Donald Trump: ‘The Country Will Fail’ Because Of Welfare

Donald Trump: ‘The Country Will Fail’ Because Of Welfare

donald Trump when on greta van susteren
show on Fox News and decided to be rape or people wasn’t
welfare numbers are incredible and you have many states where the welfare
number don’t money you get is far greater than what
you get it yet as you up so people just saying and I guess you
can’t blame them it’s not good but how can you blame on this and why should
we work -1 just picked up welfare what is your assessment of President
Obama’s in te salio I have up working on the problem welfare
in this country I don’t think there is an intensity I
think they may have been here in 10 cities a restored getting people as much money
as they can ultimately the country is going to hell with that you know you see
that many many times over the decades and over the
years and over the centuries I’m in the
country well actually sale the country’s gonna be destroyed because of welfare because welfare interesting argument I’ve never heard
that one before and of course if you’d asked on trying
to give you a single example like he said as he was laughing you know
many many times countries have failed because of welfare right no Donald that’s never happened you just made that up and I love the way
that greta van susteren frame the question
she goes you know is Obama going to do anything about this
problem over welfare now notice what is welfare it’s a temporary solution to the problem
of poverty and joblessness so the actual problem is poverty and
joblessness but greta van susteren /url the problem
of welfare and of course donald Trump runs with fat
and says almost destroying the country with the country gonna fail because
ovett now I’ve noticed something he didn’t
give you a single number about welfare well let me go ahead and do that so you
can see how he is 100 percent incorrect so when
you look at this pending in a federal budget but
when it comes to the social safety net i’m talking about every program so food
stamps unemployment school meals Child Care Home Energy
Assistance programs for abused kids for the elderly you know that makes up all the social
safety net programs not just welfare which is a tiny percentage of that makes up a grand total of 12 percent of
the budget yeah that’s the reason and I were in trouble
not you know something which makes up a much larger percentage of the budget
like oh I don’t know military spending the nine hundred military bases we have
around the world in 130 countries the trillions of dollars six trillion
dollars we will spend in Iraq after all is said and done we pay back all the
interest on everything right no use for it or whether you want to
talk about how welfare is the problem furthermore when you break it down to
what percentage on the federal budget goes to the
nonworking poor which is more specifically what Donald
Trump is talking about it is only about 10 percent all that 12
percent up the budget so another tiny number your small so the social safety net
programs for going to people either a part time jobs are full-time jobs and they’re working but there for the
working poor toward a full time job but they don’t have enough money to
actually pay the rent eat it or they’re not mujer they’re not parasites but
they’re fuckin cheap ass job doesn’t pay them enough to live but also doesn’t you know scored on a
job he is oftentimes you provide those jobs right know he blames the people who are
working hard and you try to make it a decent living stay classy Donald but
in ok the grand total although on the budget that actually
goes towards what he’s talking about in terms of welfare no money going to the nonworking poor in
terms of entire federal budget 5 percent yeah that five percent is gonna destroy

48 thoughts on “Donald Trump: ‘The Country Will Fail’ Because Of Welfare

  1. What is the fascination that your country has with the military? This blind, no question asked, obedience to do whatever the military wants, card blanche?

  2. I agree, but it should be an easy fix once he knows there is an issue. He just needs to put the mono in both channels.

  3. And the problem of welfare being more than actual jobs could be easily solved by RAISING THE MINIMUM WAGE and taking the onus for healthcare off the employers and instituting universal healthcare.

  4. You know I think I can agree with Trump, for once. It is a problem that we have welfare, or rather that we need it at all. But that's utopia, which can't exist. Now the real problem of course is corporate welfare, since that takes a much larger chunk out of the pie than social welfare, but what politician will talk about that?

  5. Goverment wants people on welfare so they can be dependent on government and not be self sufficient reason. Also government giving money to Egypt when they can't even creat jobs here in America. Stop giving aid to other country and start focusing on taking care of American people first even a slow person can figure that out it's a no brainer. But yoy don't care because your set fir life and your needs are more then met.

