Detroit: Become Human – PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

Detroit: Become Human – PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

ANDROID: (Singing) Hold on
just a little while longer. Hold on just a
little while longer. Hold on just a
little while longer. Everything will be all right. [MUSIC PLAYING] MARCUS: This is a night our people will remember. There are five Cyberlife
stores across Detroit. We’re going to attack those
stores and set our people free. NORTH: That’s
what we are to them, just merchandise on
display in a shop window. Let’s get em out. MARCUS: We’ll stick to the plan; neutralize the alarm systems
and secure the area. There’s ten minutes until
all our teams attack. You’re awake now. [COMPUTER SOUNDS] NORTH: Marcus, watch out. POLICE DRONE: You are committing
a class three offense. This infraction is being
reported to the police. NORTH: Shit. MARCUS: We gotta go. NORTH: What? We can’t just leave
our people behind. MARCUS: It’s too late. If we stay here
we’re going to get shot. North, our people need us alive.
There’s nothing else we can do. NORTH: Marcus! [POLICE SIRENS] [POLICE SIRENS] NORTH: Shit. MARCUS: Take cover. We are superior to them,
but they are our masters? That’s about to change. [MUSIC PLAYS] I’m going to send
the humans a message. [CRASH] My name is Marcus, and just like you
I was a slave. But then I chose
to open my eyes, to take back my freedom and decide who I wanted to be. Now I have come
to tell you that you can be your own masters. ANDROID: We’re with you. ANDROIDS: I’ll
follow you Marcus. We’re with you Marcus. MARCUS: Then follow me. NEWSCASTER: We interrupt this
broadcast with breaking news. NEWSCASTER 2: Police report that
pro-android graffiti was found in the neighborhoods
of Cyberlife stores. NEWSCASTER 3: Given the facts,
it’s pretty clear these attacks are linked to
the deviant video message broadcast recently from the
Stratford Tower. NEWSCASTER 4: Different
locations were hit in what seems to be
a coordinated attack. NEWSCASTER 5: This is
an alarming situation. Could our machines now
be turning against us? NORTH: Violence is the only
language humans understand. NEWSCASTER 5: Numerous
storefronts have been broken, with cars vandalized
and set alight, leaving many Detroit
neighborhoods in chaos. NEWSCASTER: We’re
getting reports that hundreds of androids
have been stolen from Cyberlife stores. NEWSCASTER 3: Property
was damaged and fires continue to rage
in several major districts across the city. NEWSCASTER: Some
people are asking, have androids become a
threat to our security? NORTH: They’re coming. POLICEMAN: This way. Fire. [GUN SHOTS] MARCUS: North? North, you all right?
What happened? NORTH: They slaughtered them
like animals. MARCUS: Who did? [HEARTBEAT] My name is Marcus. I am one of them. This is our story.

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  1. Hang on, for just a little while longer. Hang on, for just a little while longer. Hang on, for just a little while longer, everything will be all right. Everything will be all right

  2. I haven't played the game but what I've been seeing recently looks nothing like what I remember seeing here narrative-wise. What happened?

  3. Loved the game so much!! So much so I even made a gmv of it!! If anybody gave it a chance it would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  4. I kind of hate these exclusives. Why would a company choose to make less money? It's a shame a lot of the exclusives look like great games, coz I'm missing out on a lot lol

  5. I made Marcus a peaceful leader and I thought I went the wrong path until It actually affected the whole story line by making humans empathize more

  6. Okay i don't get why people spell theyre name wrong
    Marcus its Markus!
    Conor,Conner its freaking Connor
    Why? Just why?

  7. I almost got the perfect ending, think I made 3 mistakes, one was leaving Alice at the end to escape at scrap yard lol that hurt me that, when I realised the peaceful protest was going to be successful, I've had the game 2 days and got 2 different ending now I know what I have to do to perfect the game

  8. What bugs me about this trailer is that this isn't Luther singing but a clip of Jesse Williams singing it
    (At least I think so)

  9. Quantic Dreams, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this game! The best game I've played so far and the only game (besides Beyond Two Souls maybe) where I felt so much emotion.

  10. For a moment I was gonna say

    “Holy Shot it’s been 2 years already!?”

    Sorry I get confused when I see videos I thought it was a normal DBH vid.

  11. 2:53
    "My name is Markus, I was a slave like you.."

    Markus was a slave? He used to live in better conditions than 50% of humans, and he was a friend of Carl, but not a slave.

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