Detroit and Welfare – Russ Russell

Detroit and Welfare – Russ Russell

was russell is on the line with us with
for gotten harvest dot org i saw this incredible headline idly was
over democratic underground and uh… although it’s been it’s been
all over the place and it was just it did the headline was i’m not eighteen dinner tonight because it’s my brother’s turn and injustices that anything is starting
to track sees janelle rosebud ross wrote about this overcrowded imposed and dot the russ russell walk into the
program i’m glad to be ready to to date on paper
have and i thank you you are the uh… chief development officer for free on
the harvest the website around harvest dot org it’s not unusual for children to have to get mail and uh… it typically happens on the
weekend here uh… and uh… you know where kids just
don’t have access to the free lunch program at school again but during the
summertime as well and we can summertime one period break and uh… you name it uh… children unfortunately in detroit uh… sixty seven percent of these kids
now whereas in very uh… uh… impoverished areas
and by the of detroit and we’re doing everything we can to get
more food internet decreed increased from twelve million else’s a few years
ago to probably around thirty six to forty million this year incredible is this an actual quote i’m not eating
dinner tonight cuz my brother’s turns on yeah and this is one of the arbitrator located pollen was a stab people ’em you don’t have any question that i can
understand i would yeah um… so uses he was you know i
maxwell it’s lyndon johnson with the great society program poverty in half in
the united states in a little less than six years and and bay created this the the platform on
which and norma stem boers of people whether it be uh… poor white people appalachia or poor
african-americans in inner cities lifted themselves out of poverty and and formed the basis of in large
part of the establishment of the first generation of of uh… it african-american middle
class and middle-class coming out of uh… poor areas that have traditionally
just been multi generationally pot you know impoverished the d struction of that great society
program began under the reagan administration and in a bit of bill clinton said he
tended poverty as we know it all those kind of things sounded really
fine when we had a balanced budget and the economy was booming and there were
lots lots of jobs but is isn’t the social safety net here not just four
structural poverty but also for the kind of party the cyclical it comes in the
business cycle echoes of his car crashes and and we have now largely shredded
that safety net that social safety net well uh… you know the one thing that
you know what we need to stop killing find the poor it really focused on on poverty and and then you know it’s
sickens me too dear reports and different things you
know about the food stamps and other things you know when wind there are so many people uni
anonymity in you know to say the least you know we lost over a million
manufacturing jobs and those jobs you know are correct in
their kid people hard working people but have fell on hard times and media and
the other simplistically locally that that really goes uh… you know i
noticed but twenty one or twenty three percent of the population into underemployed and what that means a
lot of people are working two or three different jobs part time they don’t get the health care they you
know they don’t get uh… levy other benefits that go with
being a full time employee and and you’re struggling but but they’re not
lady they are working hard and they’re trying to make ends meet and uh… the
other problem inside detroit is that we have a major transportation
problems the public transportation system yeah
okay um… doesn’t go twenty four hours doesn’t go into certain parts of of the suburban community and where the
jobs are just simply very difficult to get to where those places are so people
can get to work yeah and olympia it’s a vicious cycle if
you don’t know a car you can get to work in e in you cannot car without having a job and and so so around around it goes how do we break that’s hardly break the
cycle of poverty jobseeking dobson jobs is if a healer of all but
you know that was franklin roosevelt’s famous comedy so the the the best
welfare program in a in in the world is a job so so that they could to that extent i
mean you guys have just dealing with food you’re not dealing with whether a
trade policies are crazy or not things like that califano and they were after i was just unit ppm
of the agency’s that mr because their numbers and it just
increase otakon how do you respond with a lot less than an hour us how do you
respond to the old reagan of welfare queen saying that there are some people
just love being on welfare you know i i do dolly discount that you know that there
might be one or two out there that you know it might be
enough skinning a system i guess so to speak but and but many of these you know
i’m fortunate people that are on welfare have children any children are the innocent wonder
though what do you agree with that or disagree with that you know the bottom
line is you know kids are going on green and uh… and we need to step up to and
and and take care of the week cities within our community
yeah and uh… enacting the make is what makes a strong community a the and the list of these paraphrasing
jesus and at a twenty five i what i would say that our welfare
system now it’s open areas that’s so it is so tight it is so it you have to
live in such a low standard of living if you’re living on on welfare the uh… the only kind of person who would say
that this is the lifestyle that i’d choose that i want to have we have to be
somebody who is mentally ill alberto and probably laughed about you know twelve
thirteen fourteen base for or and from oklahoma amazing sticker
intersect this is the time arguing program ross ross without harvest dot
org check out the website for that the other server thanks ross