  6. Just for an example which I personally experienced, I was laid off at the beginning of the fiscal meltdown in 2008. I had been bringing home about $43,000.00/yr net. All I was able to get on unemployment was $537.00/month. Yeah, I can't imagine why I didn't just stay on the government dole instead of getting another job…I must've been nuts. Trump is fucking idiot.

  7. thing is, there are already a lot of people who are already on minimum wage getting welfare. So allowing businesses to pay them even less will simply increase their dependence on welfare.

  8. actually in the broader sense, yes the abuse of welfare has helped cause nations to fail…if we go back to rome, their bread and circuses contributed greatly to the failure of the republic and empire…when the govt became god, then everyone was dependent on it and it overextended its reach…but yes he did ignore the overextension of the military as well…you have to look at all the issues that contribute to failure…its more than one…

  9. Donald Trump may be miss guided and far right on some issues, yet he gaining strong support throughout the country on many  disturbing issues. this country is sick of the liberal agenda, the  2014 senate elections proved that. America needs a strong leader and Americans know it. Trump fills the void.

  10. Any country is like a business, if it prospers, so do the people living in it. If the country goes broke, it is taken over by another company and no longer run by the same staff. Get the picture? People in the United States are becoming very reliant on government handouts, if not just welfare, disability has become the another way to get a handout and not have to work, and as sad as it is, doctors will help these people because they get a cut from seeing them for their illness. Then there are so damned many programs for help on electric, heating, schooling, and it goes on and on. Since when should my tax money take care of lazy ignorant people that can work but only make excuses?Thats why the Mexicans are here, they don't steal jobs, they work them, because Americans wont, Other than the party they stand for, Trump reminds me of the Kennedys. Both were executed, because the Kennedys didn't need anyone, they could run the country as they saw fit. That's what scares people about Trump, he is a very hard driven business man, and the ones that have grown accustomed to making excuses to waste money or have it given to them, know that wont work with him. Out of all the choices we have, he is the best, people need to realize parties mean nothing this next election, this country is broke, and very weak,  everything from economy to defense, and since we have pissed half the world off by bullying them, they cant wait till we are down on one knee, just to get a good kick to finish us off. Trump knows how to get us financially stable again. If this country is going to prosper, which is the only way it can continue to exist, the changes people need to make is not whether two men can kiss in public, or, people can tear a city apart because a cop shot a crook that tried to attack him, and have nothing happen to them for it. This is foolish nonsense that has nothing to do with making this country strong as a whole. Its amazing that people will worry over their own pathetic wants when that's what blinds them to the fact that the country is almost done. Just like the people who think the government SHOULD give them welfare, or that their back hurts a little so they SHOULD be entitled for disability. Where do they think that money comes from? If something is not changed soon to help business and put people back to work, I honestly think a war is at hand. People that work because they like to and know they have to are tired of carrying ignorant, lazy, leeches on their back. Its time to weed the garden, and I think Trump will do just that. He will create jobs, and sort out who wants to survive and who wants to leech. Then, he will cover the leeches with salt. Reality is all a human being is, yet its always their biggest fear. Since man has walked, he really only needs two things to survive, nourishment and shelter. All the other bullshit is what hes told himself he needs. You get both these things today by working. If not, ( Without a real legitimate cause) you aren't  worth a crap, and should be run out of a successful society, not be allowed to burden it. I hope it comes to that, and as ironic as it may sound, it may real fast. People in this country are killed for less everyday….

  11. First let me say I support trump 100%. However, I'm looking up this video because I'm trying to do a little research on what Trump said about welfare. See I can't support a man 100% without knowing him the best I can. Second I've never been on welfare in my life and I could've for the majority of my life but refused to! I started with practically nothing and busted my bum everyday and now today my net worth is almost 200k! If you've never been on welfare or been around people that have, then you really don't know 100% what you are talking about! My guess is, you know 25% but that's just my opinion. I'm Mexican and many many people in my family are on welfare. I've been around people that deserve it and I've been around people who don't! Let me tell you that the people that don't deserve it far out weighs the people that do! I'm not saying to abolish welfare altogether because it's a good thing for the ones that do deserve it. It just needs to be restructured in a way that doesn't enable people to sit on their bum! My girlfriends brother makes around 1500/month. If he works full time he ends up bringing home 1600 then his welfare budget drops to 16 bucks/month! So what does he do??? He drops his hours down to bring home 1300 a month to get full benefits and increases his welfare budget to 800/month! 1300+800 > 1600. See we have a system that enables people not to work and that is what Trump is saying! Furthermore it is by far more easy to be lazy than it is to get off the couch and bust your bum!

