DeVos Responds to Her Critics

DeVos Responds to Her Critics

Shame! Shame! Shame! Lots of people hate Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. What’s her response to the haters? It’s really disappointing and disturbing. When she spoke at the Kennedy School of Government, students held up signs calling her a white supremacist, and saying “students are not for sale”. Our kids are not for sale. Of course they’re not. The Secretary tries to get in the back door of the school but she is confronted physically and then blocked out. Right after she took office, she went to visit this school but protesters blocked her way. I am undeterred. You are undeterred? You’re being turned away from the school. Go back! The security person had me get back in the car. We drove away and he said “Ma’am, I don’t think we should go back there.” And I said “We are absolutely going back there. You’re going to figure out a way to get me in, because they are not going to win.” And you got back in that school. I got back in, and I had a great visit. Some people hate DeVos because she’s a rich Republican donor. Betsy DeVos is a billionaire, she was born into a billionaire family… She is rich. Her father built a company worth more than a billion dollars. Then she married into to the Amway marketing fortune. Betsy DeVos’ primary expertise seems to be in being a rich person. Buying your way into the position. Ridiculous. Well you did give a lot of money to some Republican senators. Yes, I have been a contributor over the years. I’ve also been an activist over the years. I think it’s important for people to engage in things that they believe in. But that’s not the point. The point is for 30 years I have been working on behalf of families that have not had opportunity. For 30 years, she’s obsessed about giving poor families a chance to attend better schools. She donated million of dollars to charter schools and private schools, and served on the boards of school choice foundations. That enrages the education establishment. What she has done is actually made schooling worse in Michigan. DeVos helped bring charter schools to Michigan, and the union boss claims: 80 percent of the schools, the charter schools in Detroit are failing. Charters in Detroit are at the bottom of the list. Charter schools in Michigan actually, the students in them are doing demonstrably better than the students in traditional public schools. And that goes for the city of Detroit and statewide. She’s right. Stanford researchers found the kids in charters performed better. Choice did help. The whole country could use help. You look at our standing vis a vis the rest of the world, it has been stagnant for the last 30 years. 23rd in reading, 25th in science, 40th in math. And we’ve tripled spending on K-12 education. But we haven’t gotten the results that we’ve hoped for and expected. Why not? The reality is today, almost all the schools that kids go to are still operating on the industrial model. Why do we group kids by age in school? Why do we take the summer off? Because that’s the way it was always done. Most of it is based on history and tradition. Kids get the summer off because they’re needed on the farm. A hundred years ago when most worked on the farm. A hundred years ago, yes. If we were to introduce full on choice into an education environment, you’re going to have a lot of different approaches. If there were real choice, good teachers would make more money. Absolutely. Good teachers should be very handsomely compensated. By the same token, teachers who aren’t good and really shouldn’t be in the classroom probably wouldn’t be anymore because nobody would choose their classroom. People are not stupid, they know where their kid is gonna do best. I knew which teacher I wanted my child to have. We need to do something different. This country is on a trajectory to failure, ultimately, if we do not turn around how we are educating kids today. DeVos also acknowledges that fixing schools is not her job, not the federal government’s job. Most schools are locally controlled, and paid for locally. DeVos, less arrogant than many in Washington, told me “I’m not the nation’s choice chief”. All she can do is encourage states and local governments to try choice, and to get rid of rules that get in the way. President Trump signed an Executive Order directing her to do that. As The President said: “Local communities do it best and know it best.” That’s usually true. Local control has its advantages.

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  1. I really don't understand John Stossel. 99% of the segment is good. Why does he always end on such a I don't know how to say it, inflammatory note? This is why I don't like you John. What is your freaking deal? You sabotage your own segment at the end. Are you a fence sitter, or what? I guess that's why you only have 77,000 subscribers. You're a joke. Fu

    Tomorrow I'll tell you how I really feel.😲

  2. F*** you John Stossel. You ruined the whole segment with your ending statement, as usual. I remember when you got punched in the eye 30 years ago. I do it again today.

  3. The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution forbids the federal government to exercise powers that the Constitution doesn't delegate to the federal government. "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Thus, the federal government has no authority to meddle in the educational system.

  4. Being rich is apparently a bad trait now. If your parents worked hard and invested to create wealth for you, that's somehow bad. Having irresponsible, lazy or stupid parents is virtuous though.