16 thoughts on “Detroit and Welfare – Russ Russell

  1. Blame the parents. Biggest cause of poverty is people having children they cannot provide for, you tax the rich all you want but until you stop poor people having children there will be poverty.

  2. @flake452 Anti-contraception/abortion programs aren't helping. You are completely oversimplifying and over generalization. Over population is not a problem, extreme wealth hoarding is.

  3. The Great Society is no longer helping people in Detroit. The New Deal has turned out to be a massive failure when poverty is on the rise in the U.S. and the rich are getting richer. One way to help the people of Detroit is to liberate their people by getting government out of the way. They are one of the most regulated states in the Union. We need them to be owners of their labor and allow them to accumulate capitol.

  4. @Truthisnonexistant Yes anti contraception/abortion stuff also adds to the problem, but people know what happens if they have unprotected sex. How is someone who earns an income responsible for children born into poverty because their parents were selfish? How is there not over population we live in a finate world with finite resources.

  5. you cant just keep people from falling in love no matter the situation, its unfair and shameful to equate love with poverty, and blaming parents without know the individual situation is similar blaming all the rich people for being immoral. you must think above the influence of hate and fear. have a good one!

  6. @jonlaww Love is it love to bring a child into poverty? A child who is raped by there father will probably have a better life than a child born into a 3rd world slum. Having children you cannot provide for is evil.

  7. people are people no matter there economic status, using a board brush to paint the poor as being immoral, just in the act of conceiving children seems to draw the wrong conclusions from the situation, most people don't plan for your children to be rise in ill conditions. i submit to your that approach to understanding a cure for our ever expanding poor community is mis-a-lined with realities of everyday human experience . hate never leads to the right outcomes

  8. @jonlaww Well Its not hating the poor I am poor. If people who could not provide for their children didnt have children poverty would pretty much be wiped out.

  9. @flake452 i think you have a misunderstanding of the situation, and i hope you come to understand poor dont always conceive poor children and rich people dont always conceive rich children, life is to inner connected for simple fixes

  10. @jonlaww Social mobility is low on a global scale and will always be, having children and expecting other people to look after them is disgusting.

  11. @flake452: Many poor people feel all they have in life is their kids. Most would prefer a decent job paying a living wage so they can take care of their own kids.

  12. @judyleasugar97 So they condemn their children to a life of poverty because of their selfish desires. Utter scum its that simple.

  13. @flake452: Read my other comment. We need to raise the minimum wage so single mothers can actually support their kids on their own, not to mention being around to give their kids guidance. See "Bowling for Columbine," the heartbreaking story in the end about the little boy who's single mother who had to work several jobs, still not making it & was never around to give him guidance. He acquired a gun by a criminal in the neighborhood and shot a little girl at his school.

  14. @judyleasugar97 I agree that people need to be paid a living wage. However when you have a child you are saying your circumstances are not only good enough for yourself but good enough to bring a child into the world. Once you have a child you have no moral right to complain about being poor.

  15. @flake452: I'm afraid things are not as simple as that. Many people's circumstances change and that's why they have to apply for welfare. And what does complaining about being poor have to do with it? My point was, people should be allowed to make enough at their job so they aren't poor.

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