Time travel has always been a fascinating
topic that’s been largely explored in a multitude of written works of science fiction
and countless sci-fi films for many, many years. But what’s even more interesting is that
tales of time travel go much further back in our history, with some ancient texts that
have existed for hundreds or thousands of years mentioning or describing cases of people
traveling forward in time. With the existence of a variety of ancient
legends and myths from different parts of the world which seem to be literary interpretations
of what could be actual examples of time traveling, some of us just can’t help but ask: Did
certain ancient civilizations possess some knowledge of time travel? Well, though we can’t answer this definitively
just yet, for now, let us look into some of the ancient texts which mention tales of people
who have supposedly defied all laws of logic, space and time. One of the centuries-old stories that we will
be talking about is the tale of the Seven Sleepers. The story of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus
is a tale that is quite significant in both the Christian and Islamic tradition. The Christian interpretation of the story
goes like this: During the persecutions overseen by the Roman emperor Decius sometime in 250
AD, seven young men were accused of being worshippers of Christianity. These individuals were given some time to
renounce their faith, but instead, they chose to surrender their material possessions by
giving them to the poor and retiring to a mountain cave. Inside this cave, the seven young men prayed
and eventually fell asleep. When they awoke, they thought they had only
slept for a day, but when they wandered into the city to buy food, they were astounded
to find buildings with the crosses of Christianity attached to them. And so, they came to the stunning realization
that they had not slept for just one night, but for two hundred years, and they had awakened
at a time when Christianity had already spread across the vast expanse of the Roman Empire. A similar tale about these sleepers can be
found in Surah 18 of the Qur’an. Referred to as the story of the Companions
of the Cave, it tells almost the exact same story as the Christian version, only the Qur’an
does not provide the exact number of the People of the Cave who had miraculously been transported
a couple of centuries into the future. There are also several examples of time travel
found in the Bible, and one of them is a story about the disappearance of Jeremiah as told
in the deuterocanonical Book of Baruch. In the first part of this book, Jeremiah is
told by God that Jerusalem will be destroyed and that he has to bury and protect the vestments
of the temple. After that, he is to go into exile with his
people until the day comes that God would allow them to return. But before the destruction of Jerusalem, Jeremiah
instructed Abimelech, a eunuch, to bring back figs from the orchard of Agrippa. Abimelech, however, ends up falling asleep
in the orchard. And when he woke up, he was told by an old
man that he had slept miraculously for the last 66 years. One of the very first stories that describes
time travel can be found in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata – an ancient text which is believed
to have been written no later than 400 BCE. This tale in that text follows a king, his
daughter, and their quest to find her the most suitable husband. Revati was the only daughter of King Raivata
Kakudmi, a monarch who ruled the prosperous kingdom of Kusasthali. Because the king thought her daughter was
so beautiful and accomplished that no could prove good enough to marry her, Kakudmi took
Revati to Brahmaloka, the home of the creator Brahma, to seek the powerful god’s help
in finding his previous daughter the perfect suitor. When they arrived, Brahma was listening to
a musical performance so they had to patiently wait until the performance was completed before
Kakudmi could pay his respects and make his request to the god. However, once he did so, Brahma only laughed
at the foolishness of the king. The god revealed that during the time they
had waited in Brahmaloka, 108 yugas had already passed on Earth, with each yuga representing
around 4 million years. With Kakudmi and Revati completely astonished
over how so much time had passed on Earth during their short stay in Brahma’s domain,
Brahma had to explain to them that time runs differently in different places of existence,
which is interestingly similar to how modern physicists and astronomers conceptualize space-time
today. Another ancient text that we will be discussing
in this video is the Buddhist text of Pali Canon, which, like the previous stories, also
mentions the relativity of time. It is written in this collection of scriptures
in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition that in the heaven of the thirty Devas, or the
place of the Gods, “time passes at a different pace, and people live much longer.” For example, one hundred years on Earth is
equivalent to just a single day passing in the heaven of the Gods. The last story about time travel on this video
comes from the Japanese legend of Urashima Taro. Urashima Taro is the protagonist of the legend
about a fisherman who rescued a turtle from harm, who turned out to be the daughter of
the Emperor of the Sea, Ryujin. To personally thank him and reward him for
his actions, Taro was brought to the bottom of the sea to visit the Palace of the Dragon
God where she met the Emperor and princess Otohime. Taro stayed in the underwater palace for three
days, but he eventually decided to go back home to his village where his aging mother
lived. And so, he asked the princess’s permission
to leave, and before he left, she gave him a mysterious box that will supposedly protect
him from danger so long as he never opens it. However, when he reached land, he discovered
that 300 years had already passed since he had left the village and traveled to the bottom
of the sea. In grief of all that he had lost, he opened
the box the princess gave him, which let out a cloud of white smoke. Suddenly, Taro aged rapidly, and from the
sea, he heard the voice of the princess reveal that kept inside the special box she gave
him was actually his old age. All the stories and texts I have just mentioned
all paint the idea of time travel in the same way that modern science has theorized it today:
that time is relative and not absolute; and that the past, present and future all exist
simultaneously. And while these myths and legends may just
be stories concocted from the brilliant imagination of their writers, they have opened an avenue
of discourse that compels us to contemplate what it could mean for humanity if there are
those among us who have the means to travel through time as well as the power to modify
our history.

