World War 2 wasn’t over yet when it was
created. Raphael Lemkin, who invented the term, didn’t
know everything about the Holocaust yet – so I’ll give you one guess as to what event
he was looking at when coming up with the definition for his new word. Did you guess the Armenian Genocide? Because it’s the Armenian Genocide. So the UN definition of genocide fits the
Armenian Genocide because this definition was written specifically for the Armenian
Genocide. So yes, it was a genocide – the first genocide,
in fact. The Holocaust was the first genocide to be
tried as a new crime, and yes, there were genocides throughout history before that… But this was the first officially defined
one. So why do so few countries recognize it? Because of the Soviet Union. Turkey is the second largest country in NATO
and sits in a strategic location for missile bases and an important crossroads for trade
– it is Russia’s only real access to the Mediterranean. It was also the first country in the region
to recognize Israel. It is an extremely important country for numerous
reasons. Because of that, they are the friend that
we know has skeletons in their closet, but we ignore them and we tolerate their presence. Because we need the access they provide. Nearly every American politician agrees that
the Armenian Genocide occurred… Two years ago, I criticized the Secretary
of State for the firing of U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, John Evans, after he properly
used the term ‘genocide’ to describe Turkey’s slaughter of thousands of Armenians starting
in 1915. … as President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide. …right up until they become important on
the world stage. Then, suddenly the word genocide disappears
from their vocabulary – even on Armenian Remembrance Day… We cannot continue to look the other way. The longer we enable it, the more likely they
are going to keep doing it. Tensions between the Turks and Armenians have
been escalating since the fall of the Soviet Union, it’s entirely possible that another
war could break out at any moment. Nagorno-Karabakh, also known as the Republic
of Artsakh, is a semi-autonomous region claimed by both Armenia and Azerbaijan and is currently
under military blockade. Some people are accusing the Armenians of
using history to gain political favor. History that the Turks deny ever happened. And here’s the real kicker, the fact that
Turkey faced no consequences for the Armenian Genocide is what inspired Hitler to think
he could get away with the Holocaust. Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation
of the Armenians? Well I do, and now you do too. We’ve examined a number of different genocidal
events on this channel over the last few years. This used to jokingly be known as the genocide
channel. But in researching this one, I found myself
saying things like “oh, just like the Nazis” or “oh, that also happened in Nanking”
far too many times. The similarities are… scary. The Ottoman Turks blamed the Armenians for
their woes and the genocide started as a deportation program. Just like Hitler did with the Jews. Turkey changed governments after the war,
just like Germany, but continues to deny their crimes. Just like Japan. It wouldn’t be so scary that the Armenian
Genocide is just an amalgamation of other genocides if not for the fact that it took
place first. This is the original genocide – TM. History rhymes more often than it repeats,
and we see the same patterns echo across time. Most major projects in history, good and bad,
seem to follow the same basic formula – a formula you can learn on Skillshare by going
to Skillshare is an online learning community
with over 25,000 courses taught by experts in their field. Take this course in how to create your own
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less than $10 a month. And if you head over to,
you can get two months of unlimited access to all of Skillshare’s courses for free. You’ll also be supporting the channel when
you do. The more people who know about this event,
and that it actually happened, the fewer people can continue to deny it. Yes, Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks used to
deny the genocide in the 90s… I’m a Turkish-American and I grew up believing
the things that I was taught. But has since come around, saying it was a
real thing just two months ago. The Armenian Genocide happened. It existed, it’s true. Okay? I don’t know how I can be any clearer than
that. He’s come under fire for only believing
it because of public pressure, but… I don’t care how you arrive at the right
answer, just that you arrive at the right answer. I would prefer that he cracked open a book
and changed his own mind, but hey. With enough international pressure, Turkey
and Azerbaijan might admit their past and normalize diplomatic relations with Armenia. Once they do that, we can figure out how to
prevent it in the future. I don’t know about you, but finding out
that many of the characteristics of other, more famous genocides are just echoes of what
happened to the Armenians was frustrating. I don’t want history to rhyme anymore, and
I hope you don’t either, because now, you know better. I’d like to give a shout out to my newest
Golden Fork patrons, Erin, Jon, Tunnelgram, Brian, and Kevin. Sorry for not saying your names in the last
video. If you’d like to add your name to this list
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100 thoughts on “Denying Your History | Armenian Genocide

  1. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this video, and overall I think it is fantastic! However, I have some issues with how you frame nationalism.

