Dog Safety For Kids With The Burlington Humane Society Kids Club

Dog Safety For Kids With The Burlington Humane Society Kids Club

– It’s awfully bumpy. We’re on our way to the
Burlington Humane Society. A couple weeks ago they sent Kayl an email asking if she would be able
to come out and talk to There’s a bunch of kids are, I guess, in a club that learns about dogs. And this week they asked Kayl to come out and talk about being a dog
trainer, and you know– – To educate them on kids and dogs. – Yeah, yeah. So we’re excited about
doing this presentation, and we’re just on our way there now. (puppy barking) – Okay, and then– – [Ken] We’re just going
over the pre-game– – Slam. We’ll do– – [Ken] Set up, and Kayl’s writing down some of the dogs’ tricks.
– back up again. – And there’s a lot.
– and then Well, we have so many that
we need to spread ’em out so that it’s not repetitive. And we’re also having
a hard time remembering all of the tricks our dogs know, which is, I guess, a good problem to have. – [Ken] Yeah. – But– – [Ken] And with us, I don’t
think we’ve introduced her yet, but with us today one
of Kayl’s best friends and co-agility instructors– – [Kayl] The pea to my pod – [Ken] Yes. Jamie Moreau, and she who have you brought with you?
– I’m the pea. – [Kayl] I’m the pod. – I brought my eight-year-old
all-Canadian dog Wink and then my three-year-old. They’re three now, right? Three-year-old border collie Grin. – [Ken] Perfect. Yeah, and then we’ll be heading into the Humane Society just momentarily. (happy music) – Now, there’s no way I got this right. This is the third time actually
I’ve tried to record this, but Kayl is very particular about how she sets up
her crates and things, and I don’t know if this is gonna work. Hopefully it will. We’ll see. (happy music) – [Jamie] So Kayl, what
do you think of the setup? – I’m shocked. I must be getting way better
at setting up the crates. I’m really shocked. – Hey, there’s really I’m sorry to tell you, but literally you can’t get an easier
crate to set up, my dear. You just pop it open,
and voilà, it’s done. – I’m just that good. That’s what I’m hearing here. Well, here we are with Doug Sherton from the Burlington Humane Society, and just give us a quick run-down of what we’re gonna be doing today, Doug, or who we’re going to
be speaking to, I guess. – Well, today at the
Burlington Humane Society we’ve started a kids’ club. So we have children between the ages of eight and 12 years old,
and they come once a week to the Humane Society, and we learn about different aspects
of various animals. So they’ve learned about dog breeds, they’ve learned about
wildlife and the difference between pets and wildlife. We have a dog groomer coming in to show us what dog grooming is all about. We’re gonna be talking
about different cat breeds. And then we also meet the
animals here at the shelter, so they get to meet the
kittens and the puppies– – Oh, that’s great – And play with them, and
that’s a highlight for sure. – Yeah, that sounds
like a great kids’ club. And you also mentioned just briefly before we went on camera
about your podcast, so I’d like to share your
podcast with our audience. – Yeah, it’s so exciting. We’ve started a podcast. It’s called Burlington Humane, and it’s all about the Humane
Society and pets in general, some of things that people need to know about pets in general. We’re just gonna be putting up our next episode up on the web. People can subscribe from
our website or from iTunes. We’re gonna be talking about why you need to keep cats indoors
and our adoption process here at the Humane Society. – Very cool. – Yeah, it’s very exciting. We just started it. – Yeah, so check that out. It’ll be Burlington Humane Society, and you check them out for their podcast. – Yeah. – Favorite tricks is to back up. Here, ready? Back, back, back, back, back,
back, back, back, back, back. Actually, I forgot. I’m giving you the wrong command. Here, that’s a good boy. Listen, beep, beep, beep,
beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. Yes, good boy. You guys ever seen a big
truck back up and beep? That’s why his command is that way. He also knows to wave. Sit. Wait. Good boy. Can you wave? Wave, wave. Yes, wave, wave. Yes, good boy. Now, this is our bench trick. Put ’em up, put ’em up. Put ’em up, yes. Put ’em up, good girl. And she, of course, loves this one. Speak.
(bark) Yes, speak.
(bark) Yes, speak.
(bark) Yes. Can you go left? Left, left. Okay, you are really excited. She’s waving. She’s doing all of her tricks
without me saying anything. (laughter) Somebody’s a little bit buzzed. Left, left, left, left. Yes, relax. Right, right. So this time what Jamie’s going to do is she’s going to have Grin show
us some different variations of self-control where she’s not allowed to go get the toy until
Jamie tells her to. So look how intensely she’s
sitting and waiting right now. See how she ignores the toy? Then it doesn’t mean that
she doesn’t love the toy. She loves the toy, but she’s waiting for Jamie to say, “Okay, get it.” (applause) She does a trick called Spiderman. Anybody want to guess what
she does when I say Spiderman. – She runs up and jumps and lands. – That would be way cooler than
what I’m about to show you. I probably shouldn’t
have asked that question. (laughter) Okay, you guys can get
up and look over here. – You should’ve trained him to do this. – Okay, spiderman, spiderman, spiderman. Yes. (barks) Spiderman, spiderman, spiderman. Yes, good girl. Who’s your best bud? Na-ah, where’s your best bud. – [Crowd] Awwww. – [Kayl] Good boy, where’s your best bud? Where’s your best bud? Yes, good boy, best bud. – [Crowd] Awwww. – [Kayl] Yes, good boy. – [Jamie] You’re so tolerant, Punky. (laughter) – They should both get a cookie for that. (upbeat music) – You are wonderful dogs
and wonderful people, so let’s give these people
a round of applause. (applause) – [Kayl] Ready, speak, speak.
(barking) Speak, speak, speak
(barking) The dogs say thank you too. – So we’re gonna have a quick
look at some of the center. They’ve offered to give
us a quick little tour, so we’ll take you along with us. – And so I like to think of
