Don’t Legalize Drugs, Test Welfare Recipients – Gingrich

Don’t Legalize Drugs, Test Welfare Recipients – Gingrich

personality from yahoo news had an
interview with newt gingrich and during that interview he asked him how should
we tackle this war on drugs is obviously been a huge disaster it’s been a match
what are your solutions while newt gingrich thinks that the best
solution is to make sure that it’s extremely expensive for people to attend
drugs so one way it would be kind of sensitivities to drug test welfare
recipients and if they are tag-team or if they are found to be a positive
taking any types of drugs or whatever they will not be able to get any type of
federal aid many measures exactly how he said he
says i think that we need to consider taking more explicit steps to make it
expects it to be a drug user it could be through testing before you
get any kind of federal aid unemployment compensation food stamps you need so
that’s been answer to the issue that we have with words so a couple things here
number one uh… unemployment uh… if you’re they’re getting that chag well then you’re obviously a bomb drug user newt gingrich’s worldview your
immediately making assumptions about people who need help matter and so uh… some of the test tubes i
don’t really trust you it’s not that we had a terrible economic crash in
unemployment went from you know for a half percent the nine
percent of double the basically in a very short period of time that it’s doesn’t have a new with the
banks creating a situation or anything like that people losing their jobs is if
you are well might be using drugs enhanced newt gingrich who knew that
second part of that is that well we only that drug testing
companies will make more money okay um… causes testing company one of the many
people will be affected by this perhaps rick scott governor of florida i’d love
that you brought up the rates that example because in florida at the art
house legislation that at test welfare recipients right and
what they found was that only tour percent of the wild welfare recipients
were tested uh… actually tested positive for any
kind of drug well i don’t get it for the welfare recipients were the bonds of the
box and university welfare like is it like the legend when we didn’t bombs like seven hundred billion dollars
in the treasury will accept a trillion dollars from the federal reserve wait a minute we’d get but most of the
bankers right so i won’t believe this stuff the minute are testing bankers one got more federal assistance the
bankers is newt gingrich proposing that we test the bankers goes
up called at of course side so whatever instead he’s gonna go take on the most
powerless people the ones that need the most amanda helped when in fact people with a testimony to present them
at that issue but he doesn’t give a day possesses
assumptions right and he’s always had disdain for people who need federal aid
always like he’s been on the record about that several times out you know what i’m not in favor of
drug testing welfare recipients and i’m peter jennings have security to
be honest with you but if we worked a drug test the beggars i would be very
curious to see what the results of the kids looked absolutely positively
guaranteed it would be a much higher than returned
to process look ok alvarado cover to cover it k troopers then beggars on drugs only two percent shall be ever met a banker stamina and
what kind of some views on wall street two percent would be a very low estimate

100 thoughts on “Don’t Legalize Drugs, Test Welfare Recipients – Gingrich

  1. House of Representatives pay scale $175,000-$250,000 annually. Average tax payer IRS earnings $39,000 to $52,000. If the 2010 total income of $54.6 trillion was divided evenly among 310,000,000 citizens, each man, woman, and child would have $176,000 EACH! With a family of four having a family income of $704,000. Nobody works hard enough to earn $1,000,000 dollars, NOBODY!! Investors don't work they earn interest on the bets they make.

  2. @nash984954 and very few work hard enough to earn 176 thousand. Also it doesn't help that 50% of money earning citizens pay for 100% of the taxes. If everyone paid their fair share this country would be in better shape.So lets see that 1million income, 45% tax, wow that 1 person pays in taxes for about 9 average people! oh and the us doesn't get 54 trillion in tax a year. Lol. in fact they get a little over 2 trillion in tax.

  3. I agree with newt's plan. I mean if you get tested for working, then why the heck would you not if you were going to get free money, makes sense to me.

  4. They are right about the coke thing, there are a lot of rich people that do it. I bet Gingrich has had a few lines before.

  5. @JRMCNEA As for stopping the drug war it will have little to no effect but as to stopping people on welfare who don't need/deserve it, it will be very helpful. Legalization is the best way to end the drug trade (or the violence in the drug trade). Welfare isn't in the Constitution, and if you are being funded through taxpayer dollars then welfare recipients like people who get grant money need to be RESPONSIBLE to those paying them.

