Do You Wash Your Legs? | Multicultural Couples Debate Hygiene | 2 Cultures, 1 Couple

Do You Wash Your Legs? | Multicultural Couples Debate Hygiene | 2 Cultures, 1 Couple

– You wash your legs? – Well, when I shave them yes. – What do you mean? You don’t, wait.
(laughing) You don’t always wash your legs? – You mean like,
put soap on my legs? – Yes. – No because wait– – What do you mean you don’t
wash your legs all the time? – Wait. – I don’t know if this
is a Caribbean thing but, I heard that when she
used to shower or bathe, their grandmother
used to make them use the underwear they
had on as a washcloth to wash themselves. And then, I guess
that was considered washing your underwear
at the same time? That’s just bugged out.
– You wash your, you wash your
underwear and then you wash yourself with it and
then you hang it to dry. – So you used your underwear as a washcloth.
– As a rag, yes because we were
short on wash cloths. But now in adulthood,
I use a washcloth and he uses a bar of soap, which I don’t know how
he exfoliates with that. Not sure.
– Get a good rub. – With his hands.
– Grew up using– – Just using his hands–
– The bar of soap. – And the bar of soap,
that’s it, that’s all he has. Your dead skin’s
just sitting on you, just forever.
– No but if it’s dead, it’ll fall off once you rub it. – That’s not how it works. (upbeat music) I think I stopped using my
underwear when I got to college just because I had a roommate. – Stopped wearing them. What do you use– – Stopped wearing them, too. – What is it called,
loofah, loofah? – When I got to college,
I started using a loofah. Just because it was, if you have a roommate and
you’re sharing a bathroom, you don’t want underwear
hanging in the bathroom. Kind of embarrassing. So I graduated to loofah
and then now, I have a rag. – And now I use her
underwear to wash. She just doesn’t know. – Sure. – Dominicans, or
at least my family, I’m sure a lot of
Dominicans had this idea that there were a
lot of perverted men and so Dominican
women, back in the day, would not wash their panties
in the washer and dryer. They would hop in the
shower with their panties, wash their panties, use the
panties to scrub themselves, and that was that. Because women couldn’t
leave their dirty panties laying around. And so Tyler was like, why are you getting in the
shower with your underwear on? – I thought she forgot– (laughing) You take those off, right? – I was like, no I get in the
shower with my panties on. Then I wash them and I
scrub myself with them and then I dry them
and I tend them and that’s it. I take a shower with my panties but it was very,
very weird for him. ‘Cause he’s like, there’s a washer and
dryer, why do you do that? And I’m like, don’t even,
it’s a Dominican thing. Tyler’s family has a
lot of wash cloths. There’s a whole cabinet in the
bathroom just of wash cloths. – Yeah we definitely
don’t use our underwear. (laughing) – So in terms of
personal hygiene, I always grew up
using a wash cloth. Soaping the wash cloth
with the soap inside, then washing your body. When I met Iza, she didn’t even
know what a wash cloth was. She just used the bar of soap
and she soaped like that. – I don’t like liquid soap. It feels like it’s
not as efficient and I would just scrub myself
with my hands and the bar. That’s it. I don’t really use a wash cloth. – And over time, I started
to wash myself like that too because I wasn’t smelling
the best after that and she would let me
know, and I learned. She uses her nails to
like, get in the skin and get the soap in the skin. And it makes sense because
I’ll smell the soap on her at the end of the day
and I’m like damn, you really clean really good. But she uses her fingernails
to get a deep cleaning. – I would say that I take
my time cleaning myself. And I do it very well. – Let’s just say when we
start, the soap is normal sized and then we finish it’s a
thin little piece of soap because of how much she
cleans and how she cleans. – I just bought a
bunch of wash cloths because they were a buck and I felt like the ones that
we had were a little bit ratty so it depends when
I use wash cloths. So I actually have a scrubber so I went to, we went
to Turkey some years ago where they did this whole
exfoliation experience which is just amazing,
to be cleaned. So I have one of
those in the bathroom and then I also
have a wash cloth. But I don’t always, I
don’t always use it. Do you use a wash cloth? – You know growing up, we’ve
