DETROIT EVOLUTION Trailer #2 – Detroit Become Human Fan Film // Reed900 Film

DETROIT EVOLUTION Trailer #2 – Detroit Become Human Fan Film // Reed900 Film

[NINES]: The victim’s identification said she resided here. which is why we got into contact with you [ADA]: I recognize her name and model number from our manifest. What happened to her? [ADA]: It’s fascinating to see an android
working as a detective You must be one of a kind. [NINES]: The only thing I know about
my model line is that we’re all prototypes. [GAVIN]: You’re the one with some android chick all over you during an investigation. [NINES]: Are you referring to Ada? [GAVIN]: Of course I’m referring to Ada. [NINES]: I was built to destroy. I can’t satisfy anything Gavin desires beyond our current partnership. [TINA]: I see the way he looks at you when you’re not watching. He needs you. [GAVIN]: I was… …the absolute goddamn worst to you
when we met. [NINES]: We had a rough start. but there’s much more to admire about you than to detest, I think. [NINES]: What you don’t want to accept is that no matter how hard you try to
push me away I’m not going anywhere. [GAVIN]: You don’t wanna help me. You want to fix me. [ADA]: You believe Lisa was the victim
of a serial killer? [NINES]: There does seem to be a pattern
here. It’s almost as if the killer is
creating a collection. [DR MARIA]: About ten years ago… Kamski still did experiments on the side. [TINA] Like…Nines? [NINES]: You said I need to figure out… what I wanted? I didn’t want to be a hunter or a killer. I wanted to protect you. I wonder who I might have become without freedom. What I would have done to people.

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  1. I've finally watched it and OMG!! The production quality!! The acting, scenery, effects.. all look so professional! I seriously can't wait to watch this! April better be coming soon 🙏

    Also, I was hoping that this Nines x Gavin pairing would fix my broken heart after not getting canon Markus x Simon in the game, but I didn't think I would be shipping it this hard!! I'm so soft for them already💕 As a bisexual woman myself, thank you so much for the lgbtqa+ rep!

  2. 💛Я думаю, уже понятно всем то, что трейлер невероятно крут с точки зрения всех аспектов. Я могу сказать лишь одно……..огромное СПАСИБО😝💛/ THANK YOU SO MUCH💛,создателям за подаренные эмоции такому шипперу как я) А то что творилось в чате на вечер выхода трейлера это вообще отдельная история😅💛

    P.s скрестила пальцы чтоб в фильме было много ридовских моментиков …..а на моментах 0:54 и 1:42 моя фантазия поперла в пляс 😊😏😘

  3. I am SO SIKED FOR THIS OMG!!! I love Reed/Nines and this looks absolutely amazing! 💙💙💙
    (also Nines got a new coat! Love all the subtle details 💞)

  4. Oh, God… BLESS YOU! 75 minutes! It's like a whole life! For everyone…. No, I'm gonna cry… And you can't stop me, because it's something unbelievable!
    Great 'Thank you' from Russia

  5. I am having so many hard feels for this. The lighting. The framing. The acting. All of it is top quality. I cannot wait for the full production.

  6. When the fandom content you’ve been craving for ages has all three of your favorite characters in it (Nines, Gavin, Kamski) and bridges over into your true crime side

    Audible knuckle crack

    Ya’ll had better done your research because I am going to be analyzing this thing for hours on end instead of doing homework


    Because I adore this thing already

  7. This is literally just me spitting out what I think will happen and some theories, feel free to discuss but please don’t be rude or anything:

    – there’s a large chance that this whole story is going to flesh out Nines idea of identity a lot more.
    As Nines said in the previous film, “I was awoken, I didn’t get a chance to defy my programming.” – Or something along those lines.
    So there’s a large chance that it’s going to focus on Nines’ chance to defy his programming, hence him attacking the classic red bricks.

    – There’s also a chance that along with him breaking free, there will be a moment where his programming takes over and puts him (mentally) in a state of peace; a forest with Gavin – to stop him from rebelling.
    But, he’ll grow as a character and break through.

    – I think Gavin and Nines will be a lot closer in this film than the previous, but it’ll also work on Gavin’s boundaries because, we all know he’s one angsty boy, and he’ll probably be working on letting down the walls he has.