  6. @pdavid24 It makes no sense because this plan–as the video points out–has already been piloted in Florida, where only 2% of welfare recipients tested positive. Lesson learned? This is an absolute waste of time and money. It *does* demonize the people Republicans like to demonize, then proves Republicans wrong about their assumptions.

  7. Again they make poverty a crime. Look at all the rich athletes, stars, who are constantly in rehab.
    Corporate welfare is the crime that is hurting the country the most.

  8. @TakeBackAmerica2012 What's worse is you have crackeads like Lindsay Lohan coming in intoxicated at their auditioning job. Any other person would've been fired on the spot!

  9. How dumb is this. Talk about out of touch. Raising the price of drugs will just raise the level, frequency and risk of crimes drug users without money will take

  10. It would be interesting to poll the rich on drugs. And I guarantee you that their drug of choice would be cocaine the rich mans drug no the inferior drug Marijuana!

  11. Great, so if I have to take painkillers because I broke my wrist and I'm on welfare, I can't get it because Newt will say I'm a pill head. This man and the rest of the GOP candidates need to crawl back into the holes they came from.

  12. Yes, because cutting off a drug addicts only source of income will totally reduce drug use…. ORRRR maybe it will increase crime rate, robberies, murders, shootings, stabbings, break-ins etc.

    Great job Newt, you just proposed something that would INCREASE crime by 50 fold. he's a fricken genius!

  13. What's the point of captioning these when the captions are totally, fucking idiotically wrong? Check out 2:57; "i'm peter jennings have security to be honest with you…" When Anna actually said " I'm not in favor of drug testing period, to be honest with you." Fucking hilarious!

  14. I think the quote and the sugestion that people on welfare are the adicts is the problem. I think testing for drugs is not a bad idea. To get a work or stay in a job you have to be drug tested. It seems fare to me. The implication and the "clasist" comments were the problem. BTW is just prove how idion is Gingrich.

  15. with an arrest everyminute just for pot – this hog jaw wants people executed now – what a bloddy body bagger – someone who'se filled his fat ass pockets on kick backs and lobbying – go get the farmer and God's green Herb and ancient textile fucker!

  16. @PatriotNotGovernment Welfare is in the Constitution… every 7th grader has to recite the preamble or they had to when I was in school. And the Preamble is part of the constitution. supply for the General welfare That is where we got the name. Welfare should help people find work rather then just hand out money. but funding doesn't reward that. they get paid for the people they have on not those they help get off. Making mistakes shouldn't omit you from help.

  17. Honestly, I work for a company that caters to alcoholics. All of them are on welfare. Many of them also have a drug problem. I have no idea how they get all this money to feed their addictions (not through legal means, thats for sure). Testing these guys would make sure that the correct people would be getting the assistance. This will probably create more crime amongst the already addicted. You'll need to couple it with STRONG rehabilitation. Its a great (but expensive) idea.

  18. @rabadooda Research shows that everything at all is harmful to some degree, if you want to play that game. The net positive is far greater than the negative. If you still disagree with that, your on an agenda, but then reading your retarded lower posts which ignore reality that making drugs illegal doesnt discourage, and that drugs are already widely available despite our high and harsh incarceration punishments, I dont think you have hope.

  19. @rabadooda Marijuana and cannabis in general were widely accepted and used alot for most of american history, go read some for a change.
    Marijuana was already studied before the war on drugs and found not to be a danger worth making illegal.

    en.wikipedia . org/wiki/National_Commission_on_Marihuana_and_Drug_Abuse

    Even the people who thought it was harmful were found to only be so due to lies and misconceptions.

    The war on drugs is a net harm.

  20. If we drug test the bankers there would be so many people caught for cocaine it would be ridiculous, it would clearly be like 45% or more. Our current establishment and system is so fucked anyways what does any of these hypotheticals matter. Newt is such a fucking tool…he's only running to sell more books and dvds. All his "campaign events" are him and his wife doing dvd viewings (and charging at the door), book signings and luncheons where people pay 1000 entry to get access to the tool.

  21. It's sad that people at the bottom can't defend themselves, but the people on top basically have an army of lawyers and friends in high places to protect them.