always used wash cloths. My parents would
always, you know, wash me with a wash cloth
so what I have for my face. But you know, after going living
on my own, I’ve stopped. I don’t know, it’s just weird. I think you laugh
about it sometimes, whenever we go to a
restaurant and they do like a little wash cloth
to cleanse your hands and stuff like that,
you see me wipe my face. – He wipes his whole
body with the thing, so, they give it to you so you
go like this and you’re done but you literally go like
this, then you go like this, then you go like this, and I’ve seen you wipe
your head with it. I have, no I have. – We don’t use wash
cloths in Germany. I’ve never seen one before
I moved to the states. To me, or actually lived with you, it doesn’t have to
do with the states, but I think that it’s a black– – (stammering) I don’t
know if it’s a black thing. When I went to white
people’s houses, they did not have wash cloths. – I know, and it feels like, it is weird to me ’cause I
feel like it’s not hygienic. But you think it’s more
hygienic than using your hands. – I think that it gets
off the dead skin. – That’s true.
– And it’s also something I’m just used to,
you know what I mean? I’ve had a wash cloth
since I could bathe myself. You know what I mean?
– Yeah. – But you guys just use
your hands, which like, I guess (stammering)
that has to work, that’s how it was at one point. But now you have,
I got you a loofah. – He did, I like it now.
– So she uses loofahs. And then it gets dead skin off, it feels like you’re giving
yourself a hug when you shower rather than just rubbing
your hands (groaning) (laughing) – He doesn’t
understand white hair and I could wake up
looking like crap to me and my hair is every
which way but loose. And sometimes you just
forget to look in the mirror or something like that and then I’ll go
to a restaurant– – Just forget to
look in the mirror? – And I’ll look in the
mirror and I’ll go, what the (bleeping) Naeem, why didn’t
you say anything? And he thinks I look
exactly the same no matter what–
– Thought that’s how you wanted to look. – He thinks I look
exactly the same no matter what my hair’s doing. – Exactly.
– He just doesn’t understand white people hair. And one time–
– It’s just there. It’s there, it’s there.
– One time I had this hair on my shoulder, it
was like this long and I go–
(laughing) First of all, why
didn’t you tell me? I’m not very hairy at
all, I have a little hair. And first of all,
it was here right? And Naeem literally thought that white people hair
fell out their head, if it landed on your body– – Thought it attached.
– It replanted. – There is one thing that I do that is kind of foreign to him. Usually when I get out the
shower, I don’t lotion. That’s like a big
old thing for him. He’s always like,
why you don’t lotion? You’re always ashy, so
that’s one of my big things. – I mean, when you’re, when you’re of a
certain pigment, I feel as though lotion
is a integral part of the, hygienic process. So yeah, I find that very odd that he can just get
out of the shower and put on clothes
and just like, go. – That’s a lot of work, at
least I put on deodorant. Yeah my mom used to lotion us
for us when we were growing up after a while, it just
becomes something just like, I’ll lotion in the morning or I’ll lotion when I’m ready, or I’ll lotion when I
get ready to go outside. If I’m about to lay down,
I don’t want to lotion. Just wanna go to sleep. – Or I’ll lotion
when my skin cracks. – You trying to be cute. – Or I’ll start a
fire in the sheets. (gasping) – One thing that Marquis
can’t live without is coconut oil. And he uses it to
moisturize his whole body and when we moved in
together, he was like, wait you’re not
using coconut oil? I was like, no. – You weren’t using anything. – I wasn’t using–
– You weren’t moisturizing at all. – Well I always
moisturize my face but my body, just
maybe once a week. – But you washed your
hair almost every day. – Yeah but then–
– Which is also wrong. – Which is also wrong, yes, yes. (laughing) But then he was
like, no that’s why we stay young for so
long and we don’t– – That’s why black don’t
crack, we moisturize. And that’s why some older–
– I know the secret. – German women they look their age,
not all of them. But if you would
moisturize, it’d be better. (upbeat music) – Do you wash your legs? – I wash my legs, I don’t
know how he washes his legs with the bar soap.
– The soap, I just run it down