    As you've illustrated clearly, Turkish nationalism was toxic and contributed to the Armenian Genocide, and I think this trend of toxic nationalism also applies to Nazi Germany, Hirohoto's Japan, etc.. However, this form of nationalism, which is usually espoused by the group in power, is VERY VERY different from the nationalism espoused by marginalized groups.

    At the start of the video you talked about the role that Slavic nationalism played in precipitating WW1. Although I am not going to defend the actions of Gavrilo Princip, I think it is our imperative as progressively-minded people to validate the anger and frustration that oppressed people feel (in this case, the slavic groups that were ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire). Even if we don't agree with every action taken by Slavic nationalists, we should support their right to self-determination. As such their nationalism is, for lack of more nuanced terminology, justfiable/productive/"good" because it's in the context of their fight for self-determination. And I would extend this analysis to the nationalism of all colonies trying to break free from their colonial rulers.

    I get the sense that you more or less would agree with this distinction, but I wanted to flesh out this distinction!

  2. It's interesting that you bring up the Qarabagh/Artsakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, because although both countries have a lot to apologize for, the government of Azerbaijan in particular has acted horrificly ugly in recent years. For starters, any person of Armenian descent is denied entry to the country to this day. Azerbaijani officials have made claims about Yerevan or other regions of already tiny Armenia belonging to Azerbaijan.

    What I think is the biggest travesty of all is the case of Ramil Safarov, an Azeri military officer who hacked an Armenian officer to death while in his sleep during a diplomatic seminar in Hungary. Here's what he had to say in his trial:

    "*I regret that I hadn't killed any Armenian before this.* The army sent me to this training and here I learnt that two Armenians were taking the same course with us. I must say that hatred against Armenians grew inside me. In the beginning we were greeting each other, or rather they said "hi" to me but I didn't respond. The reason why I committed the murder was that they passed by and smiled in our face. At that moment I decided to kill them, i.e. to saw their heads off…"

    His attorney said "killing an Armenian is not a crime in Azerbaijan". He was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was extradited back to Azerbaijan, the government having promised to Hungary to continue his sentence, but immediately after his arrival, he was pardoned, promoted in the army, and given an apartment. Many ministers and public figures described him as "defending his country's honor and his people's dignity", "an example of patriotism for the Azerbaijani youth", and "a brave hero who brought a second breath to the Azerbaijani people".

    Yet the world either hasn't heard of these events or just ignores them. They continue to trade with and invest in Azerbaijan. No consequences whatsoever. Let's be clear, Armenia also committed a genocide in Khojaly and ironically denies that while asking for recognition of the Armenian genocide. But this level of barbarism can't tolerated, and must be addressed before we can hope to find a solution to Qarabagh.

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    P.S. I see what you're saying, but it's wrong to assert that the Azeris have no previous history. Not as old as Armenia, to be sure, but they certainly have a history. They bloodlines that now constitute the Azeris of Azerbaijan and Iran trace back to the Old Azeri language of the Aryan branch of the Indo-European family, dating back to the 11th Century AD. The remnants of the language survived at least into the 1970s.
    Following invasions of Seljuks and later Mongols, the peoples of ancient Azerbaijan became largely assimilated into the burgeoning Turkic nations in the Middle East. The groups that had become predominantly Sunni migrated West into central Anatolia, becoming the Ottomans (eventually). The Shia branches remained in the East of Transcaucasia and were largely integrated into the various Persian empires. Later on, this was further divided into Russian (later Soviet) and Iranian Azerbaijan. The former is the one you mention as having "no history". To this day, Azeris are the second largest ethnic group in Iran, and Iran has more Azeris than the newly independent Republic of (formerly Soviet) Azerbaijan.
    I fully understand that you are on the side of the Armenians in your little story, but you don't need to be dishonest to do it.

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    — Thank you for informing the public about the 2017 telegrams discovery… but do you not know about brave Taner Akcam and his 2007 book "A Shameful Act," which draws on the many smoking guns in the Ottoman Archives…?
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  22. My aunt talked about how her grandmother and Maj had run away from the Turks with 2 newborn children. They had to throw them into the waters of Van so that the Turks would not take them and not torment them.

  23. first of all, archduke ferdinand wasnt the leader; he was the heir, and second of all turkey didnt lose all of their european possessions; they kept adrianople and constantinople- or east thrace.

