Don’t Mix Coke With A Vote To Drug Test Welfare Recipients

Don’t Mix Coke With A Vote To Drug Test Welfare Recipients

trade I’ll congressman democrat african-american has been busted with
cocaine is a sting operation he ask %uh below the agents to come to
his house and do cocaine with well I V sees gotta
go not only that the ages than at offer to
sell cocaine to ’em and he accepted and he was busted in a
sting average they knew this has he been buying drugs a earlier so I’m sure everyone agrees like you can’t
play favorites here discusses democrat or is black is gotta go it’s cocaine can’t what is this Rob Ford
we can’t have a congressman in america doing coke in the middle so known he’s
got a now I know the conservator not going to
change their mind when you find out the trailer Adele actually is not african-american or
Democrat he’s a white Republic so and by the way I’m sorry let
McAllister who this picture abuse there was a great
actual the group you reasonable black republicans the country show me a real trade are a dozen a
mystery Rado okays congressman Republican from
florida and that’s the operation happened to his
credit when he was by cities I got not be till got me he was like okay be brought into his apartment game or
the cocaine he had and said yes I’m guilt okay so he says look I struggle with the disease
of alcoholism and this led to an extremely you’re
responsible choice now look that might be fair and we might agree with that in in we
went even argue the coke a should be legal in it said I’m not sure the congressman
should be do cocaine while they’re on the job ok if you bite maybe should be legal and
I don’t know what kinda prison sentences center that he should
get but do you really believe that in that’s a Washington DC forget congressman if the ban on average
African American guy from southeast DC and they did the sting operation on
how many stone the cops copy I got a lot ago came to my house and I’ll buy some
cocaine of you that he would have gotten this centers
which was just judicata today trade Rado will have one-year up supervised
probation and a whopping 250 dollar by Wow ladies and gentlemen they got up and will equip no course always gonna continue know why
geez turns out jesus loves republicans was a
costly give them a second chance now he I to be fair to trade oh he
hasn’t talked about his yet but he’s coming mark my words to use on his way day that when democrats do it or black
people don’t let you see how they are right your where Republicans would walk
everybody since everybody sends nm he cooperate with the
police so it’s very understandable after he was caught by the way now
here’s a final thing gotta know but reread he was busted in October he just agreed
to the plea deal which is a misdemeanor by the way a today in September a month before he was caught he voted to make sure week drug test welfare
recipients hey he said they’re getting government money
if you’re getting government money you should be drug tested now some
democrats at the time pointed out including representative Jim
McGovern we get government money maybe they should drug test all the
congressmen somehow that never made it into the republican proposals funny how that works out but the guy who
had proposed on the republican side representative Richard Hudson and said quote we have a moral obligation to quit the states with the tools they
need to discourage the use of illegal drugs to which tray rey del said hallelujah he voted YES on interestingly enough the
when it comes to him he doesn’t think it’s as big a deal he
thinks is perfect it said E just discovered it’s a disease any needs
help with this sickness and he’s gonna fight through it with the
good help his family friends and I’m sure soon Jesus and you will say firmly ensconced in the United States

99 thoughts on “Don’t Mix Coke With A Vote To Drug Test Welfare Recipients

  1. Come on, cokain is so common around rich people (at least in my country). So a wealthy politician is caught using/posessing drugs? How shocking 🙂

  2. Even if cocaine IS legal, Congressmen SHOULD get tested. If businesses' argument that they should get their money's work out of their employees and that cocaine usage interferes with this is accepted by courts and legislature, why can't the populace make the argument that they should get their money's work out of their public employees (Congress, the Courts, & the President) and that cocaine usage interferes with THIS introducing the ability and need to test these guys (the 3 branches of government previously mentioned)?

  3. It reminds me stop and frisk law… nothing more to say.. He should be in prison and he should resign period…
    If we use drugs, next day we will be fired from the work – that is how private sectors works and for black people they will be jailed for minimum 20 yrs in prison. It is insane if he comes back.