our little dog kennel areas as little rooms– – Yeah. – [Humane Society Woman]
Little hotel rooms – They’re nice and big. – [Humane Society Woman]
And then what you see here is we’ve actually got a little door. It’s called the guillotine
door, which isn’t very nice, but they’ve got a large
little outdoor run there, so when we’re open to the public they get that outdoor time as well. – Actually, when we were kids
we used to have a built-in dog room in our house, and
they all had guillotine doors, so we could open them, and the
dogs could go right inside. – Exactly. So that’s Gwen. – Hi. – This is Calana. – Oh, this one’s got a fat head. – And Calana right here
– He’s so cute. – [Ken] This is Calana. – [Humane Society Woman]
Our team was obviously thinking summertime, partying. Then in kennel number four, we’ve got– – [Ken] Wow, and it’s the
mom of these guys in here. They’re all snoozing away. – Are they sleeping? That’s why it’s quiet in here. So we’ve got the mom, Mus-ko-ga, and then all her babies,
and they were stray, so it’s really special for us that we were able to get the mom too because that means that
we can get her spayed and so she won’t go on to produce all these other stray puppies– – [Ken] Yeah, yeah. – And then they can get all
the care that they need. – [Ken] So for you guys, you
try to find homes for them after they’re surrendered to you or you find them as a stray? – Yes. – [Ken] So can you tell
us just a little bit about that process in
case anyone’s interested in adopting, for example,
or something like that? – Oh, that’s okay. Our doors do open like that. So what we do is first of all, we make sure that if an
animal comes into our shelter that it doesn’t belong to somebody. – [Ken] Sure, yeah. – So first what we do is we’d
send it off to a vet clinic, and it’ll stay there for about three days, so they can check over if
it’s been micro-chipped and there is a family, they try to reconnect it with the family. Then once it comes into
our care, it’s with us. And what we do from there is we wait until it’s had any surgery
that needs to be done: dental work, spay, neutering is a must. And then if it’s a puppy, it stays until it’s eight weeks old, and then they’re up for adoption. So our puppies create
quite a bit of demand. These ones are going to
be announced tomorrow, and they will be available
Saturday, so we’re expecting– – [Kayl] How old are they? – [Humane Society Woman] Eight weeks. – [Kayl] Yeah, I was gonna say they look– – [Human Society Woman] So
they are cute little puppies, but they will be big, big dogs. – [Kayl and Ken] Yeah, yeah. – And it’s sort of fun
to see them years later because some of the siblings will look nothing like each other, and
when we take a look at mom, you sorta wonder, “How did they get–” – [Kayl and Ken] Yeah, yeah. – [Kayl] For sure. – [Humane Society Woman]
We’re a no kill shelter, so these animals stay in our care until they find their forever home. – [Kayl] Oh wow. – So we’ve had dogs here that
have been here eight months, which is a really long time
in a shelter environment, but they’ll get that four walks a day and all the food they need
and the medication and love until that forever family comes around. – [Ken] And where would people
find you if they were looking if they fell in love with a
dog that they saw in our video? – Right, so we are at 740
Griffith Court in Burlington, but the best way to find
us is – [Ken] Perfect. – Yep. – Well, that was fun. – That was fun. – The kids had a great time. – My favorite part was getting to scream when the trucks went by. – Yeah, the trains. (screaming) (laughter) – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I wasn’t expecting that in
the beginning of the talk, and then I thought, “Well,
I need to make this fun, “so there isn’t this long awkward silence “while the trucks go by.” – Well, it worked out pretty well, but I think the kids
had a really fun time. And I know we had a fun time showing off some of the dog tricks. – Yeah, I think it’s
always good to educate kids on how to interact with the
dogs because I know for me, we travel around lots of different places, and there’s a lot of
opportunity where our dogs need to be greeted by lots
of people, crowds, kids. So we work towards
socializing our dogs for that, but if the kids have
a better understanding on how to approach dogs and greet dogs, they’re much more likely to stay safe. And thinking from the dogs’
side of things as well, the dogs will be much more likely not to get intimidated by kids either. – Yeah, and kids often have
a false sense of security if they’ve got a dog at home, so sometimes kids get really
comfortable with their dog– – Yeah, kids can be the worst sometimes. – Dogs have the kids. – Yeah, dogs have the kids.
– Yeah, for sure. And they just sort of
expect a random stray dog or a stranger’s dog to be
as comfortable with kids as their dog is, so it’s
good to educate kids about those facts. – Yeah. – But that was a great time. So we’re all headed to grab a bite to eat and get the dogs a special treat for being such good show-boaters. – He really just means we’re
getting him a special treat. – Yeah, well I also get a special treat, which is my favorite treat, but you’ll see what it is in a moment. So that was a pretty fun day. We are getting the dogs a treat, mostly because I really
wanted to get a treat and I love ice cream, and so does Jamie. (laughter) She didn’t want the ice cream at all, but I insisted we have some. And funky monkey is having
a little bit of ice cream. – She is getting fed
ice cream with a spoon. – Yes. – That’s how we roll. – Yeah, she’s a pretty
high-class ice cream eating dog. I think we’ll end on
that note with Grand Slam getting this ice cream
which looks hilarious. We want to make sure we thank Doug from the Burlington Humane Society. That was a lot of fun tonight and want to wish you guys happy training. If this is your first time
with us, make sure you hit that subscribe button and
check out another vlog episode. We have lots of fun creating them, and we hope you have lots
of fun watching them. On that note, I’m Ken. – I’m Kayl. – Happy training. Bye for now. (upbeat music)

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