  24. Iam a turk and can only give u my respect for this video not many people are talking about such serious things like the Armenian Genocide and i dont understand and will not unterstand how turks today lie about the genocide

    sry for my bad englsch btw iam living in Germany so Erdogan cant arrest me IMAOOOO

  25. Ok im unsubbing i really liked your content first and to some extent still do, but im getting tierd of you over and over again claming that every nationalist are genocide supporting asslholes, i hoped that you where a leftist that at lest could see some things from other side but no you are just the same kind of AlL ThE NaTiNalIsT aRe NaZiS….bye bye

  26. 14:00 Really ALL Turks hate Armenians? Like 100%? Sorry, I'll undo my like for that gross generalization in an otherwise nuanced video.

  27. I don’t hate Turks but the ones who denied the Armenian genocide are just people who think we Armenians are weak but we have suffered more than any other countries could think of I just want to say:
    Greetings from Armenia and thanks to promoting what the Turks did to us and not denying the Armenian genocide

  28. I think its wrong to blame turks themselves, Its like blaming holocaust on germans I love armenians, also there was lower taxes on non-muslims

  29. Slight correction:
    Armenians DID fight against the Russians. Or at least, they joined the Ottoman Army and were placed in Noncombat roles(and later killed). Which is indeed why the Van Armenians opposed the conscription of their sons.
    What Western Armenians just wouldn't do is try to get Eastern Armenians to turn against the rest of the Russian Empire.
    Also, all Turks do not hate Armenians. Hell, Uzbeks and Armenians fought together in the Tajikistan Civil War.

    And there were even primitive gas chambers, ie caves into which children were herded and then asphyxiated to death with fires lit at the entrance of the cave.

  30. As a Turk, I can say that most Turks know this happened but they won't accept it because they think their ancestors couldn't possibly do something do horrific. It's time to accept what happened.

  31. turkeys new goverment wast like germany's new goverment at all tho. germany's new goverment was put in charge by foreign invaders after beating the previous goverment and the german people into submission by the allies. on the other hand the new turkish goverment was a goverment that existed with the sultans goverment at the same time and was in open rebellion against the sultans goverment. Thenew turkish goverment was the goverment that ended previous goverment's existence.So not like germany at all.

  32. I am a Turk and untill this year i thought it was a deportation too. My history teacher was a armenian-kurd descendant and his explantion made me believe that something actually happened. But he also said , again he is a armenian-kurd, there was a conflict both sides attacked and killed innocents. Armenians burned turkish villages and killed turkish civilians. In the end we took it way too far and turned what supposed to be a conflict into a one way killing frenzy. I am personally ashamed with Ottoman empires actions. Though ottoman empire was tyrannical and genocidal empire, its done and now ,besides the government and nationalists among us, followers of Atatürk are accepting of every religion and every ethnicity. So people separate us from the ottoman sympathizers.

  33. Thank you for covering this! Not only are they responsible for this, but also actions against the Assyrians and Greeks!

  34. Why they don't teach it in US history classes? For the same reason they don't talk about the Eastern front of WW2. Because it makes Slavs sound braver than Americans.

    Get used to it 'murica.

  35. You’re talking about nationalism like it’s the worst thing ever. It’s bad when it becomes an excuse to murder minorities or something similar. Other than that it’s a good thing to bind people together. Had it not been for nationalism, we would have still been under imperial occupation.

  36. What most of the denialist don't understand is that denial is a burden and brigs only shitty friuts….. like Erdogan.

  37. Do a video on the Sri Lankan genocide of Tamils during the Sri Lankan Civil War which is not often known about compared to other well-known genocides in history.

  38. As a Turk who wouldn't call event a "genocide against the Armenian people by the Turkish people" I must say, this is by far the most accurate video on the subject that I've seen coming from a "Western" content maker.

    I'll keep it short, you all don't care about my reasonings as to why I have a different name for the events, but here's how you might be able to get more people to agree with your line of reasoning.

    Don't paint it as an "Armenian vs Turkish" conflict, people are people, the way you speak makes it sound like there is an innate being at the hearts of every Turk where they will sniff an Armenian out and pin them to the walls to be crucified slowly.
    Wars happen, that's a tragedy, the major reason why they happen is that people stop seeing one another as human beings but rather as enemies. Continuing to view it as an event where "All Turks, one day randomly just rose up, and started just purging people from other ethnicities" makes people ignore what you've said simply on the basis of "hang on a second…. I never killed any Armenians )'; Now you've hurt mah feelings, and I won't listen to you one more bit mister". I personally don't give a fuck what someone who doesn't give a fuck about what I say says regarding me. But alas, there are these people.