  5. The only thing the federal education is to do is make sure the state and local schools aren’t violating anything in the constitution. That’s why it was set up to begin with I believe in 64. Usually it has to do with a teacher conducting prayer or teaching religion in school and they’re not supposed to be doing that. Other than that, the best schools are the ones with the best communities.

  6. They're angry over the education secretary. The fucking education secretary! These people have absolutely no lives and just hate anything with trump attached to it.

  7. Unhinged leftist protesters and other liberals sounding like morons as usual, can't state why she is "bad", they just "white supremacist". That is all they know how to yell and we are all getting tired if it. So what she's wealthy? Do piss-poor people get these appointments? Nope. It's always great when a liberal is rich, like John Kerry etc… Betsy has loads of common sense too, something else that sends libs into a tirade.

  8. Actually hearing her, she isn't that bad. Parents need choice. If I had more choice I probably would not be home schooling, but I was told what would happen and that was that.

  9. Divide and conquer is what charter schools do. They take money from 90 percent who attend traditional public schools to park it into for profit charter schools. Well we see how the for profit college scam worked out.

  10. I believe Charter Schools are the answer. Let the Voucher System grow ….. Give private Schools the same money per student as public students. It will help all of Americans.

  11. It doesn't help that kids now are glued to a computer, phone or tablet. Doesn't help that parents do not give a damn about raising kids. Seems like more and more single parent households are the norm. Just bang anything that moves, both men and women. Disgusting to be honest. Also, doesn't help that the liberals are all the teachers now, indoctrinating kids to be useless. FREE FREE FREE GIVE ME EVERYTHING FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I love John Stossel, but he's a bit off on the spending numbers. While the spending has tripled from 1970 to 2010, that's way behind when you factor in inflation. Spending should have increased 5.62x since then, so spending is actually down significantly. I think if charter schools were more widespread, we would be getting better bang for our buck and that drop in spending wouldn't matter.

  13. Now I understand why public school's authorities don't say anything about the Social Engineering Democ-rats allow in them. Muslims are getting away with their religion accommodations, sodomites are brainwashing our kindergarten children for goodness sake! not to mention that public libraries are allowing for "drag queens" hours. The dude who was yelling DeVos "shame" should be yelling at Democreeps and public school authorities.

  14. I'm a retired teacher. I was diligent in delivering instruction and supporting my students' learning. It infuriated me and when I saw laxity on the part of some of my colleagues, who earned high salaries and delivered little if anything to their students. Worse, those same teachers were protected by the teachers' union. Teachers' Unions do not protect students' rights. They protect teachers' rights. The Education Secretary is correct and her position is well supported by data. I am an avid proponent of school choice and vouchers.

  15. The Department of Education should be abolished. It's a completely unnecessary agency that takes needed tax dollars away from local school districts and give back nothing useful for it.

  16. I can’t say I was happy about her appointment but she made a lot of sense and definitely had some well made points and didn’t avoid questions like most slime ball politicians. I approve of this message 😬

  17. That's why I send my son to private school in Mexico. My girls who just started school in Texas are light years ahead of the other kids in their classes. I feel bad that I might have done them a disservice by sending them back to public school.

  18. sure charter schools and school choice are good and all, but i see any other school other than tech/trade schools and homeschooling as the parents being "lazy".
    the parent taught the child to walk and talk, the parent taught the child to speak. the parents need to get off the lazy ass, and teach the kids and the government should have 0 say in it regardless of how many children the parents are teaching.
    i also, absolutely hate universities and colleges, they are to be damned!
    its a good thing many parents are waking up to this, but i have to say this much:
    any other parents who believe sending their child to a private, charter, or public school is good for the kids, they ain't thinking of the good of the kids, they're showcasing a lack of ability to do the stuff they need to do. sadly, i see this all too often, and if i ever have any kids whatsoever, they will be homeschooled, unvaccinated, free ranged, and be taught skills like gardening, and building stuff, as well as strong work ethic.
    because in the future peck family household, there is no excuse for failure, you either get it done, and learn or you don't. its that bloody simple.

  19. so i guess that parents that hate her. must love the school system that let their kids fail. if a school is shit without people like her. the kids have no choice but to fail in the same school.but with school choice if a school is shit than you can take your kid out of that school. and out them in a school that does work.

  20. WHy do we take the summer off? The weather is better and then they can be with their families and play sports and get a part time job. It's not that hard. I want my kids to be off in the summer. Then these same idiots complain that their kid gets no exercise.

