Does Society Encourage Self Thinkers – I Will Make You Question Everything

Does Society Encourage Self Thinkers – I Will Make You Question Everything

hey guys Juan Mazo here. Today I’d like
to talk about something very dear and close to my heart which is does society
actually encourage and motivate self thinkers, right? This is something that
I’ve always wondered and questioned and always thought by default, that yes
everyone loves to encourage people to think for themselves. But as you’re going
to learn based on my own experiences I don’t think that’s quite what society
looks for. So let’s take it back to my high school time right. So I’m in high
school and I go to high school where essentially you go this
classes the same exact classes with the same exact kids for four years. You can
imagine that from year 1 through year 4 people start to get comfortable and me
personally, I was a really nice guy. Maybe a little intimidating looking and what
ended up happening was that one of the kids, who actually turned out to be a
really good friend of mine today, was turning to a little bit of a bully. He
actually uh took an opportunity and started like throwing stuff at me you
know saying names that me and to me I just like roll off because I’ve been a
super relaxed person my whole life. One day he throws a milk carton at me the
teacher whose class we were at which was a study hall, you know like do whatever
you want, the teacher says hey Juan pick up that milk carton. And I tell the
teacher no. And the teachers like what. No I’m not picking up the milk carton, tell
the person who threw it and I had no problem saying it was that person right.
And the teacher looks and he’s like go to the office and I’m like woah. Now my
whole life I’ve been a pretty squeaky clean kid. Always been following the
rules never stepped out of line and I just felt like I was completely
mistreated and inappropriately dealt with. So I know go into the principal’s
office and I speak to a vice-principal. [Its] Senior year, the guy looked at me he’s
like… who are you. I explained my side of the story someone threw a milk carton at
me and I didn’t listen to the teacher so vice-principal says all right cool,
write me a paper on what you should have done. Have it in for me tomorrow.
You know, submit it. I’ll review it and I’ll let you know what your punishment is
going to be. So I go home and I write the paper and I think to myself this is
completely unfair. I write the paper and say you know someone threw this milk
carton at me. What I should have told the teacher is it was this person and make
them get up instead of having me do it in
front of the class and like really make me feel bad about it. Write the paper
submit it, send it. I get a call the next day in one of my classes so I head down
to the class and return to the principal’s office and the principal
says. Hey so I got your paper, but this isn’t the paper I wanted. And I said what
do you mean? I said write to me what should have happened. And I was like this
is what should have happened and he goes. No write to me what should have happened.
And so I go and I get the hint and I’m like okay. Go back write the paper on
what should have happened. Essentially saying I should have picked up the milk
carton and thrown it away. At the time to me I said whatever I. was super
frustrated. Moved on with my life, right. Now I’m in college, right. So I have that
prior experience and in college I run into a situation where I go to an
engineering college I went to an engineering college. And on the same
school University there was also a criminal justice College. Engineering
students are highly encouraged to question things and feel comfortable to
disagree. So I was taking a criminal justice course and there was this
disagreement with one of the professors that I had. Essentially all the kids that
are going to the criminal justice are trying to become a police officer.
They’re learning the laws. They’re learning to enforce the laws and you
know maybe they’ll become FBI agents or something. Well I had this disagreement and
I was talking to the teacher about it and the teacher goes and says you, know
this is not what’s gonna happen blah blah blah and I was like pretty upset. And then he
says by the way go to the Dean the dean’s office of the criminal justice
school. You know i’m like ok cool no problem. Head over there. Turns out that he essentially
sent me to the principal’s office. At this point I’m like a junior in college
and I’m like I’m I’m Way too old to be getting sent to the principal’s office.
So I go in and the teacher had some choice words but overall he used a story
to explain his position. And the story was something like. Back when he was in
college he was going to his criminal justice course probably like a CJ 101
class. And there was a storm outside and in this storm a lot of schools closed
down. But he was in class. Like he was in the middle of class. And he’s notices, you
know everyone is getting sent home. Except this class was not let out.
He raises his hand and he says hey professor
you know there’s snow on the ground people are getting dismissed do you
think we can go home. The Dean asked me, do you know what I was told as a
response to go home in the middle of a blizzard? And I say, no idea. And he goes,
well the teacher replied this way. He said, in here it’s CJ 101
out there’s the real world but right now this is what matters,
CJ 101. And I told them you know that’s kind of irresponsible for a professor to
be so tight within the guidelines of what class is and how it should be