    Talk more about the actual people who were responsible for planning the event and stoking rhetoric that divided the nation and the people based on their ethnicity, the ittihad ve terakki and later on the cumhuriyet halk parti, this bullshit of "divide and conquer" essentially exists all the way to today sadly, in Turkey there are a whole bunch of retarded words such as "Black Turk vs White Turk" or whatever the hell, until 1996 it was by law illegal to use the word "Kurd" because "only Turks lived in Turkey" as well as Westerner tourists I guess which the CHP worships naturally. These bastards are the reason for all the violence and conflict whether they be called communists(PKK), kemalists, or bozkurts I don't give a damn.

    And that brings me to my greatest hatred of the subject especially when a "Westerner" speaks about it, your hypocrisy. The "Westerners" are the greatest supporters of these people, Enver, Kemal, Evren, etc yet while your support them, their authoritarianism, and their ban of religious freedom and liberties when it comes to certain people, you highly oppose their policies when it comes to ban of liberties when it comes to certain other people. The "Westerners" talk about these people like one would talk about Stalin saying "What a great guy that Stalin was, he really industrialized the nation and everything. Oh the genocides such as the Holodomor (Haha, Google marks a red line under that word saying "it's not a real word" perhaps some more genocides you might wish to focus on mate?) and the forced removal of Turkic groups and the forced settlement of Rus people into the Baltics and such and all those gulags? Well yes, of course, they are a tragedy, too bad they happened. But God damn, that Stalin sure did build some good factories." Imagine if someone talked about Hitler in that manner, the "West's" narrative of "NO! Hitler was a big meany! He killed puppies for fun!" Would no longer be followed and that would piss people off, anyway, don't say you support an authoritarian and his policies but how those policies are implemented especially when it comes to certain people that you actually do give a fuck about.

    And that brings me to my last real thorn on the side when it comes to this issue, "You all should be like the Germans". I don't understand why, but "The West" really, let's be honest, does not give a fuck about certain tragedies in history, such as the "actions" that led to "stopping riots" in India or the aftermath of the Boxer rebellion, that event itself being a tragedy, or the treatment of the Boer's in South Africa which actually were the first time what would later be called "Concentration Camps" were used, or rather "forced labour camps" the main difference being I suppose that these ones let people other and didn't work them to death, but I'm getting off topic, there are certain events that people don't give a fuck about. Then there are certain events that people do care about but only in passing comment with a slight nod and a "ah, yeah" as a response, the genocides caused by the Soviets, by Mao, by the US government against the native americans, etc. Then there are the genocides that "The West" really heavily focuses on for whatever reason, the actions of the Japanese government specifically for whatever reason when it comes to Korea and China, the actions of Ittihad ve Terakki as the result of their divisive rhetoric, etc. that the response of "The West" is "You should be more like the Germans" to which I say "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! OH TOO FUNNY! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!" The Germans are Fucking MASOCHISTS! Good God I wish even the Germans weren't like the Germans, I'd rather be dead than be like the Germans. The Germans would give their own mother to a Zionist just to not seem "Anti-Semitic" (Never knew why that word wasn't called "Anti-Jew" or something, Semitic is a different thing than a Jewish individual). You expect the Japanese or anyone else in this world to be like the Germans? Get real! Meanwhile what will your response to the trail of tears et cetera be? "Oh, so sad, makes me sad every time I think about it" these two responses are not equal at all. The only reason why the Germans are as they are is due to 40 years of military occupation where the entire goal was "you fucks are the reason for all this shit, now accept it and eat our shits" by the four powers.

    Nahhhhh man, what the Germans went through is a programmed physiological brainwashing essentially. Don't expect a world where the Chinese will continue to imprison and murder people simply for not being good lil' Han Chinese Commies and at the same time the Japanese will commit seppuku over "Oh no, apparently my grandfather killed a Chinese man and raped a Korean woman, woe is me". Get real.

    I'll leave it off by saying this, not that I actually believe that anyone will read any of this, look at the comment's section, none of you even care about the subject, other than to make memes about it. If history was reversed and if the Armenian government and organizations as equally barbaric as the Ittihad ve Terakki and CHP had the power such as the "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" that group of no good commies then an equal or a greater amount of Turks would have been killed, and that is a guarantee you can take to the bank. Look at how the Turks were treated after the Armenian military occupied Karabakh, the world is not black and white, continue this bullshit rhetoric and no one will ever take a step forward towards peace but rather will retreat back to armour up feeling threatened.