100 thoughts on “Did ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS Figure Out TIME TRAVEL?!

  1. Just think. In future like 10 years I made a time travel machine. Now I'm visiting past like tomorrow so if I wake morning my future of me can seen tomorrow. Think

  2. What if aliens are just advanced humans of the future that came back into time when they learned how to time travel?

  3. There are many glitches in the system. Time travel could definately be one of those forementioned glitches.

  4. I believe that either in our future we send (sent?) people back to our earlier civilizations to help the avert certain situations and help jump-start them in the right direction to overcome something that happens or would have happened in our timeline. Or to just enhance our improvement. Say in the first time line, the "ancient" civilizations didn't have the mathematics and knowledge they seem to have in this time. So, our modern-day would have been like 100's of years in the future. So they send people back to teach our ancestors, so that we grow intellectually at a faster rate. Keep up that cycle and we'll eventually have flying cars in what would be the early 2000's in a future time-line. **crosses fingers** I mean, on another note I'm pretty much convinced that all the UFO's are just human time travelers from our future.

  5. I think it would be like X men where you would send your consciousness back/forward through sleeping.. provided you had a body to wake in

  6. Did u guys realise, That among all the religious text that mentions time travel, the Indians are the only ones who actually explains the phenomenon scientifically.. Ancient Indians has tons of unknown scientific knowledge that modern Researchers are only beginning to tap in. Look it up…

  7. Plot twist – People from our future figure out time travel and travel back in time with advanced technology to change the course of history

  8. they are all the same people they just came from same place they just upgraded their software from time to time if all are different they came in same time and fight for this place

  9. I believe in time travel. I think it can be done via body. When I was on my "spiritual quest", I used to fast and meditate often. I once was able to control my breathing before I sleep to a point where if I heard a snap, I knew in was about to leave me body. I would sometimes wake up to a vortex of light spinning where my pineal gland is located, or wake up to my kundalini energy rising. I didn't want to raise my kundalini all the way up my spine due to fear of short circuiting my brain. I remember one time as I was meditating i seen behind the vortex a figure behind the light telling me to come. I refused, thinking something malicious might happen. I once walked through the dimension once on my own accord but quickly went back due to seeing a girl runniing back to our side chained as if she was fleeing torture or imprisonment

  10. We'll never know, unless they tell us, or we travel in time and meet them. Maybe they invented time&space travel to get away from us…

  11. We’ve already figured out how to time travel to the future through our Universe via space & “relativity”; what I want to know is how do we travel to the past.

  12. Yeah, they must have, they also must have tamed t-rexes, and covered them with shiney but still battle scarred plate mail, and found a way to make the t-rex's eyes glow red when entering into the battle zone, and they put together an entire cavalry of them which they used in their epic battle against the intergalactic trans-dimensional neon octopi from the future.

  13. Time is relative to space and mass. If we took a fast enough train looped around the globe, minutes for those passengers could be days, months, or years for everyone else. Travelling backwards isin't an option thou.

  14. They also knew time dilation from the Bible. The angel Gabriel went to Daniel to tell him that Israel had 70 weeks of prophecy. 70 weeks would be a year and 10 months on the earth, but in celestial time it would be 70 X 7 or 490 earth years. That's in the book of Daniel, chapter 9.

  15. What if the 7 where abducted taken into space and because of the time dilation of distance space and time, when returned where 200 years later. And instead of probes in there but they thought it was one of them!

  16. Celtic has similar versions of time travel. How we convince time is like time zone differents from different countries around the world. So of course time will be different in the realm of the gods and fairy realm.

  17. I LOVE all of your videos, I'm autoplay watching while I clean the kitchen and cook – I have to stop and share your videos as soon as I watch them. Thanks for keeping me entertained and making me think!!!