  21. Lol what's hilarious is that a conservative is actually pushing a progressive school agenda and the Democrats blindly hate it. Devos wants to move away from traditional models, that is the definition of not being conservative. Conservatives typically value tradition

  22. She is a billionaire who has no clue what commoners,every day people struggle with,I'd like to see her hanging by her sagging tits in a public square.She is on some sort of power trip cuzzzz the cunt has never had to work,or deal with reality.Burn her old ass at the stake.Rich scum.Hope she gets murdered.

  23. Notice these assholes don't ever comment on Youtube videos because they can't just shout you down here and you can reply intelligently. Come on Speak Up here protestors.

  24. I will have to vehemently disagree with her statement that "people are not stupid." Have you looked at the people that yell obscenities at you Mrs DeVos? Have you looked at what the people believe is a quality education? These people's number one problem is that they are too stupid and how they lived this long is a testament to the many people who keep them from drowning in puddles.

  25. Our public schools are terrible. Nothing like they used to be when I grew up in the fifties. I sent my son to one and he learned nothing. The statistics about math are just disgusting

  26. Hire good teachers. meritocracy… produce results….get promoted or big bonus. That's the only way to ensure quality in education. It's sad that literacy rates in the US have fallen so drastically.

  27. Whether you like where she came from or not, her message is spot on. Choice is so important. We have it with our food, our electronics, our hygiene products, so why not with our child’s education?

  28. basically what i hear is allow more choice and competition, if the government is going to involve itself it should provide vouchers for students that these schools are forced to compete for, which would raise quality and lower cost. if only this was applied to everything..

  29. Im all for it. I have smart kids. My kids can take that voucher and go to any school they want and not get turned away. If you have a kid with a disability of a behavioral issue, well, good luck. Private schools already reject them, that's why public education cost so much, because the public schools have to attempt to educate all children, not just the mainstream ones and that's expensive.

  30. Public schools are a trans-generational machine designed to keep the poor in their place. Where are the libtards like Notorious AOC on this issue? Pushing for controls on carbon emissions to stop climate change. This will somehow end racial inequality. Don't give black kids a good education. Instead tear down and rebuild every building in the country in the next 12 years. That's guaranteed to solve all our problems. WTF!!!!

  31. I am directly observing my kids suffering from being taught the SOL and not even having a freaking textbook to reference! 5th grade students don't know times tables anymore, yet the new way of teaching math is so much better. I went to a very small, under funded private school and our classes were easily two years ahead of the public schools.

  32. When you see the mafia like hold the teachers union has on the system- there you have it! Communists andidiots!

  33. Betsey Devos is the biggest piece of shit and a fucking moron. Her 60 minute interview was shameless she couldn't get answer 1 question.


  35. The money for education is for the students not for the schools, teachers, and administrators. School choice is the answer to bad schools if you want to give students an opportunity for a good education.

  36. I consider myself a conservative but I actually do think a born billionaire should not be on the head of the education board. It's the same with someone who is head of the military should have been in service

  37. You know they talk about Mrs. DeVos and President Trump being rich people, but they never look at the flip side. Imagine if you were as rich as they are. Would yu sacrifice pleasure and leisure time to devote to improving education, the economy, our politcal culture, the general welfare of the 99%. People like the Clinton's and Sanders never earned a dime in their lives. Never had jobs, never ran a business. They made millions by being leaches on the taxpayers. Take your pick – but pick soberly and wisely.

  38. Of course charter schools do better.They get to pick their students!! When a kid screws up they can easily expel the kid. And where does this jewel end up? Public school. Which is required by law to take said jewel. Stossel surely knows this.

    Devos has no training in education. She served on all those boards because she is rich.She is terribly unqualified to be sec of education. Full on choice is school for profit. I just watched Stossel's video on how college is a scam. Which one is it John?

  39. The dims want to keep the poor poor and poorlely educated… Dims are incapable of doing anything else…
    ….liberal mentality is victim mentality.

  40. I wonder of you took this information to our middle school & high students in public schools, how would they (the students) feel about this. The United States being so low in education almost other countries when we are one of the richest, most powerful countries? And chapter schools in some states out performing traditional schools?

    Do people even care?

  41. I work with an engineer that dropped out of school in the 7th grade in the 60s. At that time he was taking introduction to trigonometry. He's pointed out how horrifying it is how stupid people are nowadays.

  42. She (and you too John) are a disgrace to America. Both of you spread lies and are incompetent.
    Her main goal is to destroy public education and allow the rich to come in and establish private schools.

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