  4. I have no problem with this guy.  Politicians are supposed to vote on how their districts feel, not always their personal opinion.

  5. That bitch should have to pay back his entire salary at a pro-rated rate from the moment he was caught, until he resigns! — It's not the coke that I hate it is the fucking hypocrisy.

  6. what is the typical sentence for someone who is busted in new york city for a tiny bit of marijuana with the stop and frisk program?

  7. Id bet more then a few of the political heads are doing hard drugs. Id also Put money on the people advocating for it to be illegal and people be drug tested are the ones doing it. 

  8. Classical republican projection.

    "Well, I spend my Government money on cocaine, so obviously that's what everyone else does too!"

    It's the same as the whole "Without the death penalty, I''d kill people coldly whenever I thought it could benefit me, so obviously we need it to deter criminals."

  9. You go to any ghetto or hood and you'll over hear black people saying "yea dawg i uzed my welfare benjaminz to buy an eighth of chronic" and I'M SICK OF IT. Drug test an put constant surveillance on them to make sure they aren't using that money to start dealing crack rocks.

  10. What I find the most interesting in both this case and the case of the mayor of Toronto is their mention of alcohol addiction. NO MENTION OF POT! IMHO, these are two cases that point the finger at alcohol instead of pot as a gateway drug.

  11. It's bs. How many ppl in the White House get paid 2 checks??? One for their current service and another is benefits!! It's called double dipping. Look it up!! It's not legal yet no one says anything about it because they don't want to not be able to get those TWO checks. Then you have politicians signing things like this in all reality to deter people from voting. And the scope is on welfare recipients. Hmm. It's aimed at the poorest of the poor. Why not drug test everyone? In places that have a high amount of people who receive welfare it would take forever to finally get your vote in. How are most of these post about welfare recipients? It should be about hypocrites who have an illegal drug habit like the people they have no problem locking up!!! It's about people throwing stones that live in glass houses. And no one on this site talking about any one else is issue free or INNOCENT. Knock it off! Cocaine is an expensive habit which means most on it need A LOT of money to support not a measly welfare check!! Come on!! Drug test everyone!!!!!!

  12. Cenk. His punishment is not that out of the ordinary. Why bring race into this? Why bring politics into this? The fact that Trey Radel wanted welfare recipients drug tested? That's because they're using YOUR money to use drugs. Not their own! And they many jobs test for drugs upon an offer. They need to be clean..

  13. What happened to the mandatory sentencing? If they can reduce his sentence to almost nothing, why not the average person? Let's have mandatory drug test all government employees and elected people! And that should include state people as well.

    I am totally fed up with privilege! And they way they get that privilege, by lying, cheating, and telling every thing bad about your opponents! After doing all that, they should not eligible for office!

  14. that is natural.
    we have corrupt judges in San Francisco Superior Court smoke speed.
    they go to rehab.
    that's why the justice system is completely gone.

  15. What does him being black have to do with anything and why would any play favorites because of that reason?

  16. he was buying an 8ball,that isn't  *In Mr. Chow Voice* "Just let me do one bump, get my head straight." thats 3.5 grams or enough dope for 5-6 strippers 2 get all over you for….He has been doing dope a lot 2 need an 8ball alcoholic or not.

  17. Welfare recipients should be tested. I know people who receive benefits who take cash if they can, and trade food for cash if they can't. They then use cash to buy pot and the like. Why should my taxes pay for their drugs. If you can spend your own money on it, then go ahead, bu don't make enough to live without help.

  18. I think that of all of the offenses perpetrated by those in power hypocrisy rankles people the most. It's true that other offenses cause way more damage to the population but somehow a lying hypocrite is hard to stomach.  To make things clear I personally believe that drug prohibition is a failed policy that has damaged this country greatly and people have a natural right to ingest whatever they wish however foolish it may be, just don't be a hypocrite.