handled. To not exercise his own free thought to say, snow outside, I don’t want
my kids to get hurt. You know, in the middle of a storm or to get stuck
somewhere. We bring it back to that dean’s office and I’m thinking to myself.
Wow, there’s two types of people in this world. There’s the people who are
encouraged to think freely, to question things, and who can disagree. And then
there’s this whole other side where you’re taught to never be insubordinate.
You’re taught to be afraid of challenging and you know that there’s
only one way to go about things. It’s not even at that moment that I realize
things. You know, I go through a couple more experiences in life and I realize.
Wow you can be really bright and you can handle people well, but you’re always
gonna run into people who are just. It’s either black or white. It’s you know, zero
or one and and it sucks because some of those people are rather
intelligent, smart, but because they’re they’ve been probably discouraged like
very harshly and in certain scenarios. They then, you know pushed to always
follow the rules. Be afraid. You know like, you can go to jail. You don’t do taxes
correctly, you know you could end up getting audited. If you don’t follow the
laws and and aren’t you strict about it you’re not a good citizen. Bad things
will happen. And and from that place is where people who are really intelligent
who can make a difference to the world, are trapped. And it’s very sad because
sometimes what you end up seeing is the least the person you least expect
to ever get anywhere ends up getting everywhere. And it’s because they never
were discouraged they were always encouraged. If you were, you know, like a
c’ student at least you have the abilities to think for yourself. And
that’s probably why you passed versus, like you know being able to be mr. Xerox
and just copy/past whatever letters of the law you’re being
trained to to understand and you know enforce. What I’m trying to get at here
is, in society free thinkers aren’t in highly encouraged although they’re
sought-after. Right, and even once you hit the corporate world they’re still chains
the commands people want you to follow. There’s still, you know this this. This
whole structure that needs to be followed. That you can’t really break out of.
And then that’s where some people just get fed up and want to go and become
entrepreneurs where they’re their own bosses. Where they take these high risks.
Where they’re operating in gray areas, a lot of ambiguity. Executives operating
ambiguity but they highly discourage anyone to be at that level who is at a
grunt level to to be operating that way. And for good reasons. But it’s one
of those things that for me it’s just, You know I was raised you can be
whatever you want question things but then there’s a certain wall once you hit
certain people that there is no room for questioning. And just remember like if
you’re out there and you feel like you’re suffocating under certain
oppression, rules. You know parents, parents always want the best for you.
Understand that, but sometimes it just feels a little impossible. And what I
just want to say is, don’t worry. Eventually you become an adult, you end
up owning all your decisions, and no one can really question you. Never forget,
there’s always gonna be a day when you don’t need to worry about the rules. And
you’re gonna be able to do your own thing. Alright guys, that’s it for today’s
video. just a few parting words before we leave.
My main point that I was trying to get across is, that I don’t believe society
is actually encouraging free thinkers. I don’t think that’s necessarily what they
want. From a high school level you’re being indoctrinated to be more of a part
of a system and to do as I say not as I do type scenarios. And that’s very norma.
I’ve seen it in school, college, and in you know as a
grown adult real-life. Reality for this is that sometimes we just want people to
execute. And when you’re super low level that’s all you got to do to get a job.
And eventually to get to the top. That’s when you get to exercise free thinking
challenge people and even then it has to be done within certain parameters, in
certain ways. Don’t be discouraged though understand that is probably for the best.
And to be quite honest the best leaders when asked why things have to be done
certain way usually explain the ones who say you know just because there’s
probably two reasons one they probably are really pressed on time and I have to
use that word but only to like buy myself some time to give them a response
when I can give them you know some more time the other response is they’re jerks
that’s it but overall understand that you’ll have your opportunity someday
guys and if you’re discouraged if you feel like everyone’s you know trapping
you donkey you’ll have your chance all right guys that’s it let me know if you
guys have any questions or comments shoot me an email message private
messages I’m available for anything you guys want to talk about but

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  2. I wonder where that jerk from your high school is now lol. Keep up the good work and keep on developing and encouraging free thinking.

  3. I agree, It's a lived in experience I can attest happens, some people arent chill or too chill and it seems like they are artificial for the sake of having you believe they are legitimate and of there too, but the actions and words to opress speak otherwise.

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