and under my foot. You know, it’s not, I don’t scrub I
guess but I do wash. – I wash my legs (laughing) Wait, what? People don’t wash their legs? Ew. I wash my legs, I wash
underneath the knees ’cause you know, a little
dirt gets under there. That’s really weird. Do you wash your legs? – Yes, my whole body, feet, toes, everything. – Do I wash my legs? – Do you wash your legs? (laughing)
Do you wash your legs? – Well, when I shave them yes. – What do you mean? You don’t, wait. You don’t always wash your legs? – What do you mean like,
put soap on my legs? – Yes. – No because when, wait– – What do you mean you don’t
wash your legs all the time? – When I put soap
on my upper body, and then I do this, then
the soap runs over my legs to the bottom of my feet. – So do you wash your ankles? – No, well not every day. – That’s not good. – Do you wash your
feet everyday? – I wash my feet everyday. – Underneath as well? – Every single day. – Okay. – Yo, that’s white
privilege huh? Don’t gotta wash
all of ourselves, you got, soap does
it for you right? That’s how it works?
– I guess. – You gotta be kidding me. – So I got this new toothbrush. This mug cannot just let
the toothbrush glide. Every time I look
at this toothbrush, I see him putting pressure
on the toothbrush. And I’m like, you’re just
supposed to sit there and just let it go. – It’s a sonic toothbrush.
– Just let it chill. – So you’re supposed
to do it really slow. I’m just so used
to this, I mean I– – So every day I’m like,
I see you over there brushing your teeth like that. I’m telling you, when
that head goes quick, I’m gonna be mad at you. – When I was growing up, it was a big deal
to brush your teeth before you go to bed
and when you wake up. It was a thing. And when me and
Drew got together, I noticed that he wouldn’t
feel like it was mandatory to do that. – Basically–
– Going to bed. – You had to brush your
teeth when you wake up and you go to bed. – Yeah. – I used to just brush my
teeth once, when I woke up. And then that was it. – So when we got together,
I waited like two months. And I kind of broke
the news to him where it was like, bro I think you’re supposed
to brush your teeth before bed because you ate the whole day. You’re gonna sleep with
that in your mouth. So it’s become a thing now
in our relationship where you know, we actually learn
from each other and that, I learned that you don’t
always need a rag to wash, supposedly, and he learned that he can brush
his teeth in the night time – And I learned how to
use cocoa butter as well. – Exactly. – For my dry skin. – Good, good, good job. (upbeat music) – Thanks for watching
and comment below other topics you
want us to discuss. – And make sure you subscribe
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  1. Some of this information is shocking…we always use washcloths and a bar of soap. The luffa is added as an extra scrub if you want to exfoliate and we wash our underwear by hand in the tub.

  2. No If You Use A Washcloth To Bathe Your Still Dirty! A Washcloth Does Not Clean You I use A Hard Scrubber to bathe with something that actually Cleans your body 😂😂😂

  3. It doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you get there. Some skin is different than the next so what works for one may be painful for the next. You aren’t superior if you wash different than the next person. Just be grateful you can wash because people in some countries are lucky to even get clean enough water daily.

  4. Yo, my moms used to make us do the same thing as Sky's grandma. It's crazy how I'm not from the Carribbean but we did the same thing.

  5. Why would you not wash your legs and feet, why would you not use a flannel/wash cloth or a loofah, how can you not cream your skin or brush your teeth before bed. I don’t think I could be with someone who didn’t do these basic things.

  6. Sooo, what’s the purpose of getting in the shower to wash and just skipping your legs for the hell of it?! 🤨 And, no lotion?

    You need to clean off the dead skin cells and then guess what?! Lotion, to add the moisture back to your skin. With the exception of that one black dude (ashy ass) that’s why Black people have great skin, because we do that on a daily. It’s no different from your face; the same rules apply to the rest of your skin. My daddy used to damn near have a conniption if I didn’t put lotion on after I got out of the tub. 😂

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