  19. Sensible drug policy. Test every American for drugs under the NDAA. Everyone pull down your pants and take a wiz quiz for the government. Martial law next. It's absurd. Don't drug test anyone. Judge people on the merits of their actions. Not the substances they find enjoyable. I like cheddar cheese…and all munster eaters should serve life without parole. BULLSHIT.

  20. This is so hard to watch. I am a recovering alcoholic and I realize how bad it looks when people say things like "It's my sickness" Its a succinct statement but without context it easily sounds like an excuse and it very may well be in many cases. 

  21. Politics as usual: Placing one portion of "The People" against another:
    Middle class vs Welfare
    Citizens vs Immigrants
    White vs Black
    Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life
    Gay vs. Straight
    Democrats vs Republican.

    Why don't we get together for once and fight the real "us vs them" against the corporations that have spent BILLIONS to buy our government over the past 14 years…. Until we do THAT, none of these other problems matter or will be fixed.

  22. "The charge is a misdemeanor and carries a maximum of 180 days in prison and/or a fine of $1,000, according to the U.S. attorney's office."

    If the amount is applied to all users then I don't see a problem with how little time he did and am glad that the law is being applied to him.

    Chances are that they only applied a misdemeanor to him when, if he'd been an average citizen, they would normally had found all kinds of charges to apply to him and that's what pisses me off.

  23. People are going to eat no matter what. Even if you take their food away.
    People will do almost anything to survive. 
    If they become criminals in the process, it will cost a lot more than the paltry amount of their government benefits. 

  24. NEWSFLASH: The Republican Party is employs double standards interlaced with racism, sexism, and classism!

    Arlen Specter, while he was a Republican, opposed the right to die laws in the states that adopted it… until he was diagnosed with cancer, at which point, he suddenly realized that he wanted the choice to die with dignity, and it occurred to him that maybe, just maybe, those people who'd lobbied for it before wanted (and deserved) the same.

    Dick Cheney was against same-sex anything… until his daughter turned out to be a lesbian.

    Don't get me started on the Republicans who've used federal student loans–and other forms of social programs–and then have tried to cut them for everyone else after they secured their own place among the rich and mighty.

    Republicans, pretty much as a whole, lack empathy for anyone who isn't close to them in their own lives, like family or friends.  They want to cut every social program… except that one that's helping someone they care about.  It's a very small sphere of empathy, and I've yet to determine if it's people like that who are drawn to the Republican Party, the Republican Party that has that effect on people, or a little from column A and a little from column B.

  25. The cops are selling drugs so they can charge a user?
    WTF? Do they sell alcohol to kids then charge them as well?

    What kind of nazi regime are you living in?

  26. no drug testing  unless all poltical crooks get drug tested first and of course you cant trust them to do that fairly either, thats how low our untrustworthy gov. has sank and we let these jerkoffs manage our money,,How they doing?

  27. Never let it be said that Cenk doesn't invoke the name of Jesus when it's convenient for his hypocritical ass – like he just did in his "semen cookie" video.

  28. I agree though. I think we should drug test welfare recipients. I had to pee in a cup to make $8.25 an hour at PetSmart. They should have to pee in a cup too. If they aren't buying drugs with it it shouldn't matter right?

  29. Horrid idea. Drugs take over there host it's true but, they need real care. Not the rug pulled out from under them. Why is it the rich just want to destroy the weak take more and more from them while they sit on a pile of fuckin riches themselves.  

  30. It was really smart of u to do that twist in Yvette beginning so racist white ppl know they judged in t te fact that he is black until u showed the other pic

  31. lol, i thought i was about to defend a democrat until Cenk flipped it

    Drugs should be legal, even TYT agrees, you can't have it both ways, i think it's fine. 

