Do Women Have Babies To Get Welfare?

we here at tyte are not big fans louie
Gohmert we don’t like when he talks about Hobbit holes when he can but implicates the UN and conspiracies
to take down the US government I also don’t like it when he talks about
welfare now I he was recently I on the House floor
talking about the subject is there a couple course who are covered
the first let’s hear louie Gohmert gomer himself in the 60s but federal government desiring to help poor moms who we’re dealing with deadbeat dads
that we’re helping decided will help will give a check for every
child you can have out-of-wedlock and I keep wondering mister speaker wouldn’t
it have been better in the sixties you say you know what we realize your deal with that be bad
there we know you’ll be better off with a high school education so instead
giving you a check for every child you have our wedlock how
bout if we give you some day care for that child show you vanish high school in get Joan
the gentleman’s time has expired that would have made it more different
for more americans love their your back so you’ll just have to trust me that
that video was recorded in the last couple days it sounds like it comes out
at the eighties these actually there on the
house floor railing against welfare queens what decade is that and so is that a
couple other things not just that he doesn’t like welfare but welfare and
welfare abuse is why louie Gohmert actually got into politics in the first
place is what he said it weren’t for the policies in this war
on poverty declared fifty years ago it may well be that I would have never run
for Congress because what got me thinking about a
first as a state District Judge back in Texas we’re seeing more and more young
women and single women coming before me single moms charged with welfare fraud one woman and had 15 kids didn’t even
know where they all were that was the most I ever dealt with it
began to really eat away with me that in the sixties the federal government
desiring to help poor moms who are dealing with deadbeat dads decided will help will get a check for every
child you have out-of-wedlock I’ve got a couple of problems with that
first of all he’s talking about how this was really eating away at him in a
65 this is a big issue louie Gohmert I found out and doing a
little bit every search on Wikipedia was born in 1953 that meant that means
that during the sixties he was between seven and 17 years old he’s an oddly s do viewer of news if you
use that word about welfare fraud when he was eight or nine years old and so I have a
problem with what he said they’re just because it doesn’t seem actually factual but the bigger problem is that he’s
talking about welfare welfare fraud and specifically the idea
that’s been trotted out for decades by conservatives that women are
purposefully having children just learning at a bigger check or get a
check in the first place and that’s something that they often
just say wouldn’t it be great if we had sexual
research and whether there’s any evidence that that actually happens oh wait we do I found it easily by
searching on the internet back in the 90’s researchers at Rutgers compared birth
rates between thousands of welfare recipients and a control group that did not receive
any welfare and I found that there was no statistical difference whatsoever
between the two groups when it comes to birth rates and I know that some people maybe the
liberals hate when I bring up the studies but the idea that you can simply go up
there and say they’re having kids so they can get money something that seems
so on its face absurd is not outside over the range of science science can
actually investigate that you can ask these questions and find answers using actual data about
Americans and they did that back in the 90’s spin
eighteen years maybe he has had time to look that up
but more specifically about louie Gohmert there is not a problem with this is that’s why he got into politics but
think about all the potential things I could drive a person to be interested in politics in the
first place or to think I need to be a part of that like maybe you see a war that you think
is is a waste of money is immoral it’s killing innocent people I gotta get
elected so I can stop this war something like that that would seem
understandable the idea that these single moms these poor moms are
purposefully pumping out children sitting get bigger checks that’s the great moral outrage that
launch louie Gohmert onto the national stage that should seem
ridiculous to him but he’s a pretty dim gai it should at
the very least seem ridiculous to us as people who have to consume louie Gohmert political products so that bothers me not a fan louie
Gohmert which she’d stayed out of politics although perhaps as one up four hundred and are
435 members of Congress is doing less damage to the country that he would if he was still a judge in

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