    – this ones short but I’m thinking Gavin might be experiencing nightmares,,

  8. This looks like the thing I wanted to see in Detroit become human and never did. Human and android love, really excited to see how this movie portrays it 🙂

  9. I am so PSYCHED to see this!! I discovered the first short and wow!!! I fell in love with Nines and I can't wait to see a beautiful 75 min video with him in it 🙂

  10. I only wish I had the money to go see the premiere in New York, this looks amazing!! Can't wait to watch it on April 11th!

  11. Most fandoms have fanart. They have fanfics. If they're big enough, they can have fanimations or fansongs. Fangames are rare, but happen. If there are cosplayers, they can have little fan short skits. But an actual full-length FAN MOVIE??!??! The only things comparable I can think of, are the Shrek remake, and the Toy Story 3 stop-motion animation. It blows my mind what people can do with enough dedication and determination. I'll definitely watch it. And whatever it ends up like, I'll be impressed anyways. So far, it could easily be put on a big screen.

  12. waiting for this will feel like an eternity to me, but i think it will definitely be worth it. I already am absolutely loving this 😻

  13. it's been two years since dbh has come out and this finally threw me onto the reed900 ship congrats ;; either way the trailer looks amazing omg can't wait for it to come out!!

  14. Here have another wonderful Google Translation Fail. I translated the lines to German, Latin and Korean. Have fun reading.

    Nine: we lived here about the claim of the victim, which is why it is in contact with you.

    Adam: I know from the number of manuscripts and their sermons. What have you done to him? Detective Tasks is fascinating to see how Android does that. You must be unique.

    Nines: Soil is minus and all work is a new prototype model.

    Gavin: You are connecting your Android with the survey.

    Nine: Searching for Adam?

    Gavin: Of course, I'm referring to Adam.

    Nines: Destroy with Nine Bands. Gavin, I want to get our society glutted than current.

    Tina: I see how it looks if you don't look. Therefore do they have to.

    Gavin: It was the worst fucking I met.

    Nines: Novenarios are difficult for us not to hate them but start to admire the extent to which you think.

    Nine Set's Log: What you don't get from it is that I'm not going to do anything, no matter how I try
    or push it hard for you.

    Gavin: You do not want help. You please fix me.

    Ada: Do you think Lisa is a victim of a serial killer?

    Nines: In this example, you can see it gorgeously. It is almost like blaming to create this collection.

    After Dr. Mary: 10 years Kamski still about further experiments.

    Tina: How nine?

    Nines: Subtraction He was no, did I have to figure out what he wanted? I want to be a hunter, or a killer. I wanted to protect you.

    Nines: There are nine wonders that can be free. And what to do next.

  15. OMG I was just watching Detroit became a human and Detroit became a human 2018 or 2017 and it's 2020 and your making a movie about it

  16. NO FUCKING WAY ITS FINALLY HAPPENING, IM SO EXCITED!! you guys worked hella hard on this, you can totally tell!! You should be so proud! I'm giving y'all my unconditional support! <3 <3 <3

  17. I. Am. So. FUCKING. HYPED!!! JEEEEZ you guys. I can’t wait for this!!! I will lay down on the floor and wait for this xD

  18. i have no idea what's going on with the story, but the cinematography looks awesome! and this kind of dedication to the game is very cool

  19. Dlaczego nigdy to nie jest przetłumaczone na polski?? Tak bardzo chciałabym wiedzieć o co chodzi a nie umiem angielskiego:(xD

  20. BRO HOLY SHIT I'M HYPED, the acting is amazing (Maximilian's face and voice are so expressive, and Chris just,., grabs the entire room. it comes across even in the trailer. i l o v e i t ) and the production quality, oh my god. A M A Z I N G . who else is setting an alarm for april 11th lmao, 'twould rather chug a bag of thirium than miss this

  21. I hope you're able to answer this, or don't mind me asking, but if this is set in the same universe as Detroit: Become Human, will we see any returning main protagonist from the game(Connor, Markus, The Lieutenant, etc.)?
    Or will this be an entirely separate story, Just for RK900 and Gavin? I'd be fine either way to be honest, since this already looks like its going to be a good movie!

  22. …. Holy shit. This trailer is so amazing I can't even describe it in words…! And you know what makes it even better…?

    … It comes out on my birthday. This is one hell of a birthday gift, thank you so much 😄

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