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on the street you know they were using
it for breathing they found it and to us then and then and then she just got it
you know excited to take it the people that were breeding it had no no use for
it so they just kicked it into the street one day and when the shelter got
it so we took it we were the fourth person I think to get it we just rely
forget it we’re gonna just keep this thing in mystery and then now it’s fine
it’s just like a mouse broke I’m Jessica with curious Kitty for the second year
in a row we have spent the last month collecting donations we had 32 locations
this year across San Diego and we have a house full of donations we’re getting
ready to leave and go sort today so that we can take all of the donations to the
local animal shelters and hopefully make their lives a little bit brighter good
morning who’s coming in are you really yeah really you wouldn’t be nice
on the editor and what are we gonna do today all right well it’s getting the
car let’s get going okay so we’ve had our breakfast and we’re now leaving
driving down the interstate now we’re gonna go get me trailer and then we’re
going to load it up with all of donations depending on receive bring it out rotate them no it’s all
dogs we help all green we help at we feel small and we’ve gotten parrot food
iguana food Turkoglu rowdy yeah I mean we take it on basically it’s us I mean
we’re doing this on our own other than this right now is just a like i said at
the campaign that runs annually and then last year we had such a good success
that we actually have some of our participating stores pet store they
wanted to do it year round so we’re now at the el cajon shelter go inside and
drop off some of the donations who are you I’m Sergeant Kerr okay Sarge
you could be famous here very shortly on users might leave this room so we’re
starting to us trailer a little bit now this is Diane next new celeb see the kennel how the people understand
oh okay yeah right now can I do that just wrong Oh workout in the kennels
where the don’t these ones Roberto so like the blankets and the beds that you
donate think buckets there lay they all get a slugger at night so siemens heated
at night throw their animals in he’s not in a house or she’s going to half years
old the owner passed away and the children bring the dog in so now her I’d
have it no that’s been living with an older lady that’s a very hard at least
it is it orally that’s her bag right there and about her owner passed away a
daughter of the owner burger is okay at night they all garments and enjoy baby
oh they want is attention is all of them hey how you doing what’s your name Josh
hi Josh where we’re going to do a little video of us dropping off some these
donations for you all right cool we have a bunch for you now have any animals are
at the shelter I think close the words to almost done a thousand animals Wow to
carry animals I was in their place upon your dog any
rescues it was what I could dogs I never get any parties oh it’s a grown-up so we’re going around to the back now
doing some unloading I know he’s expecting your help so I’m going to get
up in there just one second we just want to show that Scott’s still working hard
I just unloading the beds and all the food all the goodies for the shelter
there’s Jessica and Jolene say hi Jolene that’s go say hi so these are the
donations for the escondido animal shelter what if you dare hi I’m Barbra
Jean fith and i work at the san diego convey society as Imperial campus today
today we’re open okay yesterday I put a paid nine commandante’s hold on and
you’re a very difficult adoption that had to go
to the right type of people because the dog had actually no self-esteem levin
secondary family was here and then that turned out to be a good one that’s
awesome that was awesome with your sauce we have good things like that happening
all the time so we’re in the lobby now the shelter all these nice people
looking at dogs hi all right what your Daniel are you getting a dog I am tell
me what you got tell me what you found fellow right here Billy won a half year
old german shepherd mix most beautiful and why did you come to the shelter
together though uh was actually recommended ah from my wife she works
here in escondido and she has a cousin that had adopted a cat here recently so
she told me to come up here take a look going home with the family so we’re
going into her so the pages over and somebody’s put a fan Olson in here buddy power to do that Wow you I have gone here in here it’ll be two
years in February I’m great stories here I ha I mean dogs
come in you’re scared or all the volunteers of them and laugh
with them and they just they change and they they’re happy Martin yahia he
doesn’t get along just get to seem go home and then the most exciting part is
that someone does adopt them and they send back a picture you know on the bed
or are just as a volunteer you are a lot of people to say hey areas you having a
great time that just gives you a little grace you know you such a car though you

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