  22. Remember those reporters in Italy that played a joke on their politicians and tested them for drug use? Most of them tested positive for cocaine and weed. Lol

  23. I had a friend on welfare who actually did have a bit of a problem: apparently if he got a job, he would "make too much money" to need welfare and would lose it all at once! But, because of his huge health problems (why he's on and needs welfare) he would go bankrupt if he got a job and lost welfare :/ How silly is that? You'd think the welfare system would applaud people who wanted to get a job too, not penalize them for it. Eventually he got around this though but it was a problem.

  24. I hope this fucker doesn't become president he can suck a fat dick. Newt fuckin gangrich what a stupid ass name.

  25. how much money do these guys make, and this is the best they can come up with? We are throwing away good money for these stupid ideas.

  26. @MNICY your right, the government has no business creating infrastructure for the net minus for the national defense. any towers or cables or whatever should be done privately

  27. @JRMCNEA "general welfare" doesn't mean government handouts it's for the military and to "promote" the general welfare just means make sure the country is going in flames like the Congo. If "general welfare" meant "welfare" in the nowadays sense where was the welfare office until the 1900's? Making mistakes is one thing but if you are living on welfare you should at least have an obligation to those that are helping you to not let their money be used a druggie

  28. @PatriotNotGovernment General welfare of the people means to support the people who need the support. If a family fell on hard times the community took care of them. So the government didn't have a need to. And before the 1900s most people grew their own food or made products that made them money to buy food. And people who grew food sold some of it to buy products they needed and didn't make themselves.Markets where local. Credit was local. local tends to be more humane.

  29. @PatriotNotGovernment And the founders knew this. But today we are all so caught up in the rat race trying to keep our noses above water which one could argue is by design. No one is looking to see if another needs a hand up. Until they think they are in a safe place. But then it is too late. Don't give money to those who need food and goods. Give the the ability to grow food and build capital in their local areas. but no hen that would take away from Wal-Mart and Big Oil.

  30. Free the People from these insane jerks – give them their God given herbal medicine and get the hell out of people's toilets, homes, and free agency ! When Sience has proven marijuana compounds kill cancer cells, and growing an acre of industrial Hemp yeilds 500 gallons of fuel why are you monsters even tolerated with your fear and warmongering genocides – Restore the Constitution, and the Tree it was written on.- get rid of these killers of freedom and natural living.

  31. @DrakeIcn that has already been done, but not as specific though… IQ of republican state vs democratic state

    webpage: chrisevans3d(dot)com/files/iq.htm

  32. When I was young I always wondered how the people in Germany followed a facist regime. I asked my grandpa how they could allow the Nazis. Now I'm older and understand when my friends on FB say people get what they deserve by showing peaceful civil disobedience when they get sprayed or there asses kicked. A lot of people even today may not say they are facists but the way they respond to Ginrich shows nothing's changed. People love facism, maybe not Hitler, but they love facism.

  33. Im for legalization of all drugs, but in the mean time why the fuck should I be tested for my job but not people on welfare.

  34. @mavriksfan11 Yeah but you had to sign that contract if you hoped to get hired on. It's not like they gave much of a choice. In today's job market, people have to get what they can as far as work. No one can afford to pick and choose where they want to work anymore. They want to do this because druggies are too lazy to actually get off their asses and look for work.

  35. @pdavid24 Agreed. It makes sense. If you're getting free money from the Government for financial assistance then you shouldn't by no means spend it on drugs.

  36. Cenk, you da man!!! Ana, you da woman!!! Newt, you da moron drugs. I would'nt vote for either of the Pauls, if hell froze over, but I hope Ron Paul smokes Newt like a juicy bong hit! Can i get an Amen!

  37. @DrakeIcn whats scary is they don't test congressmen or senators, seems clear cut to me if the populace is tested then their representatives should be as well. They won't though because more than half are coke heads.

  38. @SpeedOfDark186Kmps I'm a liberal but I think drug testing for welfare recipients is a good idea. So like a typical conservative you are wrong again. I have to take random drug tests at the company I work for. If I refuse I'm out of a job. If I have to take random drug tests should welfare recipients be required to take them as well?