  18. Well, we time travel every night we go to sleep. Close your eyes and bam… 7 hours later you're awake.

    Going BACK in time however, it's just not possible.

  19. I believe that the ancient world was actually more akin to what we might call today, the Fantasy genre. So in that regard, if the world was much, much more fantastical than what we have been lead to believe, then why couldn't time travel have been a thing?

  20. Curiously, The time travel in the stories is traveling in the future, not back in time. This is more theoretically possible.

  21. Though these stories involve time I wouldn't call them 'time travel'. More like aging at a different rate than us. Oh, you forgot Rip van Winkle!

  22. Time doesn't exist. There is only now. The past has ceased to be. The future is not yet and perhaps may never be. Time is merely an illusion. There is only now. There is no time.

  23. How can we really know what written tales from the past are true or not?. Especially when the same, or very similar stories appear across the world only with a different cast list….to claim to know that the version of events you believe to be true, is the only truth, is naive.

  24. All what you tell are the true happened in ancient times was one high advanced civilization here of this planet ,but they was not humans all what are writed in the buch of mahabbarata are not legends this civilization 6 milenien ago are used the atom power, the froof are the distroyd of the ancient city mohenjo daro even today there are high radiation !

  25. *Theory Time* Maybe the universe creator(s) made us not believe this stuff, (magick, time travel, multiverses,etc.) so we wouldn't be able to uprise and become as powerful as them/it.

  26. Ancient ancestors made couionesous out sound and sent all the colleted energy from atmospheres though a portal. So they basically made and have a coded program in a dimension somewhere.They embedded a gigantic computer on earth thats impossible to be decode..Good Look!

  27. Time travel is already proven, just not the way most people think. einstein law of special relativity proves that it is possible by traveling at the speed of light. (If I remember correctly)

  28. Many forget that if you could really time travel to the past (on earth), you would actually appear in space… Why? Well, the earth not only goes 'round the sun once a year, it also moves in space with the whole solar system! It's "path" in space is similar to a corkscrew!! HEHEHE.

  29. Time travel cannot be achieved. lateral trave is already old news .You just haven't caught up with us yet.Ho hee hee ha ha ho ho.

  30. If humans can think it then humans can do it. We know all, but what we don't know is how to unlock the all knowing

  31. What's really gonna flip your melon is realizing time travel is possible but not through mechanical means. No person in any historical literature ever built a machine to travel in time. At least until the time of HG Wells when our modern day industrial revolution was at its hey day.

  32. There is a similar story from Scotland or Ireland where a prince visits the land of a beautiful princes and marries her. After some years he decided to visit his old friends in his homeland and the princess warned him that when he goes, he may not get off his horse and touch the ground. Back home he discovered that hundreds of years had passed and his friends were all dead. In his grief, he dismounted his horse which resulted in his body rapidly aging and eventually death.

  33. why do you think the story was written that way? he laughed and explained that millions of years had passed here and that forces him to explain that time moves differently in different parts of the universe? then you link how scientist have thought this out already space time curvature black holes warping time space as theY glide past planets ect, ITS BECUASE THEY WROTE THIS STORY FOR THE SPECIFIC PURPOSE OF TEACHING THAT TO YOU
    people do this now its just the best most valuble form of storytelling, the story isnt important the locations and events or the causality is wat is written around
    i mean its so obvious its not hidden, only if your an idiot theyv always said this is wat it is and we go DURP YEAH SURE PEOPLE SMARTER THEN ME IMPOSSIBLE

    my point is the story isnt describing timetravel your english is to primitive, its simply explaining a theory thats the artists INTENT the writters intent and the only true importance

  34. Again, TIME is an ILLUSION! There's no yesterday or tomorrow…it's always just NOW. Theoretically if you could exceed the speed of light across the universe and can look back at earth you'll see yourself as you were earlier but you'll not be able to interact with yourself because what you are seeing is a ghost image from your new perspective. People are still not understanding the concept of time. If you were suspended in space and couldn't see any stars….what time is it? There is no time. It's just you in floating in the inky blackness of space. Time is not just irrelevant but doesn't exist. You aren't getting older.

  35. reading these titles and I realized that now sober not high on the marijuanas I see that these videos really do reach lmaoo still love it tho

  36. Sounds to me like we live in a Sims simulation and access points to outside the program time flows differently like it does to to us playing the simulation than it does for the "creator".

    Just what I got from this videos way of presenting things.

  37. Personally I would love to go back in time, have my brains now in a younger me, I'm old now. Haven't done half of the things that I wanted to do.

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