    The world is not friendly to the Turks nor anything that has to do with Turkey, other than subversive elements of Turkey that would loving eat a bag of dicks if given by "The West" such as the kemalist scums. In this world where everyone looks at us as an opponent or an opposition to something or another why would we fall down on the ground showing our bellies with teary eyes? Only to be stabbed in the guts? "As the Germans have"?! Hahahahaha… You're all too funny. Let's be a bit more just so that we might expect justice from others.

    As for me, I've never killed anyone Armenian or not, what would me accepting anything do? Bring back the dead? If that was possible then I would consider lying even if I had to. But if this "accepting our past" is so important, let's first get the "German treatment" from the Armenians and Chinese and Americans before accepting it from the Turks and Japanese and what have you, shall we? After all, these are the groups that are so fixated on the subject.

  39. Lets not forget the Turkish republic was built off of this genocide through legislation denying the cultural and religious liberties of minorities (Armenian, Assyrian, Greek, Laz, Kurdish, etc). the deportations and annihilation of cities and towns (Smyrna) after the wars exterminated the history and culture of the people living there, only to be replaced by a homogeneous Turkish one. Even after reforms were made to allow people to teach and speak their own languages, the current administration has rolled back most of the reforms and is now instituting a turkification abroad within Syria in occupied territories. Refusing to acknowledge and make amends for genocide will only lay the brickwork for yet another one.

  40. Yeah right it's not like a group of others come to your country. Work for much less. Yeah it's definitely not there fault. Definitely it's your own fault definitely.

  41. Why dont you talk about srebrenica genocide? which most of the serbs deny, and the serbian goverment aswell, oh yeah they are christians it doesnt matter.

  42. You must be joking
    What do you know about this to be able to talk about for 20 minutes?
    I really wish you were joking as well!

    "Forced conversion and higher taxes and such…"
    They were exempted from military service! For hundred years Turks died for empire and Christians just paid money for their security. But they were never second class because in Ottoman Empire, there was not a "minority" thing. All nations in the empire were called with an Arabic word which means "part of the community". Also there are scripts that humiliate "Turk" until the last years of empire. Nationalism appeared in 18th century and all of these "parts" rebelled for independence with nationalism dreams. We woke up too late. Nationalists were Christians and Arabs, not Turks!

    Hamidiye… Hamidiye Regimes… They were created to avoid seperation of Armenians because we were busy with Russia. Soldiers were collected from eastern cities so they were mostly Kurdish. There is nothing wrong with this because every state wants to protect its integrity.

    Turks don't like Armenians? We like good people and dislike bad people. There were Armenian academicans, parliamentarians, government members, officers artisans in Ottoman Empire. Armenians were called "millet- sadıka" which means "loyal nation" until to 19th century.

    Also let me tell you something. When Ottoman Empire made a revolution about minority rights, equality etc., guy is reading the announcement and a Greek priest is feeling sad. someone asking what happened? Now we are equal to Turks!. Priest says: We had no problem with Turkish rule. We are equal but they are also seeing us equal with Jews.
    So there was not a brotherhood between others but today you blame only Turks. For example, Greeks took Thessaloniki from Ottoman Empire and massacred thousands of Jews at first. Did you make a video for this too?

    Don't try to make people believe you are telling the truths with your acting by the way. Histrionics… Turkey belongs to Turks bla bla… There were Armenian bank managers, businessmen etc even while other Armenians were killing Turks in eastern cities. You are mentionaning coup but telling only Armenians. How many Turks died in coup? It was a coup. People die. And i remind you that some Turks and Armenians co-operated to assasinate sultan. So there were some criminal Armenians too.

    Your arguments are tooooooo cheap. I advise you to read more spesific books. Making videos can help you to earn good money but never can make you right.

    By the way, what about our mmore than 1 million casulties in Balkans? Do you think they only migrated? A Russian general or something says: Serbians are bad at fight but they are good at massacre. There are also British consuls' reports about massacres against Turks. Balkan countries and big powers co-operated to remove Turks from the region. And they did it. Austrians killed even Hungarians in Budapest just because of they were Muslim.

    in 19th century, a German journalist is writing a book(Türke, wehre dich!) but Germany is not printing it. He says Armenians are a project of Britain and Germany. Especially Brits are using Armenians to fight with Ottomans and propagate.

    Armenians occupied Van for Russian Army and also they massacred Turkish people in there. Isn't this a crime? What would your government do if you occupy a city in your state? Would they give the city to you?

