‘Do the right thing’: Harry Dunn’s mother pleads for Anne Sacloolas to return to UK

‘Do the right thing’: Harry Dunn’s mother pleads for Anne Sacloolas to return to UK

She needs to just do the right thing.
And just come back and face what she’s done,
face us as a broken family, face our UK system
and just do the right thing. She needs to set an example to her own children
that you can’t run away when you’ve done something
so terribly wrong. We just want to know
that she’s being brought back to the UK.
You know, that would be a huge step in the right
direction and it’s the only right thing to do.
It’s the only humane thing to do.
Knowing that she has children, we were going to work
with them… Ask for her sentence
to be reduced to death by careless, and
ask for a suspended so that we didn’t take
her away from her children. Although she’s robbed us
of one of ours, it was unintentional,
it was an accident, we understand that.
But seven weeks on, and we’ve had to do this
to get an apology, just in writing…
That’s just wrong.

24 thoughts on “‘Do the right thing’: Harry Dunn’s mother pleads for Anne Sacloolas to return to UK

  1. In our world, if one person in one day wakes up happy and contented with his life, on the same day hundreds of thousands of other people regret that they were born and still live. Our world is not a garden of paradise. We all need to remember this.

  2. Harry Dunn's parents give tearful account of finding dying son ► https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/oct/14/harry-dunns-parents-say-they-will-only-meet-anne-sacoolas-if-she-returns-to-uk

  3. Can someone please do a statement analysis on this (or other videos of Harry's Mum) …? This is horrific, and people shouldn't be able to escape justice but isn't there something off about her interviews?

  4. She doesn’t want to do the right thing, she doesn’t care about you or your son. She is entitled and self serving and expects to escape justice.

  5. Well wrong or not, why should she do it. Would U, if u can face no consequences. Sure there are a lot saying yes, but be honest and think about it.

  6. That poor lady you know your brain can’t process that your child has gone before you her husband is being so strong helping her.Sadly there are no winners in this mess . If the lady in question who killed this young man was unsure on yes our dangerous busy roads I’m sure she could have had a free chauffeur in her position just till she was more familiar with roads. Now her kids may lose her for a bit if she is extradited and sent to prison in UK for manslaughter this is indeed a terrible tragedy but to flee after telling police she would stay seems like she broke the law regardless of anything else I can’t think what her irresponsible husband was thinking of taking her back to US he should lose his diplomatic position he made a bad choice 🇬🇧🇺🇸🤦🏼‍♀️💔

  7. It shouldn’t be on her if the law applies why do I feel like the government would have a harder stance if the murderer wasn’t American
    Seriously though just imagine if it was a Russian

  8. Wait a tick . . . are you seriously considering that the USA should 'do the right thing'? Haven't you been paying attention? Please do get it right, ducky.

  9. You can now take her to a court in the states" but wait for the British police to force her back to the uk" she will then be at the will of British courts. She is now not protected by America.

  10. Sacoolas never had diplomatic immunity, simply because her husband is NOT a diplomat! News reports are still referring to her husband as a diplomat, this is false, he is a NSA agent. Which is embarrassing for both the US and U.K. Governments because it begs the question. What was he doing here in the first place? Spying on U.K. citizens perhaps? Hopefully all this will come out in the wash soon.

  11. Heart goes out to these poor parents. If she has a shred of decency in her she should come forward for Harry. Shameful woman and shame on whoever let slip out of the uk. Disgusting behaviour.

  12. I knew Harry, he was a few years above me in secondary school. And, he died not far from where I live. It's terrifying. R.I.P.

  13. See how the cops and government worked together to make sure the culprit left the country because shes a politician, disgusting, the parents were told by the cops she'd left the country 10 DAYS LATER, THE CORRUPTION BETWEEN OUR GOVERNMENT AND COPS IS STAGGERING

  14. Nothing to do with Americans and everything to do with one woman who is not accepting the responsibility of taking a life albeit unintentionally. She must return to face the British legal system and then like most others she will be given a six month suspended sentence, a cup of tea and a pat on the back with a warm but unthreatening “now please don’t do that again & paid for by British the tax payer” counselling session. She will then be free to fly home. British law is a joke as she should never of been allowed to leave until this was all thoroughly put through the system.

  15. Shes gotta keep hammering on the Americans door until they give up and hand her over. And they will try every trick in the book to get out this…

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