  12. Actually, the entitlement programs cover over half of every tax dollar. Since 2000, the amount of people on food stamps has gone from 17 million to 46 million. There are jobs out there. If you made 11.50 or more per hour you would not have to rely on the government. the amount of people in poverty hasnt really changed since 1970. the programs arent helping people get out of poverty. In america, we have no idea of what poverty really is. The fact is most people on welfare eat very well compared to most really poor countries.

  13. Trump is right. Many lazy people go on welfare just because they don't want to work hard, so the people that actually work hard and have a job have to pay taxes to pay for lazy people to get rewarded and live for free. I know that some people on welfare are actually poor, but there are also a lot of people on it that are just lazy.

  14. Secular talk dude has no clue. Welfare is for the short term. Problem is, moron, people are abusing it and on it long term rather than getting off their ass and working. Trump is COMPLETELY right. And yes, it will destroy our country. Get a clue idiot!! The solution to poverty and joblessness is GETTING A JOB!

  15. An example of it failing is that we give all our money freely to ppl not working and eventually we are gonna go broke the more ppl who get on welfare and don't work.

  16. Its not being used as a temporary solution, not just welfare abut all entitlements are doing is making the poor stay poor and the middle class become poor. You laugh at Trump but the majority of Americans (if you exclude those on welfare or have family receiving welfare or other entitlements) would agree with him.

  17. They have raised minimum wage up a little. But whether they raise it or not people need to stop procreating when they know financially they can't afford it. I'm black and I only have a high school education. And I don't think that a person without a college degree or some kind of trade should be demanding 20 dollars an hour to flip a burger. You want more money go to school and get the education you need to get that type of money.

  18. The problem with welfare is that it is NOT what you say it is … it's rarely temporary, it's typically long term. And when you consider the reasons why people get it in the first place, it is easy to see that it can rarely be temporary.

  19. Your an idiot. that was Obamas plan to have us all of us to be jobless and dependent on the government. No, people dont feel good being dependent on the government and more jobs will give people hope of a better life with a job and pride. He never put them down, he said giving them jobs would be making America great again. You need to get another job cause your rhetorical is typical of fake ass news and the typical drama of a millienal who is an entitled idiot and has no concept of what it feels like to have no job an be dependent. You know like what Hillary called them, basement dwellers un there parents hime. You are mixing up disabled an healthy men who are capable but have no jobs to go to, because that was Obamas and Bushes plan with there NWO.
    You also have the most irritating an obnoxious voice. like I said get a job! You suck at this and not believable.

  20. This guy is an idiot talking about the poors cheap ass job that doesnt pay them enough to live… get real if that's the case they need to get their lazy ass up and get more education there are plenty of colleges that offer online courses so there is NO excuse. People are so use to getting the help they don't want to get up and help themselves so they can get a better paying job to get off welfare!!! They cant blame anyone but themselves. I agree with Trump

  21. Here's the thing. Respectfully. Welfare is destroying this country. It doesn't matter if you say a little or a lot. I know for a fact that blacks (my people) make up a little over 13% of the U. S. And I can tell you that welfare has ruined the majority. Especially in "the hood" where single mothers thinks it's ok to live off the system without any plans of EVER getting a job, because they've watched their mom, in the home, who never worked, but lived off of the system and possibly the grandmother, who'd gone through the same thing. Most I see on welfare are single mothers, because the government reward women (and feminists and dumbass liberals) for screwed up behavior. Here's a thought concerning the welfare system and to you women out there. Just because you can procreate doesn't necessarily mean that you should. STOP having kids that you know you may have to struggle to take care of financially.

  22. Welfare is suppose to be supplemental but my daughters mother shares all of her foodstapms with a lot of her family and sells a ton of them so how is that supplemental? Welfare pays for everything and what I pay in child support is just extra money for her and just like in every case most of it isn't spent on our kids but her expenses……….

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