Dr. Moramay Lopez Alonso | Engaging with Big Questions of Global Health

In my case my question is living
standards. How have living standards changed over time, and what have
been the main determinants of these living standards? Also another problem
that I study is why has the world become more unequal? Inequality is a very important issue. Part of why I used all these
tools and methods was to understand living standards and living standards for whom because there’s
rising inequality in the United States and a lot of it has to do with
healthcare provision. Americans are becoming not only the United States does not have the health indicators that it you know
with respect to all these other countries that it had say 40 50 years ago.
Why is that so and that is very much a health question. In being able to solve
this you know to cure diseases and find treatments for things that
were unheard of before. That is amazing but on the other hand,
there’s more and more people dying of disease you know infectious diseases
that were supposed to be gone and people suffering from degenerative issues
such as diabetes that are debilitating the American people. There’s this
growing divide and who has access to what. I mean aside from making doctors
more humane to be aware of like the power that they have in being able
to bring in health, like the responsibility of making this health
available to everyone.

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