    Although, he should never be voted for again for pure hypocrisy! Although you could say that about a lot of people

  32. The racial aspect of it went right over my head. I didn't see the point of that.

    Also I strongly believe welfare recipients should be drug tested, with of course allowances for special circumstances. I worked with a guy who received food stamps (white since we're doing the race thing) that he would sell so that he could buy weed and beer. Meanwhile we had coworkers who were going hungry because they didn't make enough and had to choose between food and rent. I think that's disgraceful and outside of that loser, I don't know any other food stamp recipient who doesn't think they should drug test.

    IMO, there are a lot of people who need to be cut from welfare to make room for people who actually need it and won't abuse it.

  33. Republicans are hippocrates.
    Any other American would have received jail time, mandatory drug treatment, and thousands of dollars in fines.

  34. coke's not even that serious of a drug lol. adderol does almost the same to you as coke does and we give adderol to 90% of the kids in elementary schools nowadays.

  35. I have come to the realization that we should have everyone receiving government money tested for drugs. EVERYONE!
    You never know how hypocritical people are… smh…

  36. Drug test all those damn hypocrites, randomly.
    In every government office from mayor to president.
    See how they like it. If I have to loose my job because of a negative drug screen so should they.

  37. There is far more reason to drug test politicians due to the fact that they can be blackmailed because of illegal activities and this compromises national security.

  38. Alcoholism is not a disease. It can be an addiction, but it is by now means a pathological disease. Just because the religious cooks at AA say this does not make it so.

  39. Ok, this is a case of apples and oranges. I don't think cocaine should be legal in any way. Holy carp that stuff does a number on you physically and mentally. Pot and Xtasy, I'm totally in agreement with that they should be legal.
    Though that is neither here nor there.. I don't condone the senator doing drugs, though I think it is fair to drug test welfare recipients. Before people go off the handle about me being an undercover republican, hear me out. It's a financial thing. Coke is NOT cheap. If you can afford to supply a cocaine habit, then you can afford to pay your bills and buy food. How can you appeal to the tax payers and ask for help financially, then turn around and blow several hundred a week on your nose candy?? What's to say those on the drugs, aren't selling their food stamps, or cashing out their welfare card to buy drugs? In that case, the money STILL isn't going for it's intended purpose. I don't know about you, but I don't want my tax dollars going to fund a drug dealer's vacation and BMW.

  40. I see where you guys are coming from and what he did was wrong no doubt..  but I mean at least Radel is, or was, working you know? and not sitting at home getting high and receiving welfare checks. That's just what I think everyone has their own opinion.

  41. Senator or food stamp recipient, Illegal drugs are illegal drugs… You test positive for illegal drugs you benefits., Your caught by law enforcement in a drug bust, you lose your law-making job…

  42. Recipients test positive lose benefits., Law-makers caught in a drug bust loses his law-making job… illegal drugs are illegal drugs in this confederacy right?

  43. It's typical for a theist to not take personal responsibility for his actions. He'll turn to jesus for help. But wasn't it jesus who taught us vicarious redemption? He's taught theists that yes, he can take away all their sins, and allow them to get away with whatever misdeeds they have caused, rather than teaching them to take the fall on their own and to learn from their mistakes.
    Regardless of how immoral and stupid this lesson is, how the fuck! does hanging on a stick take away peoples' sins? It's so stupid! Why didn't he just say, hey I forgive you, and just be done with it.

  44. politicians and police should be held to a higher standard. i think drugs should be legal but this man should be hung in a public place.

  45. Maybe he votes yes to ban cocaine because he didn't want other people to fall into that shit as he did, braindead show.

  46. So… By his own confession, his judgement is sufficiently poor to be taking cocaine on the job – and yet his judgement is simultaneously good enough to continue his job as senator, making policy that affects potentially millions of people? Well if that's how high the bar is set…

  47. I don't get why government civilian workers don't get drug tested. My unit looks forward to doing a randomized one every month. The fact that there are people in charge of making our laws that haven't been tested once just pisses me off. It really doesn't take that much to pee in a cup once a month.

  48. Anytime someone uses the alcohol disease as an excuse to make poor choices, I say throw the book at them.

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