  39. more rich people than poor people do drugs as they are expensive. Poor people drink. guess what geniuses alcohol doesn't show up in drug tests. Alcohol causes more problems than all illegal drugs combined. And also what gives the government the right to regulate what a person consumes in a free country? I could go on and on. I don't know about you but I don't want to live in a police state. Peace and Freedom Ron Paul 2012

  40. I have no problem with testing welfare recipients. They are receiving federal money and should be under the same guidelines as federal employees. I'm not saying they are bums, or that they all do drugs, but I have seen people welfare recipients get their welfare check and go straight to buy alcohol and drugs.
    On the topic of drugs, legalize marijuana. That way we can regulate it and gain income from the tax. If you needs to see how they regulate it, go see some of the stores in California.

  41. "Only 2% of welfare people are on drugs."

    Of course! People on welfare can't afford food, let alone drugs; that's why they're on WELFARE in the first place.

  42. Yeah, like that account in the Caymans getting bigger is going to help anyone. The government should be helping people start small businesses and create their own jobs and not relying on some rich asshole who only wants to hire people for low wage jobs.

  43. The majority of people who use drugs and are in the situation of being on welfare are mentally ill and need help in more ways than just getting off drugs. I know, I've seen it. I used to be a social worker in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. BTW, the "welfare" they receive doesn't pay for anything other than housing in a shit hole and they're required to pay it back when they get a job. It's not free money.

  44. Ohhhh Nooooooo! Socialism! Those evil socialists. Helping your fellow humans is such a horrible thing. Sharing costs and getting the obscene profit motives out of health care is just EVUL! The only way is for America is for corporations to make money off of the suffering of others. That's the American way. It's amazing that it works fine in other countries but NOT AMERICA. No, we can't have fairness and justice; that would be downright un-American! Learn to spell Homeland, idiot!

  45. How un-American can you get. Go buy yourself a small island and be a tin pot dictator and leave America alone. You don't deserve to live here and be a part of our democratic republic.

  46. smoking weed and smoking crack are TWO entirely different things.

    ironic how you claim to be "doing so well" with your make believe "software" firm, yet you can't read/comprehend simple english.

  47. The fact that any commodity or service is relagated to the illegal market makes them terribly expensive. And in a market without rules, violence, corruption, more misery for poor neighborhoods, etc that is what will occur. Gingrich is not only a racist, but political opportunist, probably profits from the war on drugs. He is the scum of the earth. Portugal prove that legalization puts the thugs and lilly white front launderers(e.g.Goldman Sachs) out of business and addicts can lead normallife

  48. I really don't see the point of people calling it "not fair." It's a freaking DRUG TEST that you have to take it at other places, so why should you be so worried to take it if you're not on drugs? They are doing this because they don't want some idiots taking advantage of welfare when they HAVE money and just spend it all on drugs. I get it if you find it more invasive, but if you can do it when you work, you can do it for welfare. Stop whining about it.

  49. This guy left this comment and deleted it:

    I find your comment so ironic when your name is "Homeland Security."

    LOL fool, that's not my name.

  50. I'm not stupid, of course it's not. But the fact that you had an extra "e" in homeland does not make it too different.

  51. I think we should give everything these lazy fucks want,Drugs fat food pop anything thats bad for the health give them,see i look at it this way i have know of alot of theses lazy fucks over the years and there useless fucks them and there offspring,so my idea is if you give these fat lazy pigs everthing want they will die young ,thats one way to get rid of the stuped lazy fucks,when these fucks are born in to this world there welfare father should of blown his welfare load on a rock instead of

  52. nobody should be drug tested, but they are, but why does it not include drugs such as alcohol caffeine an nicotine? and btw obama is just a new face on the same parliment. we need a revolution to end the needless suffering of billions of people, which makes the top 1% of rich people ALOT richer. because i am pretty fucking sure those top 1% take whatever drugs they wish, without the consequenses that us poor people face

  53. But some of them may be taking advantage of welfare and just spending it on drugs. I get that some people truly need it, but some may be on welfare because they spend all of their money on drugs and not food. Maybe they do have just enough to get by, but they don't spend it wisely. I'm saying that everyone does it-I'm sure most don't. I don't see why some people are angry and calling it unfair. It's just a drug test that lots of things require. I don't think it'll make a difference, really.

  54. politicians get a government check as well so how bout we start testing all of them?
    why don't we run it by congress and see if they will go with it 😀

  55. If I have to take a drug test AND submit to a credit check, just so I can apply for a job, the lazy fuckers who are sucking up public assistance funds should have to play ball, too.

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