    And again 1,5 million Armenians! HAHAHA!.. There was not even this much Armenians! And before the WW1, they were already moving other countries. Also did you know that Armenians deported and massacred Turks from Yerevan and surrounding area, way before 1915? You learnt it now. But i really don't know where the world created these numbers about Greeks and Assyrians!..

    Even first president of Armenia, Kachaznuni or something, says Turks did right with deporting Armenians. Dashnak gangs did very bad things. Even an Armenian president accepts that they were guilty but we can't make the world believe in this. God damn you all! Money is good right? Read Bernard Lewis at least. He worked in archives for years, didn't make videos like you guys.

    Original genocide… Do you know what Serj Sarksyan said about Khojaly? He said "Azerbaijanis were believing we don't harm civilians. We broke this opinion." He is saying this proudly!

    Around 2,5 million Turks died or deported from Balkans in 19th century. Do you want to know what a real genocide? They tried to rape Turkish woman with the purpose of saving them from Turkish blood. Foreign consuls are saying this, not Turks!..

    Turkey offered establishing an international committee with lawyers and historians from all other countries and guaranteed that Turkey will accept the result of this committee. Nobody came. Why? They know the truth. They are making cheap youtubers busy with their lies and playing their politic game.

    And where is the court decision? Genocide is a crime, so there must be a judgement first, before naming it as genocide. Did Armenians apply to the court? Why are they waiting for 100 years? In Lausanne Peace Conference(1922-1923), Allies' delegates talked about minority rights in new Turkish state. Did anybody mention to "1,5 million Armenian"? No. Why? Because there was not such thing.

    You said 1,5 million Armenians, 750.000 Greeks and 300.000 Assyrians. Where are the graveyards? There must have been found hundreds of mass graves until today. Where are they? Where did we hide 3 million people's bones????

    Did you know that Britain tried Biological weapon in Egypt over Turkish captive soldiers? This is genocide. What Balkan nations did to Turks is genocide. What Armenians did in eastern Ottoman cities is genocide. Because they acted to remove Turks from the region. Turks acted to suppress the revolt. Read about the definition of genocide. Read more books. Read more and more, real books, not stupid propaganda handbooks, manuals or brochures.

    Holocaust, Balkan Wars, 1800s, Siege of Van, Azerbaijan, Ottomans… I was expecting more than gibble-gabble. Such an empty video! There is only a number, and it is wrong.

    So that one friend you said is Turkey, huh?

  43. Speaking of denying your history, there was a statue in the Philippines, memorializing the sufferings of comfort women at the hands of the Japanese during WW2, which was removed by our government because it might offend the Japanese and they might not send money to aid us.

    Its sculptor called it out but he disappeared too.

  44. Yo Party people, if someone tells you a story just from one perspective, then my friends you should ask yourselfes why is he doing that.
    If you are really into History then look up the source material and make your own judgement. If some Hobo on the street tries to convince you that the earth is flat, would you believe that too? That dude in the video, i dont know him but what i can tell is, that he is extremly bias. If you look into history at least try to be objective. Stephen Kotkin as example tries most of the time to be objective. There is a YT Channel "Foreign Policy Research Institute" It can be a little dry because most of the videos are 1 hour in lenght but for such a complex field like geo politics its essentialy needed. Not like this crappy video. Cheers Mates.

  45. Well, it's obviously not a justified event, but im pretty sure that no one today (and certainly the current Turkish government) is responsible for it.

  46. Hey everyone talking this
    Why no one speaks about 100 million persons reason of uk
    Why no one talks about belgian congo murderer why not america why not france because we are muslim and they are fascist

  47. I'm a Turk. In our culture, there are no concepts such as assimilation and genocide. if so, now half of Europe would speak Turkish, just as most African countries speak French. For years we ruled half of Europe, but we did not assimilate anyone, let them live their religion. We were in a great war, there were many rebellions in our country because of the French revolution. we forcibly displaced the Kurds, the Greeks and the Armenians to prevent further rebellion. but we never committed genocide. it is a term used by western states to lower us in foreign policy.only Armenians, Greeks and Kurds should comment on this issue. not Western countries with historical genocides, assimilations and mass killings.Let me say this. no one in our country hates the Greeks, the Armenians or the Kurds. There are many Armenian, Kurdish and Greek people in our country.

  48. Let's be a responsible civilization and acknowledge genocides when they happen, as to not encourage any future genocides from happening again. Only by accepting it as fact can we actually show our disapproval.

  49. "Good thing this didn't exist 100 years ago, not everyone should achieve their goals" HAHAHA, brilliant guy no joke.

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